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A bad touch may be scary and you might be scared to tell someone, but it is important to tell someone you trust if someone gives you a bad touch. Any of the trusted adults that we listed earlier would be able to help you. When someone touches you in your private parts when they are not supposed to, it is never OK and it is never your fault. You


tell someone you trust, like the people we made a list of. When someone touches you in your private parts when they are not supposed to, it is never ok and it is never your fault. You can t get in trouble when you tell someone about a bad touch- even if someone told you to keep it a secret.

Putting on PPE Donning Taking off PPE Doffing

z You touch something others will touch, like door handles, tables, gas pumps, shopping carts, electronic cashier registers/screens, etc. z You blow your nose, cough, or sneeze z You handle your facemask z You have helped someone bathe, brush teeth or had other close contact Follow these five steps every time. 1 Wet your hands with clean water

How to give a Testosterone Intramuscular (IM) Injection

it down or let the needle touch anything. Step 4: Give the Injection 1. Clean the injection site skin with an alcohol swab; let it air dry. 2. Hold the skin around the injection site in the manner described above. 3. Insert the IM needle into the muscle at a 90 degree angle with one quick and firm motion. 4.

User s Manual

If you have touch tone service, the phone is ready to use as soon as the battery is charged If you have pulse (rotary) service, you ll need to change the dial mode Press PROG. Press or or until the screen displays DIAL MODE: and the current setting Press SELECT. The current setting blinks

to drive tax business processes - Deloitte

design tool and engine that a business user someone in the tax department uses to model elements, such as: How work moves or flows through the process. Who needs to touch what. Where appropriate approvals exist. Where work cycles back from multiple approvals. Where one event must occur before a process can begin.

Helping Someone with PTSD - HelpGuide.org

Ask before you touch them. Touching or putting your arms around the person might make them feel trapped, which can lead to greater agitation and even violence. Tip 5: Deal with volatility and anger PTSD can lead to difficulties managing emotions and impulses. In your loved one, this may manifest as extreme irritability, moodiness, or explosions

General Procedures for Properly Putting on and Taking Off a

General Procedures for Properly Putting on and Taking Off a Disposable Respirator Position the respirator under your chin with the nosepiece up. The top strap goes over your head, resting high at the top back of your head. The bottom strap is positioned around the neck and below the ears. The straps do not cross over one another.

Leadership & Empowerment for Abuse Prevention

touch them without their permission. There are many ways to tell someone that they should ask to touch you before doing so. Help the people who you support to figure out the best way to do this. Also, remind them that they should ask permission before they touch someone else. Model this concept by always asking permission

Guidance on the Use Of Handcuffs - National Police Chiefs

ACPO Guidance on the use of Handcuffs Date printed: 04/11/10 Version 2 4 of 14 SECTION 2 - GUIDANCE, ADVICE AND PROCEDURES 2.1 Use of Handcuffs 2.1.2 Any intentional application of force to the person of another is an

STAY IN TOUCH - Eldercare Locator

putting your phone in airplane mode and closing apps you are not using that draw power. C. ommunicate regularly and test your STAY IN TOUCH plan l Check with your STAY IN TOUCH. team regularly. Even an occasional surprise call might help determine strengths or weakness in your plan. For example, there

Explanation for Each Major Change in the New Rules of Golf

There will no longer be a penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flagstick left in the hole. Players will not be required to putt with the flagstick in the hole; rather, they will continue to have the choice to have it removed (which includes having someone attend the flagstick and remove it after the ball is played).

User Guide - VTech Phones USA

conferencing, speakerphone, quick-dial numbers and one-touch voicemail access. There are two ports, known as the Ethernet port and PC port, at the back of the deskset. The Ethernet port allows the VSP725 deskset to connect to the hosted IP PBX via a router. The PC port is for another device such as a personal

Ethics and the Board - The Conference Board Trusted

concerning the conduct of procurement, or someone feel-ing bullied by colleagues, or a request for a bribe, or the false or unrealistic assumptions in a financial pro forma. However such issues arise, there are a few key players who should get involved and whom employees should turn to for consultation and advice. These include man-


putting green, including: Relaxed Restrictions in Bunkers You can touch or move loose impediments in a bunker, but be careful you don't move your ball when doing so or you'll get one penalty stroke. You cannot touch the sand with your club next to your ball, or during the backswing for your stroke. You also cannot touch the sand anywhere to test

Hepatitis A, B, and C Learn the Differences

person by putting something in the mouth (even though it may look clean) that has been contaminated with the stool of a person with hepatitis A. This can happen when people don't wash their hands after using the toilet and then touch other people's food. HBV is found in blood and certain body fluids. It is spread when blood or body

Putting Prayer First - In Touch Ministries

Putting Prayer First Since an intimate and effective prayer life never happens accidentally, we must intentionally take the following steps: n Schedule a time. Early in the morning is the best time to meet with the Lord since prayer sets the course for the rest of the day. This may require that we follow Jesus example of rising very early

After the Fire

home and if you touch any fire-damaged items. If your home had a home fire sprinkler system, you will find little damage from flames, heat, smoke and water. If you

Are You Getting in God s Way? - In Touch Ministries

When we see someone being mistreated or misused, we may want to do whatever we can to right the wrong, but the Lord could be working in that person s life through the unfair situation. If we get between God and what He is doing in someone else, He then has to deal with us before He can achieve His purpose in the other person s life.


touch points within their work spaces on at least a daily basis. Please avoid putting disinfectant gels or liquids on electronics and other equipment, including elevator buttons, unless they have been indicated as safe to use on those devices.


