The Nature And Effects Of Mission Today A Case Study From Kenya

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Opportunities and Challenges of Women's Political

groups, including women, to lead, India is an important case study for global policy dialogues around good gover-nance. This research not only contributes to our understanding of how quotas mandating women s representation on local governing bodies the Panchayti Raj Institutions (PRIs) are playing out for the individuals who comprise

Effective Leadership in the Church

tions about that organization s mission, its reason for being. In the case of the church, the Bible raises and answers two very impor-tant questions. First, whose mission is it? God s, not ours. The church doesn t come up with its own mission. The Bible sets forth God s mission for the church. Second, what is the church s mission?

The impact of conflicts in the horn of Africa a case study of

on Kenya. The study used the realism theory to explain conflicts and international relations. To undertake the study, the researcher utilized library and internet research. In this case, published and unpublished data was used to put issues into context and to justify the research study.

Strategy Implementation: Key Factors, Challenges and Solutions

Today much is known about the important factors in the planning phase of strategy. Furthermore problems, which appear during the implementation phase, are known. Some approaches and methods have been developed by researchers to ensure a structured processing; the most important factors of

An Introduction to Human Trafficking: Vulnerability, Impact

end this crime, one of the most egregious violations of human rights in the world today. Formally launched in March 2007 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and made possible by a generous grant from the United Arab Emirates, UN.GIFT is a call to action, reminding Governments, civil society actors, the media, the A 2013 INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL F O

IN KENYA: A CASE OF KISII COUNTY Jane Kemunto Ongori, Dr. Mike Iravo, Dr. Charles Elijah Munene (2013) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology-Kenya ABSTRACT The future direction of organizations is determined by management practices and how people

Facilities Management Good Practice Guide

Today s Facilities Managers require a broad and diverse skill set, much more in line with management and business services than the building trade oriented services of those who once dominated the industry. 2 What is Facilities Management? 2.1 The role of the modern Facilities Manager

The Influence of Performance Management System on Employee

Kitui, Kenya Dr. Jane Muthoni Weru Human Resource Manager Technical University of Mombasa P.O Box 90420-80100 Mombasa, Kenya Abstract The purpose of this study was to explore the influence of performance management system on employee performance in banks in Kitui Town, Kenya. The population under study was 118 employees.


Nature of the Study The nature of this study consisted of interviewing twenty Christian church leaders from various denominations. This research approach presented three measurable assessments. Seven open ended questions were given with the intent to compare conflict management to the growth of their church. The Basis-A Inventory was used to

National Tourism Sector Strategy

While we are not immune to the effects of the global economic crisis, I am happy that the strategy placed before us does pay attention to issues of vulnerable workers, women, youth and people with disabilities. Our hopes are high that indeed this document will bolster our efforts in driving and growing


a plausible case can be made for the proposition that the future will look back upon the overseas imperialism of recent centuries, less in terms of its sin of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination, than as the instrument by which the spiritual, scientific, and material revolution which began in western Europe with the

CIOB Research - CIOB Home Page CIOB

Our Mission: To contribute to the creation of a modern, progressive, and responsible construction industry; able to meet the economic, environmental and social challenges faced in the 21st century. Our 7 Guiding Principles: n Creating extraordinary people through professional learning and continuous professional development.

School Context, Student Attitudes and Behavior, and Academic

high school reform effort. The analysis is exploratory in nature, in that it tests one particular hy-pothesis about the relationships among these constructs. Other hypotheses may be equally plau-sible, but this paper considers the relationships shown in Figure 1, which presents the theoretical model underlying the effort.

Examples of Successful Community-Based Public Health

the quitline since it was established in 2002, and a 2007 study documented a 40% quit rate. Alaska has seen progress as a result of its efforts. Data from the 2008 Alaska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System showed a significant reduction in tobacco use. The percentage of adult smokers in Alaska has declined by one-fifth since 1996 to

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

This report presents a background study of the state of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Ethiopia. We discuss the state of TVET in Ethiopia, as well as the contextual information on education system and economic indicators in Ethiopia as they relate to the TVET implementation and policy. We

Effects of Strategic Planning on Organizational Growth. (A

(A Case Study o f Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kemri) Odongo Melen Sophia*, Datche Owuor** Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, P.O Box 81310-80100, Mombasa Abstract- This study s main objective was to determine the effects of strategic planning activities on organizational growth.

The Roles of Monitoring and Evaluation in Projects

assess project effects both intentional and unintentional and their impact. It aims at determining whether or not the intended objectives have been met. Evaluation draws on the data and information generated by the monitoring system as a way of analyzing the trends in effects and impact of the project.


Belgium for the completion of the entire study. Special thanks go to all the members of the African Labour Research Network (ALRN), more especially the researchers for the good spirit in which they conducted the study with commitment and zeal. Particular mention must be made of the Labour Research and Policy

Role of Training & Development in an Organizational Development

4. Objective of the Study T&D The Major objective of the study is to analyze the role of training and development in an organization development. The following are the specific objective of the study. Training and development helps in optimizing the utilization of human resources.

