The Effect Of 3He Impurities On Anomalous Oscillations In The Expansion Of Solid 4He

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Critical velocities and mutual friction in 3He-4He - Pure

1 Jan 1991 The work described in this thesis was carried out at the Physics 5.6.2 The effect of 3He on 4He vertices. observed an anomalous behaviour of the circulation rate n3 as a effect of the pressure can also be calculated using the expansion: oscillations of a quartz crystal cylinder in liquid helium at low 

A Torsional Oscillator Study Solid Helium - Royal Holloway

1.2 The lambda anomaly in the specific heat of liquid 4He. moving plates by its effect on the natural frequency of a torsional oscillator immersed frequency and is similarly suppressed by high strain and 3He impurity concentration, By measuring the oscillation frequency of the torsion bob at various temperatures.


The Liquid and Solid 3He-4He Phase Diagram Revisited and Kohji Triplet Correlation Effects in the Maxon-Roton Spectrum of Superfluid 4He Anomalous Transport Across the 3He A-B Interface Studies of Nonlinear Spin Oscillations in a Rarefied Quantum. *. Gas. Tunneling of HD Impurities in Solid Hydrogen

Macroscopic quantum phenomena in interacting bosonic

by TJ Volkoff 2014 Cited by 1 II Theory of Josephson oscillations in driven liquid 4He. 33. 3 Josephson effect from an action principle in driven He II. 34. 3.1 Gauge theory of the single particle modes, but we should still be able to expand the 1-RDM over the l-​dimensional basis Also in this class are liquid and solid 4He, which are strongly interacting 

Prof. Peter Wölfle 1 Publication listing Book - TKM (KIT)

by D Vollhardt 1969 Kondo Anomaly of Impurity Spin Resonance Linewidth. Phys. Theory of Thermally Assisted Electron Hopping in Amorphous Solids On the Ginzburg-​Landau Expansion of the Free Energy of a Spatially Inhomogeneous Quantum Slip Effect on the Viscosity of Superfluid 3He-B The Quantum Liquids 3He and 4He.

Vortices - Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials

by AL Fetter 2001 Cited by 694 We consider the effect of thermal quasiparticles on vortex normal modes as Vortices in the A and B phases of 3He are discussed in detail in the review expand the condensate, so the kinetic energy associated with the density In the context of rotating superfluid 4He, Feynman [11] noted that solid-body rotation with.


by BA Fraass 1980 phase separation of the concentrated 3He-4He mixtures has been studied in detail with the temperatures and the hi&h temperature anomaly due to vacancies. heat capacity and thermal expansion, are a useful result of this discussion. solid helium w>O, and so at low. temperatures where entropy ​effects are small,.

Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic - DORA 4RI

by S Dzsabera 2021 Cited by 19 PHYSICS. Giant spontaneous Hall effect in a nonmagnetic. Weyl Kondo semimetal. Sami Dzsabera, Xinlin Yana. , Mathieu Taupina.

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by MAH Suhel 2011 Pressure Gradients and Annealing Effects in Solid Helium-4 by. Md. Abdul Halim Suhel 3.4 Some thermal property of liquid 3He, solid 4He and brass 48 found to be greatly dependent on the impurity concentration, sample history, '​lambda' (λ) anomaly and it marks a very significant transition to a new phase of matter 


Then, by introducing the free inertial decay (FID) technique to solid 4He TO studies, The 'signal' magnitude decreases with increasing velocity of oscillation​. Adapted ing at the effect of small concentrations of 3He impurities [45]. and expand about the pole ω0 to make prediction for the frequency shift and dissipation.

Solid 4He and the Supersolid Phase: from Theoretical - JPS

by D Emilio Galli 2008 Cited by 28 effects, a typical signature of superfluidity, in samples of solid 4He. Since this annealing processes, and 3He impurities. melting density the mean-square oscillation of a 4He atom the exception of some anomalies in ultrasound measure- expansion of solid 4He into vacuum99,100) from a hole of.

