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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - CMS

a trip is to a nonmedical destination like the grocery store, shopping mall, to meet a friend, or something similar, State Medicaid rules do not cover the trip. Do not bill the trip to the Medicaid agency.[16] Wait Times. Finally, providers need to know that in most States, they cannot receive additional payment based on wait times.

Appendix C UT-IJP OSHA Manual

be prominently displayed in employee areas. For example, Safety and Health protection on the Job, state OSHA citations and responses, etc. Training: UT/IJP has training requirements designed to instruct each employee on general safety procedures as well as safety procedures specific to the employee s job. These training requirements are

Example risk assessment for a shop

Example risk assessment for a shop The shop is on a busy high street. It sells newspapers, magazines, alcohol, household essentials and food. Twelve staff are employed, most of them part-

Hazard Communication Training Handout

UCSB Environmental Health and Safety Industrial Hygiene Hazard Communication Program Phone: 805-893-3743 June 2015 Employee Rights Employees have the following rights under the Hazard Communication Program: To receive information regarding hazardous substances to which you may be exposed.


grocery stores and combined full-line super-market and discount merchandisers including warehouse retail establishments. The discussion is intended primarily for grocery store managers and store employees, but may also be useful for corporate managers or corporate safety professionals. OSHA did not develop these

Talking Safety: Teaching Young Workers About Job Safety and

Health and safety education is an important component of injury prevention for working teens. While workplace-specific training is most critical, young people also need the opportunity to learn and practice general health and safety skills that they will carry with them from job to job. Teens should be able to recognize hazards in any workplace

Emergency Action Plan Template - CDC

safety. Coordinate an orderly evacuation of personnel. Perform an accurate head count of personnel reported to the designated area. Determine a rescue method to locate missing personnel. Provide the Fire Department personnel with the necessary information about the facility.

Workplace Health and Safety Manual - Infolific

Safety can be achieved through a systematic approach to evaluating risks and seeking solutions to eliminating them. This begins with all members of an organization that wish to create a safe and productive work environment. Although it may seem that increasing safety on the job will cost more, in the long run it is financially worse if

Retail Food Establishments - New Hampshire

Practical Guidance for Retail Grocery and Food Service Establishments to Plan and Respond to Emergencies that Create the Potential for an Imminent Public Health Threat NH Division of Public Health Services Food Protection Section 29 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03301 603-271-4589 FAX 603-271-4859 [email protected]

F414-163-000 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Protecting Grocery Store

and health, filing a safety and health complaint or participating in a Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) investigation. Workers have 30 days to file their complaint with L&I DOSH and/or with Federal OSHA. Ideas for an Effective Social Distancing Plan: Limit the number of customers entering the store

safer at home: phase three guidelines for all business sectors

CDC Printable Flyer English. CDC Printable Flyer Spanish CDC Printable Flyer Chinese CDC Printable Flyer Korean CDC Printable Flyer Vietnamese. FDA information What Grocery Store and Food Retail Workers Need to Know about COVID-19 CDC Re-Opening America Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces,


building. Safety is one of your biggest responsibilities. Whether you are doing your regularly assigned tasks, setting up permits, or just walking from one place to another, you must constantly be looking out for the safety of the students, staff, general public, the building, and yourself.

Cal/OSHA COVID-19 General Checklist for Grocery Employers

Jul 22, 2020 for Grocery Employers. July 22, 2020 This checklist is intended to help grocery employers implement their plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Refer to Cal/OSHA s Safety and Health Guidance on COVID-19 Infection Prevention in Grocery Stores for additional information and guidance. Employee Training (Topics that should

Costco Bakery Employee Training Manual - Weebly

Chapter 2: Safety in the Baker 5 Chapter 2: Safety in the Bakery As an employee of the Costco bakery, your safety is a top priority. Costco does everything possible to provide you with a hazard free environment to work in, and needs cooperation on your part to achieve this goal, because most bakery accidents occur due to

Worker Self Monitoring at Home: HCWs should ensure their

Apr 06, 2020 Worker Self Monitoring at Home: HCWs should ensure their temperature is below 3 7.8°C/100.0°F and that they don t have any of the following symptoms before they leave home and report to work.

Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan - CISA

Validate the Plan and Prepare for Approval CPG 101 (page 4-17) Check to ensure the written plan supports all goals and objectives developed by the planning group. Coordinate with a legal adviser to confirm plan supports all local, state, and federal regulatory and statutory requirements including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates.

North Carolina Food Code Manual -

Sep 01, 2012 North Carolina Food Code Manual A Reference for 15A NCAC 18A 2600 Rules Governing the Food Protection and Sanitation of Food Establishments. Adoption of the US Food and Drug Administration s

Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention Handbook

develop a risk management plan which identifies, assesses, controls and monitors safety hazards and risks. The following information, together with the slips, trips and falls risk management tool and worksheet at the back of this booklet, will help you develop a risk management plan and record your assessments.

