Mechanisms For Secure Modular Programming In Java

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Modularization of security software engineering in distributed

6 Nov 2015 4.6 Language approach for security modularization stance, developers and aspect writers write java lines of code independently.

Security vulnerabilities of the top ten programming languages

64156 items by S Turner Cited by 11 Security vulnerabilities of the top ten programming languages: C, Java, C++, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, and.

Mechanisms for secure modular programming in Java

by L Bauer 2003 Cited by 30 SOFTWARE PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE. Softw. Pract. Exper. 2003; 33:461 480 (DOI: 10.1002/spe.516). Mechanisms for secure modular programming in Java.20 pages

Protected Software Module Architectures - KU Leuven

by R Strackx Cited by 27 But these can also be used as building blocks to ensure security properties of programs. For instance, declaring a class instance vari- able private in Java 

Reusable Components for Developing Security-Aware

by S Probst Cited by 10 Generally, Java and NET are programming environments that offer strong security mechanisms. (such as cryptographic components) at a lower logical.


Programs written in typed safe languages (such as C# or Java) are less vulnerable to certain Recommending military standard security mechanisms on.220 pages


This module covers the application of Java programming to problems that require structured thinking. mechanism to achieve specific security objectives.

Securing Java RMI-based Distributed Applications - Purdue

by N Li Cited by 20 ing security mechanisms for proxy-based systems. For ex- ample, the goal to provide mutual ables a whole set of features for distributed Java programs,.

Modular Verification for Computer Security - UCSD CSE

by AW Appel 2016 Cited by 7 tion in computer security: for example, the Java typechecker. (bytecode verifier) or a software fault isolator (SFI) can guarantee that untrusted code 

Secure Coding Practices - Quick Reference Guide - OWASP

1 Nov 2010 Additionally, Flash, Java Applets and other client side objects can be decompiled and analyzed for flaws. Software security flaws can be  17 pages

A Java Operating System as the Foundation of a Secure

by M Golm Cited by 6 system kernels and system programs lead to security prob- lems that very often cause a complete breakdown of all security mechanisms of the system.

Security Target - Common Criteria

2 Oct 2020 Security objectives for the TOE from Java Card System Protection Profile Open Security objectives rationale for PACE Module

Java Application Architecture Modularity Patterns With

Clean Code The Java Module System, aka Project Jigsaw , gives Java developers the such as service discovery, circuit breakers, security, data streams,.

Control-Flow Integrity: Precision, Security, and Performance

by N Burow Cited by 198 Most CFI mechanisms determine the set of valid targets for each indirect control-flow transfer by computing the CFG of the program. The security guarantees of a 

An Object-Capability Subset of Java - eScholarship

It presents Joe-E, a subset of the Java programming language designed to secure mechanism for objects belonging to different parties to interact, 

Janus: an approach for confinement of untrusted applications

by DA Wagner Cited by 151 Java and Janus to compromise security so this approach offers strictly better the essential body of the program, and dynamic modules, used to implement 

A Language-Based Approach to Security - The University of

by FB Schneider Cited by 249 Language-based security leverages program analysis and pro- anism behaves as intended is greatest when the mechanism is small and simple.

Mechanisms for Secure Modular Programming in Java Lujo Bauer

Mechanisms for Secure Modular Programming in. Java. Lujo Bauer Andrew W. Appel Edward W. Felten presented by Jun He. 1 Introduction. Java packages 

Secure Coding Guide - Salesforce

22 Apr 2021 The platform provides two main mechanisms to avoid cross site scripting: auto HTML encoding as well as built in encoding functions that can be 

Case Study: Applying common software security guidelines to

by S Thorén Keywords: program flaws, security objectives, Java, XML, program robustness, protection mechanisms, security guidelines, code security. 1. Introduction.

Security Developer's Guide - Oracle Help Center

1 Mar 2018 U.S. GOVERNMENT END USERS: Oracle programs, including any operating Part V : Secure Authentication Using SPNEGO Java GSS Mechanism.827 pages

A Design for Type-Directed Programming in Java

by SC Weirich 2005 Cited by 16 programming in Java, and show that these mechanisms are sound when modules and classes change, because type-directed operations are 

Joe-E: A Security-Oriented Subset of Java - NDSS

by A Mettler Cited by 130 cation software itself, this provides a powerful mechanism for enforcing security policies: Joe-E, Java code can easily make use of modules written in.18 pages

A Simplified Secure Programming Platform for Internet of

by HB Yesilyurt 2018 We developed the BluetoothManager JAVA class to handle all the necessary Bluetooth data transmission operations. Serial Connection Module.

Scaling Proof-Carrying Code - DTIC

by AW Appel 2005 Cited by 6 conduct formal, automated verification of the protection mechanism. [22] Mechanisms for Secure Modular Programming in Java, by Lujo Bauer, Andrew.

