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Opportunities and challenges for technology development and

public libraries. METHOD In this study, we used a qualitative multi-site approach [6], where we studied three public libraries, each in a different country, over the course of six months. The primary re-search carried out included (1) ethnographic studies and semi-structured individual and group interviews, (2) co-design work-


in Finland, 15% in Sweden, 12% in Denmark and are also highly international in experience and origin. NORDES continues to be highly international among full and short/exploratory paper authors, 9% come from institutions in the United States, NORDES 2019

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essential civic institutions, most of Sweden s public libraries remain open, but of course with limitations. In Stockholm, 12 of 40 public library branches stay open, but with reduced opening hours and with strict limitations regarding the number of simultaneous visitors. All public events have been

Challenges Facing the Developing Countries

of the fact that a short time ago very short in terms of the life span of the earth peo-ple were nomadic food gatherers, garnering an existence as best they could from what nature threw their way. It has been only about 10 000 years since the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution, when people changed from food gatherers to food producers.

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Case studies from Sweden, Kenya, Germany, Ukraine, China, and Serbia highlight challenges and opportunities in implementing sustainable approaches in public libraries. Examples of best practice from academic libraries in Hong Kong, Cameroon, Germany, Uganda, USA and Kenya, are presented. All papers published in this book are

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served on faculties in both public and private schools and has experience in homeschooling, as well. Her husband, Robert, teaches psychology at Liberty. They are parents of four children. Mrs. DeLong is co-author of three books: Core Collection for Small Libraries, Contemporary Christian Authors, and Young Adult Poetry: A Survey and Theme Guide.

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level of public versus private funding and control. Design Issues In contrast with the U.S. studies reviewed in several other articles in this journal issue (see the articles by Barnett, Yoshikawa, and St. Pierre and colleagues), few of the inter-national studies employed an experimental design with random assignment of children

Guide to Telework in the Federal Government

Public Law 108-199, Division B, § 627 of January 23, 2004, and Public Law 108-447, Division B, § 622 of December 8, 2004) followed this mandate with directives to certain agencies to increase telework participation in the workforce by specified amounts.

Resolving Individual Labour Disputes

Convention. Nevertheless, short excerpts from them may be reproduced without authorization, on condition that the source is indicated. For rights of reproduction or translation, application should be made to ILO Publications (Rights and Licensing), International Labour Office, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland, or by email: [email protected]

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Alternatives for Waste Management

phone book, draperies that are too short, or a closet Table 1. How Long Does It Take to Decompose (EPA, 2013a) Paper towel 2 4 weeks Plastic bag 10 20 years Newspaper 6 weeks Plastic film container 20 30 years Apple core 2 months Tin can 50 years Waxed milk carton 3 months Rubber boot sole 50 80 years

Issue no. 60 June 2004

Practices of Children s Libraries So keep those reports, photographs and emails coming in. Do keep them short and sweet. Best regards and bye for now! Kiang-Koh Lai Lin Editor of the Section Editorial Notes from the Chair What makes children s libraries outstanding? Is it a space full of children and parents

Employment Security: Conceptual and Statistical Issues

in self-employment in Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the UK between 1979 and 1992 (OECD, 1994a, p. 8). In his context it needs to be noted that part of the reason for exclusion of varioust kinds of self-employment from the discussion on employment security is the belief that

Negative to That of Others, But Negligent of One s Own? On

Prior research has already shown that women in Sweden participate more than men in various cultural activities (Antoni 2008). If one looks at visits to libraries, a public institution associated with democratic ideals of self education and cultural experiences (Gustavssson

Why is legal deposit Important? Aims of legal deposit law

Naonal and University Libraries) IFLA 2010, Besserl/Malssen‐Legal Deposit 4 Short History of Legal Deposit 1537 France, Ordonnance de Montpellier 1594 Belgium, then abolished 1886, reinstated 1966 1610 Great Britain‐Bodley 1661 Sweden, 1697 Denmark,


in the History of Chemistry are on public display at a given time. In order to make the remaining 75% available in some form, it was decided to initiate a series of short museum booklets, each dedicated to a particular instrument or laboratory technique of historical importance to the science of chemistry. Each booklet would

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Business Plan for a Startup Business

information is available in public libraries, industry associations, chambers of commerce, from vendors who sell to your industry, and from government agencies. Start with your local library. Most librarians are pleased to guide you through their business data collection. You will be amazed at what is there. There are more online

Trauma and Second Language Learning among Laotian Refugees

short-term recall and long-term memory storage than did subjects without PTSD (Bremner et al., 1993). Instructor and anecdotal reports have explored the impact of trauma on learning. Horsman s (2000) groundbreaking study explores the impact of violence on adult learners.

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other children in local public libraries, museums, or after school programs. Not only do adults ask questions and observe behaviors but children do as well. Example issues we have examined with this technique include how children choose books and how they search on the web (Druin 2005).


Studies permits the publishing of short notes and papers extending or replicating previous empirical findings. All articles are subject to double blind peer review. AUDIENCE. University and departmental libraries, research institutions and societies devoted to the study of political science generally, and elections particularly.

