An Investigation Of Axially Symmetric Electrovac Solutions

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High-Frequency Gravitational Waves from Spinning Non-Abelian

cylindrical symmetric space time. The stability of the resulting non-abelian spinning string is analyzed using the multiple-scale method. To rst order a consistent set of equations is obtained. From the numerical investigation, wave-like solutions are found under reasonable initial conditions, consistent with the familiar string-like features.

The Bogomolny Equations and Solutions for Einstein-Yang-Mills

The investigation of curved-space Bogomolny equations has interested many people. A modi ed version of the Euclidean Bogomolny equations was considered by Comtet [2] very early on while studying Yang-Mills-Higgs (YMH) systems (in the Prasad-Sommer eld limit) on xed, static, curved-space backgrounds utilis-ing a spherically symmetric ansatz.

Some axially symmetric zero mass meson solutions of Einstein

An axially symmetric metric in oblate spheroidal co-ordinates is consid-ered. Two exact solutions of the field equations corresponding to zero mass meson fields are obtained. The details of the solutions are also discussed. These solutions are also generalized to include electromagnetic fields. 1. Introduction

arXiv:1107.5250v3 [gr-qc] 11 Apr 2012 Observables forbound orbital motion inaxially symmetric space-times Eva Hackmann∗ ZARM, University of Bremen, Am Fallturm, 28359 Bremen, Ge

arXiv:1303.4337v3 [gr-qc] 5 Nov 2015

consider several well-known stationary axisymmetric vacuum and electrovac solutions ofthe Einstein-Maxwellequations.Our investigationnaturallyleads to a critique of the known maximal extensions of the Kerr and Kerr-Newman spacetimes which turn out to be neither analytic nor physically meaningful. 1 Introduction

arXiv:gr-qc/9911117v4 1 Aug 2000

drical symmetric spacetime. From the numerical investigation, wave-like solutions are found, con-sistent with the familiar string-like features. They possess an angle deficit which depends on the the initial form of the magnetic component of the Yang-Mills field, i.e., the number of times it crosses the r-axis.

No scalar hair theorem for a charged axially symmetric

The axially symmetric stationary electrovac solution in general relativity is gen-erally described by Kerr-Newman (KN) metric. The KN solution in the wellknown Boyer Lindquist form is given by ds 2= dt− 2mr− e2 r2 +a2 cos2 θ (dt+asin2 θdφ)2−(r2+a2 cos2) (dθ2 + dr2 r2 − 2mr+a2 +e2) −(r 2+a2)sin θdφ2, (2.19) and the solutions for

arXiv:hep-th/9804204v2 11 Sep 1998

stant and leads to the Majumdar-Papapetrou electrovac solutions noted above. To examine the case of non-covariantly constant solutions we focus on the case of axially symmetric charge one solutions for the gauge group SU(2); the ansatz we adopt readily incorporates the spherically symmetric ansatz of the earlier works and we recover these.