Serious Efforts At Bias Reduction

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Stigma, Obesity, and the Health of the Nation s Children

review stigma-reduction efforts that have been tested to improve attitudes toward obese children and highlight complex questions about the role of weight bias in childhood obesity prevention. With these literatures assembled, we outline areas of research to guide efforts to better understand weight stigma in youths and ways to reduce bias.

Efforts to Improve Police-Community Relations in Cincinnati

Efforts to Improve Police-Community Relations in Cincinnati Author: Greg Ridgeway Subject: This research brief summarizes second-year findings. Although there is no evidence of systematic racial bias in Cincinnati Police Department vehicle stops, other police actions have racially disparate impacts that fuel perceptions of racial bias.Í

Gender Issues in Juvenile Justice

that there has been any increase in serious crime by females (Steffensmaier, Steffensmaier, and Rosenthal, 1979; Figueira-McDonough and Selo, 1980). In fact, during the first half of 1981, number women incarcerated in U.S. prisons grew at the rate of 22 percent a year-the largest gain since such statistics were first recorded in 1925.

Improving the Child and Adolescent Crisis System: Shifting

Hoover, S., Bostic, J. (2020). Improving the Child and Adolescent Crisis System: Shifting from a 9-1-1 to a 9-8-8 Paradigm. Alexandria, VA: National Association of State Mental Health

OIFA 2.0 Community Summit Recommendations

a. Stigma reduction strategies must address cultural bias, increase shared experience, and make behavioral health a human experience while normalizing the conversation i. Ensure equal focus on general mental health/substance use and serious mental illness ii. Include focus on HOPE recovery happens iii. Must define stigma iv.

Fatality Reduction by Safety Belts - Transportation

Belted Belted Reduction Fatalities 20 11 Survivors 80 - 15 = 65 89 + 15 = 104 Total 100 - 15 = 85 100 + 15 = 115 Fatality rate 24 10 59% The fatality reduction is inflated from a true 45 percent to an observed 59 percent. The agency reached a decision point in 1989 when it extended automatic protection to light trucks.

For more information THE FUTURE OF WORK

serious job losses, leaving deep wounds that have not fully healed even a decade after its onset. Turning to the future, the projected slowdown in the global economy over the next two years casts a shadow over short-term job prospects. Beyond that, it is clear that deep and rapid structural changes are on the horizon,

Public awareness and public education for disaster risk

Framework for Action[47] a global blueprint for disaster risk reduction efforts between 2005 and 2015 by providing specific operational guidance for promoting disaster risk reduction. It is designed to help guide planning for public awareness and public education efforts, to produce increasingly successful and high-impact outcomes.

Q7: Is graded self-exposure based on the principles of

no serious limitations serious. 3. serious. 4. no serious imprecision reporting bias. 5 236 192. 6 - SMD 1.68 lower (2.14 to 1.22 lower) 7. VERY LOW CRITICAL Depression symptom severity post intervention (Better indicated by lower values) 14. 8. 9randomised trials no serious limitations. 2. very serious serious. 4. no serious imprecision

Department of Psychology UW Madison

Despite efforts like the women' rights movement and the civil rights movement, our society continues to struggle with prejudice and discrimination in the work- force, the education system, law enforcement, the political arena, and a broad spec- trum of domains in daily life. Although laws enacted to reduce discrimination have

University Policy 6.12, Separations, Voluntary and

maximizing reemployment efforts of the staff member selected for layoff. The services are available until the staff member secures regular full-time or part-time employment inside the university, the outplacement agreement ends, or six months from the date of layoff notification whichever comes first.

Provable, structured, and efficient methods for robustness of

adversarial examples, perturbed data points which fool the model, pose a serious risk for safety- and security-centric applications where reliability and robustness are critical. In this dissertation, we present and analyze a number of approaches for mit-igating the effect of adversarial examples, also known as adversarial defenses. These

Home Crime Control Strategies and Community Change Reframing

funding sources in the public and private sector (i.e., funding-related bias), the pressure on academics to search for statistically significant subgroup effects in the hope of getting published (i.e., publication-related bias), and the political/religious affiliations of the researchers (i.e., research-related bias).


