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USB 101: An Introduction to Universal Serial Bus 2

USB 101: An Introduction to Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Document No. 001-57294 Rev. *H 3 3 USB Overview USB systems consist of a host, which is typically a personal computer (PC) and multiple peripheral devices

Steven A. Frank Control Theory Tutorial Basic Concepts

This book introduces the basic principles of control theory in a concise self-study tutorial. The chapters build the foundation of control systems design based on feedback, robustness, tradeoffs, and optimization. The approach focuses on how to think clearly about control and why the key principles are important. Each principle

ProjectWise Explorer Basic Users Guide

ProjectWise environment to allow for a more dynamic method of control between documents. ProjectWise provides a secure environment where project information can be stored. Individuals can check out a document, perform their modifications, and then check in the document. Although other

Controller Area Network (CAN) Tutorial

Exercises folder for saving VIs created during the tutorial and for completing certain tutorial exercises Solutions folder containing the solutions to all the tutorial exercises B. History of CAN In the past few decades, the need for improvements in automotive technology caused increased usage of electronic control systems for

About the Tutorial

About the Tutorial CSS is used to control the style of a web document in a simple and easy way. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This tutorial covers both the versions CSS1 and CSS2 and gives a complete understanding of CSS, starting from its basics to advanced concepts. Audience


The first revision of a document shall be Revision 1, the second Revision 2 etc, which shall be included into the document number (see 6.6). For changes and issues of drawings used in manufacture see TK-QP-002 Design Control Procedure. With each document revision, and before its issue, the Quality Manager shall ensure that all

Tutorial: MS Teams In Meeting Bar Control Interface

Tutorial: MS Teams In Meeting Bar Control Interface What follows is an overview of all of the interface options while in an active Teams Meeting. The time on the furthest left indicates how long the meeting has been running for, while the Camera button right next to it allows you to turn your webcam on/off.

dSPACE and Real-Time Interface in Simulink

This document provides a tutorial introduction to the dSPACE software (ControlDesk Next Generation version 4.2.1), the dSPACE DS1104 R&D controller board, and their use in


Tutorial Motor Control o Shows you how to make a small control circuit, where all components are found in the component database. The finished project contains electrical diagrams, panel mechanical layout and various lists. o The project looks like PCSMOTORDEMO1. In this way you can always check that you have been through all steps.

GoToMeeting User Guide - CU

GoToMeeting® User Guide © 2013 Citrix Online, LLC. All rights reserved. iv Share or stop webcams from the Control Panel

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview Lydia Parziale David T. Britt Chuck Davis Jason Forrester Wei Liu Carolyn Matthews Nicolas Rosselot Understand networking fundamentals of the TCP/IP protocol suite Introduces advanced concepts and new technologies Includes the latest TCP/IP protocols Front cover

Introduction to OPC

Tutorial This manual is a product of Matrikon Inc. Matrikon Inc. Suite 1800, 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 3N4 Canada Phone:780.448.1010 Fax: 780.448.9191 Document Revision History: Date Document Version Description Author 2002-10-31 1.0 Initial document. LE 2002-11-08 2.0 Proposal creation. LE

A Simple Guide to Document Control - QEM Solutions

Document control is all to do with transferring information between relevant parties. #QHelp Document Control and ISO 9001 Any organisation wanting to achieve compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 standard are required to produce certain documents, including a quality manual, a quality policy, and six specified documented procedures[1]. Of

TU0456 Tutorial SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA PCIe Control Plane

Updated the document for Libero v11.4 software release (SAR 59644). 1.8 Revision 2.0 Updated the document for Libero v11.3 software release (SAR 56081). 1.9 Revision 1.0 Updated the document for Libero v11.2 software release (SAR 52109) (SAR 52909) and (SAR 50779). 1.10 Revision 0 Revision 0 was the first publication of this document.

HP Pavilion PC User™s Guide

of startup screens, including a mouse tutorial, appears, and then you see the Microsoft® Windows® 95 desktop. Your computer is now set up. Double-click the Free Game icon on the desktop. In addition to giving you a free game, this procedure will guide you through the steps necessary to register. It is important to register

Digital Imaging Tutorial - Contents

The tutorial can stand on its own, but it is intended to be used in tandem with another product, Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives, by Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger (RLG, 2000). This publication picks up where the tutorial leaves off and advocates an integrated approach

CENTURY Tutorial - Colorado State University

CENTURY Tutorial January 2001 1. CENTURY Model Overview 1.1. Introduction This document presents information about the monthly version of the CENTURY Model (Version 4.0). We will also present an overview about the status on the DAYCENT model which simulates plant-soil systems using a daily time step. The DAYCENT model is

Base Tutorial: From Newbie to Advocate in a one, two three!

This tutorial will try to help you better understand the options offered by Base while at-tempting to develop a functional application of a medium level of complexity. To achieve this, the first part of the tutorial will review some important concepts in the design of databases, that is, on how to organize the information that you need to collect.

Opentext Capture Center

Document separation OCC can assemble a batch of joined images into documents. The cutting points in the separation process are either defined by the content of extracted data fields, e.g., barcode or patch code, or by a defined number of pages. Document classification The document class is an attribute of the document that is typically used to

Operating Procedure

Document Control Effective Date: January 15, 2020 Page 4. of 11 The document and the LSASD Document Review Form (LSASDFORM-1006) will then be electronically routed to the author, and appropriate management for final approval and authorization The signed document will be scanned and posted to the Local Area network (LAN) by the QAC.