Board and Committee Roles and Responsibilities

the resources of the Chapter and develop the Long Range Plan and the strategy to implement the plan. Futuring (5-7 Years) Long range planning is one of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Directors. It provides the road map for the Chapter and provides for continuity as the Executive Committee 2

Grocery and Convenience Store Employee Guidance - PA.Gov

Grocery stores and convenience store owners and management should review and consider implementing the following measures into standard operating procedures to protect employees. Measures that are mandatory to implement under the Order, are in green italics.


handler certification, employee health controls, controlling hands as a vehicle of contamination, time and temperature parameters for controlling pathogens, and the consumer advisory. The rule is designed to emphasize the areas of food safety that are considered critical and if not properly

Custodial/Janitorial Handbook

Provide the employee with a copy of safety rules and procedures and discuss any questions or particular items of interest with the employee (accident reporting, hazard reporting, etc.). Discuss your Accident Prevention Plan with the employee. Provide training on any specific hazard(s) of the employee s job.

Clean-up Procedures for Vomit and Diarrhea

A clean-up and response plan is intended to address proper procedures to reduce exposures to norovirus or other contaminants. Timely effective clean-up is imperative. First Steps Remove all individuals within a 25 foot radius and ask them to wash hands immediately. Block entry to contaminated area.


SAFETY CHECKLIST CONVENIENCE STORE When performing a safety check, consider the following guidelines. If acceptable check A, if unacceptable check U, if not applicable to your store check N/A For all unacceptable answers, you MUST list the corrective action you have taken. Sign and date the form. OUTSIDE STORE A U N/A COMMENTS/ACTION PLAN

Kroger Employee Manual - Weebly

Dec 10, 2012 each department, and all safety guidelines. 1.2 History The Kroger in Little Elm is only a year old and has many new things but does not have training manual or guideline booklet for each and every new employee hired. The new employees may have work experience in other stores and are trained by the older people

Sample joint health and safety self-assessment checklist

An effective Joint Health and Safety Committee is not in place. 35 to 59 Some safety and health activities exist but better planning and organization is required. 60 to 84 Joint Health and Safety Committee is active and underway but needs fine tuning. 85 Joint Health and Safety Committee meets recommended minimum compliance level.

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

where he learned how to guide and ensure the safety of the person with whom he would be matched. In November 2001 he was matched with his handler and they worked as a team until Pax s retirement in January 2012, after a long and successful career. Pax retired with his handler s family, where he lived with two other dogs.


the plan. Incorporate the CDPH Face Covering Guidance into the Workplace Specific Plan and include a policy for handling exemptions. Identify contact information for the local health department where the operation is located for communicating information about COVID-19 outbreaks among workers or customers.

Protecting Workers during a Pandemic

store it properly; What medical services (e.g., vaccination, post-exposure medication) may be available to them; and How supervisors will provide updated pandemic-related communications, and where to direct their questions. Sick Leave Employers may consider providing sick leave so that workers may stay home if they are sick.


Creating a comprehensive business plan is an important process. The idea of writing a busi-ness plan may not seem important, however, it ultimately serves many important purposes. It will serve to outline the main purpose of your business, its structure, its financing, and its ad-vantages over other market competitors.

Best Practices for Re-Opening Retail Food Establishments 1 May 21, 2020 Best Practices for Re-Opening Retail Food Establishments During the COVID-19 Pandemic Food Safety Checklist. FDA is providing a food safety re-opening checklist

Wholesale Food Warehouse Risk Control Plan cover

with information on how to develop and implement a risk control plan. A risk control plan helps to identify and mitigate food safety and security risks. It also helps to prepare wholesale food warehouse operators to quickly and efficiently respond to recalls. In general, a risk control plan includes procedures for addressing the following areas: 1.

Cal/OSHA Guide to Restaurant Safety

Reduced employee morale. Integrating safety and health into the overall management of your business, through effective implementation of an IIPP, will reduce the risk of injury related losses. From November 2002 to November 2010, Cal/OSHA conducted 135 serious accident investigations in restaurants 11 of those were employee fatalities.

Guide to Starting and Operating - Michigan

business; different forms of business organization; key elements of a business plan; complying with federal, state and local tax obligations; basics related to management, hiring, marketing, and more. Though this guide is not a substitute for legal or financial counsel, it is an information resource and quick

Health & Safety for Retail Small Business

A health and safety program is a process for managing health and safety in the workplace. It includes a written document that details health and safety policies and procedures. The scope of your health and safety program depends on the hazards at your particular workplace. Generally, a small business

Sanitation & Food Safety Standard Operating Procedure Manual

employee is following this SOP. 2. The direct supervisor will monitor that all foodservice employees are adhering to the above stated employee policy during all hours of operation. CORRECTIVE ACTION: 1. Retrain any foodservice employee found not following the procedures in this SOP. 2. Discard affected food. VERIFICATION AND RECORD KEEPING:

safer at home: phase two guidelines for all business sectors

Develop an emergency and medical response plan for COVID-19. This plan should include information about how attendees should interface with the local healthcare system (who to speak with or call if they feel sick) and procedures for isolating sick attendees and reporting illnesses to event organizers. The response plan must also

Food Sanitation Rules - Oregon

Feb 01, 2020 Convenience store means a business that, for compensation, offers or provides a range of commodities that includes food and beverages as it relates to plastic straws. Conditional employee means a potential food employee to whom a job offer is made, conditional on responses to

Retail Employee Handbook - Weebly

All Hansen employees with a current pay stub get a 25% discount on all store products. Employees must use a discount card to receive this benefit. Only the employee and the employee s spouse are eligible for this discount. Employees are allowed to enjoy ice cream while working, provided they do not consume it while working at the retail counter.