Some Distributions Of Induced Records

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Introduction and Revision of Some

Introduction and Revision of Some Statistical Ideas Now here, you see it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. Through the Looking Glass, LEWIS CARROLL This chapter provides a quick revision of some basic ideas of statistics necessary for process control. These include dot diagrams, probability distributions, mean,

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of immune checkpoint

in some cases [15 19]. Lipase elevation is an uncommon irAE, with limited information available in published studies [20 24]. One of the obstacles confronting the in-vestigation of ICI-induced pancreatic injury (ICIPI), in addition to the very small number of patients owing to rare occurrence, is the involvement of various factors as

DOI Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement

Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement 78: 315 341 and taxa with such preferences have distributions extending far beyond the Pilbara. The sandy areas of the coastal plain in the Roebourne subregion characteristics that may have induced some groups

Climate-induced changes in the small mammal communities of

species make up 96.5% of capture records of all forest-dwelling rodents in the region and 70% of capture records of all forest-dwelling small mammals) and the dominating ecological roles they play, these changes substantially affect the composition and structure of forest communities. They also provide an unusually clear example of change


In some cases, such as Hurricane Mitch, much mountainous terrain, has not advanced to the point of yielding reliable precipitation forecasts, nor are historical records of hurricane-induced rainfall extensive enough to make meaningful estimates of flooding risks. such as lognormal or Weibull distributions,

Estimating individual treatment effect: generalization

trol distributions induced by the representation. We use Integral Probability Metrics to measure distances between distributions, deriving explicit bounds for the Wasserstein and Maximum Mean Discrepancy (MMD) distances. Experiments on real and simulated data show the new algorithms match or outperform the state-of-the-art. 1. Introduction

The Effects of Inflation on Wage Adjustments in Firm-Level Dat

adjustments, it records wages at the level of detail that compensation managers consider appropriate for maintaining comparability of their wage structure with their labor market competitors. We find that variability in both occupation and employer wage adjustments increases with inflation.

Modeling the Uncertainty in Electronic Health Records: a

admission to an ICU. The dataset contains a total of 21,139 records, among which 2,797 are positive cases. The observation window is the first 48 hours after admission. Seventeen features are extracted, including heart rate, temperature, weight, pH, Glascow coma scales, and patient monitor records, such as systolic blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Testing Probability Distributions Underlying Aggregated Data

distributions induced by the original distribution [12, 10, 11]. ∗Columbia University. Email: [email protected] †CSAIL, MIT and the Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University. Email: [email protected] Research supported by

4 (4)

track densities, diameter distributions and annealing behavior as well as uranium concentration in the orange glass. The major particle track features of the glass are: (1) In 74220 the total measured track density in individual spheres ranges between 1.5~10~ and lo8 (median 5x10~) for 16 spheres. For 15 spheres from 74261 the range is

Australia - Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and

as giant clams, corals and sea cucumbers, hold important records of distribution in space and time. These historical records are critical for conservation managers to consider in attempts to monitor, assess, and potentially rehabilitate populations of threatened taxa in Australia. In 2014, WAM was


freshwater, and some is close to the melting point, rising temperatures have the potential to cause the release of considerable volumes of freshwater to the oceans. The consequent change in the balance of energy exchange between the ice, ocean and atmosphere would have significant impact on the world s climate. Records of past

underreporting for pdf

women s reports were compared to their medical records, researchers have also found underreporting, ranging from 29% of abortions reported among New Jersey welfare recipients in 1994 (Jagannathan 2001) to 81%-90% reported among women aged 27-30 who were participants in a lifelong, longitudinal healthcare study (Udry et al. 1996).

A generalisation of stationary distributions, and

Markov processes. Though some authors [10,16] have used Markov processes as a model for probabilistic programs, more recently a generalised form [13,9,2] has been found to be more suitable, since it supports the notions of (demonic) nondeterminism (or abstraction) and the induced partial order known as re-finement.

The Bootstrap s Finite Sample Distribution: An Analytical

finite sample distribution induced by particular bootstrap procedures. We define the class of bootstrap estimators whose finite sample distributions are directly analyzable with this approach.2 A Taylor series expansion can be used to transform nonlinear bootstrap structures into polynomials which are easily analyzed using this method.

Records of post Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary millennial

Benthic foraminiferal and dinocyst assemblage records from the El Kef global stratotype section and point testify to a rapid expansion of the Boreal (North Atlantic) bioprovince into the western Tethys fol-lowing the K-T boundary, providing evidence for a profound cooling of surface and intermediate waters induced by the Chicxulub impact event.

