Heat And Mass Transfer In Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow Of Williamson Nanofluids

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Numerical study of heat source/sink effects on dissipative

Heat and Mass Transfer of a steady MHD convective and Slip flow due to a rotating disk with viscous dissipation and Ohmic heating reported by Rashidi and Erfani [26] by adopting DTM with Pade approximation. Very recently MHD nanofluid flow in stretching/shrinking convergent / divergent channel with Duan-Rach Approach

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6. Exact Solution of Heat and Mass Transfer on Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow in a Micropolar Fluid past an Oscillating Plate with Newtonian Heating, 15 April 2017 14 October 2019 Sponsor: RMC (RDU170354) (RM20,000) Researchers: Zulkhibri Ismail @ Mustofa, Norhafizah Md Sarif, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Mohd

Stagnation Point Flow Of Nan fluid Over a Linear

effect of heat and mass transfer in Jeffrey fluid due to a stretching sheet to transverse magnetic field in the presence of heat source/sink. Thommaandru et al. [6] have explored the role of MHD and heat source/sink on free convection boundary layer flow of nanofluid over a non linear stretching sheet. Vijendra and Shweta [7]

Magnetohydrodynamic Maxwell Nanofluids Flow over a

Abstract In this paper, an enhancement of the heat transfer using non-Newtonian nanofluids by magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) mixed convection along stretching sheets embedded in an isotropic porous medium is investigated. Case of the Maxwell nanofluids is studied using the two phase mathematical model of nanofluids and

MHD free convective heat and mass transfer flow of

dependent variability establishes the relationship between the boundary layer flow of plastic heat and mass transfer of Casson nanofluid over an inclined plate, Khan et al. [14] on peristaltic flow of MHD nanofluids in an asymmetric channel with dif-ferent nanoparticle shapes. While El-Masry et al. [15

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Heat and mass transfer analysis of Brinkman type fractional nanofluid over a This investigation explores the unsteady mixed con- EI-Kabeir and Rashadet al. [12] analyzed the heat transfer in the boundary layer flow on a circular cylinder in the nanofluid. Later on, Rashad et al.

Variable viscosity and MHD flow in Casson fluid with

masaun et al. [8] investigated the boundary layer flow for steady incompressible laminar free convective magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) Casson fluid over an exponential stretching surface rooted in a thermal stratified medium. Das et al. [9] analyzed the effect of mass and heat transfer for unsteady Casson fluid in a vertical plat. Raju et al


Abstract: The flow problem presented in the paper is boundary-layer flow of nanofluids over a moving surface in the presence of Diffusion thermo(Dufour), radiation absorption and chemical reaction. The numerical solutions of the boundary layer equations are assumed of oscillatory type. Constant velocity U0 is considered.

Impact of Thermal Radiation on Magnetohydrodynamic

Processes 2019, 7, 369 2 of 19 discuss heat transmission investigat ion of the thin partials motion up on an unsteady extending piece. Aziz et al. [6] investigate the problem related to heat transfer of thin layer flow with thermal

Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2021, Vol. 13(5) 1 10

nanofluid and squeezing flow of carbon nanotubes. Ramana Reddy et al.9 studied the inclined MHD unsteady flow of a nanofluid with Hall current and soret effects. They observed that enhanced soret num-ber strengthens the momentum boundary layer thick-ness. Ayub et al.10 inspected the nanofluid flow with MHD, slip effects and Riga plate. Impact

Effect of Chemical Reaction on MHD Boundary Layer Flow of

condition within their problems. [6] presented an exact examination of mass and heat transfer past a vertical plate with Newtonian heating. Recently, the unsteady boundary layer flow and heat transfer of a Casson fluid under the Newtonian heating boundary condition for non-Newtonian fluid was studied by[7] [4] concluded that

Heat and Mass Transfer in Nanofluid Flow over an Inclined

reaction effects and heat transfer on Williamson fluid over a linearly stretching sheet in porous medium. Affify (2009) has presented a similarity solution for MHD free convective flow, heat and mass transfer over a stretching surface by considering suction and injection effects. Elbashbeshy (2001) discussed heat transfer over an


heat transfer like water, oil, and ethylene glycol. Nanofluid is an advanced technology that uses a mixture of the base fluid such as water or oil and nanoparticles such as silver, CuO, and Al 2 O 3, which improve the heat transfer process. Bashok et al. [2] studied the nanofluids boundary-layer of the flow around a movable surface.

