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Behavioural Public Policy - Assets

7.1 A response to Frey 184 Matteo M. Galizzi 8Influencing the financial behaviour of individuals: the mindspace way 191 Paul Dolan 8.1 A response to Dolan 209 Sander van der Linden 9 Decision analysis from a neo-Calvinist point of view 216 Drazen Prelec 9.1 A response to Prelec 228 Luc Bovens Index 234 vi Contents

Estimating the monetary value of the deaths prevented from

Paul Dolan and Pinar Jenkins, LSE, 18 April 2020 Summary In tackling Covid-19, the UK made a very significant decision to move from a mitigation strategy to one of suppression in mid-March 2020. As with any decision, this brings benefits and creates costs. In this paper, we seek to provide an indicative value of the benefits from the policy shift.

Washington State BILL House of Representatives ANALYSIS

response crisis teams and crisis stabilization services.€ The report must also include information about fund deposits to and expenditures from the Statewide 988 Behavioral Health Crisis Response Line Account (988 Account).€ Beginning in 2023, the report must be submitted each


C: Users omm17073 Desktop Dolan Nonbelievers Response EICdocx.docx male-only Catholic priesthood, they work to cobble together alternative constitutional grounds for permitting such special treatment.3 On the elusive project of defining ―religion,‖ Professor Tebbe reviews leading theories in both religious studies and law, and finds Professor

H-0299.1 By Representatives Orwall, Davis, Fey, Callan

11 (a) The mobile rapid response crisis teams shall be: 12 (i) Jurisdiction-based behavioral health teams that may include 13 licensed behavioral health professionals and must include peers; or 14 (ii) Behavioral health teams, including peers, embedded in 15 emergency medical services. (b)16 Mobile rapid response crisis teams shall:


HB 1176 By Representatives Paul, Boehnke, Kloba, Callan, Davis, Dolan, Riccelli, Bergquist, Lekanoff and Shewmake; by request of State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Implementing a Connectionist Production System Using Tensor

Charles P. Dolan AI Center liughes Research Labs 3011 Malibu Canyon Rd. Malibu, CA 90265 & UCLA A! lAboratory CU-CS-411-88 Paul Smolensky Department of Computer Science & Institute of Cognitive Science University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309-0430 Abstract


Edited by Alan R. Weil and Rachel Dolan topics related to the health care system,financing,and the law s response to the Paul Ginsburg,


7.1 A response to Frey 184 Matteo M. Galizzi 8Influencing the financial behaviour of individuals: the mindspace way 191 Paul Dolan 8.1 A response to Dolan 209 Sander van der Linden 9 Decision analysis from a neo-Calvinist point of view 216 Drazen Prelec 9.1 A response to Prelec 228 Luc Bovens Index 234 vi Contents

The time trade-off: A note on the effect of lifetime

Paul Dolan *, Michael Jones-Lee Department of Economics, Universi O, of Newcastle, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, NE1 7RU, UK Received 1 January 1996; revised I September 1996 Abstract This paper considers the extent to which responses to time trade-off (TTO) questions

Paul Dolan - Imperial College London

Paul Dolan. Thinking about it: thoughts about health and valuing QALYs Dolan and Kahneman, 2008). There are good activities, the DRM may bias the response

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Dear Tara, I have read through the paper and wish to make these comments. 6.4.2 REC have trained via an apprenticeship and college to cover these aspects to become an electrician, to

8.1 A response to Dolan - Princeton University

A response to Dolan sander van der linden Introduction Paul Dolan argues that there are two broad approaches to behavioural change: changing minds and changing contexts. He argues that while the former approach relies more heavily on conscious and reasoned processes, the latter predominantly deals with the subconscious, auto-


1. Letter from Paul J. Dolan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 2. Sustainability at Progressive Field 3. Recycling 4 Organic Waste 6. Energy 8. Water Conservation 9. Sustainable Cleveland and Green Sports Alliance 10. Community Involvement 12. Economic Impact 13. 2017: Providing Awareness and Creating Memories Through Sustainability 13

Chris Modisette RC&D Coordinator USDA-NRCS Paul Dolan DEM

response capability for rural firefighting. 4 Where is the RI RCFPP Located? Paul Dolan(401)647-3367 email: [email protected] 50/50 cost share

Maureen C. Dolan, Ph.D.