2 times per week for 3 consecutive weeks, of trying to ingest non-food items, putting a non-food item past the plane of their lips. j. Dropping Any instance of a student forcefully falling to the floor with no visible cause to fall (i.e. tripping). k. Body Slamming Any instance of a student making contact between their body and any

A Guide To Fencing & Your Boundary Rights

should get in touch with your local authority planning office. As a rule of thumb, garden fences in your back garden are permitted to be a maximum of two metres high. What are the rules on fencing height? This must be the boundary-related question we get asked the most. Firstly, there is no general rule such as the fence to the left or to the

Dayforce HCM Manager Timesheet Guide

Dayforce Manager Timesheet Guide 6 Managers must review timesheets regularly to ensure their accuracy and to detect any problems. Note: Imagine uses punch policies which include rounding rules.

Putting on Shoes - I See Sam

Touch, Point, and Tell Steps method (used in Lesson 1). When the learner correctly responds to Tell Steps, proceed to Step C. Note:Note: If the learner is having trouble putting on his own shoes, try using an over-sized pair of shoes first. When he can successfully put on the larger shoes, repeat the lesson having him put on his own shoes.

Safe Adults, Safe Touches and Special Safe Adults

Special safe adult special safe adults are those very few special adults who can see or touch a child s private body parts, but only for the purpose of keeping the child safe, clean and healthy. They have permission to help with bathing, restrooms, putting on clothes, and providing care when sick.

Self-Care and Mobility Section GG Items

Does the helper provide only supervision (verbal cues) or light touch? Does the helper provide LESS THAN HALF of the effort to complete the task? Does the helper provide MORE THAN HALF, but less than 100%, of the effort to complete the task? Does the helper need to do 100% of the task? Are 2 or more helpers needed at any time? Independent

The Basics of Standard Precautions - Centers for Disease

putting on or donning of PPE should be done before. coming into contact with the patient or situation. If PPE becomes contaminated during the course of patient care, healthcare personnel must be cautious not to contaminate themselves or their surroundings. Removal and replacement of PPE may be

Welcome to your

putting you in touch with a local medical service provider and with someone to monitor your medical condition both during and after hospitalisation. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons.

Helping Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

You can t help someone else or enjoy sustainable, satisfying relationships when you re run down and overwhelmed by stress. As in the event of an in-flight emergency, you must put on your own oxygen mask first. Avoid the temptation to isolate. Make it a priority to stay in touch with family and friends who make you feel good.

10 FAQ for Friends & Family with a loved one in a Skilled

Apr 30, 2020 3. If you still can t get in touch with your loved one, the next step would be to call the local Long Term Care (LTC) Ombudsman office in your county. The LTC Ombudsman is a person whose job is to be an advocate for people who live in group settings like nursing homes, board and care homes and assisted living facilities.

Cisco Webex Boards User Guide (CE9.13)

device as well as be controlled from the Touch 10. Using the Webex Board with the Touch 10 gives you more control than when using it as stand-alone. Both ways of operating the device are covered in this user guide.

Use with Cisco TelePresence Touch

The basics of the Touch Controller Standby (on/off) Do not disturb (on/off) Microphone mute (on/off) Volume Information bar Camera control Call someone Upcoming meetings Run presentations Adjust settings Tap the touch screen to wake up the system, if needed Tap a button to activate its function Any messages while you were away will be indicated

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7. From the Tasks Menu, select Add New Field 8. Select Digital Signature a. When you move your mouse back over the document, a blue signature field will appear.

What to do after a death in Scotland

If someone dies at home, you should: Contact the family doctor (see section 3). Contact the nearest relative(s). Contact the police if the death was violent, accidental, unexpected, if there are unusual circumstances or if the cause of death is not known. If the police are called, do not touch or


Always wash your hands before putting in the eye drops or ointments. You may wish to have someone else help you. Pull down on the lower lid and squeeze one drop of eye drop or 1/4 inch strip of eye ointment, being careful not to touch the dropper to your eye or eyelid. One drop is sufficient, but another may be used if the first did not go into the

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G G781U User Manual

A touch screen responds best to a light touch from the pad of your finger or a capacitive stylus. Using excessive force or a metallic object on the touch screen may damage the surface of the screen and the damage will not be covered by the warranty.

Pentair Home IntelliSync User's Guide

PENTAIR HOME INTELLISYNC™ USER'S GUIDE Pentair Home App Installation Summary (start on page 4) 1.wnload the Pentair Home app on to your mobile or desktop device.

Tapping into our inner Strength A survivor s guide to

face (when we touch our face) and then gets inside our bodies when we breathe. So the more you wash your hands, the more likely you are to kill any of the virus germs you picked up along the way. If soap isn t available, using a hand sanitizer. with at least 60% alcohol can also help.

Adding/Removing Email Addresses to/from a Toshiba Address Book

Adding/Removing Email Addresses to/from a Toshiba Address Book Purpose When scanning a document to be emailed as an attachment, it is convenient to have various email addresses

Phase 2 Office Buildings DCHealth COVID-19 Guidance FINAL

Mar 25, 2021 o A close contact is someone who was within 6 feet of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes over a 24-hour period, during that person s infectious period. o The infectious period starts two days before symptom onset and typically ends 10 days after symptom onset (or test date for people who do not have symptoms).