Uptake Of Clarithromycin By Rat Lung Cells

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Abstracts of International Society for Aerosols in Medicine e.V.

May 25, 2019 The ideal patients for receiving aerosol antibiotics are those with chronic airway infection Air-liquid interface in vitro lung cell models can be used to in- vestigate assessing the drug particles for pulmonary absorption, investigating the efficacy of the study was conducted in male Wistar rats. To load the 

Longitudinal Evaluation of Tumor Metastasis by an FDG

by CH CHANG 2006 Cited by 26 achieving cure, though in early stage non-small cell lung cancer uptake value (​SUV) of FDG in tumors is used to monitor the 1 ml compared to 10 ml for the rat and 6,000 ml for a human N and Kita E: Adjuvant effect of clarithromycin on.8 pages

Macrolide Antibiotics

While the uptake of erythromycin into polymorphonuclear cells and were generally higher than in plasma, especially in the lung of rats and mice [22]. The peak  327 pages


The mechanisms by which macrolides accumulate in pulmonary cells are poorly Firstly, CLR is a potent inhibitor of the taurocholate uptake in rat Oatp1a5- 

Intracellular pharmacodynamics of antibiotics

by S Carryn Cited by 190 disposition of bacteria and antibiotics in cells and moving to an integration. Infect Dis Clin N Am Lung parenchyma cells. Inclusions Cellular uptake and disposition of antibiotics (cellular pharmacokinetics). Table 2 shows [51] Silverblatt FJ, Kuehn C. Autoradiography of gentamicin uptake by the rat proximal tubule cell.

The levels of clarithromycin and its 14-hydroxy - CORE

by D Honeybourne 1994 Cited by 57 ABSTRACT: Clarithromycin is a new macrolide that has a longer half-life than erythromycin and and its 14-hydroxy metabolite reach levels in lung tissue that are likely to be clinically effective against gastrointestinal absorption and gastrointestinal side- effects. macrolide antibiotic, and erythromycin in rats. Antimicrob.6 pages

Pharmacogenomics & drug discovery: Impact of transporter

Oct 1, 2006 pharmacokinetic aspects of intestinal absorption, tissue distribution Yoshida H, Suwa T, Suga T. Uptake of clarithromycin by rat lung cells.


lung tissue (μg/g) of 7 foals following a single IM dose of tilmicosin (10 mg/kg well as improved tissue and phagocytic cell uptake compared to erythromycin clarithromycin is also produced in monkeys but not in rats, mice, or desert tortoises.

The effect of organic anion-transporting polypeptides 1B1

by S Brenner 2015 Cited by 12 OATP1B1, OATP1B3 and OATP2B1 as uptake transporters for flavopiridol in poietic, lung, head and neck cancer cells, and also in human tumor xenograft 

In Vitro and in Silico Tools To Assess Extent of Cellular Uptake

by A Ufuk 2017 Cited by 16 Lysosomal Sequestration of Respiratory Drugs in Human Alveolar data set included 9 drugs previously investigated in rat AM cell line the variability in clarithromycin and imipramine Kp,cell observed in vitro and showed 

Drug accumulation in alveolar macrophages - Research

by A Ufuk 2014 Cell systems available to assess drug uptake in alveolar macrophages 47. 1.3.​2.1 Investigation of uptake kinetics of clarithromycin in the presence of pulmonary lavage of a normal adult, male (500 g) Sprague-Dawley rat (Helmke et al.,.

Azithromycin in periodontal therapy - OhioLINK ETD

by PC Lai 2015 Compared to antibiotics that are not concentrated by host cells, azithromycin exhibits Uptake of antibiotics by human polymorphonuclear antibiotic treatment in lower respiratory tract infection, the worse the In rat gingiva, the overgrowth.

AIDS-09: 3'-Azido-3'-deoxythymidine (AZT) and Clarithromycin

Female Wistar rats were dosed three times orally with 100 mglkg AZT at Uptake into lung cells is believed to be an energy-dependent active transport process.

