Design Optimization Of A Mixed‐flow Compressor Impeller For A Small Turbojet Engine

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Application of the Modified Inverse Design Method in the

by YM Lu 2018 Cited by 9 Keywords: Optimization, Mixed‑flow pump, Inverse design method, Runner blade, Nuclear coolant To design the impeller of a mixed-flow pump, the follow-.17 pages

Review of design optimization methods for turbomachinery

by Z Li 2017 Cited by 66 [70] combined the RBNN with a polynomial-based RSM for global shape optimization of a supersonic turbine blade with similar applications in the  23 pages

1001-900151 Hydraulic Design of Hydraulic Turbine Based

by QLHTR Li 1003-901761 Numerical Simulation of Flow Characteristics of Pump Turbine with Small Guide Vanes Opening. Yuning Zhang, Shuhong Liu, Jintao Liu, Yulin Wu

1.4 Mixed-flow compressors

by N Djeghri 2016 that limit the operational envelope of gas turbine engines. out on mixed flow compressors that have found their way into recent small aero-engines. This.

A Large Design Space Multidisciplinary Optimization of a

by TM Ochabski 2019 of a Mixed Flow Micro Gas Turbine Compressor Stage. T. Ochabski This is done by designing an optimized mixed flow impeller and.

Engine Optimized Turbine Design - DiVA

by N Anton 2019 by expanding the exhaust gases in order to power the compressor stage of the The radial (full), mixed flow (dotted) and axial turbine (broken lines) 

Impact of Mixed Flow Turbines on the Efficiency of - IJMERR

by R Udayakumar 2020 design, it has been found that efficiency at smaller blade speed ratio and larger pressure ratios is achieved by mixed flow turbine [10] 

The application of throughflow optimisation to the design of

by GD Cox 2010 Cited by 11 with radial compressor optimisation by Casey et al. wall geometries required for radial and mixed flow turbine impellers.10 pages

A Large Design Space Multidisciplinary Optimization of a

by T Ochabski 2020 OPTIMIZATION OF A MIXED FLOW. MICRO GAS TURBINE COMPRESSOR STAGE of the impeller and diffuser of a mixed flow compressor stage.13 pages

Towards a silent fan - Cambridge Repository - University of

by TJ Newman 2015 Cited by 2 particularly impact sound quality, the mixed-flow impeller alone produces found in small P&WC turbofan engines manufactured for very light jets [7].

Multidisciplinary Optimisation of Radial and Mixed-inflow

Using the inverse design method, the turbine blade geometry is computed it- eratively based on the prescribed blade in an arbitrary mixed-flow impeller.

Improved energy recovery through novel flow - DR-NTU

by LIU HAO efficiency operating point at 50% turbine design speed to determine flow is injection over the shroud of a small mixed flow turbine used.

An Integrated Design and Optimization Approach for - MDPI

24 Oct 2018 As a key component of small power units, the radial inflow turbine has been paid much attention, and its design approaches are always 


by H Sun 2012 turbo on which advanced compressor and mixed flow turbine wheels were 3.1 Meanline design of the compressor with arbitrary impeller surface (without.

Historical Perspective on Pump Fluids Engineering Technology

To mark receiving the Fluid Machinery Design Award from the ASME Fluids Engineering Division, mixed-flow pump impeller with a specific speed of 560.

Blade excitation in pulse-charged mixed-flow turbocharger

sufficiently small, such that aerodynamic excitation forces can different mixed-flow turbine designs are investigated, referred to as rotor design (RD) 

GT2019-90980 - Aerodynamics and CFD Lab - University of

by K Xu Cited by 7 DESIGN OF HIGH SPECIFIC SPEED MIXED FLOW MICRO-COMPRESSOR FOR Monig et al [2, 3] studied the mixed flow impeller with.

CHAPTER 9 Design and optimization of Turbo compressors

by C Xu 2008 Cited by 2 basic principles of airfoil theory of compressor and turbine design. be difficult to maintain an acceptable small clearance between the impellers and.44 pages


by M ÇEVİK 2009 Cited by 7 final design and a standard radial flow impeller is made in order Key-words: Mixed flow compressor, turbojet engine, design methodology,.116 pages

Optimization of Industrial Centrifugal Compressors - ASME

by D Japikse 1986 Cited by 16 turbine designs in order to trade off different aero-mechanical design variables and meet Most process compressors use shrouded impellers when they.14 pages

The Design of Ultra-High-Speed Miniature - Celeroton

by MV Casey 2013 Cited by 20 high-speed miniature centrifugal compressors with an impeller diameter less with two-dimensional geometry to high flow coefficient mixed flow stages.

Development of a micro gas turbine for concentrated solar

by MA Khader 2017 Cited by 1 A. Appendix A Compressor Impeller Design Correlations. Optimisation of A Centrifugal Compressor for A Micro Gas Turbine Operated by.

Design of a transonic centrifugal compressor for High-speed

port efficient combustion and meet engine emission standards. In this course of action, a smaller diameter compressor impeller needs to have a higher flow.

I N9 2- 1,89 8 J

by IH Skoe An Inverse Design Method suitable for radial and mixed flow turbomachinery is presented. To illustrate the method a Mixed How Turbine Design is shown.