Journals PDF Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT

In this paper, we study the chemical reaction and heat source effects on unsteady MHD free convection heat and mass transfer of a nanofluid flow past a semi-infinite flat plate in a rotating system. The plate is assumed to oscillate in time with steady frequency so that the solutions of the boundary layer are the similar oscillatory type.

Numerical analysis of flow characteristics of Jeffery

mathematically on three-dimensional boundary layer flow of Jeffrey nanofluid and also studied with a new mass flux condition. Khan (2015) established a note on exact solutions for the unsteady free convection flow of a Jeffrey fluid. Mehmood et al. (2017) scrutinized flow and heat transfer analysis of Jeffery nano fluid impinging obliquely

Chemical reaction, radiation and activation energy effects

convection, and convective boundary conditions of viscous fluid flow over a plate. They observed that the rate of mass transfer increases and heat transfer decreases on increasing the chemical reaction parameter. The process of transfer of mass along with the

Hall and ion slip effects on Unsteady MHD Convective

We have considered Hall and ion slip effects on the unsteady free convective flow of nanofluids (Cu and TiO 2) of ambient temperature T∞ over a vertical semi-infinite mov-ing plate entrenched in a homogeneous porous medium under thermal buoyancy effect with a constant heat source and convective boundary conditions. We assumed both the

Radiative and magnetohydrodynamics flow of the presence of

reactors, boundary layer control in aerodynamics and cooling towers. Aracely Lopez et al. [21] investigated numerically the heat transfer and entropy generation in a magnetohydrodynamic flow of nanofluid through a porous vertical microchannel with nonlinear Radiative heat flux using runge-Kutta integration method and shooting technique.

JNNCE Journal of Engineering & Management (JJEM) An

boundary layer flow and heat transfer of nanofluid over an unsteady stretching sheet in a porous medium by considering nonlinear thermal radiation and chemical reaction. In this study the governing equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations by using similarity transformation. Numerical solutions of

Effects of Non-Linear Thermal Radiation and Chemical

The heat transfer and boundary layer flow due to nanofluids are the thrust areas of current research. The heat transfer property is a special feature of boundary layer flow of a nanofluids over a stretching sheet. Choi [17] narrated that in various areas of fluid flows nanofluids comprising with nanoparticles and base fluids are the important

International Journal of Heat and Technology

the heat and mass transport phenomena have been inspected by diverse authors in recent time. For details one can refer the followings [18, 19]. To the best of authors idea, the investigation of comprehensive comparison of unsteady MHD radiative boundary layer Casson and Williamson fluid flow yields an International Journal of Heat and

Computational Modelling on MHD Radiative Sisko Nanofluids

The boundary layer phenomena for Sisko-nano fluid flow is being observed with the effect of MHD and thermal radiation on a non-linear stretched surface. For developing a fundamental flow model, a boundary layer approximation is done, which represents time subservient momentum, concentration and energy equations.

Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of Williamson Viscous

and Shankar [38] was studied MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer of a nanofluid past a permeable stretching sheet with velocity, thermal and solutal slip boundary conditions. Next, heat transfer analysis due to an unstedy stretching/shrinking cylinder with partial slip condition and suction was investigated by Abbas et al. [39].

