Effect Of Brain Damage On Intelligence In Rats

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Nutrient and toxin interactions in neurodegenerative disease

by PH Evans 1994 Cited by 5 experimental ischaemia-reperfusion oxidative injury in rats, indicates that vitamin E may not be a sensitive index of ROM-mediated brain damage (Yue et al.

The supplementation of pasak bumi - Clinical Nutrition Open

rat þ 70% ethanol extract pasak bumi (EPB) 7.5 mg/kgBW,. P3 ¼ undernourished rat This has an impact on brain damage resulting in decreased intelligence.

Edaravone attenuates neuronal apoptosis in hippocampus of

by Y Ding 2019 Cited by 1 Introduction: The purpose of our study was to explore the effects of edara- vone on rats with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and investigate the underlying.

The Detrimental Effects of Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Brain

by AL Smith 2016 Spatial working memory deficits in male rats following neonatal hypoxic ischemic brain injury can be attenuated by task modifications

The effect of nuclear factor erythroid 2‐related factor

by L Zhang 2017 Cited by 15 impaired the spatial learning and memory of the rats, damaged the neuronal ultrastructure, increased While the effect of La accumulation in the brain on.

Motivational deficits after brain injury: effects of - Journal of

by JH Powell 1996 Cited by 257 Motivational deficits after brain injury: effects ofbromocriptine in 11 patients cholamine neurons projecting to frontal cortex in rat. Brain Res 1978 

Brain lesions impairing visual and spatial reversal learning in

by R Thompson 1982 Cited by 32 which lesion placements within the rat brain would lead to defective acquisition of a spatial by investigating the effects of selective brain lesions.13 pages

Radial-maze performance in the rat following lesions of

by MA Goodale 1981 Cited by 45 The present study was designed to examine the effects of peripheral At the end of the experiment, the 16 rats with brain lesions were killed with sodium 

Effect of polysaccharides of the Euphoria longan (Lour.) Steud

by J Chen 2010 Cited by 7 Effect of polysaccharides of the Euphoria longan (Lour.) Steud on inflammatory response induced by focal cerebral ischemia/ reperfusion injury in rats.

Progesterone for Neuroprotection in Pediatric Traumatic Brain

by MD Corina Noje 2015 one for adult traumatic brain injury is reviewed. Data Extraction and Data Synthesis: Progesterone is a pleiotro- pic agent with beneficial effects on 

Behavioral consequences of abnormal cortical development

by J Berger-Sweeney 1997 Cited by 235 Neonatal NE depletion on PND1 also reduced dendritic branching which led to thinner cor- tices and smaller brain sizes in rats with frontal cortical damage and 

Cognitive effects of seizures - Seizure - European Journal of

by G Vingerhoets 2006 Cited by 196 regarding the gradual and chronic effects of (cumulative) seizures on cognition. In (permanent) brain damage that could be responsi-.

MicroRNA sequencing of rat hippocampus and - Nature

by HA Weisz 2020 Cited by 3 rat models of TBI (controlled cortical impact [CCI] and fluid percussion injury Among the global health challenges posed by traumatic brain injuries 

For Reference - eScholarship

Rat. Hebb-Williams maze performance. Neonatal brain lesions To study effects of differential experience on recovery from brain lesions and on gross 

Late Neurologic and Cognitive Sequelae of Inflicted Traumatic

brain injury (TBI), including shaken infant syndrome. and third years of life, although the consequences of frontal lobe injury may be underestimated 

Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury - VetsHQ

consequences of fluid-percussion brain injury in rats: Effects of post-traumatic relationship of preinjury intelligence, brain-tissue volume loss, 

The Effect of Electroconvulsive Shock on Retention of a

by F Pennington Jr 1957 The Effect of Electroconvulsive Shock on. Retention of a Discrimination Habit in Brain-. Damaged Rats. Dempsey Pennington F., Jr.

GABA-A Receptor Subunit Alterations Following Experimental

by CJ Gibson 2001 Traumatic Brain Injury and the Effects of an NMDA Antagonist: A receptor subunits a1 and 3 in the hippocampus of rats 3 hours, 24 hours, or 7 

The adolescent brain and age-related behavioral - CORE

by LP Spear 2000 Cited by 5918 ing the rewarding effects of drugs, social stimuli and their environmental modulation during adolescence. Yet, fore- brain systems of rodents are 

History of Neurology

27 Feb 2017 maze learning in rats in response to drugs, stimulation, brain damage cortex had no effect on the rats' performance.

Characterization of brain dystrophins absence and impact in

by D Caudal 2020 Cited by 4 Mdx mice where the locomotor phenotype is mild also display a high and maladaptive response to stress. Recently, we generated Dmdmdx rats 

Blast traumatic brain injury-induced cognitive deficits are

Introduction: Blast traumatic brain injury (B-TBI) affects military and civilian dementia-related gene pathways and cognitive deficits in mice somewhat 

Effects of leptin on neurocognitive and motor functions in

by EC Feng 2018 Cited by 11 In the present study, the neuroprotective effects of leptin in a rat model of preterm hypoxic-ischemic brain damage were investigated.

Subcortical lesions and Maze Retention in the Rat - Deep

by ME Olds 1964 Cited by 19 showed that most of these rats were still reinforced by the hypothalamic forcing effects (10) and because the reinforcement of brain stimulation in.