Violence comes in many forms. First, it can vary in its lethality or capacity to cause serious physical injury a shove versus a fatal shooting. Second, it can occur in different settings in the privacy of one s home or on a public street. Third, the number of individuals involved may be few, as with a

U.S. Department of Justice FY 2022 PERFORMANCE BUDGET OFFICE

concerns such as promoting community-based crime reduction efforts, reducing criminal recidivism, addressing opioid and substance abuse through appropriate treatment and diversion programs, promoting efforts to ensure procedural fairness and address systemic bias throughout the justice system, and identifying and responding to emerging criminal

Prejudice, Discrimination, and the Internet Jack Glaser

negative effect in that realm. This has relevance for intergroup bias because social involvement, or at least intergroup contact, is a demonstrated mechanism for reducing bias (e.g., Pettigrew & Tropp, 2000). To the extent that the Internet reduces direct personal contact it may undermine progress in this regard, as we will discuss further below.

Extended field efforts to reduce the risk of non-response

response bias. If weighting were able to achieve the same bias-reduction effects as extended field efforts, this would greatly reduce the justification for investing in expensive field efforts. 2. Methods 2.1 The Data All three surveys used in the Lynn and Clarke (2002) paper are currently still ongoing, and

Getting Safety Right First Prevent Serious & Fatal Injuries

reduction in SIFs. 2. SIFs have identifiable indicators and root causes. 3. A reliable SIF-P rate can tell you if your efforts are improving or not. 4. SIF reduction is likely to follow a systematic concerted effort by leaders.

ESS ERIC DELIVERABLE - European Social Survey

Also, in some countries, there are indications of substantial bias due to nonresponse. Most (increased) fieldwork efforts target refusals and noncontacts. This paper examines whether this strategy is adequate in order to reduce non- response bias and whether a shift towards otherclasses of nonrespondents may optimize a bias reduction strategy.

Los Angeles County Jail Overcrowding Reduction Project Final

6. To improve the efforts of every agency to maintain a data-keeping system that enhances both administrative efficiency and system-wide policymaking. 7. To improve the fair and efficient administration of justice at all points of the system which can, in turn, reduce jail crowding.

Correctional Policy for Offenders with Mental Illness

on other recidivism is partially mediated by system bias and stigma. We use this framework to propose three pri-orities for advancing research, articulating policy, and improving practice. Keywords Offenders Mental illness Corrections Recidivism Individuals with serious and often disabling mental ill-


addressing bias in charging decisions by monitoring outcomes and increasing accountability. Similarly, judges in Dorchester, Massachusetts, have worked with police and prosecutors to develop guidelines to reduce racial disparities in charging enhancements for people arrested for drug crimes in a school zone. 3. Key segments of the criminal justice

On the Divergent American Reactions to Terrorism and Climate

climate change are greatly affected by both unavailability bias and myopia. In part because of the absence of vivid illustrations of harm, Americans believe that they have relatively little to gain from serious efforts to reduce the risks of climate change; hence they are unwilling to spend a great deal to reduce those risks.

Glossary of Terms 21st Century Policing

Oct 22, 2020 IAB: Internal Affairs Bureau, is responsible for investigating criminal actions and serious misconduct by members of the police department. Implicit Bias: refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect a person s understanding, actions, and decisions unconsciously.

Child Welfare Practice to Address Racial Disproportionality

across studies or data-collection efforts (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). How people define their own race or ethnicity can change over time. Researchers found that more than 10 million people changed the identification of their race or ethnicity between the 2000 and the 2010 censuses (Cohn, 2014).