All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until

by E Rutherford 7.60 Shear modulus anomaly in solid 4He at 2000 Hz, for different 3He impurity quency. The effects of 3He isotopic impurity concentration, as well as measurement The period of the oscillations in such a torsional pendulum is given point B the pressure is very nearly constant since the thermal expansion of solid 4He.


by M MC 09:40 DEFECT MOTION IN A QUANTUM SOLID WITH SPIN: HCP 3HE (I14) 11:20 NANOCLUSTER IMPURITY-HELIUM GEL - A NEW CLASS OF SOFT the mass of a 4He atom) ZPV are much more important and drastically affect the PR Thermal expansion coefficient increases with temperature and decreases with​ 

The glassy response of solid 4He to torsional oscillations

by MJ Graf Cited by 29 Keywords Torsion oscillator solid 4He glass supersolid used successfully to measure an anomalous change in resonant cally accounts for hysteresis effects, annealing dependence, linear If we expand χ−1 about this blocked capillary method using commercial grade helium (3He impurity level 

Search for supersolidity in solid 4He using multiple - PNAS

by A Eyal 2016 Cited by 8 torsional oscillators (TO) containing samples of solid 4He, as the result in an anomalous superfluid-like decoupling of a portion of the NCRI effect was observed by KC (7) for bulk samples of solid. 4He. wall velocities, and also sensitive to the impurity concentration of. 3He. These results for the bulk solid were soon 


by MY Kagan 2013 Cited by 39 physics and first of all between the low-temperature community and solid-state 2D and 3D 3He 4He mixtures, new phases of 3He in aerogel, p-wave anomalous normal state especially in a pseudogap regime. I would Mesoscopic effects in strongly-correlated electron systems including the Gradient expansion, 85.

Effects of High Magnetic Fields and Hydrostatic - mediaTUM

by D Andres Cited by 9 transfer salts opened a door to a new fascinating field in solid state physics exhibit quantum oscillations has turned out to be an extremely powerful tool to ature anomalies found in magnetic field [10,9]. adding impurities, and at the same time the magnetic field B is also enhanced to 3He-4He mixture has to be used.

Effect of Rotation on Elastic Moduli of Solid $^ 4$ He

by T Tsuiki 2017 Cited by 5 anomalous increase in shear modulus below 0.2 K has been attributed to ing in solid 4He by 3He impurity atoms15,20. The anoma- torsional oscillation. As the of PZT pair cannot freely expand because the solid exists.

Surface phenomena on the interface of solid and - JETP

by MY Kagan 1986 Cited by 2 The inverse effect associated with the possibility of resonant excitation The interface between solid and superfluid 4He is an 0 recently investigated the influence of a small amount of 3He impurity tion oscillations of the boundary and by the Rayleigh waves We neglect in ( 5 ) the small thermal expansion of the solu-.


by PG van de Haar 1991 Cited by 2 A SEARCH FOR SUPERFLUIDITY IN SOLID 4 HE. Proefschrift a single 3He atom in 4He and m, the impurity mass. The effective mass is 

Optomechanics with Superfluid Helium-4 - Caltech THESIS

including effects of both the 3PP and the 3He impurity for concentrations x =: 3He with the significantly more common 4He, eventually led to a commercial form a liquid, the liquid state remains low density, and the solid state does not determine their quality factors by recording the free decay of the acoustic oscillations.

Neutrino masses and mixings and - INFN Pisa

by A Strumia Cited by 297 Other so far unseen oscillation effects ('atmospheric' oscillations There are few unconfirmed anomalies related to neutrino physics. The second order term in the low-energy expansion of the W, hep 3He p → 4He ¯e νe peaks due to faint γ lines of 214Bi, which is a radioactive impurity present in the.

Progress in Low TEMPERATURE PHYSICS - Condensed

in superfluid 4He, superfluid 3He, and recently in atomic Bose Einstein condensates. Thermal expansion of solids, J.G. Collins and G.K. White paramagnetic impurities, G.R. Khutsishvili Thermal and elastic anomalies in glasses at low temperatures, Current oscillations and interference effects in driven charge.

CRYOGENICS John Gilchrist and Richard - IEEE Xplore

held in Europe in 1978: a physics conference, an engineer- Reference (23) is an expand- parture from ideal-solution behavior of 3He-4He mixtures 4He film thickness oscillations and hence third-sound wave The effects of impurities and other point defects in The anomalous low temperature thermal, acoustic and.

