Phase‐controlled Crystallization Of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate In Ethanol‐water Binary Solvents

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by BJ Bhatt 2012 Cited by 4 investigated for their applications in oral controlled drug delivery. Regenerated analysis. 35. Preparation of cellulose II crystallization standard. 35 Side-by-Side® diffusion cells in ethanol-water binary solvent systems a solvent trap containing amorphous calcium silicate as a desiccant; the second neck was closed off.

A distribution kinetics approach for polymer crystallization and

by J Yang 2006 Cited by 5 Figure 6.1 Schematic phase diagram of a binary mixture where Tc is critical the kinetics of polymer crystallization and phase separation within spinodal region. and partly amorphous, the fringed micelle model is termed semi-crystalline growth is controlled by a small diffusion coefficient at low temperature and by 

Precipitation and Transformation of Vaterite Calcium

by D Konopacka-Łyskawa 2020 Cited by 3 Of these crystalline phases, calcite and aragonite occur extensively in nature, while vaterite is a easily transformed by dissolution and re-crystallization processes [2,3]. Research on the influence of solvents on calcium carbonate Selected physicochemical parameters of water, DMSO, methanol and 

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polyethyleneimine (PEI), water, and EtOH, for the understanding of multistep hydrophilic slide, the fast evaporation process of the volatile solvent EtOH is DL-Lys HCl-Polyacrylsäure-Wasser-Ethanol Dispersion auf einer hydrophilen amorphous phase, which acts as embryo for the crystallization of one CaCO3 

4.5. The Evaporation of Pure Ethanol Droplets in a Humid

by FKA Gregson 2020 The Evaporation of Mixed Ethanol-Water Droplets in Humid N2. Further Insight into the Phase of Dried NaNO3 Particles Through Control of the Storage RH solution and form an amorphous or crystalline dried particle. Kulmala derived an equation for the mass flux, I, of a solvent from a binary (one solute and one 

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by B Lins de Azevedo Costa 2018 phases peut être considéré comme un outil de pré-formulation pour les Solubility of crystalline EFV in the presence of Soluplus® in water residual solvents in spray-dried solid dispersions may lead to crystallization after thermodynamically or kinetically controlled? amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC)', Chem.

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Crystallization mechanism studies and phase transformation VOC.113 Some examples of solvents considered green are water, ethanol, propyl acetate, ethyl.

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4 Jul 2020 limited and controlled by the energy required for solvent evaporation sodium carbonate), and agglomerate (e.g., silica) materials [56,63]. temperature of binary droplets existing out of water and ethanol [104]. As a single-phase amorphous system is less prone to crystallization than a phase separated.

Using polymeric precipitation inhibitors to improve the

by DB Warren 2010 Cited by 294 Of these, three methods have been applied to the study of PPI with poorly water-soluble drugs: co-solvent quenching. (addition of solvent), amorphous drug 

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by S Paiva Lacerda 2013 and the additives. Keywords: antiretroviral drug, solubility, bioavailability, dissolution rate, Liquid Anti. Solvent crystallization, additive 

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The method of dense gas anti-solvent technology was used throughout the study SEM images of binary composites: (a) ARISE sample CM, (b) ARISE sample CP, (c) The method requires reacting isolated samples with an alcohol-water thermodynamic point of view, crystallization can be explained as phase equilibria.

improved amorphous solid dispersion performance using

by T Xie 2015 The implication from this study is that the water content of solvents has to be rigorously. Page 85. 64 controlled and the exposure of the solid dispersions to high 

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by B Demmert Cited by 2 to calcium in the precipitated amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC), is flow mechanism is still in debate [22 25]; the binary system calcium carbonate/water is exceptionally prone to so-called nonclassical crystallization processes, namely to (PAA) or polystyrene sulfonate (PSS), without inducing phase 

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Dehydration of Ethanol-Water Mixture Using Activated Carbons from Sawdust Fabrication and characterization of a novel hydrophobic CaCO3 grafted by Diffusion and Crystallization of Dichloromethane within the Pores of Amorphous Solid Screening of Binary Solvent Mixtures and Solvate Formation of Indomethacin.

Industrial Separation Processes

by B André 2013 Cited by 55 Determine the number of equilibrium stages g. Determine the height of the column. 7. Methanol (M) is to be separated from water (W) by atmospheric distillation.

Growing of biomorphic nanomaterials based on calcium

by GNF Ritto 2016 Calcium carbonate was produced by precipitation: oil bath and ultra-sounds, being characterized without any secondary product or the solvent of the reaction. same experiences an in-between cup of water/acetone/PVP-methanol solution was amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) crystallization to calcite, viavaterite.

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by LM Hamm Cited by 43 2005), CO2-water interfacial tension (Nielsen et al. crystallization, however, has challenged the standard treatment of While amorphous calcium carbonate is an important precursor phase in solvent molecules were removed from the solvent rich volumes Int J Greenhouse Gas Control 5:1031-1038.

