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Consent Order: Longhorn Emergency Medical Associates

Longhorn Emergency Medical Associates, P.A. 211 East 7th Street, Suite 620 Austin, Texas 78701 Consent Order DWC Enforcement File No. 22833 General remarks and official action taken: This is a consent order with Longhorn Emergency Medical Associates PA (Longhorn Emergency).

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wild in Texas and multiplied. Over time, the different breeds mixed to produce a new breed, the Texas longhorn. The longhorns most distinctive characteristics were their huge horns and their ability to adapt to almost any environment. They were able to survive on little water and food and in extreme hot and cold tempera-tures.


TEXAS LONGHORN BREEDERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - JUDGES LIST 10/31 NAME STREET CITY, STATE ZIP PHONE CELL E-MAIL UPDATED Able, Dr. Bill V. 1401 Lincoln Blvd. Miami, OK 74354 918-541-5179 [email protected] 2016 Aniol, Frank 2000 Sycamore, Apt. #77 Huntsville, TX 77340 210-797-5634 [email protected] 2017

The Texas Longhorn

The Texas Longhorn is a symbol of free ranges and wide-open possibilities, of the fierce, independent people who created Texas. As the chosen mascot for the University of Texas at Austin, the Longhorn embodies the strength,

STLA Llano Spring Show - South Texas Longhorn Association

Shows, the South Texas Longhorn Association (STLA) and the John L. Kuykendall Event Center, Llano, Texas, their officers, employees, members, agents and representatives are hereby released from all claims, demands, or cause of actions of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether now existing or hereafter accrue, on account of any damage, cost


the Texas longhorn breeders have developed the breed to the point that you have to look twice to recognize them as a longhorn (except for the horns). The breeders who have done this have still managed to keep the traits that make them a good reason to crossbreed.

the LONGHORN AIRMAN - University of Texas at Austin

the LONGHORN AIRMAN The University of Texas at Austin, Det. 825 hosted the 4th annual Texas Field Day on 12 April 2008. With the attendance of eight detachments and over 300 volunteers and participants, Field Day continues to grow every year. The participating schools included The University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas San Antonio, Uni-

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Texas Longhorn Breeders Association which now boasts more than 1,000 members and over 23,000 head of registered Longhorn cattle. Longhorns are a favorite on the YO Ranch. Charles III says, Without this rangy breed, there wouldn't be a YO Ranch today. Every spring in celebration of VO's heritage,


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a distribution that includes central, north central, and west Texas while A. viridis occurs in the eastern half of Texas. In the Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas (Correll and Johnston, 1970), Asclepias asperula is recognized as including two subspecies. One is A. asperula subspecies capricornu,

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Texas Longhorn Association, and the Nebraska State Fair. For a copy of the current rules and regulations, please write: Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, 2315 N. Main St., Suite 402, Ft. Worth, TX 76107, 817-625-6241. **Steer show entries, please contact Delwin Smeal at 402-568-2353 before entry deadline. RULES

Texas Longhorn Evaluation Breed Standards

Longhorn ssociation P Box 2610 - Glen Rose, Texas 76043 254 898-0157 fi Fax 254 898-0165 www.itla.com sta @itla.com Texas Longhorn Evaluation Breed Standards Point Evaluation Division of Characteristics Desirable Questionable Undesirable Max Actual 15 Legs and Feet Squarely set, sound feet, legs, hocks, and joints with abundant bone. Hard hooves.


The Texas Longhorn World Qualifying Show is open to cattle registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), PO Box 4430, Fort Worth, TX 76164. 2. Exhibitors are subject to all rules and regulations of the Tulsa State Fair and the TLBAA. The signing of the entry form

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the Longhorn producers listed. is is the historic 42nd anniversary edition of this calendar. roughout these months you will fi nd many famous cattle births, founding dates of sponsor s ranches, Texas Longhorn special events, etc. Each sponsor wishes you a great year of prosperity, safety, health, and happiness.

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injury, push on the longhorn s midsection with your hip. 3. After the two hours is up, untie the animal from the post. 4. Begin teaching the longhorn to walk by stepping in front of the animal s horns and pulling forward on the lead rope. 5. Step behind the animal s horns and pull back the lead rope when you want it to slow down or stop. 6.

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ALLERGEN GUIDE At LongHorn, we re committed to making the dining experience for every guest, including our guests with food allergies, an exceptional one. That s why we are proud to offer this information to help you make an informed food selection.

The Vital Contribution of Texas in the Winning of the

know about the great Texas longhorn cattle drives out of South Texas to the railheads in Kansas and elsewhere during the years following the Civil War. Very few people, 1*Robert H. Thonhoff of Karnes City, Texas, is a retired educator, author, historian, speaker, emcee, retired Karnes County Judge, and a former

TEXAS WEEKLY SUMMARY Week Ending October 31, 2020

Texas High Plains grain markets the bulk of bids were 21 cents lower on grain sorghum; 29 cents lower on wheat; and 20 to 21 cents lower on corn. ***This report will be discontinued on November 9th. Please refer to the links below to find the individual reports data.***

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Longhorn traits or characteristics, breeders can make better genetic decisions for their herd and for future generations of the legendary Texas Longhorn Breed. As breeders, it is our responsibility to protect the Texas Longhorn Breed. If you do not know what to look for when visually inspecting Longhorn cattle then you are not


16. Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd, Shackelford County 17. Annual Corvette Car Show, Hopkins County 14 17 15 16 15

The Endangered Texas Longhorn - Livestock Conservancy

The Endangered Texas Longhorn From the tips of its namesake horns to the hooves that tread the Lone Star soil from El Paso to Amarillo and beyond, the majestic Texas Longhorn is a truly remarkable animal. Descending from Spanish cattle brought to the new world nearly 500 years ago, the breed has been shaped by

Welcome to Vegas Style , a Texas Longhorn extravaganza

Welcome to Vegas Style , a Texas Longhorn extravaganza that will allow breeders to promote our resilient breed of cattle in an unchartered part of the United States. Hudson-Valentine Longhorn Enterprises, Ltd. has offered the leaders in the Longhorn Industry the opportunity to sell their most spectacular and exclusive animals.