Update on the use of the macrolides for community-acquired

The newer macrolide compounds, azithromycin and clarithromycin, were characterized has having in Uptake of clarithromycin by rat lung cells. J. Antimicrob.

Azithromycin has an antiproliferative and autophagic effect on

by R Stamatiou 2009 Cited by 46 Since it improves total score symptom and respiratory function of such patients inhibition of airway smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation. Rabbit tracheal smooth muscle. Specifically, erythromycin goblet cells in rat nasal epithelium [​11], roxithromycin inhibits As evident by 7-AAD uptake, SMCs treated for 72 h with 

Carrier-Mediated Lung Distribution of HSR-903, a - CiteSeerX

by M MURATA 1999 Cited by 32 specific distribution of HSR-903 into the lung, the uptake of. [14C]HSR-903 was studied using isolated rat lung cells and an isolated rat lung perfusion (1990) reported that clarithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, was taken up by active 

Pulmonary Pharmacokinetics of Tulatuthromycin in Mice and

by NF Villarino 2012 pharmacokinetics of tulathromycin was assessed using lung tissue (middle and caudal lobes) Gentamicin and cefsulodin efficacy in a rat abscess model. The influence of macrolide antibiotics on the uptake of organic anions and.

Distribution Characteristics of Telithromycin, a Novel Ketolide

by K TOGAMI 2009 Cited by 23 mg/4 mL/kg) to rats were markedly higher than in plasma, and areas under drug concentration-time curve. (AUC) ratios of lung epithelial cell (Calu-3) monolayers and uptake clarithromycin were purchased from Wako Pure Chemi​-.7 pages

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Absorption: Following a single oral dose of 300 mg to nine healthy adult volunteers, tissue levels than those seen in plasma have been observed in both rat and man. The lung- to-plasma concentration ratio, obtained at 12 hours, was clarithromycin by about 50% (n=12) and increased the AUC of rifabutin by about 75%.

Azithromycin - University of Illinois College of Veterinary

by MA Mitchell 2005 Cited by 6 erythromycin by the insertion of a methyl-substituted nitrogen on the and lung) compared with noninflamed tissues.9 for azithromycin was observed in the rats​, as tissue- to-serum ratios it is thought that drug absorption may be increased.

Curriculum Vitae - European Medicines Agency

May 4, 2021 Microspheres to Kupffer Cells Receptors in Excised and Perfused Rat Liver. Effect of Opsonins on the Uptake of Magnetic Starch Microspheres by. Rat the Isolated Perfused Rat Liver by Contrast Enhanced MRI. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Heart Necrosis Versus Clarithromycin-Induced QT Interval 

Clarithromycin, Midazolam, and Digoxin: Application of PBPK

by D Moj Cited by 28 P-gp substrate, the intestinal absorption of clarithromycin is reduced by intestinal OATP 1B3 is expressed in, e.g., the bone, liver, lung, muscle, from rat hepatic up take assessme nt g. Assu ming. 1. 17 millio n cells per g of.

Canine Neural Angiostrongyliasis

by JA Lunn 2006 Cited by 2 rat lung worm Angiostrongylus cantonensis could be a cause of the Supportive care consisted of expressing the urinary bladder, passive physiotherapy, antibiotics and of Purkinje cells within the cerebrum, marked eosinophilic infiltration and injected intravenously.82 The subsequent lack of uptake by the CNS, when 

Comparative distribution of azithromycin in lung tissue of

by R Danesi 2003 Cited by 59 pharmacokinetics of azithromycin in plasma, lung tissue and bronchial washing in patients after positive activity of erythromycin, as a result of a common mechanism of mycin are characterized by rapid and extensive uptake within induced in cultured rat fibroblasts by long-term exposure to low con-.

Uptake of clarithromycin by rat lung cells - Oxford Academic

by Y Kohno 1990 Cited by 51 To evaluate the affinity of clarithromycin (6-O-methylerythromycin A) for lung tissue, the in-vivo and in-vitro uptake of [l4C]clarithromycin and [l4C]erythromycin.11 pages

Limited Lung PBPK Model and Its Application in Predicting

by L Gaohua 2015 Cited by 50 For clarithromycin, itraconazole and pyrazinamide the observed. ELF:plasma ratios transporter activity between lung tissue and ELF can alter the ELF:​plasma concentration ratios. relation to predict lung absorption in rats.

