Where Do You Put Specimen Bags After Collection

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COVID-19 Quick Reference SOPs

Collection Medium Label properly and to put a stickerto identify the samples asCOVID-2019 suspected Specimens in viral transport media and other samples like blood, urine should be packed in separate zip lock bags individually All samples of same patients should be packed in a big zip lock bag and sealed properly


CONTAMINATION OF NURSING BAGS 127 home health nurses provided bags and equipment for culture. 351 cultures of bags and equipment obtained over a 20 month period. Slides used with permission: Madigan, EA and Kenneley, IL, Case Western Reserve, 2006.

How to safely collect blood samples from persons suspected to

Put infectious waste bags and leak-proof and puncture resistant sharps container into patient room and make sure they are ready for use. Place all blood collection equipment in a place that is easy to access. Step 3b: Identify and prepare the patient. Introduce yourself to the patient and explain what you will do with the