Seasonal Variation In Bone Histomorphometry

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HuSeasonal difference in bone characteristics - NTU > IRep

by I Varley Cited by 3 Running title: Seasonal differences in elite speed skaters. Key words: Bone mineral density, Seasonal changes in bone characteristics and body.

Seasonal Variation in Bone Histomorphometry - American

by AG Need 2008 Seasonal Variation in Bone Histomorphometry. We are pleased to note that the data of Armas et al. confirmed our findings on the seasonal 

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention - Nefrología

by S SLANH 2013 Cited by 35 define the changes in bone histology that occur in Preferably measure at the end of winter if there are seasonal changes. c Along with iPTH measurement.

Effects of fatty acids, nutrients and whole body vibration on

bone histomorphometry, mechanical properties and metabolic several significant changes in spongy bone and trabecular separation areas, femoral neck 

Seasonal Variation of Biochemical Indexes of Bone Turnover

by HW Woitge 1998 Cited by 290 by multivariate regression analyses, seasonal variations accounted to the biological variability of bone turnover and needs consideration.8 pages

Age-related reference intervals for bone turnover - DRO

by N Jenkins 2013 Cited by 65 By contrast, the bone formation marker (P1NP) values showed no seasonal variation. CTx initially decreased between the ages of 20 49 years after.6 pages

Seasonal Variation in Bone Histomorphometry - American

by L Armas 2008 Cited by 2 Need et al.(1) reported seasonal effects on histomor- phometry characteristics in 121 bone biopsies obtained from osteoporotic patients.

Biochemical markers of bone turnover:A review

by K Åkesson 1995 Cited by 49 as histomorphometry and calcium kinetic studies, are not usable on a routine basis, but are valuable There is a seasonal variation in osteocalcin secre-.

Biomarkers as therapy monitoring for postmenopausal

by F Migliorini 2021 Background: Biochemical markers of bone turnover (BTMs), such as bone alkaline phosphatase circadian rhythm, seasonal variation, diet, and exercise,.

Report of the UK Cystic Fibrosis Trust Bone - SIFC

Bone histomorphometry characterises the alterations in bone structure and shown in children with CF that the seasonal variation in vitamin D levels can 

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by O Kennedy 2009 Cited by 14 Intracortical bone turnover was significantly increased in OVX, which demonstrated seasonal variation. Cross sectional area in OVX was 

Wintertime Vitamin D Supplementation Inhibits Seasonal

by C Lamberg-Allardt 2009 Cited by 66 susceptible to the seasonal variation of calcitropic hormones. KNOWLEDGE OF VITAMIN D in supporting bone health is rapidly growing.7 pages

CKD-MBD - National Kidney Foundation

SEASONAL VARIATION. ++. VARIATION wITH MEALS that is quantifiable by histomorphometry of bone biopsy. CHRONIC KIDNEy DISEASE-MINERAL AND BONE DISORDER.


by R Oheim Cited by 50 Furthermore, repeated histomorphometric analyses using Seasonal changes of bone mineral density (BMD). Seasonal changes of BMD in humans,  14 pages

Histomorphometric Analysis of Bone Biopsies from the Iliac

by SL Elkin 2002 Cited by 108 histology in adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) and low bone mineral marked variability, with a large diurnal (50%), seasonal (12%).

Prospective evaluation of bone markers, parathormone and 1

by E Focà 2012 Cited by 39 remained stable, though a seasonality variation was demonstrated. Keywords: HIV, Antiretroviral therapy, Bone turnover, Osteoporosis, 

Osteomalacia in elderly White Soouth African women with

by L Schnitzler, CM & Solomon 1983 Cited by 5 seasonal variation in both the vitamin D metabolite levels Bone histomorphometric data comparing the FNF and control groups are given in Table H.

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Bone histomorphometry. 537. Ovariohysterectomy. 537. 1,25(OH)2 D3 -lactone. 300,302 Seasonal variation. 433,555,. 922. Serum levels. 273,765.