Dolan, MC., Cramer, C.L. and Medina-Bolivar, F.(2005). Expression of functional hexahistidine-tagged ricin B in tobacco. Plant Cell Reports. 24:15-24. Dolan-O Keefe, M and Ferl, RJ. (2000). Adh as a model for analysis of the integration of stress response regulation in plants J. Cherry et al., eds. Plant Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses

Covid-19 Killeigh /Killurin Community Response Team

12. Lockclose/ Moneyquid/ Quarrymount Area - Barry Dolan 0871305864 13. Meelaghans Area - Paul Bergin 0872408142 14. Newtown Area - Mark Cleary 0878207562 15. Raheenduff Area - John Kelly 0876668763 16. Scrubb/Derryclure/Burnetts Wood Area - Patsy Langton 0852856966 Our Local Response Team will not be asked to endanger themselves in


May 03, 2021 I received no response from him. Later I saw the black object had been 42 removed. I was told he sent someone to take care of it. Later learned it was a police officer. 43 Also the object was a bag of POOP. Hopefully this was not a response by a landscaper to 44 Deb Paul s remarks and subsequent visit by the Police notifying them of the Towns

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Professor Paul Searls, Department of History, Northern VT University Wednesday - April 14, 2021 No Sessions Thursday - April 15, 2021 Session One: 8:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Decisive Leadership and Strong Community Partnerships; Key elements to Vermont s response to COVID-19 Presentation by:

Kinship with Creation

20 A Conversation with Paul Dolan 68 24 O Dowd s New Principal: Chris Smart 26 Academic Achievements 28 Innovative O Dowd Teaching Strategies an Example for Higher Education 34 Alumni News 44 Athletics News 50 Remembering Fr. Jay Matthews 53 In Memoriam O Dowd is Tops We are proud to announce that Bishop O Dowd High School

CEP Discussion Paper No 1159 July 2012 Happy Talk: Mode of

reliability of the measures (Dolan and Peasgood, 2008; Krueger and Schkade, 2008). Some of the effects considered include day of the week effects (Taylor, 2006) and the labelling of response categories during the interview (Conti and Pudney, 2011). A largely neglected question, however, is the degree to which responses are

Ivo Vlaev, Paul Dolan

Ivo Vlaev & Paul Dolan Imperial College London Abstract Existing theories of behaviour change in psychology and behavioural economics rely mostly on changing cognitions and incentives as a route to altering behavioural responses. We propose a more general reflective-automatic model (RAM), which postulates that, in addition


(Ambulance), Paul McNamara (IT), Sue Bostwick (Equalization), Cindy Mendoza, Darren Speer (Finance), Belinda Peters (Administration), Margaret M Dunleavy, Debbie Warden Correspondence. None. Call To The Public. No response. Minutes. It was moved by Commissioner Dolan that the minutes of the reconvened annual


society changes, not least in response to the urgent need for us to move towards an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable financial system. Paul Watchman, Honorary Professor, School of Law, University of Glasgow The report found that fiduciary duty has played, and continues to


Paul Dolan and Christian Krekel London School of Economics and Centre for Economic Performance, The response rate was, with 12,056 respondents, about 2%. Although

Dr. Greg Tierney Q&A with the Office of the Chief Medical

Apr 02, 2021 Q&A with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Bridget Brennan, Dr. Paul Dolan, and Dr. Greg Tierney There has been overwhelming support around the announcement about the COVID-19 vaccination. requirement for Benefis employees, and we hope the following Q&A serves to answer your remaining