Feasibility of mini combined cycles for naval applications

by D Barsi 2018 Cited by 7 power plant includes a gas turbine engine as a topping cycle, studies focused on the design and optimization of marine energy systems, which employ this.

Flow Studies in a Mixed Flow Compressor Stage for Small

In a small gas turbine engine where the requirement of the high thrust to weight ratio is of prime importance, centrifugal compressor play a major role.

Compressor and Turbine Multidisciplinary Design for Highly

flow turbine and a centrifugal compressor. Keywords: Micro-gas turbine; Multidisciplinary Optimization; Centrifugal Compressor; Centripetal Turbine.

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Design optimization of a mixed-flow compressor impeller for a

by M Cevik 2011 Cited by 11 Design optimization of a mixed-flow compressor impeller for a small turbojet engine. Mert Cevik and Oguz Uzol. Department of Aerospace Engineering, 

Advanced Aerodynamic Design Technologies for High

by T YOKOYAMA 2017 Cited by 2 improvement through large-scale flow analysis of the turbine in to enhance the efficiency of the compressor impeller and execute design improvement of.

Design and Manufacturing of a Miniature Turbojet Engine

23 Mar 2018 mixed with fuel, combusted, and then expanded through a rotating compressor and rejoins the flow downstream of the turbine adding cold 

Optimization of a turbocharger for high EGR applications

Conventional radial flow VGT has low efficiency at small nozzle open positions Advanced compressor impeller. Mixed flow turbine. Optimized compressor.14 pages

Design and Manufacture of a mini-turbojet - uBibliorum

by RGGE Pereira The development and production of small engines with a jet propulsion system is, relatively re- cent, taking into account that this type of gas turbine started 

downloaded from - 中国舰船研究

by X ZHANG 2018 Cited by 1 est: aerodynamic design of compressor of gas turbine engine. the design of a mixed-flow impeller with a total pressure ratio of 5.

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by W Guangsheng 2014 Cited by 1 confined by the compressor casing. A diagonal flow compressor is often used in a small or mid sized gas turbine engine. Fig.1 and Fig.2 show the 3D 

An Integrated Design and Optimization Approach for Radial

by Q Deng Cited by 9 [9] conducted a multidisciplinary optimization for a micro gas turbine compressor in order to maximize the efficiency while keeping maximum 

S251 Andrea Meroni PhD Thesis

31 May 2018 for the combined design optimization of both the turbine and the organic Rankine cycle system is impeller exit (centrifugal compressor).

Experimental Evaluation of Advanced Turbocharger - JSTOR

by H Sun 2013 Cited by 18 An advanced impeller design was used on the compressor side to improve the Mixed flow turbine technology was used on the turbine side, 

2.0 Axial-Flow Compressors - National Energy Technology

by MP Boyce Cited by 42 ratio blades in the compressor as well as optimizing the pressure ratio and firing temperature of the turbine for maximum work output per unit flow.

The Aerodynamic Design and Investigation of Loading

by C Xuanyu 2015 Cited by 8 In this paper, the design for the mixed flow compressor is based on the results of Optimization of a mixed Flow compressor Impeller for a small turbojet 

A CFD Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of

by MK Sagban 2014 Flow through an Impeller and Multi-Objective Design Optimization impeller, diffuser of ESP (electrical submersible pump), blade turbine, and compressor.

SPE-177268-MS Analysis of the Influence of LPG - OnePetro

20 Nov 2015 Centrifugal Pump-Impeller Through CFD Simulations Design Optimization of a Mixed-Flow Compressor Impeller for a. Small Turbojet Engine.


SRP 59624), Micro Turbine Technology BV, and Sulzer Eldim BV. 3.6 Flow structure in a centrifugal compressor impeller [1] 44.

Axial-Flow Compressors - The University of Sydney

compressor configurations for small gas turbine engine. stage featuring a mixed flow impeller with curved annular diffuser was obtained.298 pages

Development of a Mixed-Flow Compressor Impeller for Micro

by OHF Diener 2016 Cited by 3 The initial mixed-flow compressor impeller design was obtained Keywords: micro gas turbine, mixed-flow compressor, multi-disciplinary optimization  137 pages

An Optimization Technique for Radial Compressor Impellers

by M Casey Cited by 55 be used to define a typical radial turbine impeller, and others can be envisaged to define a mixed flow pump impeller, a radial stage with return channel  11 pages

Proceedings of the ASME / Vol. 2,D / Radial - GBV

THE ASME 2014 TURBO EXPO: TURBINE TECHNICAL CONFERENCE AND EXPOSITION. JUNE 16-20, 2014 A Transonic Mixed Flow Compressor for an Extreme Duty.


by N Baines 2016 Cited by 2 turbine that is mixed flow, has low inertia, and has acceptable mechanical characteristics in numerical optimisation can be used, not simply for design.7 pages


by MR Sandberg 2019 experience covers gas turbine development, compressor engineering, high flow coefficient impeller designs, high inlet relative Mach numbers,.

Development, Application and Experimental Evaluation of a

are concerned with the design of small centrifugal compressors for turbochargers. testing of a mixed flow gas turbine'. The 2nd Int. JSME Symposium.