CSE 154 -

var sid = document.getElementById( sid ); var frosh = document.getElementById( frosh ); JS output Property Description Example value the text/value chosen by the user sid.value could be 1234567 checked whether a box is checked frosh.checked is true disabled whether a control is disabled (boolean) frosh.disabled is false

IEEE-1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization

control system* Intended for relatively localized systems typical of industrial automation and test and measurement environments. * Applicable to local area networks supporting multicast communications (including but not limited to Ethernet) *indicates objectives that may be extended in version 2 Tutorial on IEEE 1588 October 10, 2005

User Tutorial: Welcome - Xerox

Editing a document 4. Do one of the following: If the document opened in the browser, click the Back button. Click Yes to save your edits. If the document opened in its native editor, select Save As from the File menu. 5. In the Save As window, save the document to a location on your local drive. Do not change the name of the document.

Digital implementation of sliding-mode control via the

Digital implementation of sliding-mode control via the implicit method: A tutorial Bernard Brogliato y Andrey Polyakov z August 11, 2020 Abstract The objective of this article, is to provide a clear presentation of the discretization of continuous-time sliding-mode controllers, also known in the Automatic Control literature as the emulation

MT-085: Fundamentals of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

CONTROL AD9850 DDS/DAC SYNTHESIZER I I 200Ω 100kΩ 42MHz 200Ω LPF 100kΩ 470pF 100-+ 200Ω In the circuit shown (Figure 6), the total output rms jitter for a 40 MSPS ADC clock is 50 ps rm. a. A. Amplitude modulation in a DDS system can be accomplished by placing a digital multiplier between the lookup table and the DAC input as shown in Figure 7.

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial - Xilinx

Installing Tutorial Utilities Since revision control is the central concept for this tutorial, all six labs will use the same revision control repository and working directory. The provides a root directory where you will store the tutorial source files, scripts, and working directory. For example: C: labs revCtrl 1.

ONBASE TRAINING - University of Texas at Dallas

OnBase Document Retrieval 1. Document Type Groups: Document type groups are groups defined by our organization A group is a general heading for specific types of documents Ex. Inventory and Surplus control

Base Handbook - The Document Foundation

Right-click Control+click and/or right-click depending on computer setup Open a context menu Ctrl (Control) z (Command) Used with other keys F5 Shift+z+F5 Open the Navigator F11 z+T Open the Styles and Formatting window What are all these things called? The terms used in LibreOffice for most parts of the user interface

cPanel - Tutorialspoint

About the Tutorial cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel. It provides graphical user interface and is packed with lots of features that automates the process of hosting a website. It is a premium software, which is developed by a private company, cPanel Inc. cPanel has been written in Perl and was first released in March 21, 1996.

Google Docs Tutorial - SJSU

Document. from the drop down listto open your Google document. window as below. 2. Click the body of the document text area and when the cursor is blinking, enter text such as, This is my first Google document at San Jose State University. Explore the basic formatting features on the rich text formatting area or on the menu bar. For

Basic 3D Machining - Auburn University

following section Preparing for a Tutorial to set Mastercam to metric. Preparing for a Tutorial Before you start a tutorial, be sure you have completed the following tasks: 1 Start Mastercam using your preferred method: Double-click Mastercam s desktop icon. Or Launch Mastercam from the Windows Start menu.

Document Lifecycle Tutorial - RFC Editor

13 November 2011 Document Lifecycle Tutorial 13 Change Control Who should have change control over your document? The IETF has change control over all IETF documents. You may remain the editor of the document, but it will be your job to reflect IETF consensus in most documents.

Tutorial Anybus CompactCom Implementation

Anybus CompactCom Tutorial Doc.Rev. 1.01 Preface P. About This Document For more information, documentation etc., please visit the HMS website, P.1 Related Documents In the tutorial you will find refe rences to these documents in the ma rgins, showing the abbreviation of the document name within a frame in the right ma rgin.

A Tutorial Introduction to Control Systems Development and

Abstract: The objective of this document is to provide a tutorial introduction to the dSPACE software, the dSPACE DS1104 controller board, and their use in development and implementation of a simple temperature control system. It is intended for use as a quick-start guide to dSPACE hardware/software for a university course. Full details on

16-5: Document control - World Health Organization

document control - Establishing a document numbering system can be a diffi cult and time-consuming process. If the laboratory already has an effective system in place, there is no need to change it. yApproval, distribution and revision process control of documents requires

Brandon's Sphinx Tutorial - Read the Docs

10:50pm - 12:20pm Conclusion of Tutorial Welcome to my Sphinx tutorial, which is now in its fourth year at PyCon. Sphinx has come a long way since this tutorial was first offered back on a cold February day in 2010, when the most recent version available was 0.6.4. Sphinx has now reached 1.1.3, and I have worked to keep this tutorial

AN249: Human Interface Device Tutorial -

1.1. About this Document This application note assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of the USB specification including some knowledge of endpoints, descriptors, and transfer protocols. This document concentrates on highlighting the benefits of designing with HID and techniques for creating and optimizing HID-based systems that use

Learn-/Training Document

use of the Learn-/Training Document. We wish to thank the TU Dresden, particularly Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leon Urbas and the Michael Dziallas Engineering Corporation and all other involved persons for their support during the preparation of this Learn-/Training Document.


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