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A Lesson from the Life of Joseph

father Jacob about Joseph s disappearance, as we see in Genesis 37:31-34. They took Joseph s robe, which Jacob had given to him, and they dipped it in the blood of a goat they had slaughtered. Then they took the robe back to Jacob, telling him that they had found it, and they asked him to examine it to see if it was Joseph s.

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9. What did Jacob request and why (v. 18)? 10. How did Laban consider Jacob s request (v. 19)? 11. WRITE the phrase that describes Jacob s seven years of service, what was the reason (v. 20)? PERSONAL Jacob had a passionate love for Rachel. How did Jesus demonstrate His unconditional love for you (Romans 5:6-8)?

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3. What special favor did Jacob ask of Joseph before he died? 3 4. What did Joseph say in response to his father s request? (47:30-31) 4 5. Why did Jacob ask Joseph for help and not his other sons? 5 6. Why do many Jews want to be buried in the promised land? 6 7. When Jacob fell ill in Egypt, what did Joseph do? (48:1-2) 7 8.

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Jacob s favorite son was Joseph because he was born to Jacob s favorite wife, Rachel, in Jacob s old age (Gen. 30:22-24). That s why Jacob made Joseph a robe of many colors, a sign of favoritism toward Joseph and something that caused Joseph s brothers to despise him.

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III. How and why did Israel s situation in Egypt change? The situation as it existed under Joseph did not last forever. The favor ran out and the attitude of the Egyptians changed in relation to the children of Israel. A. There were things about the Israelites that the Egyptians never liked. 1. They did not like their livestock sheep (Gen

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Per God s plan, the lineage of Christ did not come through Joseph, but through one of his brothers. 2. Read the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 1, and write the name of the son of Jacob who was in the line of the Promised Seed. In this study, we will see how God used people in Joseph s life to bring about the salvation of Israel.

Tempered By Trials

Joseph: Learning That God Is Always Near If anything characterized the life of Joseph is was the statement the Lord was with Joseph. But it should also be recognized that while it is true that the Lord was always with Joseph it certainly did not always appear so. Joseph was raised in what has to be the classic dysfunctional family.


seven years, Rachel was given to Jacob as a wife. Rachel and Leah also had maidservants names Bilhah and Zilpah. Jacob had twelve sons and one daughter, Dinah by his two wives and their maidservants. The names of Jacob s twelve sons were: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin.


Why was Joseph put in prison? What happened when he was in prison? Who was with Joseph? 8. How can God help you face problems when someone is mistreating you? 9. The brothers asked Joseph to forgive them for the things they had done wrong to him. Did Joseph forgive his brothers for treating him wrongly? What did he do? (Joseph forgave them but


Joseph was the oldest son of Jacob s favored wife, Rachel, who had died giving birth to Benjamin. We might wonder how Jacob could favor one son over the others, but family patterns and sinful habits are difficult to change. Jacob gave Joseph an ornate robe that was probably not suited for manual labor and that suggested his preeminence over


The Story of Jacob and Joseph Background The story of Jacob and Joseph is part of the ancient Hebrew histories in the book of Genesis. Genesis follows a spiritual family lineage from the creation of man to the formation of the nation of Israel. The reason for the historical record of this family line is to show how God unfolded His revela-

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And the favor of God was upon Him. (Luke 2:39-40) How glad Mary and Joseph must have been to get home! They d been to Bethlehem, had a child, fled to Egypt, returned to Israel and finally here they were, back home in Nazareth. Here they would make their home for the next 25 years or so. Joseph would

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Joseph s Brothers Come to Buy Grain 116 SeSSion 27 Joseph s Brothers Return with Benjamin 119 SeSSion 28 Jacob s Family Moves to Egypt 123 SeSSion 29 Jacob s Deathbed Blessings 127 SeSSion 30 The Deaths of Jacob and Joseph 131 foR leadeRS oWthe Se Study Guide aRe diffeRent Did you know you could read and study the Bible without using any

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15. Why did God favor Abel over Cain; or why did he prefer Abel's sacrifice (Gen. 4)? 16. Were people saved by keeping the law and obeying God's commands in the Old Testament whereas in the New we are saved by faith? 17. Where did Cain find a wife (Gen. 4:17)? 18. Did people really live 900 years back then (Gen. 5:5) or did they figure

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God's promise to Jacob in Gen. 28:13-15 included: 1. his seed would be as dust of the earth; 2. he would be great in territory; 3. in his seed all nations of earth would be blessed.

