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Otto Schuhmann and Family -

Otto!Schuhmann!bought!1.5!acres!immediatelysouth!fromArthur!Rambo!and! thereby!gained!the!maximumextent!of!his!holdings!in!Sonoma,!4.07!acres.!Otto Schuhmann then owned all the northern portion of lot 513, north of a straight east-west line. (2) On12/6/38 Otto made a Gift Deed of the whole property to his daughter Elsa Martha.


summary table or arrivals from germany at the port of baltimore may 12, 1854 to december 31, 1854 vessel passengers names on list families wilhelmine

Husserl and Lask

Karl Schuhmann and Barry Smith from: Kant-Studien, 83 (1993), 448 466. 1. Neo-Kantianism and Phenomenology: Antagonism and Convergence The changes which took place in philosophy at the turn of the present century were of a quite peculiarly dramatic sort. With the year 1900, as Bertrand Russell was

Two Routes 'To Concreteness' in the Work of the Bakhtin Circle

In 1918 the young Georg Lukics published an obituary of the last major Baden School neo-Kantian Emil Lask in which the latter's varied work was commended for being underlain by an essential common drive [Drang]: the drive to concreteness. ' This drive was especially problematic, however, in