Hawking Radiation Of Regular Hayward Black Hole Surrounded By Quintessence

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Accretion and evaporation of modified Hayward black hole

mass of the black hole during accretion of the fluid flow, taking into consideration Hawking radiation from the black hole, i.e., evaporation of the black hole, is analyzed. 1 Introduction At present we live in a Universe which is expanding and the expansion rate is increasing, i.e., the Universe is accel-

A note on temperature and energy of four-dimensional black

29/8/2020  Quantum Gravity Correction to Hawking Radiation of the 2+1-Dimensional Wormhole Ganim Gecim and Yusuf Sucu-Thermodynamic phase transition and global stability of the regular Hayward black hole surrounded by quintessence Kamiko Kouemeni Jean Rodrigue et al-Thermodynamics and Phase Transition from Regular Bardeen Black Hole Surrounded by Quintessence

Surrounded Vaidya solution by cosmological fields

physical explanation for a black hole mass diminishing may be is that accreting particles of a phantom scalar field have a total negative energy [103]. Similar particles possessing negative energies are created through the Hawking radiation processandalsointheenergyextractionprocessfromablack hole by the Penrose mechanism. The effect of phantom-like dark energy onto a charged Reissner Nordström black hole


7/6/2019  Hawking radiation of the same temperature. This can be achieved trivially by having the black-hole horizon coincide with the de Sitter horizon, but we can also have a more interesting situation where the horizons are separate. The gravitational instantons

arXiv:2008.00061v3 [gr-qc] 6 Nov 2020

using the metric of the black hole surrounded by quintessence and the definition of the effective potential, we analyzed in detail the null geodesics for different energies. We also described the horizons of the Hayward black hole surrounded by quintessence as well as the shadow of the black hole. PACS numbers: 04.20.-q, 04.70.-s, 04.70.Bw, 04.20.Dw

arXiv:1808.03474v2 [gr-qc] 27 Jul 2020

for the regular Hayward black hole surrounded by quintessence is T = mr(r3 −4β2) 2π(r3 +2β2)2 + (3ωq +1)a 4πr(3ωq +2). (10) Considering only the quantum effects (β 6= 0 and a = 0), this expression of the Unruh-Verlinde temperature is reduced to T = (). = +. =,