Clarithromycin Prevents Smoke-induced Emphysema in Mice

2009 Cited by 50 reducing the accumulation of inflammatory cells in the lung. METHODS Deparaffinized sections of lung were incubated with 20 mg/mL rat anti- mouse F4​/80 Uptake of antibiotics by human alveolar macrophages. Am Rev Respir Dis. 1984 

Digoxin net secretory transport in bronchial epithelial cell

by V Hutter 2014 Cited by 8 activity in in vitro respiratory drug absorption models remain controversial to date. Hence, we transport of digoxin in ALI bronchial epithelial cell layers in order to evaluate the 30 lg/ml rat tail type 1 collagen (Calbiochem, Nottingham, UK). Lütjohann, M. Venner, W. Siegmund, Oral absorption of clarithromycin is.

Research Article Comparative Plasma Exposure and Lung

by V Rivulgo Cited by 9 Serum and lung tissue samples were taken 24 h post treatment. transporters uptake into cell membranes which is equivalent for both moieties [7 9]. and clarithromycin in the rat, Drug Metabolism and Disposi- tion, vol.

Macrolide antibiotics and the airway - Taylor & Francis Online

transplant bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome suggests that other chronic lung Azithromycin displays rapid uptake without saturation over a 3-h cells. The older macrolides, erythromycin and clarithromycin, display a moderate uptake that plateaus after 60 min with a In a rat carrageenin paw oedema model, roxithro-.

Evaluation of Clarithromycin Availability at Intestine and Liver

Jan 31, 2014 pneumonia and lower-respiratory-tract infection with this organism. However, there is hepatic lipase, is located on endothelial cells of hepatic sinusoids and several extra hepatic tissues, and is involved in hepatic uptake of Wistra rats in presence and absence of hyperlipidemia with parallel design with 

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by N Islam 2016 Cited by 79 of CS oligomers on drug absorption from pulmonary delivery were found to be stronger than that from the Calu-3 cells and A549 alveolar epithelial cells up to NP Very recently, spray dried MPs of clarithromycin (a gentamicin loaded CSF NPs into rat lungs improved antimicrobial efficacy with reduced.

Transport characteristics of clarithromycin, azithromycin and

by K Togami 2012 Cited by 22 in Calu-3 cell monolayers as model lung epithelial cells were examined. profiles of CAM (A), AZM (B) and TEL (C) in plasma () and ELF (△ ) after oral administration of each antibiotic to rats. Panel D (2009) reported that the uptake char-.

Effects of macrolide antibiotics on neurally mediated

by J Tamaoki 1995 Cited by 75 Roxithromycin and clarithromycin likewise inhibited neurally mediated contraction. Conclusions: lung tissues were rapidly immersed in Krebs-​Henseleit solution consisting of the the tissue was attached to a glass hook at the base of the organ chamber depolarization-induced Ca 2+ uptake into rat brain synaptosomes 

Macrolide Antibiotics Protect Against Immune Complex

by J Tamaoki 1999 Cited by 72 cell sources of NO may be pulmonary alveolar macrophages. (PAM) and airway epithelial whether other antibiotics can also affect lung injury, the rats were given Antibiotic uptake by alveolar macrophages. J. Lab. Clin.8 pages


by Y DEGUCHI Cited by 16 in rats, which are potential infection sites in respiratory tract infections. We also aimed to clarify In general, the distribution of antibiotics from plasma to ELF has been In vitro uptake and eŒux study: The AM cells were washed twice with a 

In vitro and in silico tools to assess extent of cellular uptake and

cellular uptake and lysosomal sequestration of respiratory drugs in human alveolar Rat alveolar macrophage parameters used as input for the in silico The cell-to-unbound medium concentration ratio of clarithromycin and imipramine.

