Major T Cell Epitope‐containing Peptides Can Elicit Strong Antibody Responses

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SARS-CoV-2 epitopes are recognized by a public - medRxiv

by EG Malko There is strong evidence of an important role of T-cellular immunity in the clearance Two CD8+ epitopes were presented in HLA-A*02:01 and elicited a The presence of the T-follicular helper cells and CD8+ T cells with cellular response to the peptide pools of M-, N-, S- proteins of SARS CoV-2, and 

Enhancement of Tetravalent Immune Responses to - MDPI

by Y Chan 2020 Cited by 1 in mice immunized with peptide vaccines were compared with E protein was able to elicit significant levels of IFN-γ and neutralizing antibodies to all T cell epitope and adjuvants to further improve the immunogenicity is as they can provide long-term vaccine stability with no risk of genetic reversion.

A Synthetic Tul4 and FopA Peptide Cocktail of Francisella

by H Oh 2016 Cited by 8 Induces Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses in Mice. Hanseul Oh1† general vaccine against F. tularensis remain major obstacles for approval of LVS in a combination of FopA and Tul4 epitopes could be a potential vaccine the peptides and/or CpG could elicit a strong antibody response 

Induction of tumor-specific immunity by multi-epitope rat HER2

by SA Jalali 2012 Cited by 52 encapsulation can induce an antigen-specific immunity. This study also presents the rHER2/neu-peptides containing CTL multi-epitope and encapsulated in LPD NPs. From the Clinical has made the progress of T-cell epitope-based vaccines possible for immune response elicited by HER2/neu derived peptides may.

T Cell Immunity To Enterovirus 71 Infection In Humans And

by PTI Yee 2018 Cited by 10 major obstacle in the design of peptide vaccines. (incorporating both CD4+ and CD8+ T cell epitopes) that induces broad, multifunctional a strong cellular response, which is needed for protective advantage over naïve cells as they can elicit disease-exacerbating antibodies developed DHF with.

the Entire Sequence of Haemophilus influenzae Type - NCBI

by P Chong 1993 Cited by 12 Three major linear immunodominant B-cell epitopes were mapped to residues Immunization with all unconjugated peptides, except the 19 N-terminal residues, induced very strong peptide-specific antibody responses, and these antisera reacted with P2 on major cause of bacterial meningitis in young children and can.

Immunogenicity of Leishmania-derived hepatitis B small

by A Czarnota 2016 Cited by 6 vaccine capable of eliciting a broad neutralizing antibody response against all peptide. Most importantly, they were also able to cross‑react with E1E2 residues 412 423 of glycoprotein E2, can elicit broadly hydrophilic loop containing the major B-cell epitopes inducing a strong T-cell response against HCV, may be.

Towards an Epitope-Based Human Vaccine for Influenza

by T Ben-Yedidia 2005 Cited by 79 vaccines aim at inducing a strong antibody response to the viral glycoproteins The main benefit of immunization with an epitope-based vaccine is the ability to Ideally, peptide-based vaccines should contain both B-cell epitopes that are T and B cell epitopes can elicit antibody titers comparable to multiple exposures.

CD4 CD25 T Cells Lyse Antigen-Presenting B Cells by Fas - Lirias

This could represent an important and specific down-regulatory mechanism of secondary immune responses in vivo. by sc injections of T cell epitope-containing peptides in CFA/IFA. This resulted in strong and specific B and T cell responses. CD4 face, thereby eliciting B cell apoptosis. strong antibody responses.

Removing T-cell epitopes with computational protein design

by C Kinga Cited by 98 Immune responses can make protein therapeutics ineffective or immunotoxin. Immunogenicity is a major problem in the development of pro- peutic can lead to B-cell activation and production of antibodies, memory B cells is initiated by T-cell recognition of peptide epitopes (IEDB) known to elicit T-cell activation (5).

Screening and identification of B-cell epitopes within envelope

by D Zhao 2018 Cited by 3 TMUV envelope protein is a major structural protein locates at the surface of tembusu Potential B-cell epitopes were respectively fused with GST tag and Results: Dot blot assay identified the peptides P21 (amino acids 301 329), antibody elicited by P21, P27 and P28 could neutralized tembusu virus.

Cytomegalovirus Infection Immunodominance in - OHSU

2007 Cited by 87 Viral Interference with Antigen Presentation Does Not Alter In acute infection, the two viruses elicited a CD8 T cell response to 26 peptide epitopes that was virtually strong evolutionary pressure for herpesviruses to interfere with the the enormous CD8 T cell response elicited seems paradoxical.

Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Epitope Peptide of Human

by X Li 2015 Cited by 17 Both IgG1 and IgG2a antibodies could be detected in the dif- of hMPV elicited both strong humoral immunity and cell- aimed to construct a multi-epitope peptide (MEP) of hMPV BALB/c mice, and produced anti-MEP antibody reacting with major respiratory viruses affecting children, the elderly [2].

Vaccine Immunology - WHO World Health Organization

by HOWDOVM PROTECTION antibodies and of immune memory to protection against spe- will be the prime effectors against novel vaccine targets with exert significant influences on T-cell responses to intracellular riers, which requires the use of live vaccines or strong adju- vants. proteins with peptides lacking B-cell epitopes,83 suggesting.

Specific Antibodies Induced by Immunization with Hepatitis B

by A Czarnota Cited by 5 Although all VLPs induced strong humoral regions of the E1E2 heterodimer to elicit antibodies able to neutralize different Although synthetic peptides can trigger immune responses, peptide vaccines features a highly conserved, hydrophilic loop containing major B-cell epitopes, also known as the.

Subdominance and poor intrinsic immunogenicity limit

by HX Tan Cited by 43 neutralizing antibody responses against highly diverse epitopes Here we examined HA stem specific B cell and T follicular helper (Tfh) Influenza viruses cause significant global morbidity and mor- Two immunizations were sufficient to elicit strong protein or a subset of immunogenic KLH peptides,.

Mapping and role of T cell response in SARS-CoV-2 infected

8 Jun 2020 Here, using mice sensitized for infection with SARS-CoV-2 by transduction sometimes elicit transient antibody responses, virus-specific. T CoV specific T cells could be detected as long as 17 yr after CD4+ T cell epitopes, a set of 20-mer peptides overlapping by 10 Broad and strong memory CD4.

Bet v 1142-156 is the dominant T-cell epitope of the major

by B Jahn-Schmid 2005 Cited by 174 experience hypersensitivity reactions to certain foods, primarily because of IgE antibodies specific for the major birch pollen Objective: We sought to characterize the major T-cell epitopes of Bet v 1 individuals with birch pollen allergy, with overlapping peptides can be activated by peptides derived from these proteins.

Engineering and characterization of a novel Self Assembling

by K El Bissati 2020 Cited by 3 This apicomplexan, obligate, intracellular, parasite can infect when added to peptides eliciting cell mediated responses (CD8+ and CD4+ T zation of HLA-B*07:02 mice with these SAPNs, induced strong CD8+ T cell-dependent protective antibodies against the B cell epitope MIC1 in a humoral immune response and 

Broad and strong memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells - bioRxiv

Cited by 7 therapeutics will depend critically on understanding the natural immunity Immunodominant epitope clusters and peptides containing T cell significant correlations between (a) spike-specific antibody titers and both overall T cell CD4+ T cells elicited strong responses against dominant spike peptides.

J-LEAPS vaccines elicit antigen specific Th1 - AIMS Press

by KS Rosenthal Cited by 1 specific Th1 immune responses to the incorporated antigenic peptide by J-LEAPS-DCs have great potential for the development of vaccines to elicit Th1 and The antigenic peptides incorporated into LEAPS vaccines can be as small as 8 contain T cell epitopes important for eliciting T cell associated 

Titrating TCell Epitopes within SelfAssembled Vaccines

12 May 2014 CD4+ T cells is particularly important for can be difficult to predict a priori what epitope concentrations strong antibody responses, but it is laborious to modify their cient to elicit a functional T-cell response to the PADRE epitope. lymph nodes were stimulated with PADRE peptide, and the IL-4 and 

HER-2/neu Vaccines Mary L. Disis*, Kathy Schiffman, Lupe G

by ML Disis Cited by 8 established candidate antigen for eliciting tumor specific immunity. specific antibodies in patients with breast cancer demonstrate that responses can be detected in The identification of T-cells that can respond to HER-2/neu indicates a epitope spreading reflected the extension of a significant T cell immune response 

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6 Dec 2013 antigens, can be raised by biomaterials containing proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules. and immunotherapies eliciting desired B cell (antibody) responses, T cell mediated adaptive immune responses is important, not only for the generally leading to strong immune responses, but chemically.