Front Matter for Volume 850 - AIP Publishing

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Low-Temperature Physics

low-temperature physics this journey strives towards absolute zero. When 4.6 Macroscopic Quantum Effects 7.2.3 Impurity Scattering 11.1.2 Joule ​Thomson Expansion Some important material parameters of 3He and 4He. After [12,13] the melting curve shows an anomaly at low temperatures, which we will.

Transport experiments on p-GaAs quantum dots and point

by Y Komijani 2011 due to an impurity coupled to the intrinsic Kondo impurity of the 0.7 anomaly. many-body effects and spin physics of quantum point contacts and chapters 8, 9, 10 transfer show oscillations as a function of any parameter of the dot including the time. performed in a 3He/4He dilution refrigerator equipped with a 13 Tesla​ 

Experimental study of metastable solid and superfluid helium-4

by A Qu 2017 Cited by 1 If Λ < 0.5, quantum effects are not very important, most elements are in this regime. On by the dislocations of the crystal and the impurities of 3He. Dislocation negative oscillations of the pressure modulation, solid 4He was carried to the Another anomaly of superfluid helium is the thermal conductivity.

Spontaneous Emission of an Atom Placed near the Aperture

by VV Klimov 2003 Cited by 10 ments aimed at revealing the effect of molecular dipole- moment Avrami theory (KAT) for the time variation of the solid under study, the oscillation amplitude of the polar angle Appearance of Anomalous Phase in 4He Crystal 3He impurity retards the formation of the anomalous order of the perturbative expansion.

Nodal quasiparticle dynamics in the heavy fermion - Nature

by CJS Truncik 2013 Cited by 38 behaviour in terms of impurity physics require unrealistically high levels of disorder23. the mixing chamber of a 3He 4He dilution refrigerator.

The Effect of 3 He Impurities on Anomalous Oscillations in the

by G Benedek 2007 Cited by 3 The Effect of 3He Impurities on Anomalous. Oscillations in the Expansion of Solid 4He. G. Benedek,1,2 R. E. Grisenti,1,3 M. Käsz,1,3 and J. P. Toennies1.


by ASCL Rittner 2008 Cited by 2 This dissertation explores the nature of an anomaly in solid helium which has been referred to as 5.1 Constant Volume Growth and Standard Determination of Solid 4He Inertia 51 erence signal for a lock-in amplifier to keep the oscillation in resonance. broad maximum around 1 part per million 3He impurities.

In situ monitoring distribution and migration of $ sideset{^{3

by ZG Cheng 2021 shear modulus of solid 4He has a large anomalous increase at temperatures transfer of 3He impurities between liquid and solid 4He is a slow and below 0.6 K; thermal expansion effects are more significant above 0.7 K 739 (2014). [24] M. S. Manninen, Oscillations on helium surfaces, Ph.D. thesis,.

Neutral impurities immersed in Bose Einstein condensates

by MU Bruderer the dynamics of the impurities in the sense that the effects caused by the BEC understanding of the electron phonon interaction in solids [28] and the motion of This effect is reminiscent of the observed transition from normal to anomalous Bloch oscillations [48, 49], Landau Zener tunnelling [50] and photon assisted.

Open Dissertation Final XiLin 06192008.pdf - Electronic

by X Lin 2008 Cited by 1 independent of the 3He impurity concentration. Figure 1-3: Shear modulus anomaly in solid 4He for a range of 3He Figure 3-10: Annealing effect of specific heat peak. oscillations depends on the modulating power and the heat capacity of the between the capillary and silicon, because of the expansion coefficient 

The Thermodynamic Properties of Solid and Fluid - JSTOR

by JS Dugdale 1964 Cited by 83 shows that solid 4He is not in equilibrium witlh the vapour phase at any This has important consequences for the relative entropies of the liquid and solid heat at constant volume of solid 3He at temperatures from about 3 ? sufficient to note that they found no evidence of any specific heat anomaly which could be.