Dual DTM-Padé approximations on free convection MHD mass

The heat and mass transfer problems of MHD flow of nanofluid with chemical reaction have gained a considerable amount of attention among the researchers due to its rich applications in many industrial processes such as spray drying of milk, energy transfer in a

Inclined Lorentzian force effect on tangent hyperbolic

steady-state boundary layer flow of a nanofluid from an impermeable vertical flat wall in a porous medium saturated with a water-based dilute nanofluid containing oxytactic microorganisms. Reddy et al. [15] studied the flow and heat transfer characteristics of Williamson MHD Nanofluid over a stretching

Journal of Physics: Conference Series PAPER OPEN ACCESS

The results reveal that the mass and heat transfer rate depend strongly on the heat generation and reaction rate parameters. The governing equations for the problems of heat and mass transfer on MHD boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with heat sink under the effects of chemical reaction and radiation are discussed in this paper. The equations that govern the boundary layer in this study are

Unsteady boundary layer flow of thermophoretic MHD

In this study we analyze the boundary layer flow of a thermophoretic magnetohydrodynamic dissipative nanofluid over an unsteady stretching sheet in a porous medium with space and time dependent internal heat source/sink. The governing equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations by using similarity transformation.

Published Online November 2019 in IJEAST (http://www

mass transfer flow past a porous vertical plate in presence of viscous dissipation. Kho et al (2017) investigated thermal radiation effect on MHD flow and heat transfer analysis of Williamson nanofluid past over a stretching sheet with constant wall temperature. Kumaresan et al (2017) worked on chemically reacting on MHD boundary layer flow of

Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2019, Vol. 11(11) 1 17

boundary layer flow of a nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms along a vertical flat plate. Bioconvection flow of a nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorgan-isms past a vertical slender cylinder is studied by Mallikarjuna et al.24 Waqas et al.25 scrutinized heat and mass transfer impacts on bioconvection flow of a second-grade nanofluid.


hydromagnetic boundary layer flow of nanofluids Jadavpur University Continuing 10 Shri Shib Radiative MHD Williamson nanofluid flow in porous medium: A K.Das, P. K. Kundu, Inclined magnetic field effects on unsteady nanofluid flow and heat transfer in a finite thin film with non-uniform heat source/sink, Multidiscipline

Influence of Thermophysical Features on MHD Squeezed Flow

Theoretical investigation of variable mass diffusivity, thermal conductivity, and viscosity on unsteady squeezed flow of dissipative Casson fluid is presented. Physically, for any effective heat and mass transfer process, a proper account of thermophysical properties in such a system is required to attain the desired production output.

Dual solutions for stagnation-point flow and convective

Heat Mass Transfer DOI 10.1007/s00231-015-1627-y ORIGINAL Dual solutions for stagnation‑point flow and convective heat transfer of a Williamson nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking sheet

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Mutuku, B. Yan. MHD Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluids Past a Permeable Moving Flat Surface with Convective Heating and Viscous Dissipation, Clifford Analysis, Clifford Algebra and their Applications (CACAA), Vol. 3(2), 183-192, 2014. 7. Winifred Nduku Mutuku, MHD Non-linear Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluids

Analytical and Numerical Solution of Viscous Fluid Flow

and Unsteady solution of curve duck flow with the effects of aspect ratio was analysed [33-36]. The study is undertaking to explore the fluid flow through an infinite vertical penetrable plate with the effect of thermal radiation, MHD, and chemical reaction on heat and mass transfer. The boundary conditions and mathematical models

Numerical Computation of Dusty Hybrid Nanofluid Flow and

18/3/2021  Kho et al. [56] observed the reduction of boundary layer thickness for increasing velocity and thermal slip parameters in their investigation of Williamson nanofluid flow. Motivated by the aforementioned work, our aim is to examine the effect of both velocity and thermal slip on the heat transfer of a dusty hybrid nanofluid.

Vol.16(10), pp. 91-108, 2456-477X

Double stratification effects on heat and mass transfer in unsteady MHD nanofluid flow over a flat surface, Asia Pacific Journal on Computational Engineering, Vol. 4 (2), DOI 10.1186/s40540-017-0021-2


Unsteady boundary layer flow and heat transfer of a Casson fluid past an oscillating vertical plate with Newtonian heating Plos One 9(10): e108763 2014 ISI 10 Abid Hussanan, Zulkhibri Ismail, Ilyas Khan, Atheer G. Hussein, Sharidan Shafie Unsteady boundary layer MHD free convection flow in a porous medium with constant mass


boundary layer flowof micropolar flow and heat transfer characteristics of micropolar fluid in the melting process towards a porous stretching/shrinking surface. Recently, Mohanty et al. [16]presented the the study of unsteady heat and mass transfer characteristics of a viscous incom-pressible electrically conducting micropolar fluid.

