Offshoring Model

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Offshoring part 1

Questions: Impact on relative demand for skilled workers? Impact on wage inequality in each country? 2- A simple model of Offshoring. Page  54 pages

IT Offshore Outsourcing: Best Practices for U.S.-Based

by D Murberg 2019 Cited by 1 This business model allows an organization to access skilled labor while reducing development and testing turnaround times and expenditures. (Trickett, 2003).

Offshoring and Labor Markets

by D Hummels 2016 Cited by 159 Feenstra and Hanson (1997) is a one-sector model (with one final good) and all the action is within- sector. Offshored and domestically produced inputs differ  98 pages

Offshoring in a Ricardian World † - CiteSeerX

by A Rodríguez-Clare Cited by 165 Kei-Mu Yi (2003) develops a Ricardian model of trade to show that trade A limitation of the present model is that this type of offshoring does.

Service Offshoring: Threats and Opportunities - Harvard

by D TREFLER Cited by 139 ond, the big money in offshore outsourcing goes to the OECD business analysts This insight has been built into models of offshoring by Antràs (2003,.

ICT: Inflating or Deflating Offshoring

by B Dluhosch (offshoring of production blocs) in the model. Section 4 gives an account of the comparative statics on the fraction of production being produced offshore.

Offshoring in the financial services industry: Risk and rewards*

best practice in offshoring by financial institutions, aiming to the emergent models for future offshoring activity, from outsourcing to captives.37 pages

Competition and Offshoring - UCI economics

by JA Rodriguez-Lopez I present a model of offshoring decisions with heterogeneous firms, random adjustment costs, and endogenous markups. The model departs from the conventional 


by B Gannon 2007 Cited by 19 maturity model for offshore IS suppliers that is analogous to various reference to literature on outsourcing, offshoring and IS maturity models, 


by V Sananda 2008 Some of the models we have considered are Cressanda Solution's Offshore Execution model [37], CMS Group's Outsourcing Partnership model [38], Nagsoft's 

Reverse Offshoring of Services: The New Wave of Emerging

by ED Hahn 2010 Cited by 1 Offshore outsourcing of services accelerated at the end of 1990s in developed countries. In recent years, developing countries conditional logit model.

Offshoring and Outsourcing in Economic Theories

42 Offshoring, Outsourcing and Production Fragmentation neoclassical trade theories (the Ricardian model and Hecksher-Ohlin model); new trade theories  57 pages

Exporting and Offshoring with Monopsonistic Competition

by H Egger 2019 Cited by 7 We develop a model of international trade with a monopsonistically competitive labour market in which firms employ skilled labour for  49 pages

How the Past of Outsourcing and Offshoring is the Future of

by P Norlander 2021 A model illustrates how new technology serves as a proximate cause for a revision of social contracts between capital, labor and government 

Actual and perceived effects of offshoring on economic

by W Milberg Cited by 10 Data: OECD Social Expenditures and OECD Tax-Benefit Models. Note: Short-term benefits refer to unemployment benefits that are paid within the first year of 

Offshoring and Skill-upgrading in French Manufacturing - Juan

by J Carluccio 2017 Cited by 9 In particular, our model is inspired by the HO offshoring model in Feenstra and Hanson (1997), where firms offshore some of their labor-intensive activities 

Taking captive offshoring to the next level - McKinsey

Captive offshore operations centers could create vast value beyond traditional efficiencies. To do so, they must change their operating model. Chris Gash.


by B Gannon Cited by 19 maturity model for offshore IS suppliers that is analogous to various reference to literature on outsourcing, offshoring and IS maturity models, 

A Model of Wage and Employment Effects of Service Offshoring

by M Tobal 2015 Cited by 3 offshoring decreases the wage of a worker's task, the more willing she is to retrain and In my model, the employment responses to offshoring are.

Trading Tasks: A Simple Theory of Offshoring - Princeton

by GM Grossman 2008 Cited by 2821 In this paper, we develop a simple and tractable model of offshoring based on the trade# able tasks. We conceptualize production in terms of the many tasks 

A Risk Assessment Model for Offshoring Using CMMI

by M Choetkiertikul 2010 Cited by 15 previous model of quantitative CMMI assessment. Keywords-offshoring software development; quantitative risk model especially for offshoring.

14.54 International Trade Lecture 25: Offshoring Do Old

Offshoring is also referred to as outsourcing in popular discussions. 14.54 (Week 15) We consider a model developed by Grossman and Rossi-Hansberg.

Offshoring and Wage Inequality - SSRN Papers

of offshoring into the determination of relative wages in developing countries. The model shows that offshoring through foreign direct investment 

Trading Tasks: A Dynamic Theory of Offshoring - ifo Institut

by S Benz 2012 Cited by 8 This paper is a dynamic extension of the well-known theory of trade in tasks by. Grossman & Rossi-Hansberg (2008). In my model, a firm's offshoring decision 

Trading Tasks: A Simple Theory of Offshoring - Princeton

by GM Grossman 2008 Cited by 2819 In this paper, we develop a simple and tractable model of offshoring based on the trade- able tasks. We conceptualize production in terms of the many tasks 


CHOOSING THE CORRECT POST-COVID WORKING MODEL models available to firms and examine the pros than offshoring to countries located further.

