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The Purpose of The Scrotum (Temperature Control): The testicles have two functions: (1) producing spermatozoa, and (2) producing the hormone, testosterone. The testicles are located outside of the body cavity in the scrotum. This is essential for normal sperm formation which occurs at a temperature several degrees below normal body temperature.

Genetic Defects in Sheep

cryptorchids should be castrated, to reduce the risk of possible future complications. Unilateral cryptorchids should never be used in a breeding program. Inverted eyelids: Inverted eyelid (entropion) is widespread among most breeds of sheep. This trait is highly heritable. Inverted eyelids are a turning in of the margin of the eyelid

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have around, as they are frequently fighting and creating disturbance if allowed to run with the main flock, and it is usually inconvenient to keep them separated from the main flock and with the males kept for breeding. In species used for meat they become staggy and hence less valuable than completely castrated males. Ridgling horses

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It is important to feed enough copper (10-80 ppm) to goats as they have a tendency to be copper deficient. High levels of molybdenum in a goat s diet can easily offset the copper levels in the body. Goats are not sensitive to copper, whereas in sheep even 20 ppm of copper can be very toxic. Selenium (0.1-3 ppm) is another mineral required for

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commercially viable, we have to balance production with animal welfare. In recent years a lot of research has been carried out on the effects of castration on both cattle and sheep. Overall, this research has shown that the castration of older and heavier bulls causes more pain and stress, whatever the method used.

Tagging, Castrating and Disbudding Calves

whether you have successfully castrated the calf. However, with training and experience it is a relatively quick and simple method. Key factors for successful use of the Burdizzo: Use clean equipment. The Burdizzo must be in good condition. The jaws must be parallel and close uniformly. Proper calf restraint - use a crush if one is


Castration remains an important procedure for sheep husbandry and on-farm management of male sheep in Australia. The reasons for castration include: Reduced aggression and sexual activity Easier and safer to handle and manage Less likely to fight, reducing bruising and injuries to themselves and other sheep

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sheep can be fed whole; it does not need to be ground or rolled. A protein supplement such as soybean meal or a commercial protein supplement containing at least 35% natural protein should be mixed with the grain at the rate of 1 pound of protein supplement for every 3 to 4 pounds of grain, depending on the protein content of the supplement.


10. Visit a store to study the different ways sheep products are marketed. Subjects for a 4-H Club Talk Why I chose a market lamb or sheep project Why I chose a sheep breeding project What I learned from my sheep project How wool is used in our everyday lives The importance of the sheep industry

The pattern and control of sweating in the sheep and the goat

Mountain breed of sheep. The present experiments have examined five otherbreeds ofsheep, including examplesofbreedsadaptedto hill condi-tions, e.g. Scottish Blackface, and those adapted to lowland conditions, e.g. Hampshire. Since therewasnoobviousdifference betweenthebreeds, although there was a big variation between the sweat gland response of

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castrated. Plus, even for those producers who do castrate, it s important to be sure to use the correct technique and perform the procedure at a time when it is best for the animal s welfare and ensures you will take home more money from the sale. Why castrate? A large feeder calf survey conducted by the Iowa Beef Center staff at Iowa State

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castrated males having fattier meat, a condition clearly desired in many cultures, antiquity included. 3 This goes for all species; cattle, sheep, goats or pigs, as well as humans, and eunuchs are in fact often described as being obese.4 Another effect of castration can be noted in relation to sheep: wethers produce more wool than rams or ewes.5

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He was led like a sheep to the slaughter, and as a lamb is silent before its shearer, so he does not open his mouth. 33In his humiliation justice was denied him. Who will describe his generation? For his life is taken from the earth. 34The eunuch said to Philip, I ask you, who is the prophet saying this about himself or

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Wether A male sheep that has been castrated at an early age. Yearling A male or female sheep between 1 and 2 years of age. SHEEP 1 1. What are three reasons to raise sheep? Produce meat, wool, milk Fairly inexpensive for beginners Need little space Clean and gentle Easy to handle 2. Where did the Suffolk breed originate?

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For purposes of blackbelly sheep, the bottom line is that ALL blackbelly sheep require scrapie ID. (1) All sheep 18 months and older. (2) All breeding sheep regardless of age. (3) All sheep for exhibition other than castrated males. Obtain a premises ID number from your local APHIS Veterinary Services office.

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calves as young as we have access to them. All male calves not intended for breeding stock if not castrated at birth should be castrated at branding age when they are receiving respiratory and clostridial vaccines, Raymond says. Knife castration This is the most common method, Raymond says. A sharp pocketknife and a very young calf

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Remember: You have two tools in your hands to set the feet the lead and the show stick. Set the rear feet first. To move a rear foot back, push backward on the lead and use the show stick to press (do not jab) the soft tissue between the toes in the cleft of the hoof.

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We have noted that there is a geographical variation in the proportion of ram lambs that are castrated, irrespective of the breed. For example, there are lower numbers of ram lambs castrated in Wales due to the belief that entire rams have faster, and therefore more efficient, growth rates. Conversely, castration is more widespread in England

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Bluetongue rarely occurs in goats as severely as it does in sheep, and therefore is not mentioned in the list. Rift Valley fever and Wesselbron disease are rainfall related (distributed by mosquitoes) and animals should only be vaccinated if these conditions occur. These diseases can result in heavy losses.