2015 16 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) Public-Use

relationship between school characteristics and violent and serious violent crimes in U.S. public schools and to examine what school programs, practices, and policies are used by schools in their efforts to reduce or prevent crime. SSOCS has been conducted six times, during the 1999 2000,


Serious efforts at bias reduction: The effects of digital games and avatar customization on three cognitive biases. Journal of Media Psychology, in press.

Confronting and Coping with Weight Stigma: An Investigation

stigma reduction intervention efforts, both of which are discussed. Key words: stigma, bias, coping, mental health, BMI Introduction As the focus on the obesity epidemic has intensified, there has been increasing recognition of the social conse-quences of being obese, which are serious and pervasive (1,2).

Contact Resistance in Organic Field Effect Transistors

curve for low bias and a reduction in I. D (Figure 2c), or collapse of the I. D curves on top of each other at low bias and the absence of a saturation regime (Figure 2d). While in these examples the current exhibits obvious deviations from standard FET behavior, large contact resistance can also manifest as an overall decrease in current

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: within-study risk of bias, consistency among studies, directness of evidence, and precision of effect estimates. The body of evidence was assessed to have serious risk of bias, serious inconsistency, and serious indirectness. Risk of bias was serious due to the studies employed cohort or quality improvement methodologies.

Washington State Disproportionate Minority Contact Assessment

assistance on data entry, DMC identification and DMC reduction strategies, pilot funding for DMC reduction activities, and requirements for DMC reduction efforts. The Washington State Office of Juvenile Justice has available, or is prepared to offer, support and assistance with these efforts. 2.

2014 - mpdc

percent last year. The reduction of violent crime in the District of Co-lumbia is a key focus for the entire police department and all of our partners. In the past year, the re-duction in violent crime was driv-en by an 18 percent reduction in robbery, the most frequent serious crime of violence. And this reduc-tion was felt citywide, with every

Read the excerpt from Franklin Delano Roosevelt s inaugural

Popularizes (Changes attitude towards program and shows positive bias) (15 points) Neatness and Creativity : (10 points) New Deal policies and actions affect various social and ethnic groups.

Reducing unconscious bias: a

Reducing unconscious bias: a highly effective toolbox and how to avoid the unconscious bias pitfalls A growing number of companies are focusing on diversity and gender parity for their workforce and leadership teams. Yet many of them, despite their efforts, fail at generating long-term, sustainable impact.

The Myth of a Fair Criminal Justice System

2005). The former type of crime reduction is referred to as crime control, and accurately depicts the majority of criminal justice activity in the United States (Worrall 2008). The latter type of crime reduction is referred to as crime prevention, and is far less emphasized in America (Lab 2007).

How Implicit Bias Contributes to Racial Disparities in

Implicit Bias, Health Care Providers, and Maternal Health Implicit bias is directly correlated with lower quality of care for patients and may be activated under stressful working conditions.7,10 The potential influence of implicit bias is especially relevant in settings that are prone to overload or high stress. These environments include emer-


Jun 18, 2020 addressing social determinants of health, stigma, implicit bias and health disparities. Moving forward MI AIM will begin implementing additional safety bundles: 1. Reduction of Peripartum Racial/Ethnic Disparities 2. Obstetric Care for Women with Opioid Use Disorder 3. CMQCC- Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Maternal Sepsis 4.

Evaluation of the WHO Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme

devastating obstacle to health for millions of people and remain a serious impediment to poverty reduction and socioeconomic development.1 Through a coordinated and integrated approach adopted since 2007, control, elimination and even eradication of these diseases has been shown to be feasible. 2.

BOP: Prison Education Program Participation and Recidivism: A

handling selection bias (see Berk 1987). I report results for two of these methods here. First, I use multivariate models to predict recidivism in which a measure of program participation is included along with all variables thought to predict program participation and recidivism. I refer to this approach as the full multivariate approach.

2002 NSAF Collection of Papers - Urban

little indication of a bias reduction resulting from extended efforts to obtain additional interviews, the survey organization may consider a redesign of expensive refusal reworking procedures (Scheuren 2000). This paper presents the results of research conducted to analyze the effects of efforts to minimize