The Drying Kinetics Of A Single Yarn In Motion

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Microwaves Solution for Improving Woven Fabric

from a single magnetron. Although the cost is similar, the largest commercial 2,450 MHz units available use 30 KW magnetrons. 915 MHz generators lose about 15% efficiency in producing electromagnetic energy from electric power. However, the conversion of that energy into useful heating or drying is often greater than 95% so that the total system

Course outcome: Students would learn about the winding

Students would learn about the winding process, how the continuous length of yarn can be formed and how yarn faults removed in winding. In Warping and sizing process students would learn formation of continuous length of warp sheet and impart strength to the yarn by using sizing operation. Unit-1


plane principle, the Scott I.P. tester, the Uster yarn strength tester, the Ballistic or impact tester. The Strain-gauge principle, advantages and disadvantages of strain-gauge instruments, the Instron tensile testing instrument, yarn strength testing- lea test, C.S.P. skein breaking tenacity, single thread test.


for-one twister; Relationship between single yarn twist and folded yarn twist; Principles of compact, rotor, air-jet, air-vortex, friction, wrap and twist-less spinning processes and their structure-property relationship; Sustainable practices in Yarn manufacturing.

Solutions For Questions And Problems Chapter 1 25

drying, filtration, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, process control, mass transfer, and plant safety. The ideal study guide, this book brings all elements of professional problem solving together in one BIG BOOK. Ideal desk reference. Answers hundreds of the most frequently asked questions.


motion, warp let-off, and fabric take-up. 34-12-308 Applied Thermodynamics 3 Cr. This subject includes principles of heat and work, the laws of thermodynamics for closed and open systems, the phase behavior of pure fluids, equations of state, viral and cubic equations of state, generalized equations of