Paid Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials Commercial Coverage Determination Guideline

Clinical Trials that do not meet the requirements listed in the Indications for Coverage section above. An example includes, but is not limited to, Phase 0 drug Clinical Trials.

Ethical and practical considerations of paying research

clinical trials *Dickert et al. Annals 2002 c Table 1. Subjects may be paid for inconvenience and time spent, and should be reimbursed for expenses

Effective Budgeting and Contract Negotiations for Clinical Trials

Screen Failures - paid by a flat fee and not based upon costs incurred per screening visit and language limits the number of screen failures Early Termination of Subject - Payment for subject made at the end of the study rather than upon month or quarter of termination % of Payment withheld

Clinical Trials Billing Fundamentals

For industry sponsored clinical trials: The budget incorporates both technical and professional charges. For federal sponsored clinical trials: Professional charges cannot be charged to a study fund where investigator has effort assigned, but technical charges should be captured appropriately. 9

Clinical Research Reimbursement: What You Need to Know to

Remuneration paid to subjects in clinical trials, whether direct (compensation) or through the waiver of cost-sharing responsibilities under private or public insurance, can be viewed as an inducement The Office of Inspector General takes very seriously the issue of inducements in clinical research:

Medicare and clinical research studies.

Clinical research studies (also called clinical trials) help doctors and researchers test how well different types of medical care work and if they re safe. You may have the choice to join a clinical research study to diagnose or treat an illness. Medicare covers certain clinical research studies and may help pay for some of