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(4) International Journal of Thermal Scienc (4) Heat and Mass Transfer (4) Physics Letters A (4) Ain Shams Engineering Journal (4) Arabian Journal for Science and Engine (4) Journal of Power Technologies (3) Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences (3) IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (3) Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems a

Hall Effects on MHD Convective Flow Through a Porous

Recently, [16] have analysed the effect of radiation on an unsteady MHD convective flow through a non-uniform horizontal channel. [17-21] investigated the Hall effect on an unsteady MHD oscillatory convective heat transfer flow of a radiating and chemically reacting fluid through a porous medium in a rotating vertical porous channel.


nanoparticles on three-dimensional MHD flow, heat and mass transfer of radiating Eyring-Powell fluid over a stretching sheet. Journal of Nanofluids, 4(4), 474-484. Gorla, R.S.R., & Gireesha, B.J. (2016). Dual solutions for stagnation-point flow and convective heat transfer of a Williamson nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking sheet.

4-1746-Flow and Heat Transfer in MHD Dusty Nanofluid - Dr

on MHD boundary layer flow and melting heat transfer of non-Newtonian nanofluid. Stagnation-point flow and convective heat transfer of a Williamson nanofluid past a stretching/shrinking sheet was discussed by Gorla and Gireesha [28]. Recently, the researchers [29-31] analyzed the heat and mass

Roles of nanoparticles and heat generation/absorption on

2O nanofluid flow through a vertical cone with viscous-Ohmic dissipation and also described that the mass transfer rate declined as velocity slip parameters values in-creased. Chamkha et al. [24] utilized the finite difference method to solve the governing equations of boundary layer flow of vertical plate. Mishra et al. [25] explained the im-


and chemical reaction on a two-dimensional unsteady boundary layer flow of an incompressible and viscous Williamson nanofluid over a heated permeable stretching

Chemical reaction and thermal radiation effects on MHD

convective heat and mass transfer in a viscoelastic boundary layer slip flow past a vertical permeable plate with thermal radiation and chemical reaction. Abzal et al. [16] examined MHD free convection flow and unsteady mass transfer near a moving vertical plate in the presence of thermal radiation.

MHD Effects on Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow with

boundary layer nanofluid flow regarding heat with mass transfer has been stated through porous media by Haile and Shankar with considering thermal radi[4] a-tion including viscous dissipation with chemical reaction effects. They were con-sidered copper (Cu)-water and Al 2 O 3-water nanofluids


CFD study of heat and mass transfer and entropy generation in a 3D WILLIAMSON-CASSON FLUIDS FLOW OVER A STRETCHING SURFACE WITH NON-UNIFORM HEAT SOURCE/SINK , Thermal H. F. Öztop, Mohamed E. Ali, Mixed Convection of Hybrid Nanofluids in an Annulus , Journal of Modeling and Optimization 2018;10(2):55-64, Non ISI., (ISSN: 1759

Open Access proceedings Journal of Physics: Conference series

29/12/2020  the dual solutions for the stagnation point flow and convective heat transfer of a Williamson nanofluid past a stretching or shrinking sheet. As a continuation, the main purpose of the present work is to investigate the thermal radiation and magnetic effects on heat transfer flow of Williamson nanofluid over a stretching sheet. Constant wall

Hall effects on Unsteady MHD Rotating flow of Second grade

and G.S.Reddy [25] discussed the unsteady MHD convective flow of second grade fluid through a porous medium in a rotating parallel plate channel with a temperature-dependent source. Veera Krishna et al. [26] discussed heat and mass transfer on unsteady MHD oscillatory flow of blood through porous arteriole.