Superconformal Indices At Large N And The Entropy Of AdS5 × SE5 Black Holes

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$ ca $ from the $ N= 1$ superconformal index

by AA Ardehali 2014 Cited by 34 are superconformal gauge theories admitting AdS duals. from the large-N single-trace superconformal index. subleading logarithmic contribution of quantum fields to the entropy of various extremal black-hole backgrounds [9 ​11]. This is valid for all the holographic theories dual to smooth SE5 manifolds that we 

4d F (4) gauged supergravity and black holes of class ℱ

by S Hosseini 2021 tating twisted black holes are also presented whose entropy gives a prediction for the large. N limit of the superconformal and refined twisted indices of class F large N and the entropy of AdS5 × SE5 black holes, Class.

Four Dimensional Superconformal Index and AdS5 Black

conformal indices at large N and the entropy of AdS5 × SE5 black holes ,. arXiv:​2005.12308 [hep-th]. Saman Soltani (SISSA). SCI and BH Entropy. 1 / 10 

Black Holes in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills - APCTP

22 Nov 2019 QFT with large. central charge (large N). lD−2. AdS. GN. ∼ c.c. [Brown Log Index = Black hole Entropy Bethe Ansatz formula for the superconformal index. For τ σ. = a Uplift to any AdS5 × SE5 dual to 4d N = 1 SCFT 

JHEP06(2019)140 - IRIS Uni Torino

by JP Gauntlett Cited by 34 If the theories flow to a superconformal quantum mechanics in the infrared, with a compactification of a d = 4, N = 1 SCFT dual to AdS5 × SE5. argued in [5], it will precisely give the black hole entropy after extremization. was shown that the large N limit of the topological index can be expressed in 


N. Boulanger Cubic interactions of higher-spin gauge fields the theory fits naturally into the conjectured AdS/CFT correspondence and Question: statistical interpretation of black hole entropy ? for 'large' dyonic charges ding tensor ΘMN , with indices running over the Lie algebra of the gauged SE5 ↩→ Y6. ↓.

Anomalies, Entanglement and Boundary Geometry in

by KW Huang 2018 4.1.1 Anomaly Action with Boundary and Entanglement Entropy ​Superconformal Models for Graphene and Boundary Central Charges, deepened our understanding of black hole thermodynamics and has given us new insight In the large N limit where one has many fermions, this QED-like theory can be mapped.

A universal counting of black hole microstates in AdS4 Azzurli, F.

limit for a large class of N = 2 three-dimensional SCFTs.1 Namely, we find that the index topologically twisted index and the entropy of the black hole. We consider N = 2 superconformal field theories compactified on a Riemann surface Σg quiver gauge theory with bi-fundamentals and adjoints with an AdS5× SE5 dual 

RG Flows Across Dimensions and Holography

3 Jul 2017 superconformal field theories (SCFTs) obtained from a d- The p-dimensional SCFTs typically admit a large N limit and have In holography this maps to a (​magnetically charged) black hole in Microscopic count of the BH entropy! IIB compactifications on SE5 manifolds, i.e. 4d N = 1 quiver gauge.

JHEP04(2017)014 - CORE

by SM Hosseini Cited by 55 are black strings in type IIB backgrounds AdS5 × SE5, where SE5 are With an eye on holography we also evaluate the index in the large N limit. is replaced by a dual black hole and log Z computes the entropy of the black hole. The central charge is related by the N = 2 superconformal algebra to the 

Beyond a = c: - Caltech Authors

by D Meltzer 2017 Cited by 51 Large N + Large higher spin gap ⇒ Weakly coupled, local gravity dual. The gap In superconformal field theories, neither a nor c is a function of ∆gap at all [16]. Instead, a − c Einstein compactifications AdS5 × SE5 should have singlet scalars as well. There are Black Hole Entropy, JHEP 09 (2015) 121, 1505.02816.

arXiv:2104.11249v1 [hep-th] 22 Apr 2021

the CFT at large N. These can be extracted from the two-dimensional anomaly the proposal for writing entropy functionals for AdS black holes and black strings by gluing an uplift on any SE5 and any other AdS5 solution [28]. index, which could give information also at finite N. In the analogous case of twisted com-.

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In the large N limit within the so-called large β0 approximation, we find fixed point g = 0 with a large entropy. Primordial Black Holes, Blackholes present in the center of galaxies etc. D3-brane analysis for the superconformal index in N AdS/CFT correspondence between the Type IIB string theories on AdS5×SE5.

JHEP04(2020)091 - CERN

by A Lanir Cited by 33 2.2 Large-N superconformal index. 9 proposed for the entropy function of AdS5 black holes with d electric charges in appendix A solution of five-dimensional gauged supergravity that can be embedded in any AdS5 ×SE5.

Black holes with baryonic charge and I-extremization

by H Kim 2019 Cited by 17 black hole entropy such as the magnetically charged static AdS index the electrically charged rotating AdS black holes and the superconformal index with complex OLD & NEW extremizations. AdS5 × SE5 and AdS4 × SE7 solutions fluxes na on Σg. In the large N-limit, it reduce to. I (∆a, na) = − π. 3.

Quantum Information and Holography -

by JF Pedraza uses entanglement entropy to characterize the post-quench evolution. e author shows between quantum chaos and black holes in holographic theories. N = 4 super Yang-Mills (SYM) theory living in 3,1 is [2] J. Maldacena, The large limit of superconformal field theories denoted by SE5.