Evaluation of the personal health budget pilot programme

2 Acknowledgements This research would not have been possible without the expertise and efforts of a range of people involved with the evaluation of the personal health budgets pilot programme.


excited to see the RESPONSE checklist. It is a valuable and powerful interactive tool that could help public sector organisations, in fact any organisation, to achieve its behaviour change goals. Paul Dolan Professor of Behavioural Science London School of Economics Paul is Professor of Behavioural Science, Head of Department in Psychological

Life-Years and Lockdowns: Estimating the Effects on Covid-19

from the UK s Response to the Pandemic Pinar Jenkins 1 , Karol Sikora 2* and Paul Dolan 1 1 London School of Economics and Political Science, London, United Kingdom

Evaluation of the personal health budget pilot programme

Evaluation of the personal health budget pilot programme Julien Forder, Karen Jones, Caroline Glendinning, James Caiels,

CFEB Consumer Research Report CR01 Transforming Financial

Paul Dolan is Professor of Economics in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. He has previously held academic posts at York, Newcastle, Sheffield and Imperial, and has been a visiting scholar at Princeton. There are two main themes to Paul's work.

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Paul Pulliam Lisa Thalji Melissa Dolan Suzanne Triplett Elizabeth Dean Eric Peele RTI Project Number 08692 Contract No. 200-2002-M-00836 1 RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute.


Response to Professor Fallon, 113 Harvard Law Review 1371 (2000) Beyond Efficiency and Procedure: Well-Being (2008) (co-authored with Paul Dolan) (available at

A lack of diverse perspectives means that the cure for Covid

Professor Paul Dolan, London School of Economics, 31 March 2020 Covid-19 is a public health crisis. At least, this is what is being communicated by all the public health doctors, epidemiologists and clinicians who have taken over the air waves and other more modern forms of media.

Menstruation and the Cycle of Poverty: A Cluster Quasi

* [email protected] Abstract Background Poor menstrual knowledge and access to sanitary products have been proposed as barriers to menstrual health and school attendance. In response, interventions targeting these needs have seen increasing implementation in public and private sectors. However, there

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Paul Dolan, 15 Amherst Avenue, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 2LH E: [email protected] T: 0121 554 1220 / 07500 433 067 Back copies Copies of most back issues are available from the publisher at the editorial address. Advertising Full details of advertisement rates are available from the publisher at the editorial address. Editorial Address


RESPONSE Fortunately, Principal Paul McMahon of Henry High School, a Northside school, was Currently trying to take on an effort to keep suspended kids at school. McMahon had Also closed the campus and began taking attendance in every class. Inspector Dolan offered Principal Paul McMahon two officers to assist with the

The Wellbeing Costs of COVID-19 in the UK

Professor Paul Dolan, London School of Economics and Political Science Dr Ricky Lawton, Simetrica-Jacobs Dr Fatemeh Behzadnejad, Simetrica-Jacobs Augustin Lagarde, Simetrica-Jacobs Cem Maxwell, Simetrica-Jacobs Sebastien Peytrignet, Simetrica-Jacobs 05/20 The Wellbeing Costs of COVID-19 in the UK An Independent Research Report by Simetrica-Jacobs

Tax and benefit policy: insights from behavioural economics

efficiency costs depend on how responsive people are the greater the response to taxation, the greater is the behavioural distortion and the less revenue is raised. Different behavioural biases might reduce responsiveness. Some examples are: Bounded rationality People may have difficulty understanding the tax system. A common

DV and Child Maltreatment Response Guideline, March 2007 1

Doane, Deborah Children's Response Center Dolan, Kevin Associated Counsel for the Accused (ACA) Dungan, Scott King County Sheriff s Office (KCSO) Ellner, Seth Private Practice Faith, Detective Elizabeth Bellevue Police Department Forrest, Celia South County YWCA Frampton, Sergeant Thad King County Sheriff s Office (KCSO)