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A: Joseph Q: What did God change Jacob s name to before his meeting with Esau? A: Israel Q: How many brothers did Joseph have? A: 12 Q: What did Jacob give Joseph that sparked jealousy from his siblings? A: A coat of many colors. Q: What did Joseph tell his brothers about his dreams that upset them? A: The dreams said he would become greater

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Irish Immigration to America, 1630 to 1921 By Dr. Catherine B. Shannon Reprinted courtesy of the New Bedford Whaling Museum Introduction The oft quoted aphorism that Boston is the next parish to Galway highlights the long and close connections between Ireland and New England that

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8. Why did Jacob love Joseph more than his other sons? (37:3) 8 9. What special present did Jacob give Joseph, and why? 9 10. Why did the brothers hate Joseph? (37:4) 10 1 The word vayeshev means and he settled, from the verb b v;y , to dwell. 2 Earlier we read that Jacob went to Hebron and Esau went to the land of Seir (35:27


1. Where did Jacob and his family dwell (v. 1)? 4 5 2. Joseph was one of twelve sons of Jacob. What did he bring to his father about the son of Bilhah6 and Zilpah7 (v. 2)? 3. What did Israel8 make Joseph? Why (v. 3)? 4. How did Jacob s favoritism toward Joseph affect his brothers (v. 4)? PERSONAL How have you experienced favoritism?


indicator of God s favor? Is popularity? Is peace? Explain your answer. 2. What are some of the character traits that Joseph was known for in his youth? 3. Consider the life experiences of Esau, Jacob, Reuben, and Joseph. When is a good time to begin developing a character that is noble and Christlike? How much does a person s habitual


2. What do we learn about Joseph in verse 27? Why do you think this might be significant? How is Mary described? 3. How does the angel encourage Mary in verses 28-31? Have you ever experienced God s grace or favor in an unusual way? Talk about it. How did it feel? How did you respond? 4. In verse 32 Gabriel says that Jesus will be great.


Read Genesis 50:15-21. After Joseph and his brothers returned to Egypt, they began to think Joseph might repay them for the evil things they did to him. Maybe Joseph was waiting until Jacob died to exact revenge. The brothers were fearful, so they told Joseph that Jacob s final wish before he died was for him to forgive his brothers.

From Abraham to Jacob: Promise and Fulfillment

why Terah did this but we can make some inferences. Perhaps, like his son later, Terah was influenced by God to come to a new land. Or perhaps it was as simple as a need for fresh farmland. Whatever explanation we assign does not have any bearing on what happened to Abraham. He could have been called by God from anywhere on the earth. Heeding

Why Didn't Jacob Go Back to Israel?

Why did Jacob want to be buried in Israel? About Jacob's death and burial, the Torah says: And when the time approached for Israel to die, he summoned his son Joseph and said to him, Do me this favor please do not bury me in Egypt. When I lie down with my fathers, carry me out of Egypt and bury me in their burial-place.

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15. After Sarah died, who was Abraham s wife? 16. Who did Jacob marry first? 17. What was the name of Jacob and Leah s daughter? 18. Why did Joseph s brothers hate him? 19. Which of the two dreamers in prison with Joseph was executed? 20. Which of his brothers did Joseph put in jail to ensure the rest would return? Answers 1.

