Impaired Visual Attention In Children With Dyslexia

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The Effects of Visual Attention Span and Phonological

by C Chen 2016 Cited by 15 training visual attention skills are reported to improve not only word reading in children. 75 with dyslexia but also their pseudo-word decoding skills  53 pages

Sensory theories of developmental dyslexia - Cambridge

by U Goswami 2014 Cited by 383 Children with developmental dyslexia fail to acquire efficient reading and spelling prominent theories suggest that impairments in visual attention may 

The cognitive basis of dyslexia in school-aged children: a

by A Dębska awareness, rapid naming, visual and selective attention, auditory skills, Despite the severe reading impairment, 26% of children with dyslexia presented 

Article > Visual Attentional Deficits in Reading Disability

by V Lakshminarayanan spatial cue in children with reading disabilities in comparison to controls. dyslexic group was selectively impaired in shifting attention in.

Impaired visual processing of letter and digit strings in adult

by S Hawelka 2006 Cited by 68 Keywords: Developmental dyslexia; Reading fluency; Visual attention. 1. Introduction recognized by non impaired readers (Shaywitz & Shaywitz,.

Remediation of Allophonic Perception and Visual Attention

by R Zoubrinetzky Cited by 19 proposed to a dyslexic child, MP, who showed impaired VA span but normal PA. The program included visual search.

The specificity of the visual deficits of dyslexic - Skemman

by S Guðjónsdóttir Early theories of visual impairments in dyslexia fusiform gyrus) is hypoactive in both dyslexic adults and children (Richlan, Kronbichler, &.

Dissociations between developmental dyslexias and attention

by L Lukov Cited by 29 We tested 110 children and adults with developmental dyslexia and/or reading impairment, we would have expected improved attention.

Visual attention span performance in German - PLOS

by C Banfi 2018 Cited by 15 Children with SD showed simi- larly severe impairments in spelling as children with dyslexia, while their reading performance was within the 

Phonological deficit in dyslexia

A dyslexic child may read in one year the same number of words of a good reader in Impaired visual spatial attention has been repeatedly described in DD.

Developmental dyslexia: The visual attention span deficit

by ML Bosse 2007 Cited by 789 In both studies, most dyslexic children exhibit a selective phonological or VA span disorder. Overall, these findings support a multi-factorial 

Ability of dyslexic and control teenagers to sustain attention

by E Moores Cited by 20 one of the key difficulties for children with dyslexia (see e.g. Snowling, 1997; these abilities may not be equally impaired in dyslexia; teenagers with 

Auditory Duration Discrimination in Children with - JYX

by T Huttunen-Scott 2009 Cited by 44 deviations in children with reading disorder, attention deficit or visual skills, which in turn shows as poor phonological processing and finally.

Visual search deficits are independent of magnocellular

by M Dyck Visual attention was measured with a serial search task and magnocellular function with a coherent motion task. A large group of children with dyslexia 

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25 Jul 2019 Metacontrast masking as a measure of change detection: Children with Indeed deficiencies in visual attention as the basis for dyslexia 

Phonological Skills, Visual Attention Span, and - Orthoptie.Net

it may provoke visual stress in certain individuals, thereby impair- ing reading dyslexic children show a reduced visual attention span. Further- more, these  14 pages

Oculomotor rehabilitation in children with dyslexia - Medical

by F Jafarlou Cited by 6 can improve visual tracking and visual attention, which are both impaired in individuals with learning disorder, especially in dyslexia.

Action Video Game Training improves Text Reading Accuracy

Rate and Comprehension in Children with Dyslexia: A Thus, AVGs require many of the same visual attention skills impaired in dyslexia.

Visual attention deficits in developmental dyslexia - Nature

by M Lobier 2015 Cited by 38 visual attention (VA) span deficit, are a consequence rather than a cause of devel- deficit in children with dyslexia is evident.

Dyslexia: the Role of Vision and Visual Attention - CORE

by J Stein 2014 Cited by 116 M cell impairment has been demonstrated at all levels of the visual system: dyslexic children complain of visual problems when they try.14 pages

Visual and Auditory Interference Control of Attention in - IIPDM

by Y Gabay 2019 Cited by 3 The implications of this impaired process for the language-related skills of individuals with DD are discussed. Keywords: Adults, Developmental dyslexia, 

The visual attention span deficit in dyslexia is visual and not

that VA span ability predicts performance for the non-verbal visual processing task in normal reading children. Furthermore, VA span impaired dyslexic 

Visuospatial Attention Deficits in Developmental Dyslexia

by Y Gabay 2013 Cited by 15 Abstract. Previous research has shown that individuals with DD (developmental dyslexia) demonstrated a left mini neglect on visual line (VL) 

An Exploratory Study to Investigate Eye Movement

It has long been known that dyslexia is linked to impairments in processing the visual complaints are common in children with dyslexia, 

Visual search deficits are independent of - JSTOR

by CM Wright 2012 Cited by 35 Visual attention was measured with a serial search task and magnocellular function with a coherent motion task. A large group of children with dyslexia 

Optimizing text for an individual's visual system: The - OSF

by SJ Joo Cited by 29 Keywords: dyslexia, visual crowding, visual attention, text spacing, reading and is negatively correlated with reading skills in children with dyslexia.

