A Neuromuscular Syndrome Caused By Abnormalities In Reproductive Hormones

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complex balance of hormones and their interactions to be successful, and any disruption in this process can hinder ovulation.10-12-Failure to ovulate arise from the over secretion of hormone prolactin i.e. Hyperprolactinimia, nearly 30% menstrual abnormalities are due to this, which suppress ovulation.

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caused by deficiencies in type I collagen synthesis Most commonly recognized congenital disease affecting collagen production Involves bone matrix and other connective tissues with type 1 collagen: joints, eyes, skin, ears, teeth

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complement, properdin, interferon, conditions, involving abnormalities of immune system. Transplant rejection- corneal transplant Major diseases- Cancer AIDS 33. Stress definitions development concept mechanisms, stress and disease 34. Stress syndrome, indications of stress psychological stress Physiology (Practicals)

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Thyroid hormones influence the growth and maturation of tissues, energy metabolism and turnover of both cells and nutrients (2,3). Hyperthyroidism Hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis is defined by a de-crease in thyroid hormone production and thyroid gland function. It is caused by ectopic thyroid tissue, toxic

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multiple abnormalities (microcephaly, idiocy etc). The woman has had an illnesses during her pregnancy but she didnt take any teratogens or mutagens. The parents and the childs karyotype is normal. Anamnesis study revealed that the family kept a cat. What gravidic disease caused the childs abnormalities? {=Toxoplasmosis ~Dysentery ~Trichomoniasis

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reproductive system and neuromuscular system. Alte-ration in the skin is the most common observable ab-normality in dogs with hypothyroidism. The classic cutaneous signs include bilaterally symmetrical, non-pruritic truncal alopecia that tends to spare the head and distal extremities. The dermatological signs are

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clinic-pathological abnormalities associated with hypothyroidism should resolve. Keywords: Canine, Hypothyroidism, Synthetic L-T4 sodium, Thyroxine, Thyronine. Introduction Hypothyroidism is the most frequently diagnosed endocrinopathy in dogs. The disease is characterised by diminished production of the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and


known This syndrome appears to be caused by the response of CNS to the factors produced by corpus luteum4,5 because these symptoms are not seen in patients with anovulatory cycles. The earliest explanations included the alterations in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone6, oestrogen-progesterone imbalance abnormal androgen levels

A neuromuscular syndrome caused by abnormalities in

A neuromuscular syndrome caused by abnormalities in reproductive hormones, B


marked ileus, reproductive abnormalities, mus-culoskeletal disorders such as neuromucular junction disorder (autoimmune thyroiditis with Myasthenia Gravis), proximal myopathy, CVS dysfunction such as decrease cardiac output and cardiac contractility, reduction in heart rate, increase peripheral vascular resistance, pericar-

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Congenital hypothyroidism is usually caused by thyroid agenesis, ectopic or hypoplastic thyroid tissue or dyshormono-genesis (usually an autosomal recessive disorder commonly due to deficiency of thyroid peroxidase, which mediates thyroid hormone synthesis). Neonatal screening programmes allow T4 therapy to be started within 2 weeks of birth.

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that categorize it as neuromuscular, congenital, traumatic, infectious, postinfectious, or syndrome-related, then it is regarded as IS [ ]. e age of onset is the basis of the classication.InfantileIS(IIS)idiopathicscoliosis(IIS)starts before age ( % of cases), juvenile (JIS) occurs between and years (around % of cases), while adolescent IS

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A neuromuscular syndrome caused by abnormalities in reproductive hormones, B

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only through formal neuropsychologic testing rather than as frank abnormalities on clinical neurologic exam.10,11,12 Certain organophosphates have caused damage to the afferent fibers of periph-eral and central nerves. The mechanism of this type of toxicity is the inhibition of neuropathy target esterase (NTE).

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reproductive tracts. The primary function of smooth muscle contraction is to generate force, which is utilized to perform many physiological processes such as blood flow and blood pressure maintenance, gastrointestinal motility, bronchial diameter regulation, bladder evacuation, and fetus expulsion. Smooth muscle contraction is caused by the

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lists of noncutaneous abnormalities associated with hypothyroidism (1). Neurologic, reproductive, ocular, hematologic, and cardiovascular abnormalities have been reported in dogs with hypothyroidism (5,10). Localized neuropathies often cause vestibular and facial nerve paralysis (5). Central nervous system signs can include


diseases caused by fungi, tumours of the bronchus and lung, interstitial and infiltrative pulmonary diseases. Diseases of nasopharynx, larynx, trachea, dieseases of pleura, diaphragm and cheat wall. 5. Alimentrary tract and pancreas, Hepato biliary system, symptoms and signs of the alimentray tract, pancreas, hepato biliary system.


reproductive performance, as well as dermatitis. However, clinical signs alone are often insufficient to distinguish the symptoms caused by a deficiency of biotin from those caused by deficiency of zinc and hence biochemical means must thus be used to assess biotin status in cases of suspected deficiency. However, the

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drome at the neuromuscular level. Most of the studies reported have described functional and histologic abnor-malities, but have not investigated the mechanisms for these differences in sex.7 9 Female sex hormones have been suggested as important causative factors in this syndrome because constipation is a common complica-

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Gastrointestinal Reproductive C Constipation C Menorrhagia C Ileus C Infertility Neuromuscular Developmental C Myalgia C Growth retardation C Hoarse voice C Mental retardation C Slow relaxing reflexes C Delayed puberty C Carpal tunnel syndrome Metabolic C Depression C Hyperlipidaemia C Psychosis Table 2 Drugs and supplements that interact with

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A Neuromuscular Syndrome caused by Abnormalities in Reproductive Hormones. Letter to the Editor. Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. April 2007; 2007:33(2), 135. Neuromuscular syndrome to consider in hormone replacement therapy. Rapid Response letter to the Editor. British Medical Journal, 10 August 2007.


neuromuscular disease caused by abnormally low cellular levels of the ubiquitous protein SMN. Recent study finds connection between ALS and SMA. Respiratory failure due to bilateral diaphragm palsy as an early manifestation of ALS. Diaphragmatic paralysis and respiratory failure as a complication of Lyme disease.


Conduction and transmission of impulse, mechanism of contraction, neuromuscular transmission, reflexes, control of equilibrium, posture and muscle tone, descending pathways, functions of cerebellum, basal ganglia, Physiology of sleep and consciousness. Endocrine System : Mechanism of action of hormones; formation, secretion,


and recent studies indicate that smooth muscle cells female reproductive system and the thyroid gland. and enteroglia are sources of and targets for cytokines such as interleukin 1band interleukin 6. In several Consequences and Causes of Altered instances, neuromuscular dysfunction persists after Motor Function

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Hypothyroidism is the clinical syndrome resulting from deficient production of thyroid hormones. In about 95% of cases of adult onset it is a primary thyroid disorder and in 5% or less it is due to thyrotropin (TSH) deficiency. primary hypothyroidism Pathogenesis In the spontaneous form a progressive autoimmune process leads to lymphocytic