Comparative Plasma Exposure and Lung Distribution of Two

by V Rivulgo 2013 Cited by 9 Serum and lung tissue samples were taken 24 h post treatment. Validated transporters uptake into cell membranes which is equivalent for both moieties [7 ​9]. and clarithromycin in the rat, Drug Metabolism and Disposi- tion, vol. 36, no​.

Antibiotic penetration into lung tissues - Thorax BMJ

by D Honeybourne 1994 Cited by 74 tion into lung tissue include passive diffusion, permea- tion,7 active transport,89 and then incubated with various antibiotics show poor uptake of penicillins or  3 pages

Nanoscale - The Royal Society of Chemistry

mucosa of lung epithelial cells and contribute to the pro- longed release of mers was carried out in a rat model. of CS oligomers on drug absorption from pulmonary delivery dried MPs of clarithromycin (a hydrophobic antibiotic) contain-.

Mucus models to evaluate the diffusion of drugs and particles

by JY Lock 2018 Cited by 65 mucus secreting cells, and in vivo rat lung absorption experiments. Ussing chambers, permeation of clarithromycin, another BCS class 2 drug, was greater 

New Oral Macrolide and Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics - JSTOR

by KA Rodvold 1993 Cited by 73 half-lives. Divalent or trivalent cations can alter the absorption of all fluoroquinolones. Some of tissue-to-serum concentrations of clarithromycin in lung, tonsil, and nasal Studies with rats have detected no effect of azithromycin on the 

Macrophages are related to goblet cell hyperplasia - Nature

by MA Silva 2012 Cited by 21 Lung sections from Sprague-Dawley rats treated for 48 h with one intra-tracheal dose of PBS or LPS. (n ¼ 4 6 per group) were 

Oral Druggable Space beyond the Rule of 5 - Cell Press

by BC Doak 2014 Cited by 324 and cell-permeable drugs beyond the Ro5 (bRo5), we have per- formed an They accumulate in lung fluid, possibly due to Pgp efflux (Rod- vold et al., 2011; Effect of macrolide antibiotics on uptake of digoxin into rat liver. Bio- pharm.

Pharmacokinetics of Macrolide Antibiotics and - MDPI

by S Kobuchi 2020 Cited by 3 clarithromycin in the interstitial fluid of the skin of rats after intravenous drug administration, dosing, whereas higher drug levels in the skin tissue than in the plasma were array at the primary infection site (the lung and skin). uptake of macrolides is ion-trapping, in which basic compounds such as 

Immunomodulatory Effects of Azithromycin Revisited: Potential

by VJ Venditto 2021 Cited by 2 viral burden, lung pathology, and progression through phases of the immune Inhibits in vitro NF-κB pathway in T cells (erythromycin) (64) m uptake of azithromycin (CP-62,993) by phagocytic cells: possible mechanism needed for an effective immune response against pulmonary rat coronavirus.

Membrane Effects of Clarithromycin and Other - J-Stage

by T KURATO 1992 Cited by 1 effects of macrolide antibiotics on hypotonic hemolysis of the rat erythrocytes were Yoshida H, Suwa T and Suga T: Uptake of clarithromycin by rat lung cells.

The possible anti-inflammatory activity of macrolide antibiotics

by M Hamed 2020 produced marked inflammatory cell infiltration, congestion of blood vessels and soft tissue respiratory tract infections (sinusitis, pharyngitis, lower respiratory tract infections), skin and Group IV: rats were given intraperitoneal Azithromycin 20mg/kg one hour before the Cellular uptake and efflux of.

Serine Proteases and their Inhibitors in Human Airway

Mar 11, 2016 inhibitors on influenza virus infection of human airway epithelial cells by discussing the findings of previous studies expressed in autopsy lung tissue specimens from patients infected with Furthermore, treatment with antibiotics is proteolytic activation of HA by tryptase Clara isolated from rat lungs.


by B Hep Dosages are adjusted according to the white blood cell count. ADULT Lung Transplant Recipients. If azathioprine is used, the maintenance adult dose is