Structural Features of T-Cell Recognition - JSTOR

by JA Berzofsky 1989 Cited by 3 Printed in Great Britain. Structural features immunization with these elicits enhanced antibody responses to the whole envelope the fact that the T cells elicited by immunization with the peptide fail to cross react with the obviously important for a vaccine to contain epitopes that will be immunodominant for helper. T-cell 

Synthesis and Immunological Evaluation of M Protein

by PM Moyle 2006 Cited by 13 adjuvant up to four different GAS peptide epitopes. their capacity to elicit systemic IgG antibody responses in B10. involve auto-reactive antibodies and T-cells against determinants, as well as how many determinants can Fractions containing the major product capacity to elicit strong systemic IgG antibody.

Targets of T Cell Responses to SARS-CoV-2 - Cell Press

by A Grifoni 2020 Cited by 1555 Coronavirus in Humans with COVID-19 Disease and Epitope pools detect CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in 100% and munity could occur due to a T cell and/or antibody response of protective immune response elicited by natural infection. against this important antigen can be detected, we generated.

Experimental Antiglomerular Basement Membrane GN - JASN

major predisposing genetic factor in the disease), witha3127 148 as a peptides recognized by antibodies, and immunized WKY rats and a T cell responses to B7 were detected in rats infection.1,7,11 Whereas several factors can promote the transition ical amino acids are broadly consistent with the T cell epitope.

Epitope-targeting platform for broadly protective - PLOS

6 days ago problem with current vaccines is that they elicit antibodies to mutable regions of the HA head Designing antigens that elicit strong focused responses to conserved influenza epitopes remains a major challenge. nicity could be improved by increasing B cell epitope multiplicity [32, 34, 46, 47], mice.

Epitope Identification and Discovery Using Phage Display

by LF Wang 2004 Cited by 242 in specific binding to an antibody (B-cell epitope) or T-cell receptor (T-cell The mimotope concept played a major role in the evolution tein sequence could be fused to the coat protein of a bacterial large library containing a vast number of different peptide mimotopes elicited a strong antibody response specific for.

Interrogating the recognition landscape of a conserved - eLife

by JL Mendoza 2020 Cited by 1 The potential to elicit immune pathology also exists, for example, via the amplification of T cells with autoimmune potential (Rist et al., 2009; egy revealed a number of important features of AGA1 TCR-mediated specificity, including All responses were compared to the index KF11 gag peptide epitope.

Peptide-Based Vaccines - ACS Publications - American

by RJ Malonis 2019 Cited by 73 epitopes contained on the pathogen prior to exposure to the infectious agent itself. The major PD1 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), have shown great promise MHC−TCR ternary complex can be an important consid- eration for T-cell eliciting CD4-T cell and antibody responses when the antigens.

Theranostics A novel vaccine candidate based on chimeric

27 Apr 2020 In response to natural EBV infection, gp350 is the major elicited robust antibody response that have the advantage of high levels of specific antibodies and a strong T cell response in mice antigens, linear peptides do not present conformation- immunogenicity of epitope peptides with low molecular 

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by B Wu 2000 Cited by 38 Peptides containing major T cell epitopes have the capacity to induce T cell anergy and have therefore T cell epitope-containing peptides elicit strong antibody responses. 291 several epitopes are linked together, which can generate.

T Cell Epitope Immunogenic Allergen Contains a Universally

by B Wu 2002 Cited by 24 The use of T cell epitope-containing peptides for the induction of anergy in that could be circumvented by using universally immunogenic epitopes. A synthetic 21 35 peptide (p21 35) induced strong dose-dependent in vitro T cell proliferation an important MHC class II anchoring residue for T cell response to p21 35.

Fine Specificity of the Human T-Cell Response to the Hepatitis

by C Ferrari 1992 Cited by 59 distinct T-cell epitopes were identified by periph- eral blood with peptides 21-30 and 29-48 were able to recog- nize the play an important role in neutralization of HBV in- finding that the antibody response elicited in chim- quences can protect from HBV infectione5 In addi- All subjects developed a strong T- cell 

Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Protein Aggregates - The Lancet

by EM Moussa 2016 Cited by 263 monoclonal antibodies (mAb) prepared by stirring induced signif- icant increases internalize, process, and present peptide epitopes on major histo- compatibility lowed by the presentation of linear peptide epitopes to T-cells, with highly repetitive structure can elicit ADA response by directly activating B1-cells by the TI 

Strong humoral response elicited by a DNA vaccine targeting gastrin

cell epitope GRP18 27 in a linear alignment as an immunogen, we designed several not the one with 1 or 3HSP70407 426 showed stronger immune stimulatory experimentally to avoid this significant problem. 2007), DNA-elicited immune responses can be already established tolerance of this self-peptide in vivo,.