Smarter Outlier Detection and Deeper Understanding of

Probe vehicle data, such as taxi trip records with GPS recorded pickup-up and drop-off locations/times and other related trip data, are valuable in understanding urban traffic and travel patterns. However, such data are often prone to various human, device and information system induced errors. Detecting

Removal of eye activity artifacts from visual event

induced eye artifacts from single-trial ERP records. The method uses spatial filters derived by the ICA algorithm, avoiding the need for separate reference channels for each artifact source, and allowing analysis of neural ERP activity projecting to periocular (EOG) channels. Here, we analyze experimental data collected from 28 normal controls and

Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced inflammatory arthritis

19/9/2019  Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced inflammatory arthritis persists after immunotherapy cessation Tawnie J Braaten,1 Julie R Brahmer,2 Patrick M Forde,2 Dung le,2 evan J lipson,2 Jarushka naidoo,2 Megan schollenberger,2 lei Zheng,2 Clifton O Bingham iii,1 ami a shah, 1 laura C Cappelli 1 To cite: Braaten TJ, Brahmer JR, Forde PM, et al.

Observational needs for climate prediction and adaptation

owing to human-induced changes in the composition of the atmosphere, notably increased carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels (IPCC, 2007). Land is mostly warming faster than the ocean. A close examination of Figure 1, however, shows that the temperatures actually declined from 1901 to 2005 in the south-eastern USA and the North Atlantic.

NUREG/CR-7150 Vol 2, 'Joint Assessment of Cable Damage and

17/10/1983  NUREG-series publications and other NRC records at NRC s Public Electronic Reading Room at Some publications in the NUREG series that are (NUREG/CR-6372), the panel suggested parametric distributions of the probability of occurrence, and

Present and future ecological niche modeling of garter

records from the last 20 years for the analysis, as extensive land use changes occurred in Mexico during the 1990s (FAO, 1993) and we included some land use variables (such as extent of induced grasslands and agriculture areas) in the analysis. Maps of occurrence data for all five species were generated to check for obvious errors.

Fitting Force-dependent Kinetic Models to Single-Molecule

Fitting Force-dependent Kinetic Models to Single-Molecule Dwell Time Records time distributions vary as assisting or hindering loads are applied. We present an new simple maximum likelihood including those in which some rates do not vary with force.

Modes of Global Climate Variability during Marine Isotope

atmospheric transmission likely induced by changes inhemispheric sea ice distributions and attendant feedbacks. 1. Introduction Millennial-scale climate variability is a persistent fea-ture in the spectrum of climate change (Mitchell 1976). Among the best-known expressions of this variability are the Dansgaard Oeschger (D-O) Oscillations recorded

Combining Information from Multiple Sources in Bayesian

by the number of augmented records. Posterior inferences can be obtained via typ-ical MCMC algorithms for latent class models, tailored to deal e ciently with the missing values in the concatenated data. We illustrate the approach using a variety of simulations based on data from the American Community Survey, including an

Some Analyses of Atmospheric Electric-Field Gradients

Data records survive from several sites dating to the early 1900's. Near-surface Ez are sensitive to both local and globally scaled distributions of lightning activity, to solar magnetic-field modulation by cosmic-ray induced ion production and loss in the earth's ionosphere

On Testing for Independence of Animal Movements

TTI is determined by calculating t2/r2 for records separated by a specified time lag and multiples thereof, yielding an autocorrelation function. We arbitrarily defined TTI as the smallest time lag exhibiting a nonsignificant t2/r2 ratio and followed consecutively by > 2

Temperature-Induced Deformation in a Mechanical System

of the temperature-induced deformation of a driven single aluminum (6061-T6) link is presented. A thermal imag-ing camera records the time-dependent temperature history of the link. Two experimental cases are reported. The first involves stationary heating of the link. An analyti-cal approach to estimating the distortion of the link allows

Human Response to Wind-Induced Motion of Buildings

Human Response to Wind-Induced Motion of Buildings ROBERT J. HANSEN, JOHN W. REED AND ERIK H. VANMARCKE Some tall buildings sustain motions and other effects in intense wind storms which cause discomfort to the occu­ pants. The results of surveys conducted of occupants of two buildings after several wind storms are given in detail. The

Reported Induced Terminations of Pregnancy

Summary Distributions Table 2. some patients may overlook the definitions and give the highest grade attended. A major limitation is the unknown number of induced terminations of pregnancy obtained by Wisconsin complete the report form at a later date using medical records.