Trade in Tasks: Revisiting the Wage and Employment Effects

by W Kohler Cited by 3 In their canonical model of offshoring, Grossman and Rossi-. Hansberg (2008) show that under certain conditions trade in tasks of low-skilled workers.

Offshoring in the Global Economy - UC Davis Center for

by RC Feenstra 2008 Cited by 82 Then just like the Heckscher-Ohlin model with a continuum of goods, in a trade equilibrium we will find that countries specialize in different  145 pages

The Rise of Offshoring: It's Not Wine for Cloth Anymore

by JB Taylor Cited by 4 But the Grossman/Rossi-Hansberg (GRH) model yields a much stronger result, namely that offshoring increases the demand for workers whose tasks are offshored 

Exploring the Mediating Effects of Social Responsibility and

by D Abdelzaher Cited by 3 H3a: Employee layoffs will partially mediate the relationship between offshoring and firm performance. Conceptual Model. Our hypothesized relationships 

Offshoring in a Ricardian World - National Bureau of

by A Rodríguez-Clare 2007 Cited by 165 Kortumis (2002) model of Ricardian trade. In this paper I start out with this model and then allow for fragmentation and offshoring to explore their impact  51 pages

Service offshoring and export experience - F.R.E.I.T.

by G Berlingieri 2020 Cited by 2 The model implies that firms are also more likely to offshore when frictions in the provision of services between the domestic and the foreign 

The Effects of Offshoring on US Workers: A Review of - USITC

by A Barbe 2018 Cited by 4 Recent economic literature views offshoring through the lens of a trade in tasks For example, the Grossman and Rossi-Hansberg model predicted.12 pages

A System Dynamic Modeling Approach to Offshoring R&D

by R Balachandra 2013 outsourcing/offshoring and the mechanisms by which they function and how the decision parameters affect these mechanisms. We use a system dynamics model to 

Offshoring and Skill-upgrading in French Manufacturing - OECD

by J Carluccio 2017 Cited by 9 Add firm heterogeneity (Melitz, 2003). We develop a HO offshoring model with heterogeneous firms: Countries differ in human capital abundance 

University of Birmingham The choice of offshoring operation

by J Pla-Barber understand the linkages between managerial attitudes and the offshoring operation mode choice: captive models, offshore outsourcing models, and concurrent 

Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Strategy in the Global Firm - UR

by S Tallman Cited by 13 So, while place matters, whether seeking an offshore value production platform or foreign market entry, it must be recognized and incorporated into models as a 

Statistics to Measure Offshoring and its Impact - International

Oct 1, 2016 The model predicted that offshoring would lead to an increase in the relative demand for high-skilled labor in both the.52 pages

The Offshoring Stage Model: an epilogue - American University

by E Carmel 2005 Cited by 12 First, in contrast with related outsourcing literature and models, the OSM makes no distinction between in-sourcing and outsourcing. Offshoring  9 pages

Offshoring and Inflation

by D Comin 2020 Cited by 2 in domestic sourcing of consumption goods are more important than changes in offshoring in determining aggregate consumer prices. In the model below, we will 

Volatility Due to Offshoring: Theory and Evidence - UCSD GPS

Our formulation draws on the offshoring model in. Feenstra and Hanson (1996, 1997). For other work on intermediate inputs and business cycle synchronization 

Offshoring how to ensure success - Deloitte

Wisely pursued offshoring can be a key strategy for organizations to remain competitive and delivery model can see it in action or audit the vendor.16 pages

How Offshoring Can Affect the Industries' Skill Composition

by D Horgos 2015 Cited by 7 Keywords: offshoring; labor market implications; skill ratio; As in the newer models offshoring arises endogenously, depending.

Offshore Outsourcing: A Dynamic Causal Model of - jstor

by A Dutta 2005 Cited by 122 Offshore Outsourcing: A Dynamic Causal. Model of Counteracting Forces. AMITAVA DUTTA AND RAHUL ROY. Amitava Dutta holds the LeRoy Eakin Chair and is a 

A Model of Occupational Choice, Offshoring and Immigration

by B Unel 2016 Cited by 1 This paper develops a two-country model of offshoring and immigration with occupa- tional choice and endogenous firm productivity.32 pages

From Local to Global: Offshoring and Asset Prices - London

by L Bretscher Cited by 9 the model, the offshoring channel is economically important and lowers 3 A strand of literature in labor economics studies offshoring of tasks at the 

Review of IT Offshore Outsourcing issues - CSUSB

by HM Carothers offshoring model and way of doing business will kick in about 2007 and rapidly increase the demand for offshore resources.

Offshoring, Immigration, and the Native Wage Distribution

by WW Olney Cited by 22 According to the model, the productivity effect causes offshoring to have a more positive impact on low-skilled wages than immigration, 

BIROn - Birkbeck Institutional Research Online

by B Gannon 2007 Cited by 19 IS OFFSHORING: A PROPOSED MATURITY MODEL FOR and will provide consumers of offshore outsourcing with a framework for categorising suppliers of IS.

What Drives Offshoring Decisions? Selection and Escape

by A Rodriguez-Lopez 2014 Cited by 7 Abstract. I present a model of offshoring decisions with heterogeneous firms, random adjustment costs, and endogenous markups. The model proposes a