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Put muscle into your writing by using strong verbs

replacing the underlined verbs with stronger verbs from the HELP SECTION. When they have done that, let them compare the two versions, so that they can see how the use of stronger verbs makes their writing more effective, e.g. using creaked instead of swung (8) involves our senses,

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For verbs that end in consonant + y, we remove the y and add ies: I study English at school. Dana studies English at school. Bill studys English at school Other verbs like this include: cry, try, fly, carry Special Case #2 For verbs that end in -o, -sh, -s, -ss, -ch, -x, we add -es. They go to English class on Wednesday.

1 Class Diagrams and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) 2

Discover the semantic relationships between entities. These are usually the verbs that connect the nouns. Not all relationships are this blatant, you may have to discover some on your own. The easiest way to see all possible relationships is to build a table with the entities across the columns and down the rows, and fill in those cells where a

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The verbs in both examples are in the prefix conjugation, and in both situations the agent is a woman (grammatically, 3rd person feminine singular). The root ש.ב.ל is evident in both forms, as is the prefix ת, typical of 3rd person feminine singular in the prefix conjugation. The difference between the two

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Verbs capitalized English Some verbs in top 50 Most of top ten are routines, sound effects, names for people Italian Some verbs in top 50 Most of top ten are routines, sound effects, names for people If all non-nominals treated as verbs, then Italian actually has fewer verbs in top 10 words

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Verbs (pp. 20 21) The Types of Verbs and the Verbals flip-flap pieces can be used the same way as the Nouns pieces listed above, with students recording definitions and examples on the backs of the flaps and on the notebook paper. The Verbs tab booklet should be assembled by cutting the pieces out,

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some texts called mixed verbs or hybrids see index), verbs in German are either weak or strong. The strong or irregular verbs are not as difficult to learn as it might seem, if it is remembered that most of them can be classified into seven major groups. For example, the verbs bleiben, leihen, meiden, preisen, reiben,

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LIST OF VERBS Verbs show actions or states of being. There are three major categories of verbs. 1. Helping Verbs (Auxiliary Verbs) 2. Action Verbs 3. Linking Verbs Helping Verbs These do just what their name implies. They help the main verb in the sentence by telling us more about its tense and the subtleties of its meaning.

Countable and uncountable nouns in English

Some nouns formed from verbs: advertising, skating Some disease names: AIDS, flu, measles Abstract values: business, happiness, justice, poverty, unemployment, weather Names in -ics: athletics, economics, electronics, mathematics, mechanics, physics, politics ⚠ The article 'a' is sometimes found in front of some uncountable nouns

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To summarize, here are some things to remember when completing the Job Duties section of the job description: The Job Duties section should contain 3 - 5 Key Accountabilities. Title each Key Accountability section to summarize the function / role. Include 2 - 3 concise Duty Statements for each Key Accountability.

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verbs are potential methods or responsibilities of a class CRC card exercises write down classes' names on index cards next to each class, list the following: responsibilities: problems to be solved; short verb phrases collaborators: other classes that are sent messages by this class (asymmetric) UML diagrams

Power Verbs for Managers

power verbs adds color, flavor, spark, enhanced rhythm, and kick to our written words as well, such as poems, plays, and other writing. We have noticed that many writers and speakers hang safely to bland verbs of being. Just as a reminder, verbs of being are forms of the infinitive to be am, are, is, was,

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verb. This book is a verb thesaurus comprising a collection of verbs that chal-lenge, encourage, lead, and inspire. Indeed, in some verbs, the author s military background shines through. We don t find ten hut, check fire, carry on, march, and fall out ; however, we do find verbs with tails, such as cross the Rubicon,

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Action Verbs with Examples Using behavioral verbs in our course and assessment activities has a number of benefits for engaging students in the learning process. First, because they describe an observable product or action, we can use them to devise activities that make the student an active participant in his or her learning. Secondly they may

Quarter 1 Module 3: Use of Modal Verbs, Nouns, and Adverbs

1 Modal Verbs What s In Before this lesson, you learned about the proper ways of citing sources. Let us see if you can still remember some of the important concepts. Activity: Let s Review Read each of the following situations. Write A if it is acceptable and NA if it is not acceptable in writing a bibliography. Write your answers on a separate

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Some parts are shown in greater detail than others. (Step 1) Start with a user-story and identify nouns and verbs. The user story for Read an Assignment has highlighted some nouns and verbs. User actions and interface elements are in . Nouns: document, vocab-list, server, user-action, log-file Verbs : display , record


Verbs The Cases P ART VI. PROSODY. Quantity of Vowels and Syllables Verse-Structure The Dactylic Hexameter The Dactylic Pentameter Iambic Measures SUPPLEMENTS TO THE GRAMMAR. I. Roman Calendar II. Roman Names III. Figures of Syntax and Rhetoric Index to the Illustrative Examples Cited in the Syntax Index to the Principal Parts of Latin Verbs

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Lorin Anderson, a former student of Bloom, revisited the cognitive domain in the learning taxonomy in the mid-nineties and made some changes, with perhaps the two most prominent ones being, 1) changing the names in the six categories from noun to verb forms, and 2) slightly rearranging them (Anderson, Krathwohl,

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To the best of our knowledge, ours is the first work on jointly m odeling names and verbs. 2 Generative model for faces and body poses The news item corpus used to train our face and pose model consists of still images of person(s) performing some action(s). Each image is annotated with a caption describing who s doing what

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Again, some names are capable of being derived, with equal accuracy, from two or even three different roots as e.g., when the root is one with a feeble radical, or doubles the second radical, the inflection of such verbs being to some extent similar, but where an alternative rendering has been thought possible it has been given.