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by K Ishikawa 2020 Cited by 11 highly carbonate-substituted [8], hydroxyl-deficient form of calcium sealed in a glass beaker immediately after solvent addition fixed amount of distilled water without anhydrous ethanol has been used to synthesize phase controlled apatite modified amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles.

Phase Transformation of Mg-Calcite to Aragonite in Active

by HF Greer 2015 Cited by 13 Travertine is a CaCO3 deposit precipitated from mineral springs, especially hot Phase transformation from aragonite to calcite following an of synthetic specimens normally undergo surface re-crystallisation stabilisation of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) as a precursor phase of water/ethanol binary solvent.


by A Mattei Cited by 3 packing will help advance the knowledge required for rational control of crystal growth. Form II in their monomer and dimer states embedded in water, ethanol, and conformation were calculated in the gas phase, ethanol, and crystalline forms and amorphous forms. Indeed, the crystallization of calcium carbonate at.

Nucleation in aqueous NaCl solutions shifts from 1-step to 2

by H Jiang 2018 Cited by 25 crystallization occurs via a one-step process, as the ions aggregate directly into crystalline sented by molecular force fields (e.g. NaCl, CaCO3, urea, etc.) mechanism, i.e. a liquid/amorphous phase separation producing clusters, solute/solvent interactions (e.g. binary LJ system) may be a general 


Heating-Weight-Loss-Analysis for Solid Phase Carbonate-Bicarbonate 81 crystallization from supercritical carbon dioxide as solvent) [4] and Mixed Solvent controlled conditions in the mixed solvent solution, a significant purification effect is solvents of ethanol - water, n-propanol water, isopropanol - water, 


by D Chen 2009 Cited by 6 a metastable liquid crystalline phase was kinetically favored for amorphous Humidity and temperature controlled atomic force microscopy of anhydrous phase using organic solvent - water mixture. Deliquescence in Binary Mixtures. formation in the reaction of formic acid with calcium carbonate: the role of step.

Glass composition and solution speciation effects on stage III

by CL Trivelpiece 2017 presence of Li, and this correlates with the binary glass study reported in Part 1. The control sample that was corroded in R.O. water for 400 h is also shown in 

Tuning Polymorphs and Morphology of Microbially Induced

by M Khanjani functional groups also exert morphological control on CaCO3 lying mechanism that controls the growth and crystallization a solvent, to the stable phase proceeds via dissolution of the aggregate to form amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) particles exhibited a binary structure (Figure 13a).

Phase Transformation of Mg-Calcite to Aragonite in - CORE

by HF Greer Cited by 14 Travertine is a CaCO3 deposit precipitated from mineral springs, especially hot Phase transformation from aragonite to calcite following an of synthetic specimens normally undergo surface re-crystallisation stabilisation of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) as a precursor phase of water/ethanol binary solvent.

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by P Chen 2017 Cited by 21 vaterite, a metastable polymorph of calcium carbonate, can be produced from method is that ethanol is added into the waste solution to not only prohibit the phase acetic acid can be significantly reduced by the presence of an organic solvent performance concrete (HPC) because of its low water to cement (w/c) ratio 

Reactive crystallization: From mixing to control of kinetics by

by S Teychené 2020 Cited by 5 solvates, amorphous and liquid phases, etc., as a function of reaction variables the case of calcium carbonate system, where the initial formation of a liquid kinetics of the more stable phase: first, any solvent-mediated phase transition Crystallization of CaCO3 in water alcohol mixtures: spherulitic.

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Nonaqueous Liquid Electrolytes for Lithium-Based

by K Xu 2004 Cited by 5420 trolyte solutes ) dissolved in solvents, either water. (aqueous) Either anhydrous ammonia or ethanol ionics, phase diagrams, interfaces with cathode and series of binary carbonate solvent systems that are circumvented, since there is no crystallization process on an electrode whose potential is controlled, and the.

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by V Merk 2016 Cited by 2 35 36, crystallization in porous media 37 38 39, polymorph selection 40 Amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) is highly unstable toward a control plugin (PHASE GmbH) for the program ImageJ 1.47c. In the synthesis of CaCO3 by solution exchange, we studied a binary water/ethanol system by way of.

Current status of amorphous formulation and other special

by K Kawakami 2009 Cited by 76 Keywords: amorphous; special dosage form; early clinical phases; strategy; crystallization; stability; molecular mobility phase, which is not a rare observation in water Controlled release tablets/capsules (such as multiparticulate tablets butyl alcohol as solvent. amorphous colloidal CaCO3 precursor particles as.

Controlled Release as a Strategy to Prevent Solution

by JA Lugtu-Pe Phase Transformation in Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Effect of Table 3: Properties of Selected Ethanol-Soluble API Candidates with Class III Crystallization.

Reduced calcium carbonate scaling through turbulent

by L Scott Cited by 2 2.3.5 Mixed Calcium Carbonate and Sulphate Scale water of solvation, allowing the amorphous phase to grow faster than the crystalline some control over polymorph selection during crystallization (Goodwin et Carbonate diffuses across the surface only when it is solvent Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).

Towards understanding pathway complexity in calcium - Pure

by PJM Smeets Cited by 1 investigation of CaCO3 nucleation using a computer-controlled titration 1.2.2 Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and a Dense Liquid Phase The second major stage of the crystallization process, crystal growth, the solvent structure, which is determined by solution properties and composition, such as.

Crystal Growth in Gels from the Mechanisms of - OSTI.GOV

by O Velásquez-González 2019 Cited by 4 of Crystal Growth to Control of Polymorphism: Abstract: A gel can be considered to be a two-phase (liquid and binary mixtures of solvents [22,23] is a broadly used technique, It demonstrates that dissolved calcium carbonate, in fact, contains reached, and the amorphous form is precipitated [51].

Morphogenesis of hierarchal CaCO3 - WIReDSpace

by OA Makgae 2016 the polar protic solvent (methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and 2-butanol) aprotic solvent (DMF & DMSO) within the binary solvent mixture favored the that the nucleation and phase transformation of the CaCO3 under polar protic and aprotic research to control the scale formation of calcium carbonate in water plants [50] 


by VM PATEL 2002 Cited by 6 Calcium Carbonate Core-Shell Particles for Drug Detoxification 43 Stearic acid and oil are dispersed in water as emulsion particles, xi Third, the formation of porous calcium carbonate films under binary amphiphilic is the bulk aqueous solution and the other phase is an amorphous CaCO3 mineral.

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by JF Ihli 2014 Dehydration and crystallization of amorphous calcium carbonate in solution and mimic of the organic matrices used to control crystallisation in organisms. Initial Illustrated in (a) are the particular phase changes of used solvent during the The prepared SAMs were thoroughly rinsed with ethanol and Milli-Q water, and.

Precipitated calcium carbonate nano-microparticles - MedCrave

8 Nov 2017 sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate; CDJP, controlled double-jet pre- Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is an abundant mineral that has several amorphous nanodomains.14 Differently from calcite and aragonite suitable solvent. phase, and by adding DMF and ethanol the beads had larger diameters.

New Perspectives on Mineral Nucleation and Growth

10 Phase Transformations in Calcium Phosphate Crystallization 199 precursors and address the important case of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC). high-temperature colloidal synthesis using organic solvents (Gary et al. pronounced with a higher alcohol/water ratio: at 50 % alcohol, vaterite only formed.

Disordered amorphous calcium carbonate from direct

by MF Khouzani 2015 Cited by 35 Amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) is known to play a prominent role in biomineralization. polymorph selection is under kinetic control, while the presence of ethanol can control dissolution re- of supersaturation by the use of a non-solvent of calcium water binary mixtures (EWBM) on the crystallisation of CaCO3.

Crystallization by particle attachment in synthetic - Science

31 Jul 2015 classical theories, which assume that a new phase appears via nanoparticles of an amorphous calcium carbonate. (ACC) precursor, which 

Nonclassical crystallization in vivo et in vitro (II): Nanogranular

9 Sep 2016 amorphous precursor phases, as well as current nonclassical crystal growth models. The latter include tures of biomimetic calcium carbonate minerals and their relation- phase. Size-independent solvent-mineral interactions (inducing sur- kinetically-controlled crystallization (Cölfen and Mann, 2003;.

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by KK Sand 2011 Cited by 164 ABSTRACT: The presence of alcohol in binary alcohol− water mixtures The ability to control calcium carbonate (CaCO3) polymorph stabilization and phase is amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC), which is a hydrous form solvent properties on CaCO3 precipitation in water−alcohol solutions have 

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by S Vedantam 2020 Cited by 34 cally, the driving force for crystallization, supersaturation is generated by anti-solvent addition or cooling. In batch crystallization, a crystalline product with 

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1.2 Crystalline solids - structure and properties. 8. 1.3 Amorphous solids. 25. 1.4 Dissolution of solid drugs. 26. 1.5 Importance of particle size in the formulation.

'controlled crystallization of amorphous calcium carbonate in

by Y Hu 2015 Cited by 8 Phase-controlled crystallization of amorphous calcium carbonate in ethanol-water binary solvents. Yadong Hu1,2, Yinghua Zhou1,2, Xurong 


by HA Garekani 1996 Cited by 4 type of drug crystals produced by control over the crystallization process. Crystallization is widely to the presence of an amorphous phase of lactose which exhibits plastic flow polar solvents (e.g water, methanol and dichloromethane) yielded fragmentation such as lactose and calcium carbonate, the mean yield.

Establishing the Physical Basis for Calcification by Amorphous

by CR Blue 2014 the composition of the initial ACC phase, suggesting that calcite AMORPHOUS CALCIUM CARBONATE UNDER CONTROLLED CHEMICAL stability defined by thermodynamic equilibrium among the solvent, Crystallization of CaCO3 in water alcohol mixtures: Spherulitic growth, polymorph.