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being an EID tag. From 1st January 2015 all sheep born before 1st January 2010, which are not already, EID tagged should be upgraded prior to moving to market. These sheep should be double tagged one of which must be an EID tag. The tag numbers of these sheep must be recorded in your continuous record book. On the Day of the Sale

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Why do I have to do this? Scrapie is a fatal degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats. It is one of the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) diseases, which also includes BSE in cattle ( Mad Cow disease ) and CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) in cervids (deer and elk).

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Sheep can have dental issues and, often, as they age, their teeth develop sharp points. If your sheep are demonstrating exaggerated jaw movements when eating or going off feed, a quick dental check by your vet may be necessary. Do not put your hand in the mouth of your sheep. They have strong jaws and very sharp back teeth. Unless you

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Have adequate floor space - Space: 1-1.2 m 2 on slats or 1.1 - 1.4 m 2 on straw Have adequate feeding space Feeding space: 400-600 mm for meal or 175 - 200 for roughage Ma n a g e me n t Ma n a g e me n t Post Conception After completion of two breeding cycles on lowland ewes can be sent to the hill around mid-December.


G.1 Cattle to be castrated or made cryptorchid should be as young as possible (less than 12 weeks of age) and the procedure should be done before the cattle are weaned. G.2 Calves should be more than 24 hours old when castrated. G.3 Calves less than two weeks old should be castrated by the rubber-ring method in preference to the cutting method.

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(sheep/goats) Mixed age classes May include older wethers (castrated males) to impact brush and coarser vegetation (because these animals are not used for reproduction, their maintenance nutrition requirements are often lower than reproducing females) Sheep or goats Breeding flock + replacement females often grazed separately

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States where sheep are confined to feedlot, are castrated at an early age, and are wintered on pasture under natural condi­ tions. The incidence varies depending on the concentrate: roughage ratio and the quality of the roughage and concentrates. Wethers seem to have the higher in­ cidence. This may be due to the fact that

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next level of maturity or for slaughter. Often the males will be castrated to eliminate aggressiveness and the possibility of breeding since the fattening process is more effective. If raised to the next level of maturity, these animals will normally be sold in small lots of several animals.

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Why castrate sheep? Castration is a very common procedure that is carried out on sheep. Castration involves the removal or destruction of the testes or testicles, and is carried out in order to stop the production of male hormones. Ram lambs are normally castrated for management reasons. When male and female

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2. Have an assistant hold the kid as described above. 3. Wash the upper portion of the scrotum (near to where it attaches to the body) and disinfect. 4. Grasp the scrotum in one hand and manipulate until you have the testes down into the scrotum and the spermatic cord between your fingers. Place the jaws of the emasculatome onto the upper

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Males may have scurs Southdown: Origin: England Small Sized Mouse colored muzzle & legs Polled Early maturing Produce muscular, light-weight carcasses. What breed of sheep is the #1 Ram Breed? Describe the Suffolk sheep. What breed of sheep is the largest breed in the U.S.? What breed of sheep is the #2 Ram Breed?

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Wether Castrated male sheep with no ram like characteristics and with more than two permanent teeth. Ram Ram and castrated male sheep with ram like characteristics. Ram Lambs Uncastrated male lamb or entire male lamb Source: AUSmeat Table 2: Stock categories applicable to MLA sheep store market reports Stock category Description

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The top ten U.S. sheep states are: Texas, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Iowa. There are over 50 breeds of sheep in the U.S. and as many as 900 different breeds around the world. Adult female sheep are known as ewes. Adult intact male sheep are called rams or bucks. Male sheep castrated before puberty

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Sheep: over 1 year of age Lamb: less than one year of age Ewe: a female sheep Ram: an intact adult male Wether: a castrated male lamb Docking: cutting the tails short on lambs Polled: an animal that naturally lacks horns Lanolin: the oil called in the fleece of sheep 1. Name some meat breeds. a. Suffolk, Dorset, Southdown, Hampshire 2.

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castrated at a young age and before sexual maturity was reached. Textbooks and references usually have cattle 8-12 months, sheep 5-7 months, and

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today with both wild and modern domesticated sheep and goats (cf. Gen. 31:10). In modern sheep management, the majority of male lambs are castrated shortly after birth. It is assumed that this was not the case in early Biblical times, but if this was the practice, the reason for the predominant black flock

Scrapie in the United States

Why does Scrapie matter to you? Europe and Eastern Bloc countries have banned all live sheep and goats, semen, and embryos from being imported from the United States. This is a huge potential market for breeding stock in both the goat and sheep industry China and Japan ban the import of sheep and goat bone meal and tallow

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interested in sheep and goats. Some veterinarians are very interested in small ruminants and act as important resources for producers. Producers share some of the blame for not attracting knowledgeable animal health professionals to practices that include sheep and goats. Too often, producers only utilize a veterinarian when they have an emergency.

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and sheep? Structural correctness Femininity/Muscling (for males) Don t want bulls with to much crest at one year of age. Body capacity A student should never associate body capacity with the heifer's ability to have, or carry a larger calf. This is a common misconception. Muscling Do not confuse fat with muscling

(HAFEZ & SCOTT, I962; HULET et al., I962a, b & c). However, a

We have corroborated this finding for domestic sheep, using ether-soaked cotton balls. The act is thus stimulated by a variety of odorants and although it may have had its origin as a strictly olfacto-sexual response enhancing the male's ability to detect an estrous female, it is our impression that it does not now fulfill this function.

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I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. 11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gi ves His life for the sheep. 12 But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. 13 The