Key Principles of Public Sector Reforms

Case Study 6.2 Kenya. Professionalisation, motivation and morale improvement in the public service in Kenya: The role of the Public Service Commission 215 Case Study 6.3 Cameroon. Devolution of state human resource management 221 Principle 7.


nity within its vicinity. The method used in the research study was community-based qualitative research (CBQR). A case study is used to understand how the church con-tributes to community development. The purpose of the study was to understand the relationship the church has with its followers and community in its locality. Content

Analysis of Colonialism and Its Impact in Africa

the eyes of their people, are attributable to the effects of colonialism and imperialism. The work concludes and recommends that for African states to overcome their present social, economic, political, health, education woes, etc., there is the urgent need for the people and the leadership to create their own indigenous identity, culture,

Educational Marginalization: Examining Challenges and

people of Kenya by European Christian missionaries as an evangelical tool (Eshiwani, 1985). The missionaries dominated the provision and administration of education throughout the Colonial period. Most prestigious schools in Kenya today are former mission schools, such as Alliance High, Mang u High, Maseno, Kaimosi Girls, Kaimosi Boys, etc.


in Kenya since this is the organization under study. The study population comprised a total of 412 employees from various functions. Stratified random sampling technique was used to draw a sample size of 96 respondents. The data collection instrument was a tailor-made structured questionnaire developed by the researcher, specifically for this

Effects of change management on employee performance in co

success. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effects of change management on employee performance in Co-operative Bank of Kenya limited. The study used case study research design. The main reasons for case study based research is that allowed the

Elections in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

3 In Kenya, over 1,200 people were killed during the 2007-2008 post-election crisis. See UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Report from OHCHR Fact-finding Mission to Kenya, 6-28 February 2008, available at

Effect of Accounts Receivable on Financial Performance of

capital in Kenya (0.038). Accounts receivable explain 25.7% of the financial performance of firms funded by government venture capital in Kenya while the variation of 74.3% is explained by other factors. The study recommend that managers in the firms funded by government venture capital should put in place good credit

An Introduction to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO

case of Iran, where civil society is not yet mature, NGOs can have an important role in strengthening the foundations of an emergent civil society. The issue of independence is an important one in the credibility of an NGO. It is hard for NGOs not to come under any governmental influence. Individual governments do at times try to influence the NGO


SUMMARY & EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS IN THE PHILIPPINES A Submission for the Philippines UPR (3rd Cycle, 2017) by the Ateneo Human Rights Center - Page 3 of 10 - the right of the accused to a fair trial, including the opportunity to be heard.7 It grants the


Jul 25, 2006 IPCC predict serious effects including reduced crop yields in tropical areas leading to increased risk of hunger, spread of climate sensitive diseases such as malaria, and an increased risk of extinction of 20 30 per cent of all plant and animal species. By 2020, up to 250 million people in Africa could be exposed to greater risk of water stress.

The Role of Effective Communication in Strategic Management

1.2 Objectives of the Study The major objective of this study is to determine the role of communication in the strategic management of organization. Other specific objectives include: a) To evaluate the impact of communication in achieving the organizational strategic goals.

The Influence of Media Ownership and Control on Media Agenda

Abstract: This study assessed the influence of media ownership and control on media agenda setting using Nigeria as a case. The core method of data collection in this study was in-depth interview. The sampling methods employed include the Cluster sampling and the purposive sampling since the data


Equally important are the effects of increased meat production on the environment: Raising livestock accounts for nearly one-fourth of all global water use in agriculture and is responsible for an estimated 18 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. In the long term, the impact on the environment is unsustainable.

Organisational Culture CPMR40a - IPA

performance. But this can also be the case in the public sector, despite the absence of a bottom line Ban s (1995) study of the good performance of the US Environmental Protection Agency compared to other federal agencies, cited in Chapter 2, shows how culture can affect performance. The Irish cases studied, such as the Broadcasting

An Analysis of Dissertations on Church Growth Published

utilized. Most dissertations were descriptive and pre-experimental researches. Case study and survey were common. Theological majors and schools, Korean researchers, 10 target subjects, and three denominations covered the majority. Teaching and leadership were prevalent principles. Homogeneous unity was never seen.

Defining and Solving the Organizational Structure Problems to

regularity demonstrated in nature. Because the matrix structure is often used in organizations using the line-and-staff setup, it is also fairly centralized. However, the chain of command is different in that an employee can report to one or more managers, but one manager typically has more authority over the employee than the other manager(s).

Improving Patient and Worker Safety - Joint Commission

Improving Patient and Worker Safety Opportunities for Synergy, Collaboration and Innovation Health care professionals whose focus is on patient safety are very familiar with these

An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Students Adjustment at

study was qualitative in nature and the descriptive research design using case study method was used. Structured and unstructured questionnaires were used to gather information. A sample of 115 students was selected using stratified random sampling from the faculty of social sciences. Findings from the study revealed that to a larger

The importance of leadership and management for education

The nature of the goal-setting process is a major variant in the different models of educational leadership and management to be dis-cussed in subsequent chapters. What is educational leadership? Gunter (2004) shows that the labels used to define this field have changed from educational administration to educational manage-