Is There An Aboriginal Mental Health Service In Wa

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Aboriginal Mental Health Service (metropolitan), but delays were reported in accessing these services due to the time involved in the referral process, the availability of AMHWs, and their capacity/resources to assist. The majority of AMHWs are working in the WA Country Health Service (WACHS) and Child

The Djirruwang Program: Cultural Affirmation for Effective

Leaders of Aboriginal Mental Health Training in Australia Despite little being written in this area, there have been many significant contributors to Aboriginal mental health training in Australia. Examples in the early to mid-1990s include: z the Marr Mooditj Program, Western Australia (WA), developed by Dr Joan Winch;

Mental Health Advocacy Service Submission - WA

ANNEXURE 1 EXTRACTS FROM THE 2016-17 MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children The rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have not been well met during the year. In several cases, the Advocacy Service s Aboriginal Advocate attended where the

Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission

Mental Health Commission; the new Mental Health Act 2014; the establishment of the Statewide Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service; implementation of recommendations in the 2012 Review of the admission or referral to and the discharge and transfer practices of public mental health facilities/services in Western Australia by

Women and Newborn Health Service WA Perinatal Mental Health

Get help from your local Aboriginal health worker, nurse or doctor. You can also call these numbers: Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation 9218 9477 Pregnancy Birth and Baby helpline (24 hour) 1800 882 436 A g W n i t n e ar P (24 hour) 1800 654 432 PANDA Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia 1300 726 306 Lifeline (24 hour)

School Aged Health Services -

The main ones include the WA Sustainable Health Review2, the Premier s Priorities3 and the Auditor General s Report on Improving Aboriginal Children s Ear Health4. These highlight the areas of mental health and wellbeing; obesity; developmental readiness for school; and early detection and treatment of ear health in Aboriginal children.

Review of the Clinical Governance of Public Mental Health

HSA16 Health Services Act 2016 (WA) HSP Health Service Provider HSPR Health Services Performance Report ICT Information and communications technology KPI Key performance indicators LARU Licensing and Accreditation Regulatory Unit MBS Medicare Benefits Schedule MHA14 Mental Health Act 2014 (WA) MHAOD Mental health, alcohol and other drugs


a mental health condition were more likely to be a daily smoker (46%) and to have used substances in the last 12 months (39%). In 2014 15, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a mental health condition were more likely than those without a mental health condition to have experienced one or more stressors in the last 12 months.

Aboriginal Concepts of Place and Country and their Meaning in

Vicary (2002) by looking specifically at the importance of place in Aboriginal world-views. There exists a wide gulf between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal understandings of mental health, in particular, a culture more generally. Concepts such as country need to be understood by non-Aboriginal practitioners for them to be able to provide a

Chief Psychiatrist s Standards for Clinical Care

All Western Australian mental health services and service providers are within scope for this Practice Standard, which defines the service context, criteria and measures for best practice in responding to the cultural needs of Aboriginal people with mental illness and their carer s, families and communities. Purpose

Incarceration Rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

9. Most of those young Aboriginal people in detention have not yet been sentenced. 6. 10. Western Australia had the highest rate of Aboriginal young people in detention on an average night in the June quarter of 2016 at 64 per 10,000. The rate ratio was 54 times the rate -Aboriginalof non young people in Western Australia, compared

WACHS Mental Health Clinical Supervision Guideline

to Mental Health consumers, to be engaged in a process of clinical supervision for a minimum of one hour per month. 2. Guideline 2.1 Scope and Purpose These guidelines apply to members of the mental health professions, employed to provide direct clinical care to consumers of WACHS Mental Health services.

Mental health - Commissioner for Children and Young People WA

(WA), including mental health. While there is somewhat limited data to accurately demonstrate the prevalence of mental health issues among children and young people in WA, or the experiences of those living with mental health issues, the following figures provide some overview of the mental health experiences of children and young people.

South West population and health snapshot

Major health service providers Further health service information can be found at and Overview of rural maternity services Community based pregnancy and maternity care services are provided by WA Country Health Service, private general practitioners, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health

Out-of-Home Care in Western Australia

Out-of-Home Care in Western Australia FACT SHEET* In 2018-19, Aboriginal children were entered care in similar to non-Aboriginal children despite Aboriginal families making up 3.1% of the Western Australian (WA) population. 1.5% of contacts with the Department of Communities (Communities) resulted in a child entering OOHC.


ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH MAPPING PROJECT. Final Report June 2014 A scoping of current practice surrounding the screening, assessment and management of perinatal mental health across Australia's New Directions: Mothers and Baby Service Program.

Pilbara population and health snapshot

by WA Country Health Service, private Aboriginal maternity issues There is a large body of evidence to l Pilbara Mental Health and Drug Service Karratha

East Metropolitan Health Service Operational Plan 2017 2020

users of EMHS services to provide advice and guidance on service delivery Feb-19 2.5.4 Use customer liaison units across the health service to incorporate feedback in planning, care delivery and evaluation Mar-19 2.6 Implement the Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework (AHWF) across EMHS

Submission 99 - Youth Mental Health - North Metropolitan

Western Australian Education and Health Standing Committee (2016) Learnings from the message stick: the report of the Inquiry into Aboriginal youth suicide in remote areas Perth, WA: Parliament of Western Australia. 14. Health and Wellbeing Surveillance System, Mental Health of Young Adults 2006-07 and 2014-15 Department of Health (2016). 15

Harmful Substance Use and Mental Health

Although confined to Western Australia (WA), the results of the Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey 5 the most comprehensive study undertaken of Aboriginal children and young people indicate levels of substance use among young Aboriginal people.