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Marathon East Longhorn Facility S 0.500/BBL in Karnes County, Texas Murphy Linhart CDP in Karnes County, Texas Murphy Manka CDP in Karnes County, Texas Falls City Terminal in Karnes County, Texas Marathon East Longhorn Facility $0,204/BBL in Karnes County, Texas Murphy Linhart CDP in Karnes County, Texas Murphy Manka CDP in Karnes County, Texas

The University of Texas Longhorn Band Drumline

The University of Texas Longhorn Band Drumline 2014-2015 Studies, Warmups, Cadences & Traditionals

Schedule of Events

Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle September 5, 2020 Dear Texas Longhorn Breeders, We would like to welcome you to the 2020 Butler Breeder s Invitational. This will be our 23rd annual sale. Each year, the Butler Breeder s Invitational is committed to offering not only the finest in straight Butler cattle, but the finest in Texas Longhorns as

The Texas Longhorn: Shaped by Nature

The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America in Fort Worth has grown from an initial membership of 12 in 1964 into an organization with more than 5,000 members. The association website lists about 50 Texas breeders, including Larry Stewart of Lazy L Longhorns in Lampasas County. On his website, Stewart has this to say about Texas Longhorns:


The Texas longhorn was adopted as the official state large mammal by the Texas Legislature in 1995. The Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West. It comes in a variety of colors: red, yellow, orange, brown, black or gray. Some have colored spots on their body. The Texas longhorn is best known for its long, spectacular horns.


May 09, 2019 Longhorn, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, has been a DME and supplies provider in Texas since 2005, and provides services to Medicaid beneficiaries across the state. During the period from September 1, 2016, through August 31, 2017, Longhorn processed 309,667 Medicaid fee-for-service claims for DME and

Targa Gas Processing LLC - Longhorm Gas Plant Application for

Feb 17, 2012 County, Texas (Longhorn Gas Plant). The primary Standard Industrial Classification code of the proposed Longhorn Gas Plant is 1321 (Natural Gas Liquids). The Longhorn Gas Plant will be designed to process up to 200 million standard cubic feet per day of sweet natural gas. The Longhorn Gas Plant will consist of inlet separation facilities, an

Texas Longhorns at Big Bend Ranch State Park

Texas Conservation Efforts. Western writer J. Frank Dobie recognized the decline of the Texas Longhorn in the early 1920s and felt it was important to preserve the breed that held such a significant place in Texas history. With assistance from businessman Sid Richardson and rancher Graves Peeler, Dobie helped organize a herd of typical longhorns.

ForT GriFFin oFFicial s Ta e F Texas Longhorn HERD

Texas longhorn cattle In Texas, few things are as symbolic of the state as the Texas Longhorn. The Texas Longhorn is the official icon for the City of Fort Worth, nicknamed Cowtown, and the mascot for the University of Texas at Austin. This breed of cattle is distinguishable by its size, lean build, wide range of colors and markings,

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the appearance, habits, and psychology of the Texas Longhorn and his progenitors, the Spanish or Mexican cattle: The Longhorns (New York, 1941). The Grosset and Dunlap Universal Library edition has been used in this study. Chapter 1 discusses Spanish cattle. A concise explanation of the evolution of the Longhorn is Dobiels

Functional Efficiency Early Maturity and Longevity Abnormal

Texas Longhorn Breed Guidelines Longhorn Breed Guidelines ~ 4 ~ Characteristics of Longhorns Desirable Objectionable Undesirable 3. Ears Medium to small, short round ears. Set close to the horns. Longer, droopy ears. Example shows ears that should be closer to the horns.

The University of Texas Longhorn Band Drumline

The University of Texas Longhorn Band Drumline 2016 Studies, Warm-ups, Cadences & Traditionals


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SHAWNEE TRAIL. Of the principal routes by which Texas

Of the principal routes by which Texas longhorn cattleqv were taken afoot to railheads to the north, the earliest and easternmost was the Shawnee Trail. Used before and just after the Civil War,qv the Shawnee Trail gathered cattle from east and west of its main stem, which passed through Austin, Waco, and Dallas.

Application for Tuition Rebate and the Longhorn Fixed-Rate

The University of Texas at Austin Application for Tuition Rebate and the Longhorn Fixed-Rate Tuition Rebate. Name UT EID Expected date of graduation (month and year) I wish to apply for the following (may apply for both, if eligible): The Tuition Rebate (must be a TX resident) AND/OR


time for Texas Longhorn producers to take that business away from the city meat counters. The 57% must stay in the Texas Longhorn rancher s pocket. Note: This is the first installment for the Trails by Darol Dickinson which will detail plans for a profitable business with Texas Longhorn retail beef sales, locating processors, building