Influence of strong CD4 epitope on long- term virus-specific

by JP Sauzet 1996 Cited by 34 Free unmodified peptides are poor immunogens for cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) in mice, unless they are Injected protocols previously found to induce CTL responses with peptides. The In vivo basis of antibody production with peptides in vivo, the effective unclear how short peptides devoid of any CD4 epitope can.

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by P Zamorano 1995 Cited by 84 carrier protein (BSA), elicits a long-lasting neutralizing antibody response in which contains both B- and T-cell epitopes, was in a tandem repeat protein VP1 contains a major immunogenic site located viously immunized with inactivated virus, peptides, or in- Thus, the p135-160 by itself was able to elicit a strong.

Composite peptide‑based vaccines for cancer immunotherapy

by J Yang 2015 Cited by 17 aims to elicit immune responses through antigenic epitopes tion of peptides on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) resulted in strong T-cell immunity and inhibited tumor growth, TAAs can be divided into four major categories: vaccines with immune-modulating antibodies may be a novel.

A public T-helper epitope of the E7 transforming - PNAS

by RW Tindle 1991 Cited by 201 DRAHYNI linked to major B-cell epitopes on the E7 molecule formed immunogens capable of eliciting strong antibody re- sponses to HPV-16 E7. The T epitope could provide help for the production of with a peptide containing DRAHYNI and B epitope and, at a later date played secondary antibody responses to E7.

Challenges in the Development of Effective Peptide Vaccines

by C Buteau 2002 Cited by 72 antigens or TAAs, which associate with major histocom- patibility present peptide epitopes to naive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) tetanus toxoid or nonnatural epitopes proven to be strong antibodies that react with the CD40 molecule expressed on the nervous system, elicit immune responses that can cause.

Broad and strong memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells - ICPCovid

by T Dong Cited by 312 Most vaccines are designed to induce antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 peptide MHC pentamer-positive cells displaying the central and effector memory phenotype. In mild cases The identification of T cell responses associated with milder disease will CD4+ T cells elicited strong responses against dominant spike.

New epitopes in ovalbumin provide insights for - JCI Insight

by SH Karandikar Cited by 3 No responses to any epitope including SIINFEKL are detected in mice with with an anti-CTLA4 antibody which depletes tumor-infiltrating regulatory T have strong affinity for Kb as measured using competitive binding assays (Table 1 and Fig. with OVA elicited CD8+ T cell responses against each of the tested peptides 

T cells specific to hapten carrier but not to carrier alone assist

by T Shimizu 2007 Cited by 10 a major route for production of anti-hapten antibodies in hapten carrier T cell-dependent immune response, especially antibody af- that haptenated protein without adjuvant can induce anti- epitope modulations or altered self-proteins since it raises titis in which Ni2+ interacts with a peptide on MHC and alters.

Modular polymer antigens to optimize immunity - [email protected]

by NR Bennett 2019 Cited by 3 responses were greater for polymers with T cell epitopes that are readily designing synthetic antigens that elicit strong IgG responses against antibody responses and can be challenging to functionalize efficiently and in a Second, antigen presentation requires antigen-bearing peptide epitope that is sensitive to 

T cell epitope: Friend or Foe? Immunogenicity of - CORE

by CA Weber Cited by 89 Preclinical screening for T cell epitopes can be performed in silico, followed by in vitro and in T cell response may be the most important step to be taken in the pre- ment, but these auto-antibodies rarely interfere with the drug. In contrast decision about the likelihood that the peptide sequence will provoke an immune 

Recognition of Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Cells by

by H Kobayashi 2004 Cited by 12 fections are not a cause of significant pathology in the most infected processed peptide epitopes with MHC molecules, which are It is known that both antibody and CTL responses can play antigen-specific T-cell responses is the use of synthetic peptides elicit strong MHC class II-restricted CD4 T-cell responses,.

Vaccine engineering: Enhancement of - PNAS

by JP Tam 1989 Cited by 260 epitope, containing only the a-determinant peptide antigen, resulted T-helper cell epitope that enhances the immune response of the the S protein, the major antigen ofthe HBsAg, which consists elicit specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to rec- strong antibody response with titers at about 1:104 dilution to.