A gravity interpretation for the Bethe Ansatz expansion of the N = 4

that the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of the black holes may be given a index was first computed in the large N limit with real chemical potentials [49], a mismatch superconformal index is related to the Euclidean partition function of the theory on S3 ×S1, indices at large N and the entropy of AdS5 × SE5 black holes,

Black hole entropy from superconformal indices and a glimpse of

The large N limit of the four-dimensional superconformal index has been computed to the entropy of a class of AdS5 black holes only in the particular case of equal theories dual to AdS5×SE5, where SE5 is a Sasaki Einstein manifold.

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by C Couzens Cited by 35 A Black hole entropy and the two-dimensional Newton constant. 47 d = 4, N = 1 SCFTs which are holographically dual to AdS5 × SE5 solutions of type IIB holographically dual to superconformal quantum mechanics with two supercharges. We In particular, if one wraps a large number of D3-branes.

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31 Mar 2019 [email protected] (display ads) [26],[27]) in the early 1990s, and embraced by a large com- [60] Wiener N. Discontinuous boundary conditions and the uble superconformal theory from a mirror pair of Calabi- plementing Black-​Scholes style options pricing software. infinitely many holes.


by N Halmagyi Cited by 66 mensional gauged N = 2 supergravity coupled to hypermultiplets. Keywords: Black Holes in String Theory, AdS-CFT Correspondence S4 while for D3-​branes one can replace S5 by an arbitrary SE5 manifold all algebraic and there are additional superconformal symmetries. (indices not summed).

Condensed matter applications of the Gauge/Gravity

by C Pantelidou cess of AdS/QCD is the calculation of the shear viscosity to entropy density nature of the gravity theory is related to the large N limit and not on restrictions be interested in black holes that approach AdS at large radius. trary SE5 space derived in [30]. '2,3 are given by cyclic permutations of indices.

Microscopic Black Hole Entropy in AdS5

with Planck scale. ⇒. QFT with large. central charge (large N). lD−2. AdS. GN. ∼ c.c. [Brown Does N = 4 SYM contain BPS states that reproduce the black hole entropy? Superconformal index → Witten index of QM, with respect to ​trial R-charge. I(∆) = Tr Only very few BPS black holes are known in AdS5 × SE5 !

Computing 1/N2 corrections in AdS/CFT

by JT Liua 2010 Cited by 21 holes and higher derivative effects on black hole entropy [1 4] (see supersymmetric completion of AI ∧ TrR2 was obtained in [17] using superconformal tensor calculus Large N theories with an AdS dual have leading behavior a = c theory on AdS5 ×SE5 to IIA theory on AdS5 ×B ×S1 via T-duality [42 

Superconformal indices at large N and the entropy of AdS5

by F Benini 2020 Cited by 26 Abstract. The large N limit of the four-dimensional superconformal index was computed and the entropy of black holes in AdS5 ×SE5. We first 

JHEP01(2021)001 - Inspire HEP

by AG Lezcano Cited by 15 trate in the superconformal index description as a matrix model of elliptic proaches to cover a large class of 4d N = 1 superconformal theories. question of AdS5 black hole entropy: (i) The collaboration in [1] exploited a supersym- AdS5 ×SE5 black holes indicates that, most likely, the answer is the 


by H Kima electrically charged AdS5 black holes, on the other hand, the entropy was reproduced by computing the superconformal index of N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory [3 5]. topologically twisted index at large N is independent of baryonic charges [38, large N and the entropy of AdS5 × SE5 black holes, Class.

JHEP11(2019)090 - ResearchGate

entropy of such black holes by using the refined topologically twisted index of N = 4 super In this context, it is also interesting to rewrite the large N limit of (1.3) as Unfortunately, more general compactifications AdS5 ×SE5 based on [1] F. Benini and N. Bobev, Exact two-dimensional superconformal R-symmetry and.

Holography, Supergravity, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture

by B McPeak 2020 The Weyl anomaly and the superconformal index. AdS/CFT is a duality at large N​, where N is typically the rank of the gauge group or another measure of the 

High-temperature expansion of supersymmetric partition

by AA Ardehali 2015 Cited by 42 to clarify the relation between the 4d N = 1 superconformal index and gauge theory, Anomalies in Field and String Theories, AdS- 4 A Di Pietro-​Komargodski formula for large-N toric quivers entropy 2π√cL(L0 − cL/24)/6 − J2 of spinning generalizations of the Strominger-Vafa black hole [17, 18].

Superconformal index of low-rank gauge theories via the

by F Benini 2021 Cited by 2 functions in the large N limit, can reproduce and explain the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of black holes in AdS [6]. The last few years have 

Strings, Cosmology and Gravity Student Conference 2010

In 2007, motivated by large random matrices techniques, Eynard and Orantin at second order vorticity is sourced by gradients in entropy (non-adiabatic We present static dyonic black holes solutions in the context of N = 2 U(1) gauged to relate Lorentz and chiral spinor indices: Type IIB String Theory in AdS5 × SE5.

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16 Dec 2020 Black hole entropy from superconformal indices and a glimpse of black holes in AdS 5 x to (de)confinement phase transitions in large-N gauge theories. We also consider theories dual to AdS5×SE5, where SE5 is a.

Stringy corrections to the entropy of electrically charged

by JF Melo 2021 supersymmetric black holes with AdS5 × S5 asymptotics. JoЦo F. Melo1,* and Jorge E. Zhang, Superconformal indices at large N and the entropy of AdS5 × SE5 black holes, arXiv:2005.1230. [36] A. Gadde, Lectures on the