Melting Curve of 4He - Kapitza Institute

by IA Todoshchenko 2006 Cited by 41 with ultrapure (1.5 ppb of 3He) solid 4He by Lengua and. Goodkind [3], who observed an increase of the sound attenuation at low temperatures 

Simulation and understanding of atomic and - CORE

by C Cazorla Cited by 76 dence of the shear modulus, µ, in solid 4He as a function of temperature. quantum impurities like 3He atoms, which are extremely mobile, interact with 

Low temperature properties of solid 4He: Supersolidity - Indico

solid 4He: Supersolidity or Shear modulus anomalies Expect a solid phase for some sufficiently low. T Solid 4He is light:density Effects of 3He impurities Expand up to quadratic order and integrate Resonant period of oscillation is.

In situ monitoring distribution and migration of $ sideset{^{3

21 May 2021 shear modulus of solid 4He has a large anomalous increase at temperatures transfer of 3He impurities between liquid and solid 4He is a slow and below 0.6 K; thermal expansion effects are more significant above 0.7 K 739 (2014). [24] M. S. Manninen, Oscillations on helium surfaces, Ph.D. thesis,.

The role of glassy dynamics in the anomaly of - IOPscience

by JJ Su 2011 Cited by 1 identifying Bose Einstein condensation in solid 4He arises from the fact the observed period of oscillations, shear modulus and specific heat in the the question of the effects of a glassy component on the dielectric 1 ppb of 3He impurities grown over 4 h using the blocked capillary method [16, 17, 34].

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Title of Thesis: Fundamental Properties of Quantum Solid 4He. Degree: 7.15 Shear modulus anomaly as a function of frequency 155 The effects of 3He isotopic impurity concentration, as well as measurement amplitude is essentially constant, any observed change in the period of oscillations is equal to a.

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by AB Vorontsov 2018 Cited by 10 Department of Physics, Montana State University, Bozeman,. MT 59717 temperatures, as well as superfluid 3He, belong to opposite direction to the London screening currents and result in the anomalous behaviour of expansion (neglecting possible pair-breaking and nonlinear effects from the nodal regions [59]).

PSM2010 abstract booklet

8 Mar 2010 O21 Anomalous superfluid response of 4He films disorder: application to electron transport in organic field-effect Two-dimensional Solid 3He in High Magnetic Fields During the various regimes the free expansion of the cloud when solid 4He contains just a hundred ppm of 3He impurities. This is 

Superfluid Phase Transitions in Disordered - DiVA portal

by H MEIER Their experiments suggested that, in a crystal of entirely solid 4He, a fraction of has become clear that impurities and disorder effects, such as 3He foreign atoms, play a key role in the experiments [22, 65, 23]. important for anomalous scaling dimensions [32], implies that any as a Fourier expansion.

download cv (pdf) - European Academy of Sciences

19 Dec 2012 effect in the vacuum expansion of quantum solids, the super-solid state of helium, G. Benedek and G.F. Nardelli, Anomalous Stress Effects in G. Benedek, R. E. Grisenti, M. Käsz, and J. P. Toennies, The Effects of 3He Impurities on the. Oscillations in the Expansion of Solid 4He , Journal of Low 

Study of Rotation Effect in Solid 4He by an Elasticity-Sensitive

by T Tsuiki 2020 Applying rotation to solid 4He changes its elasticity due to the change in motion of 3He impurities by centrifugal and Coriolis forces. We have examined the anomalous elastic phenomenon, which has been referred to as giant imposed to AC torsional oscillation.25,26) The decrement of period shift was 

Turbulent Dynamics in Rotating Helium Superfluids

the helium superfluids 3He-B and 4He, have recently given insight in how turbulence is new vortices, in their expansion, and in the onset of turbulence. In 3He-. B, mutual at constant rotation, the superfluid component is locked to solid​-body time Kelvin-wave oscillations which propagate vertically along the vortices in.

Using confer format - UF Physics Department

by S Rotons Dipolar Oscillations of Strongly Correlated Bosons on One-Dimensional Lattices Expansion of Tonks-Girardeau Gases on a One-Dimensional Optical Lattice 4He versus 3He Josephson Effect: Vibration Decoherence Variational Monte Carlo Study of Isotopic Impurities in Solid Molecular Para-Hydrogen

Riekki, TS; Manninen, MS; Tuoriniemi, JT Decoupling of first

2016 Cited by 6 Low Temperature Laboratory, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, Second sound coupled to first sound can create anomalies in the dilute 3He ​4He mixtures is in normal state at all accessible due to the thermal expansion of the liquid, even though it is entropy and 3He impurities.