: Evidence is presented showing that denominal verbs in

of a Root from within the argument structure, producing the measuring-out effect, and verbs whose names are derived some other way, by a mysterious, parametrically varying, ill-understood process which I'll call Manner Incorporation 2 Background Much recent work on telicity has turned on the important connection between the direct

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nouns and verbs. 2. The prepositional particles under fee - These precurse nouns only. 3. The jussive particles under lam - These precurse verbs in the future form only (al-fi l al-mudaari ) 10

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names, verbs, determiners, prepositions, and number words. Several related topics are also discussed, including naïve essential ism, chil- dren s understanding of representational art, the nature of numerical and spatial reasoning, and the role of words in the shapi ng of men-

277 Action Words that Supercharge Your High Impact Writing

But before we dive into the list, here are some quick tips: Tip #1: Nail the Verb First The list contains mostly verbs. And theres a reason. Verbs are the most critical part in marketing writing. They are the action-driver. Find the right verb first. There are thousands of fantastic adjectives and adverbs too. But that can be a trap.

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few pieces (morphemes) some of which have readily identifiable meanings and some of which serve a connecting or grammatical function. What follows is a brief description of this structure. A more complete description is in the Teaching Grammar Verbs Oneida verbs consist of a stem, which may be either simple (as simple as a single

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Stative Verbs List Some verbs are only (or mostly) used in simple tenses, and are not used in continuous tenses. An example of a simple tense is the present simple, or the past simple. An example of a continuous tense is the present continuous or past continuous. These verbs are called stative, or state verbs.

Chapter I: Nouns in the English System

a) Names of instruments having two parts forming a kind of pair: bellows, scissors, tongs, pincers, and spectacles. b) Names of certain articles of dress: trousers, drawers, and breeches. c) Certain names of games: billiards, draughts, cards, and dominoes. d) A compound noun normally forms its plural by adding s to the principal word, as

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State verbs and event (action or dynamic) verbs State verbs normally without a continuous form Difference of meaning in stative and active verbs Other uses of present continuous Other uses of present simple Future time Basic contrasts: will, going to, present continuous Future continuous Future perfect Other ways of referring to the future

Chapter 12a Introduction to Verbs

verbs to emphasize or intensify the verbal action. It may also be used in the place of an Imperative to express a command. Participle Verbal Adjective. Verbally, the Participle expresses some type of verbal action such as studying or learning. Adjectivally, it is used much like a Hebrew adjective: attributively, predicatively or

List of adjectives describing personal qualities

24. He has shown some effort. Unfavourable 1. Emotional instability tends to cause poor result. 2. Poor result: should take full advantage of the summer vacation. 3. Should work more conscientiously. 4. Should try to make up the deficiency during the summer vacation. 5. Regular study during the summer vacation is needed to improve his poor

Counting nouns and verbs in the input: differential

of children contain proportionally many more nouns than verbs. Nelson (1973), for example, detailed some of the early language production of toddlers. Of the earliest words produced by children, she found 65% were object words, 13% were action words and only 9% were modifiers. Stern (1924) found that 78% of children s early word productions

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Verbs are made negative by the use of the words ne and nat on either side of the verb. Either one or both words may be present to indicate the negative. Pronouns Middle English pronouns are most easily understood by means of a broad historical overview. The tables below give only some common spellings, the actual number of spellings to be found

Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns

some state, and operating instructions. The difference is that when Verbs are al-lowed to exist independently, you don't need to invent new Noun concepts to hold them. Javalanders look upon their neighbors with disdain; this is the way of things in the Kingdoms of Programming. If You Dig a Hole Deep Enough

Lesson-10 In Sanskrit, verbs are associated with ten different

form to iÝy when applied to some roots. In some cases it may become Ýy. There is no direct rule or formula which we can remember in respect of this infix. It will be necessary to commit to memeory the forms for different verbs. For many verbs, two root forms may be seen. For example, gm› , g¯Cq are the two root forms given for g¯C¢t.

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Again, some names are capable of being derived, with equal accuracy, from two or even three different roots as e.g., when the root is one with a feeble radical, or doubles the second radical, the inflection of such verbs being to some extent similar, but where an alternative rendering has been thought possible it has been given.

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17.3 Helping Verbs (Page 19) Practice 1 Exercise 1 Adding Helping Verbs to Sentences Sample helping verbs are given. Linking Verbs (Linking Verb or Action 17) sel Distinguishing Between Linking Verbs ion Verbs åCtion action action action ICtion action action linking e2 Adding Verbs to Sentences IS will vary; samples are given. tastes, linking

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sentence. If you don t understand some of the terms and concepts in this handout, please refer to our Homegrown Handouts on Nouns: The Basics, Nouns: Advanced, and Transitive and Intransitive Verbs. How We Name Things As you probably know, a noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. Firefighter,

You need to memorise the names, not type numbers

The predicates of sentences can be structured into five different ways. Some books assign them type numbers (like Types 1-5), but these are not used universally. You need to memorise the names, not type numbers. Depending on the type of predicate you have, the verb is labelled intransitive, linking, or transitive. Predicates with Intransitive Verbs

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Phrases with such verbs are finite verb phrases. In most finite verb phrases, the first verb is the only finite verb: He had filled the tub. (Filled in this sentence is a past participle.) Modals, which begin many verb phrases, are not as clear as to their finiteness. They don't take endings that indicate the past or present tense, but some