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And why did Isaac not reveal to Jacob that Joseph was alive? Because Isaac thought: If the Holy One, blessed be He, has not revealed it to him, who am I to reveal it to him? [Genesis Rabbah 84:21] -The Lubavitcher Rebbe: [Likutei Sichot 10 p 129ff] Joseph followed the same logic. If God didn't want Jacob to know Joseph was alive, he was not

Identity Politics and the Burial of Jacob (Genesis 50:1-14)

light on the experiences of Joseph and Jacob as Hebrews in Egypt. I. Joseph, Pharaoh, and the Hebrew Question Joseph first encounters Pharaoh when he is plucked from the dungeon and brought before the court (Gen 41:14). Robert Alter is surely correct that the note that Joseph shaves and changes his clothes is superfluous if we are merely to


The biography of Joseph is nothing short of remarkable, occupying as much or more space in Genesis than the biographies of Adam, Noah, Abraham, or even Joseph s father, Jacob. Joseph emerges from the pages of Scripture as a man with whom most of us can identify. His story begins at age 17 and ends at age 110 (Genesis 50:26).

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Okay, we ll move on. It was extremely important to Jacob/Israel that he not be buried in Egypt. He leaves his request with Joseph: Bereshith 47:29 When the time drew near that Israel must die, he called his son Joseph and said to him, Now if I have found favor in your sight, please put your hand under my thigh, and deal kindly and truly with me.

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Why did Jacob evoke the memory of Rachel s burial? So said Jacob to Joseph: I am asking you to trouble yourself to take me to be buried in the Land, even though I did not do the same for your mother. She died a short distance from Bethlehem, and I did not even take her to [Bethlehem] but buried her at the wayside.

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Then Joseph thinks about the God of his father. When Joseph was a child, Jacob taught Joseph to love and obey God. Often Joseph sat in the tent of his father. He heard his father tell the story about the dream that Jacob saw when he ran away from home. Now Joseph remembers all these precious lessons.

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Joseph was stuck in that prison for TWO more years! (Genesis 41:1) But Joseph was not alone in that prison. God remained with him. God gave Joseph the grace that gave him strength and comfort. God s grace was like a hug around Joseph day and night. The cupbearer forgot about Joseph, but God did not! People often disappoint us. They forget

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Y 5. Did God also promise to make a nation of Ishmael? (Genesis 21:13) N 6. Did Abraham want Isaac to marry a Canaanite? Y 7. Did Abraham marry again after Sarah died? (Ch. 24) N 8. Did Isaac show partiality toward Jacob? Y 9. Did Jacob show partiality toward one of his sons? N 10. Was the promise of God always renewed to the


Eddie: Let s just tell the story of Joseph, because there s a great illustration there of how God is in control. Tommy: Okay, Jacob had twelve sons and his favorite was Joseph. Eddie: Yes, and Jacob loved Joseph so much that he made him this beautiful coat. Now I m not talking just any kind of coat, it was a Technicolor coat.

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he said: Why do this? Just let me find favor in the eyes of my lord. 16 So that day Eʹsau went on his way back to Seʹir. 17 And Jacob journeyed to Sucʹcoth, and he built a house for himself and he made shelters for his herd. That was why he named the place Sucʹcoth. 18 After journeying from Padʹdan-aʹram, Jacob arrived

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Joseph life: I - Genesis 37: 1-4 Q. What can we learn about Joseph in the bible? Joseph was seventeen years old. He was a shepherd. He did not participate in his brothers misconducts. In fact, he brought reports of their mischief to his father. He was the favorite of Jacob. Jacob loved him more than all his brothers. Jacob made a coat

What About Judah?

What about Judah? His critical position in the Joseph story epitomizes the account as a whole, a story characterized by rivalries, conflicts, and deceptions on the part of Joseph™s brothers, all the sons of Jacob, and Tamar, but ultimately directed by the providence of God to explain why Israel went and came out of Egypt as Yahweh™s chosen


in love. On seeing Rachel, Jacob wept. We don t know why he wept. But he worked for 14 years to have her as his wife. His love for her lasted forever. Look at verse 6. Jacob s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about the sixth hour. At that moment, Jesus may

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Why does the Lord choose Israel to be His special peo-ple? Israel is a small people group. They are not famous or important. Israel does not do anything special to earn the favor of God. The real cause for this choice is love. God loves Israel. By this choice, God keeps His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God makes Israel free