The effects of paleoclimate on the distributions of some

Major dry spells are also recorded between ~11-9.5 Ka, ~8-7Ka and ~4-3Ka (Gasse et al., 1994). These records again provide evidence for abrupt climatic fluctuatio ns within deglaciation periods, and support theories of potential species divergence for species in this study due to climatic oscillations.


been operating for a long time and some of these models were still in production; thus, both ample high-time and new engine data were available. The first task was the collection of available historical data. These data included: o Pratt & Whitney Aircraft production performance records

Estimating interevent time distributions from finite

IET distributions for renewal processes [35 41]. Additionally, some techniques based on survival analysis and event-history analysis have been used to analyze temporal network data [42 44]. Similar problems have also been encountered when analyzing geological data [45,46] and estimating interspike intervals of firing neurons [47].

Mapping single-trial EEG records on the cortical surface

distributions. Within this framework, we implemented Bayesian spatiotemporal analysis for imaging the sources of EEG features on the cortical surface. The framework allows researchers to include prior knowledge regarding spatial locations as well as spatiotemporal independence of different EEG sources. The use of the Electromagnetic


Table 1 Numbers of records by source type, faulting mechanism, and region Japan Focal mechanism Crustal Interface Slab Total for each focal mech. Reverse 250 1492 408 2150 Strike-slip 1011 13 574 1598 Normal 24 3 735 762 Unknown 8 8 Total for each source type 1285 1508 1725 4518 Iran and Western USA Reverse 123 12 135 Strike-slip 73 73


goal that is of major importance for studies of climate-induced changes in lacustrine biodiversity and biogeography. Knowl-edge of past distributions of organisms allows more critical analysis of present-day biogeography and deeper understand-ing of how these distributions have developed. Records of

Estimation of Parameters and Fitting of Probability

Distributions 8.1 Introduction Inthischapter,wediscussfittingprobabilitylawstodata.Manyfamiliesofprobability laws depend on a small number of parameters; for example, the Poisson family de-pends on the parameter λ (the mean number of counts), and the Gaussian family depends on two parameters, µ and σ. Unless the values of

Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Lets look at some examples of random variables: Example 1 Let = f1;2;3;4;5;6gand de ne Xas follows: X(1) = X(2) = X(3) = 1, X(4) = X(5) = X(6) = 1. Then Xis a random variable whose domain is the sample space and whose range is the set f1; 1g. Xcan be interpreted as

Estimation of population distributions of habitual

Estimation of population distributions of habitual nutrient intake based on a short-run weighed food diary Clifton Gay* induced by uneven representation of days of the week and by within-person variation. to translate daily records of foods consumed into estimated intakes of over fifty key nutrients.

INDUCED SEISMICITY Hydraulic fracturing volume is

forecast induced seismicity. S ubsurface injection of fluid may induceearthquakes (1)throughanthropogenical-teration of crustal stresses (2). In the case of hydraulic fracturing (HF), high-pressure injection of fluid intended to increase the permeability of tight shales has been known to trigger earthquakes (3), some of which are large

William E. Winkler Statistical Research Division U.S

represent the distributions of the values of the variables from the non-missing (complete) data records. This can be because the inherent sampling mechanism induced by matching of the non-missing values of record Xj may not obtain a set of records that accurately represent the distributions of the values for the missing data items.

Research is available at conformant HTML version of this

2/4/2020  directional and speed frequency distributions (wind rose) during the modelingperiod.We then used U.S. EPA s AERMODmeteor-ological dispersion model to predict air quality impacts downwind of the airport, assuming two steady-state, volumetric line sources, 50

Informatics, provided overall direction.

Summary Distributions Reported Induced Abortions that Occurred in some complications do not occur immediately or become apparent while the patient is in post-procedure recovery. A few providers, particularly hospitals, complete the report form at a later date using medical records. These reports are more likely to reflect later

Policy Analysis - American Chemical Society

FIGURE 1. Some effects of increased nutrients that could influence the value of freshwater ecosystem goods and services. The values we could assign are in gray, the solid lines indicate the chain of influence we used to calculate the values. Some other pathways are discussed in the text as well. More indirect methods were required to calculate some other


In some nonidenti ed models Presuming the induced model for (Dj˚) obeys regular asymptotics, the posterior distributions than might be anticipated, particularly given the common view that identi cation is a basic requirement for useful statistical inference.

Risk of Intravenous Contrast Material mediated Acute

records examined between 2000 and 2010, 41 249 scan records from 41 249 patients met all inclusion criteria for propensity score matching. Propen-sity score distributions for each eGFR Accordingly, eGFR results prior to this date were calculated by using the orig-inal MDRD equation, and results after this date were calculated by using the