Isolation And Identification Of A Poxvirus From A Domestic Cat And A Human Contact Case

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The domestic cat is now the most commonly recognised host of cowpox virus in Great Britain and several recent cases of human cowpox have been traced to contact with infected cats. This review brings together some of the recent devel- opments in our understanding of the natural history of cowpox virus and cowpox in cats. THE VIRUS

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infection, this case report is of significance to human health as well due to its zoonosis factor. Given that VRI-006507-2018 is highly homologous with human isolates (Table 1), highlighting the need for further study into the prevalence of ORFV infection in both livestock and human. REFERENCES 1. Abdullah A.A., Ismail M.F., Balakrishnan K.N., Bala

Isolation and Identification of a Poxvirus from a Domestic Cat and a Human Contact Case H. DVM; A. DVM, Ph.D and M. C. DVM, Ph.D With one table (Received publication December 3, 1985) Summary A poxvirus Infection In a domestic cat and transmission to a human contact have recentlv been reported.