WA Country Health Service Annual Report 2012 13

WA Country Health Service Annual Report 2012 13 WA Country Health Service 189 Wellington Street EAST PERTH WA 6004 Telephone: (08) 9223 8500 Fax: (08) 9223 8599

Aboriginal People in Western Australian Mental Hospitals

past Aboriginal mental health service use can inform and reshape present-day under-standings of how and why Aboriginal Australians use public mental health services. Western Australia is the largest of the six Australian states, but also the most sparsely populated. It was founded by free British settlers in 1829, but received transported con-

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Model of Care

5.3.4 State-wide Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service 25 5.3.5 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service 25 5.3.6 Adult mental health services 26 6. Enabling factors 26 6.1 Workforce 26 6.2 Research 27 6.3 Information communication and technology 27 6.4 Quality and safety 27 6.5 Experiences of care 28 7. Horizon scanning 28 8.

Aboriginal Mental Health Consultation Guideline

Aboriginal Mental Health Consultation Guideline 1. Guiding Principles WA Country Health Service (WACHS) Mental Health (MH) services provide inpatient and community based care to mental health consumers. WACHS is committed to reducing barriers to mental health services for Aboriginal1 people and their families.

Summary of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health by making relevant, high quality knowledge and information easily accessible to policy makers, health service providers, program managers, clinicians and other health professionals (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers) and researchers.

Leave only footprints: cultural sustainability and mental

Remote Mental Health Team, not a Strategic Plan nor an analysis of the status of Aboriginal mental health. The theoretical basis underlying Leave Only Footprints is that of the Recovery Model developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (Trainor, Pape et al. 1993). In this model it


Specialist Statewide Aboriginal Mental Health Services: (08) 9347 6600 A dedicated state-wide Aboriginal mental health service providing comprehensive treatment for Aboriginal people with a serious mental illness. The State-wide Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SSAMHS) operates with cultural integrity and provide a whole of

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing

National Aboriginal Health Strategy,1989 Summary of development and consultation 4 Children's Health Queensland External engagement and service mapping The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018-2023 is the summary of an extensive planning and consultation process which included children and families,

State Perinatal Mental Health Initiative -

PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) In 2005 there were 26, 538 births in WA (Gee et al, 2006). Given average statistics this indicates that around 5,300 women experienced a perinatal mental health disorder. State and service documents and anecdotal reporting identify a range of services in WA providing intervention and support for

The Kimberley Youth Alcohol and Other Drug Service

In 2018, Nous Group (Nous), on behalf of the Mental Health Commission (WA) (MHC), engaged with a range of stakeholders across the Kimberley, as part of the Western Australian (WA) Methamphetamine Action Plan (MAP). The aim of these consultations was to identify gaps in the alcohol and other drug (AOD) service system in the region.

Submission 255 - Child and Adolescent Health Service - Mental

The creation of the WA Mental Health Commission (MHC) in 2010 resulted in the commissioning of public mental health services being removed from the WA Department of Health(DoH) to the new Commission. CAHS hold the view that this has not resulted in streamlined, easy to navigate service or greater mental health outcomes for consumers.

Policy Brief Mental Health Aboriginal Children and Young People

Aboriginal and there is a dearth of mental health services available within this system. Many children and young people with mental illness could, with appropriate prevention, early intervention or treatment, be diverted from the criminal justice system.


subcommittees or working groups, the Aboriginal Health Council of WA, Consumers of Mental Health WA, the Health Consumers Council WA, Helping Minds and Carers WA. The Country WA PHN will engage with relevant agencies and organisations to ensure that appropriate clinical services are available for Aboriginal people with complex mental illness

Aboriginal Perinatal Mental Health Service Expansion: Final

perinatal mental health services for Western Australian (WA) Aboriginal women and their families. Moreover, it was acknowledged that mental health services to date had found it difficult to engage Aboriginal clients. Subsequently, a proposal to fund a perinatal mental health service expansion initiative, designed to specifically meet the

Kirkman House, 10 Murray Street, PERTH WA 6000 PO Box X2213

Mobile Clinical Outreach Teams (Mental Health) State-wide Aboriginal Mental Health Service Aboriginal youth health Walyup Kworpading Koort (Healthy Heart) Moorditj Maarman (men s health) Moorditj Djena (nutrition and podiatry outreach service) Living Improvements for Everyone management of chronic disease

Experience of providing cultural safety in mental health to

Western Australia, Australia ABSTRACT: The need for mental health clinicians to practice cultural safety is vital in ensuring meaningful care and in moving towards improving the mental health outcomes for Aboriginal people. The concept of cultural safety is particularly relevant to mental health professionals as it

Impact of COVID-19 on the WA community

Mental health emergency department (ED) presentations declined from the week commencing the State of Emergency (15 March 2020). Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is due to fear of contracting COVID-19. Mental health co-Response (with WA Police Force) service contacts were consistently higher in 2020 than in

3.8 Specific issues 3.8.1 Mental health services in remote areas

Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SAMHS), is also concerned about the multilayered issues of indigenous mental health that often lead patients to present late in an acute state and often requiring involuntary care. Similar to other populations, young Aboriginal people with mental illness may have

Mitigating climate change to optimise -

Mitigating climate change to optimise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health A response to the Climate Health WA Inquiry This submission has been developed by the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) with input from our affiliate, the Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia