Effect Of Oxygen Levels On The Fatty Acids And Lipids OfMucor Rouxii

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The effect of growth environment on the chloroform methanol

and alkali-extractable cell wall and cytoplasm lipid levels of Mucor rouxiil. S. SAFE and fatty acids) than did the corresponding cell walls. The cell walls did,​ 

Zygomycetes and cellulose residuals - Chalmers Publication

by PR Lennartsson 2012 Cited by 10 With a smaller inoculum, yielding 1-2×105 spores/ml, and access to oxygen, Effects of different growth forms of Mucor indicus on cultivation on dilute-acid lipid production, γ-linoleic acid contents of ca 14 % of the fungal biomass have unsaturated fatty acids, in contrast to higher concentrations of saturated fatty acids in 

Effect of oxygen levels on the fatty acids and lipids ofMucor

by S Safe 1974 Cited by 7 The effect of aerobic and oxygen limiting (anaerobic) growth conditions upon the fatty acid and lipid composition of Mucor rouxii has been examined. The.

Microorganisms as sources of oils - OCL - Oilseeds and fats

by F Thevenieau 2013 Cited by 92 Table 1. Lipid accumulation and fatty acid profiles of selected oils plants and oleaginous microorganisms. Fatty acid compostion (% w/w). Lipid content C14:0​ 

Recent advances in the study of fatty acid - PLEFA

effects on numerous cellular functions including chemo- taxis, vascular permeability oxygen and reducing equivalents (electrons) obtained from an electron of fatty acid desaturases: acyl-CoA, acyl-lipid, and acyl- Higher oleic acid levels, and hence high ak, A6-desaturase of Mucor rouxii with high similarity to plant.

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by MJ White Effect of Fatty Acid Supplementation on the Long-Chain Effect of Carbon Source and Oxygen Tension on Lipid Content fatty acids and lipids of Mucor rouxii.

Development of Respiration and Mitochondria in Mucor

KMnO4 fixation of stringently anaerobic cells containing low amounts of fatty acid of which 10% or less are unsaturated. On aeration of cerned with the dimorphology of Mucor rouxii coupling action on oxidative phosphorylation. lipid analysis have been described previously (9). 399 The oxygen content of the.

Conversion of Mutton Fat to Cocoa Butter Equivalent by

3 Feb 2015 fats and saturated fatty acid or methyl as co-substrates, to produce incubation time, dissolved oxygen and addition of Effects of the initial concentration of mutton fat (10, profiling of Mucor rouxii under different stress.

Current Microbiology - OSTI.GOV

by C Thammarongtham 2017 Cited by 20 multiple isoforms of metabolic enzymes responsible for fatty acid synthesis in study of microbial lipids at systems level, and developing the fungal-based platform for aflatoxin biosynthetic gene cluster of Aspergillus flavus AF36 (​AY510455), a large Colson I, Delneri D, Oliver SG (2004) Effect of reciprocal chromosomal 

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by AF de Souza 2020 Cited by 2 The carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur concentrations of CWW and CSL Effect of Substrate Concentrations on Fungal Morphology Morphological aspects of Mucor subtilissimus UCP 1262 cultivated in Mucor rouxii ATCC 24905 amino acid and essential fatty acids profile in soybean meal, wheat.

Occurrence of 7-Hydroxyalkanoic Acids in Mucor Species

by S Tahara 1980 Cited by 7 and M. ramannianus, and the effect of tem- perature on them. In relation to growth conditions and dimorphism, fatty acids and lipids of M. globosus,2) M. PUSillus 


by SM Tauk-Tornisielo 2009 Cited by 28 concentration of γ-linolenic acid was obtained with M. circinelloides in culture containing sesame oil. Key words: To optimize the production of fatty acids by fungi, various studies have with the effects of nitrogen and carbon sources for fungal growth, lipid lipids) in cultures of Mucor circinelloides in media containing.


by CH Pohl 1999 Cited by 3 3.3.3 Effect of exogenous 20:4(ro6) on the fatty acid profiles of the lipid fractions of Mucor genevensis and another mucoralean fungus, Rhizopus oryzae. 3. Changes in lipid content during development and growth have been studied in a number of FO (1984) Reaction of oxygen and unsaturated fatty acids. JAOCS 

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by L Srithamma Ester formation by sake yeast in the fatty acid-added medium 31 Focus on lipid or fat content, brown rice contained about 2% crude fat (​extractable Mucor circinelloides, Mucor indicus, Amylomyces rouxii (formerly, the oxygen supply to the yeast which affects on fat synthesis as well as respiration and.

Production, extraction and characterisation of - UNSWorks

by HP Barker 2018 extraction methods varying concentrations of NaOH, neutralisation, and lipid removal of Mucor rouxii, a filamentous fungus reported to have higher chitosan content. 1.1.1 Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effect and Solvent Isotope Effect 1 The production of deuterated lipids and fatty acids has been important not only.

Identification of amino acid residues that determine the

active oxygen. mammalian front-end fatty acid desaturase, which will aid in efficient fatty acid substrate, including CoA and the lipid carrier, and the ficity of Mucor rouxii D6d ( 15 ), Siganus canaliculatus 4 and ARA at a detectable level (data not shown). tations d6d5-31 and d6d5-35 did not affect the D6d activity,.

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by IK Muniraj 2012 Cited by 1 6.3.2 Substrate uptake rate and hydrolytic activity of M.rouxii 93 7.2.3 Effects of nutrient addition on lipid and GLA production from potato profiles of long-chain fatty acids in microbial lipids were analyzed using gas wastewater which contains high concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (​COD), 5-day.

Fatty acids as biofuel precursors accumulation : an - DR-NTU

by L Chen 4.3.2 The effect of deletion gene FAA4 or/and FAA1 on fatty acid composition membrane, thus restored membrane lipid composition, lowered the toxicity, and improved fatty acids, metal ions, and oxygen levels [93]. Because the CoA Carboxylase Gene of Mucor rouxii Enhanced Fatty Acid Content in. Hansenula 

Effects of fermentation conditions on valuable products of

by S Sharifyazd Cited by 9 Chlamydomucor rouxii, and Mucor rouxianus, is a Zygomycetes fungus, recognized such as bioethanol, glucosamine, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, Moreover, these lipids have a high potential for biodiesel synthesis Protein and cell wall content of different morphologies of Mucor indicus biomass.

Comparative fatty acid profiling of Mucor rouxii under different

by S Jeennor 2006 Cited by 45 morphology of Mucor rouxii, fatty acid profiling was studied fungi containing lipids rich in valuable fatty acids have been relatively high levels of GLA has also been found in M. rouxii fermentation, the high biomass of the mycelia limits oxygen like cells of M. rouxii may have an effect on its fatty acid.7 pages

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by JA Ferreira Cited by 105 lactic acid, fumaric acid, and ethanol are produced from a vast array of grow on a large variety of carbon sources at different temperatures, oxygenation rates, and Beyond being able to catalyse the hydrolysis of fats and oils, releasing free fatty and 0.34 g/L of DHA were extracted from a cultivation of Mucor sp. in sugar.


by JA Ferreira Cited by 31 to 0.34 g/g sugars), protein (0.30-0.50 g/g), lipids (0.02-0.07 g/g), AIM polyunsaturated fatty acids (Weete and Gandhi 1992), which would enhance the lipid effect of aeration rate, which influences both the oxygen transfer and the total mixing, The cultivations in the airlift were performed at 32°C. Different aeration rates 

Modeling lipid accumulation in oleaginous fungi in - CORE

by P Meeuwse 2011 Cited by 19 modifications that do not affect the key assumptions, i.e. filamentous form of Mucor rouxii is able to accumulate lipids up to 30% and lipid concentrations or lipid fractions in the cells, but they do reports CO2 production or O2 consumption. Lipid production by an unsaturated fatty acid auxotroph of the.

The Effects of Gaseous Environments on the Growth - JSTOR

by HH Tabak 1968 Cited by 144 Effect of various levels of 02 and CO2 on spore germination claimed for a culture until the oxygen content is so low that it can be measured media, the growth was largely aerobic, whereas on substrata containing fats, fatty acid In work on nutrition, growth, and morphogenesis of Mucor rouxii, Bart-​.

Genome-Scale Metabolic Modeling of Mucorcircinelloidesand

by W Vongsangnak 2016 Cited by 19 Genome-scale metabolic modeling of Mucor circinelloides and comparative to synthesize specific lipids, such as high-value polyunsaturated fatty acids of oxygen and glucose consumption rates and iteratively calculating the corresponds with a previous report that the closely related species, Mucor rouxii, could grow.

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by Y Yang 2016 fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) content (98% in total lipid), also produces cellulase​. In accumulation of Mucor species and found that cultivation using different carbon sources The oxygen in liquid substrate affects cell growth and metabolite biosynthesis. And Some other oleaginous fungi such as M. rouxii and C.

The evolution of desaturases

by P Sperling 2003 Cited by 303 Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids 68 (2003) 73 95 The presently known oxygen-dependent modifications affect adjacent sequence parts forming the substrate Regioselectivity phylogram of lipid desaturases and modifying enzymes. narak, A6-desaturase of Mucor rouxii with high similarity to​.

Mucor rouxii

by C Somseemee γ-Linolenic acid production and morphology alteration of Mucor rouxii ATCC 24905 Mucor rouxiiATCC 24905, a dimorphic fungus was used to study for the effect of At dilution rate of 0.3 h-1, it was found that total fatty acid content (TFA/​DW) Continuous fermentation of oleaginous microorganisms was studied for lipid 


port of a distinct amino acid takes place by the action of more than one uptake system, with increased shaft speed, raised the dissolved oxygen concentration to 75 The Effect of Growth Temperature on the Fatty Acid Composition of Some Acidic polar lipids commonly found in bacteria include the phospholipids, 

Lipids of yeasts - Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Respiratory-deficient (Crabtree-positive) yeasts (i) Lipid composition 214 1974. Effect of oxygen levels on the fatty acids and lipids of Mucor rouxii. Lipids 

Yeast Delta12 Fatty Acid Desaturase: Gene Cloning - J-Stage

by K WATANABE 2004 Cited by 62 Yeast Á12 Fatty Acid Desaturase: Gene Cloning, Expression, and Function ature stress was found to affect expression of OLE1 Gas liquid Chromatography Analysis of Total Lipid Fatty Acids from S. UFAs.8) In this work​, the effects of UFAs on the levels gous expression of Mucor rouxii A12-​desaturase gene in.

Optimization of Diverse Carbon Sources and Cultivation

by SA Hussain Cited by 4 Abstract: The effects of various carbon sources and cultivation conditions on the growth kinetics, lipid accumulation, and medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) production of Mucor the optimum level in the presence of a high oxygen compared with a low and Mucor rouxii with acetic acid as carbon substrate.

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by AM Langseter 2021 Cited by 1 glycerols and other fatty acid-based lipids into FAMEs is essential for complex cell wall, and extremely high content of lipids. Although a modest effect on the transesterification process, it should be noted that cal oxygen demands from oil wastes via oleaginous fungi: an attempt Mycelia of Mucor rouxii as a source of.15 pages

(12) United States Patent

6 Jun 2005 acid substrates through heterologous expression of an oxygen 435/254.2 linoleic acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae', Lipids, 34(7): Effect of conjugatedlinoleic acid on Kobkul Laoteng, et al., A-Desaturase of Mucor rouzii with High mulation of high levels of A-desaturated fatty acids in transgenic.


by SS Mamatha 2009 Cited by 6 Shaking speed and dissolved oxygen levels. 65-66 1.4 Screening of Mucor spp. for lipid production. 105 Fatty acid profile of M. rouxii CFR-G15 in different media 184. 4.6 4.11 Effect of initial glucose concentration on fatty acid profile.

Occurrence and distribution of glycerol dialkyl - HAL-Insu

by SD Toussaint Cited by 71 Keywords: Glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers, extractable lipids, Effect of oxygen levels on the fatty acids and lipids of Mucor rouxii. Lipids 9 

Down regulation of gene expression in Mucor mucedo and

by MJEP John Cited by 3 3.7 Alignment of the deduced amino acid sequences of M. mucedo 2.6 Effect of concentration of TA on the production of β-carotene in M. mucedo FSU 621 + synthesized in the membranes of protein coated oil droplets, the lipid globules, and structure of cell walls of filamentous and yeast-like forms of Mucor rouxii.

The Effects of Cultural Conditions and Parasitism on the Lipid

oxygen levels on the fatty acid and lipids of Mucor rauxii was reported by Safe and Duncan. (1974). Their observations indicate that increased oxygen tension levels rouxii: Effects of thermal changes in growth environment and age of cells​.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Royal Holloway Repository

by R Broughton Cited by 3 effect on fungal lipid composition, and that lower temperatures may increase lipid The fatty acid profiles of Mucor racemosus grown under three culture Total lipid, percentage fatty acid composition of each recombinant Phaffia culture conditions, such as limiting oxygen or the addition of phenethyl 

Reduction of Chemical and Biological Oxygen Demands from

by M Mirbagheri 2015 Cited by 4 eficial impacts on health. blood lipid levels, inflammation, and atherosclerosis. Objectives: The production of fatty acids in fungi using oil wastes and renewable substrates were Gamma-linolenic acid production of Mucor rouxii by solid-.

Production of fungal lipids - WUR E-depot

by P Meeuwse 2011 Cited by 2 organisms often produce poly-unsaturated fatty acids (Certik and Shimizu 1999). For example Because most fungi need oxygen to grow and produce lipids, oxygen has to be transferred to 1982). Low C-source and N-source concentrations do not affect the conversion rates of The filamentous form of Mucor rouxii is.

Lipid composition of an obligately anaerobic fungus

1974. Effect of oxygen levels on the fatty acids and lipids of Mucor rouxii. Lipids, 9​: 285-289. SCHLENK, H., and J. L. GELLERMAN. 1960. Esterification of fatty.

JAKO199111922229190.pdf - Korea Science

by JH Park 1991 Cited by 4 Dissolved oxygen concentration in the medium did not affect degree of unsaturation of fatty acids fungus was found to produce 100 g/l dry mycelia containing 40% of the lipids, where y-linolenic acid comprised about 9% of the total extractable fatty acids. Even though Mucor rouxii was cultivated at culture of Mucor sp.

A Sheffield Hallam University thesis

by GM HUGHES utilisation during the microcycle growth of Aspergillus niger. 1. 2. November 1980 lipid were triacyl glycerols, fatty acids, sterols and sterol esters. Changes in 

The Front-end Desaturase: Structure, Function, Evolution and

by D Meesapyodsuk 2011 Cited by 136 Abstract Very long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids such as directly transfer molecular oxygen to a substrate; a desat- front-end desaturase shows a similarity to other acyl-lipid Arabidopsis seeds and a low level of EPA (​approximately histidine boxes of Mucor rouxii D6 desaturase revealed that.

Bioconversion of cheese whey permeate into fungal oil by

by LG Chan 2018 Cited by 8 while the pH range evaluated had a less pronounced effect. content and lipid yield reached a maximum of 24% dry biomass and 2.20 g/L, oxygen demand of 40,000 48,000 mg/L and chemical oxygen Lipid profile and fatty acid composition of the fungal Additionally, several strains of Mucor spp., such as Mucor.

Production of valuable compounds by molds and yeasts - Nature

by AL Demain 2017 Cited by 23 chemical synthesis of triterpenes, mode of action of streptomycin and other lipids. Food additives functioning as sugar substitutes. Aspergillus niger var. awamori, butylated hydroxytoluene, enhanced dissolved oxygen levels, iron ions Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids by fungi and other micro-.

Combinatorial metabolic engineering of - bioRxiv

by B Chen 2015 Cited by 61 production of fatty acid-derived biochemicals in S. cerevisiae. feedback inhibition could negatively affect the boosting of fatty acyl-CoA/ACP levels, 30 °​C. The dissolved oxygen concentration in the bioreactor was maintained at around Synthesis of Novel Lipids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by.

Alterations in growth and fatty acid profiles under stress

by S Sooksai Cited by 3 senula polymorpha that were defective in fatty acid syn- Industrial biotechnology can impacts bio-economic growth and has modulating the composition of the membrane lipids or the content with decreasing temperature​, accompanied with growth, fatty acid and desaturase genes of Mucor rouxii.

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by S Magdouli 2017 Analysis of fatty acids produced during different oxygen saturation levels 156 Effect of C/N ratio on cell growth and lipid accumulation in Yarrowia lipolytica gene of Mucor rouxii enhanced fatty acid content in Hansenula polymorpha.