Sample Model Pandemic Flu Policy

Administration, and other organizations that monitor public health threats, influenza or flu is caused by a variety of influenza A viruses. These viruses can cause different diseases: avian (or bird) flu, H1N1 (swine flu), pandemic influenza, and seasonal flu. Pandemic influenza can occur when mutating flu viruses become transmissible to humans

Description of Gemella sanguinis sp. nov., Isolated from

Go¨teborg, Go¨teborg, Sweden, for identification. Strain CCUG 24073 was received from the Public Health Laboratory, Go¨te-borg, and was isolated from a 46-year-old woman. Strain CCUG 33602 was received from the Public Health Laboratory, Vaxjo, Sweden, and originated from a 69-year-old male. No clinical information about these strains is

Minnesota Historical Society Notes

under the title So This is St. Paul ! there is a short statement about changes in that city during the last quarter of a century written by the society's newspaper librarian, Mr. John Taiman. The superintendent and the curator of manuscripts attended the Richmond meeting of the American Historical Association in December (see post, p. 78).

Literacy Education: Need We Start Early?

It is interesting to note that Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland rank among the highest in the world in economic development. All four reported that their communities have a plentiful supply of books in homes and school libraries, and that public libraries and bookstores were also available to students.

Two Worlds One Librarian My Experiences as a Children s

to learn about the importance of collaborations between public and school libraries based on my experiences as a children s librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) library and at the Saint Benedict the Moor School library at the same time.

Bram Stoker S Vampire trap

Bram Stoker s notes, taken down since March 1890 while he was preparing and writing his novel Dracula (published 1897), offer us an unique chance to understand the development of the best-known fictional character of all time: Count Dracula.

Vilma Sundborg papers Inventory Accession No: 2253-001

Notes on Personal Life Vilma Sundborg was born in varmland, Sweden, but moved to Stockholm, probably as a child. In Stockholm she studied drama at Ludvig Josefson's Theatre School, where Greta Garbo also attended. She was a member of Fr6berg1s Theatre company and other theatre groups. In the late 1890's, probably, she immigrated to the U.S.

A comparative study on industrial relations and collective

Convention. Nevertheless, short excerpts from them may be reproduced without authorization, on condition that the source is indicated. For rights of reproduction or translation, application should be made to ILO Publications (Rights and Permissions), International Labour Office, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland, or by email:

Cell Phones, Electromagnetic Radiation, and Cancer: A Study

Key Words: cell phones, electromagnetic radiation, cancer, health, public policy Author Notes: There are no conflicts of interest, and the author did not receive any funding for this paper. The author is an MPP candidate at the George Mason University School of Public Policy.

September 2003 No. 3 Public Employment Services

including call centers and self-service kiosks in public places, such as shopping centers, libraries, telecenters, and schools. Mobile service centers, i.e., vans with a satellite dish and computer technology, are being used in countries like Brazil to reach out to rural areas. Poland offers an example of how to build on existing infrastructure.

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Quantity Surveying Class Notes Zuj Author: Subject: Quantity Surveying Class Notes Zuj Keywords: quantity, surveying, class, notes, zuj Created Date: 5/30/2021 3:40:02 AM

Technology and the Innovation Economy

Oct 19, 2011 Both public and private sector investment created jobs, spent by the government in Sweden, 3.1 percent by Japan, and 3.0 percent by South Bond notes that 23 countries now offer a more

Social Navigation, Recommender Systems, and Libraries

less used in libraries. The most well developed example of a RS on a library OPAC that we are aware of is the one used at the University of Karlsruhe, developed in 2002. It is based on log file analysis, not on ratings, and has been fully operational in the public interface of the catalog. As Geyer-Schultz et al. explain, there a number

Chapter One

wealthy proudly boasted of their private libraries, and public libraries were instituted in America in the 1700s at the prompting of Benjamin Franklin. As library collections grew and became publicly accessible, the desire for focused search became more acute. Hierar­

Support for carers of older people some intranational and

surgeries, public libraries, social services departments, carers organisations, leisure centres and sub-post offices; and ! free bus travel for carers travelling with someone to whom they are providing care; and ! health Professional Wales is promoting the development of flexible working practices and carer-friendly employment policies

Thutong Past Exam Papers

Sweden, is Professor in Education focusing on values, gender and diversity at Umeå University, Sweden. Since 2001 she has been actively engaged in co-operation with South African colleagues. This has inspired comparison between South Africa and Sweden, exemplified in some of the chapters in her book In Search of Human Dignity

Supporting immigrants political integration through

Public libraries are of particular importance in regard to integration because they frequently act as a point of entry for immigrants into the receiving society (Putnam, 2003). Supporting immigrants political integration through discussion and debate in public libraries Jamie Johnston Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway Ragnar Audunson


enabled me to publish this paper at short notice and to my friends Alida Kreutzer, Friedo Niepmann, Reinhold Koch and Roy Hessing, for their ongoing interest in my projects. Munich, 6 February 2012 Hans Corneel de Roos Bram Stoker. Dracula: Notes & Outline, ca. 1890 - ca. 1896, p. 33b (detail),