Impaired Visual Attention in Children with Dyslexia - SAGE

by E Heiervang 2003 Cited by 87 VOLUME 36, NUMBER 1, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2003, PAGES 68 73. Impaired Visual Attention in. Children with Dyslexia. Einar Heiervang and Kenneth Hugdahl. Abstract.

Visual and auditory attentional capture are both sluggish in

by A Facoetti 2005 Cited by 133 Abstract. Automatic multimodal spatial attention was studied in 12 dyslexic children (SRD), 18 chronological age matched (CA) and 9 reading level.12 pages

Attentional Modulation of Visual Processing in Adult Dyslexia

by ASC Deficit Cited by 83 impaired visual attention is complicated by findings that dyslexics have abnormal eye movements and fixations (e.g., Biscaldi, Gezeck, &. Stuhr, 1998).

Visual Attentional Training Improves Reading Capabilities in

by S Caldani Cited by 4 dyslexic children and suggested a deficit in visual attentional processing cognitive relationship among visual attention, eye movements, 

Spatial Attention Shifting and Phonological - NTU > IRep

by I Abbott 2015 Cited by 6 of adults with dyslexia showed impaired performance on shifting visual spatial attention. attention shifting in children with dyslexia (aged 10-.

Visual statistical learning and orthographic awareness in

30 Jul 2019 children with dyslexia are impaired in visual statistical learning and that with little attention paid to children with dyslexia in non-.

More to dyslexia than deficits in visual attention? - University

by JW Karelse 2007 Cited by 1 schooling, in the absence of impaired vision or hearing (American psychological visual fields distribution of attention in dyslexic children: A.

Intact crowding and temporal masking in dyslexia - Whitney

by A Doron 2015 Cited by 23 backward masking, in students with dyslexia (n ¼ 19) with dyslexia may reflect slower visual attention, but.

A Causal Link between Visual Spatial Attention and Reading

by S Franceschini 2012 Cited by 515 found to be impaired in both adults and children with dyslexia. [6 8]. Although letter naming is considered to be one of the.6 pages

Stimulus effects on cancellation task performance in children

by HC Huang 2009 Cited by 19 Impaired visual attention in children with dyslexia. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 36, 68-73. Hogeboom, M., & van Leeuwen, C. (1997). Visual search 

Phonological skills, visual attention span, and visual stress in

by C Bogliotti Cited by 104 it may provoke visual stress in certain individuals, thereby impair- dyslexic children show a reduced visual attention span. Further-.

What bilateral damage of the superior parietal lobes tells us

by S Valdois 2019 Cited by 18 dyslexia, visual attention span, endogenous and exogenous spatial attention. subset of dyslexic children who were severely impaired in pseudo-word 

A Visual Attention Span Deficit Approach - VUW Research

by B Jones 2013 Dyslexia as an Impairment in Visual Attention? A number of recent group studies have shown that children with reading disorders, as.

Multisensory Integration and Attention in - Dyslexia

by V Harrar 2014 Cited by 119 Dyslexics showed difficulty shifting their attention between Magnocellular visual function and children's single word reading. Vision Res. 38, 471 482.

Deficits of visual search in Chinese children with dyslexia

by S Liu 2019 Cited by 2 Reading difficulties are related to impairment of visual spatial attention. Dyslexic readers of alphabetic orthographies show deficits in visual searches,.

Visual Training Helps Improve Reading in Dyslexic Children

Methodology: 14 reading-impaired children (8-11 years) with increased paracentral Keywords: Dyslexia; visual training; crowding; reading rate; trigram.

Children with dyslexia: evidence for visual attention deficits in

by TAW Visser 2004 Cited by 126 Children with dyslexia: evidence for visual attention deficits in perception of rapid sequences of According to the DSM-IV, the level of reading impair-.15 pages

Sluggish engagement and disengagement of non-spatial

by A Facoetti 2008 Cited by 133 observation that many reading disabled children are impaired in the specific visual of visual spatial attention in dyslexic children (e.g., Facoetti.

Memory Deficits in Children with Developmental Dyslexia: A

by G Lazzaro 2021 Cited by 1 tive impairments identified in DD, it has been found that memory plays a dyslexia: A parameter-based assessment of visual attention.

Intervention fo a Visual Attention Span Processing Deficit

by GZ Niolaki 2020 In contrast, the results of Lobier, Zoubrinetzky and Valdois (2012) revealed that dyslexic children were impaired in VAS tasks with nameable and non-nameable 

Dyslexia: a deficit in visuo-spatial attention, not in

by TR Vidyasagar Cited by 652 impairment both arise from poor visual (i.e., ortho- graphic) coding. We argue that attentional phonological awareness tasks than children who are not.7 pages

Multisensory Spatial Attention Deficits Are Predictive of

by A Facoetti 2010 Cited by 303 and accuracy) are consistently impaired in dyslexic children ficient orienting of visual spatial attention (Perry et al.,. 2007; Facoetti et al., 2006; 

Developmental dyslexia: exploring how much phonological

by M Lallier 2013 Cited by 38 and visual attention span disorders are linked to simultaneous be impaired in dyslexic children regardless of phonological processing difficulties and 


by A Facoetti 2000 Cited by 329 However, specific attentional deficits may account for dyslexia too, with some studies reporting some kind of visual attention impairments in dyslexic children  15 pages