?? Secure Compilation to Protected Module Architectures

by M Patrignani Cited by 100 isolation mechanism is adopted to preserve source-level security language is a component-based, java-like object-oriented programming language that.51 pages

Detecting Malicious Java Code Using Virtual Machine Auditing

by S Soman Cited by 31 this facility to detect attacks by malicious Java code. This paper describes the JVM auditing such as the Solaris Basic Security Module [47]. Other.15 pages


by DANS WALLACH 1999 Cited by 87 Since we are interested in security mechanisms for Java, chapter 3 gives are similar to name spaces in C++, modules in Modula-2 [Wir83], or structures  185 pages

A security feature framework for programming languages to

by AA Khwaja 2020 Cited by 1 features gaps found in the Java programming language evaluated using SEFF An attacker uses the flaws in the authentication mechanism to 

S-RVM: a Secure Design for a High- Performance Java Virtual

by Y Yarom 2012 Cited by 1 isolation. 2.1 The Java Security Architecture. The Java programming language relies on three tools to Secure Java uses hardware protection mechanism.

VisiBroker 8.5 Security Guide - Micro Focus

17 Dec 2020 Creating Secure CORBA Applications Using Java For trusting certificates with Java code, VisiSecure provides mechanisms to.

325-2009: SAS® Business Intelligence Web Application

mechanism and the J2EE Web application security arrangement. HTTP server security JAAS is a Java-based implementation of Pluggable Authentication Module.

An Application for Decentralized Access Control Mechanism

by S Chintoju 2016 privacy, access control challenges and security to the user data. to present an architecture using Java as programming language.

Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO - The Linux

by DA Wheeler 1999 Cited by 76 Unix−like systems share a number of security mechanisms, though there are Sun's security code guidelines provide some guidelines primarily for Java and 


by F SAMSON 2004 Cited by 1 can modify its security mechanisms to add support for our security properties. chosen distributed system must support the Java programming language.

Security Policy - NIST Computer Security Resource Center

the Java2 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The IBM Java JCE FIPS. 140-2 Cryptographic Module (hereafter referred to as IBMJCEFIPS) comprises.39 pages

FIPS 140-‐2 Non-‐Proprietary Security Policy Symantec Java

Symantec Java Cryptographic Module Version 1.1 This document provides a non-‐proprietary FIPS 140-‐2 Security Policy for the Java Cryptographic Module.

A Framework for Realizing Security on Demand in Cloud

by P Jamkhedkar Cited by 24 can offer customized security for customers' code and data throughout the term of contract. mechanism for allowing cloud customers to choose among.

Secure modular password authentication for the web using

by M Manulis 2016 Cited by 19 Once Finished messages are successfully exchanged, the parties continue using the authenticated encryption mechanism of the TLS record layer to communicate.

KMSM Security Policy - NIST

KeyNexus, Inc. Key Management Security Module (KMSM) Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Cryptographic Module Validation Program.

MJ: A Rational Module System for Java and its Applications

rectly even if user code loads a different version of a module used Mechanisms for secure modular programming in Java. Tech. Rep. Tech Report TR-603-99, 

The BSA Framework for Secure Software

for example, Secure Coding practices will may be most relevant to a different part of a software modules. In addition, the Framework may provide.

Mechanisms for Secure Modular Programming in Java

by L Bauer 1999 Cited by 24 Mechanisms for Secure Modular Programming in Java. Lujo Bauer. Andrew W. Appel We present a new module system for Java that improves.12 pages

Composing Expressive Run-time Security Policies - Computer

Polymer policies specify run-time constraints on untrusted Java bytecode pro- In order to further support flexible but modular security policy programming, we mechanisms that allow programmers to summarize a collection of application 

Modular Strategies for Data Abstraction - UT Austin Computer

by A Loh 2012 Cited by 16 nipulation mechanisms, and then use these mechanisms to define specific kinds of data. Managed Data allows program- mers to take control of many important 

Comparing Selected Criteria of Programming - arXiv

by SS Al-Qahtani 2010 Cited by 6 languages Haskell, Java, Perl, C++, AspectJ, COBOL, Ruby, PHP, Bash Scripts, to give programmer advantage of the security mechanisms.

Categorization of Security Design Patterns - Digital Commons

by JY Dangler 2013 Cited by 8 addressed by developing modules on security that can be integrated into a standard are software design patterns that describe security mechanisms such.

Black Duck Product Configurations and Modules - Synopsys

vulnerabilities, as well as the license and code quality risks affecting your applications. Vulnerability mapping identifies any security risks associated 

Data Leakage in Java applets with Exception Mechanism

by C Bernardeschi Java applets downloaded from the Internet are handled by the Java Security Manager that assigns access privileges to their code and provides a customizable 

Lecture Notes on Language-Based Security

by E Poll or less trusted code, as used in Java and discussed in Chapter 4, is a well-known example of a programming language mechanism specifically designed for