The Rat A Study - ANU Open Research

by SA Barnett 1976 Cited by 1590 From this we might suppose the effects of injury to be irrevocable. Yet in fact, an animal (or man) seriously handicapped by brain damage may undergo a 

a negative modulator at the GABA receptor, and cognitive impairmen

inhibitory effects on cholinergic neurotransmission. For ory deficits after traumatic brain injury in the rat. greater impairment in memory than intelligence​.

Oncology Intelligence - International Journal of Radiation

by S Hornsey 1981 Cited by 58 An isoefkct curve for X riy induced brain damage in tbe rat has been obtained by comparing the effects of fractionation of dose into 8.15 or 30 equal 

Diffuse Axonal Injury Associated Traumatic Brain Injury

by JM Meythaler 2001 Cited by 723 volve different receptors and biochemical pathways that impact recovery. Key Words: Accidents, traffic; Brain injuries; Diffuse ax-.

Effect of gabapentin on fetal rat brain and its - Cell Press

by GM Badawy 2019 Cited by 5 study was conducted to investigate the effects of prenatal exposure to the antiepileptic drug gabapentin (GBP) on the rat fetal brain during the 

Hypoglycemic Brain Injury - SAGE Journals

by GM de Courten-Myers 2000 Cited by 58 This difference in the brain pathologic consequences of insulin-induced hypoglycemia of comparable severity in the cat and rat is perplexing. Given the 

Behavioral performance of rats following transient forebrain

by BT Volpe 1984 Cited by 181 brain thought to be critical for learning and memory. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether ischemic damage to these neurons in the rat,.


by HC Lansdell 1953 Cited by 35 the effects of brain damage on rat intelligence, and the difference between infant and adult injury, with the new closed-field test and with rats reared in  4 pages


LASHLEY1 has shown that the occipital cortex of the rat possesses important prior to brain injury has not been available or the disturbance has been so 

Rat middle cerebral artery occlusion - AHA Journals

by JB Bederson 1986 Cited by 4055 the rat middle cerebral artery (MCA) in order to define the reliability and predictability LansdellHC: Effect of brain damage on intelligence in rats.

Neonatal brain damage and intelligence rats!

by KJ Hayes 1967 Cited by 1 Neonatal brain damage and intelligence rats! KEITH J. HAYES'?. LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES COUNTY GENERAL HOSPITAL. Rats were reared in a C(,mplex 

The Effect of Early and Late Brain Injury upon Test - JSTOR

by DO Hebb 1942 Cited by 429 of normal adult intelligence. The hypothesis is based in part on the recognized clinical fact that brain injury af- fects test scores unequally, and in part 

Neurocognitive effects after radiation exposure of children

The units of time for humans are months and for rats/mouse days. Traditionally, radiation-induced brain-injury is classified into Acute, Early and Late 

Effect of fluoride on the proteomic profile of the - De Gruyter

by Y Pan 2015 Cited by 5 DNA damage in primary rat hippocampal neurons. The hippocampus is one of the areas of brain most sen- sitive to a multitude of neurotoxic 

Traumatic Brain Injury in humans and animal - Diva Portal

by E Rostami 2012 Cited by 4 In addition we aimed to assess the effects of heterogeneity of TBI patients, predicts general intelligence after penetrating traumatic brain injury.97 pages

Post-traumatic epilepsy and recovery of function from

by J Droogan 1995 A model of the neurological effects of brain injury. Unilateral damage to the anterior medial cortex. (AMC) or sensorimotor cortex (SMC) of the rat.

Long Term Impact of Neonatal Injury in Male and Female Rats

by JL LaPrairie 2010 Cited by 69 Long Term Impact of Neonatal Injury in Male and Female Rats: aromatized to estradiol and ultimately results in the masculinization of the male brain.

Effects of environmental enrichment on fundamental - UNSWorks

performance on a measure of fluid intelligence (Raven's Standard Progressive. Matrices). effects of environmental stimulation on cognition in children and rats. cognitive processes in humans with acquired brain injuries. Some of the 

Impact of anaesthetics and surgery on neurodevelopment: an

by RD Sanders 2013 Cited by 197 now demonstrated that exposure of neonatal rodents to anaesthetics induces apoptosis in the developing brain. (Table 1). This injury is most 

Animal models of intellectual disability - SciELO

by CA Scorza 2011 Cited by 16 models of pediatric hypoxic-ischemic brain damage studied the effects of glutamate in the postnatal day 7 rat, which is considered analogous to the newborn 

Behavioral and neurochemical effects of prenatal halothane

by RE Bowman 1977 Cited by 15 present in brain at days 10-15 of gestation. The present paper presents data primarily on the behavioral toxicology resulting from exposure of rats to 


insults during pregnancy affects rat brain development and exerts study is to investigate the effects of Zinc sulfate on the rat brain.

The Effects of Toluene on the Central Nervous System

by CM Filley 2004 Cited by 295 In addition, substance abusers may have coexistent disorders such as acquired immuno- deficiency syndrome, traumatic brain injury, hepatic cirrhosis, and 

The Role of BDNF in Experimental and Clinical - MDPI

by D Gustafsson 2021 and the severity and type of brain injury will affect cognition. other BDNF SNP's had significant effect on IQ, rs1519480 and rs7124442.

Contributions of nonhuman primate research to - PNAS

by F Cacucci 2019 Cited by 4 regarding the effects of early brain injury on the development of this increase, Alex's verbal intelligence quotient (IQ) also increased.

Abnormalities in Brain and Muscle Microstructure - Frontiers

by S Xu 2020 in the DMD rat brain included increased GABA and NAA in the prefrontal cortex, and Identifying how dystrophin's absence affects the.