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by I Sigrist 2006 Cited by 67 have evaluated the effects of ovariectomy on histomorphometric changes in cancellous bone volume were observed in these studies, 

Mammalian hibernation as a model of disuse osteoporosis

8 Oct 2008 Seasonal changes in serum bone remodeling markers in bears. ties, and additionally, static and dynamic histomorphometry.

Assessment of markers of bone formation under controlled

by IR Dias 2008 Cited by 2 published reports of seasonal variation in bone remodelling (Arens et al. 2006) and circadian rhythm variations of the biochemical markers of bone turnover,.

Vitamin D Deficiency in Children With Chronic Kidney Disease

bone development from renal osteodystrophy and concomitant vitamin D deficiency. Seasonal variation was noted. In our.

The diurnal variation of bone formation is attenuated in adult

by K Hygum 2019 Cited by 6 Objective: Bone turnover has a diurnal variation influenced by food intake, incretin hormones, the sympathetic nervous system and osteocyte function.

Bone markers and chronic kidney diseases - Journal of

20 Jul 2018 BTM are important biomarkers that reflect changes in bone Since bone histomorphometry can only be performed in.

Skeletal growth in cattle in response to nutritional and

by R Antari 2018 morphological adaptation of the skeleton to the seasonal changes in diet body dimension changes, growth plate and trabecular bone histology and.

Relationship between vitamin D status and bone

by T Edouard 2011 Cited by 28 No seasonal variability in 25(OH)D serum concentrations was found. As to histomorphometric indicators of bone mineralization, OI.

Bone turnover and 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol during

by C Turner 1988 Cited by 19 assessed by histomorphometry and on the plasma levels of 1,25- lowing a marked seasonal variation (Table I, Fig. 2). Circulating.

Bone turnover marker determinants in young women - SAGE

by ET Callegari 2018 Cited by 1 Bone histomorphometry is used to assess bone metabolism, but is invasive, expensive, and therefore had 25OHD <25nmol/L. Seasonal variation was seen.

Article (PDF) - Annals of Agricultural and Environmental

by RS Filip 2004 Cited by 49 Abstract: The utility of biochemical markers of bone metabolism has not been seasonal differences in bone turnover have been clearly.5 pages

1.Wilkinson JM, Jackson B, Eastell R. Effect of pamidronate on

variation in biochemical markers of bone cell activity and insulin-like growth Absence of marked seasonal change in bone turnover: a longitudinal and.

Redalyc.Bone turnover markers in sheep and goat: A review

by JA CAMASSA 2017 Cited by 8 2013), seasonal changes (Arens et al. 2007) and circadian variation (Liesegang et al. 2003), which can contribute substantially to the variability of these  16 pages

Effects of ossein-hydroxyapatite compound on ewe bone

by P Chavassieux 1991 Cited by 21 ewes which have seasonal variations in bone remodeling. bone histomorphometric parameter values was noted in controls at the end of the.

Seasonal and Anatomical Variation in Compact Bone

by J Calcagno 2011 Cited by 9 any seasonal or anatomical variation occurred in the compact bone perform histomorphometric analysis on bone, remodeling must be simplified to.

Biochemical markers of bone turnover - SAGE Journals

by TT Hlaing 2014 Cited by 203 as measured by histomorphometry.10. BALP is measured in serum and many Seasonal variation: Bone resorption and formation markers are higher in winter by 

Healing of bone disease in X-linked hypophosphatemic - JCI

No seasonal variation was observed and values were similar in both sexes. Bone histomorphometry on high dose calcitriol therapy.

Cortical and Trabecular Histomorphometry of the Rib, Clavicle

by LE McCormick 2013 Osteocalcin reflects osteoblast activity and correlates with bone mineralization but can also be influenced by age, sex and seasonal variation (Bonnick and.

Bone turnover markers in sheep and goat: A review - SciELO

by JA CAMASSA 2017 Cited by 8 gestation and metabolic lactation state, circadian and seasonal variations, and also during skeletal growth. Pre-clinical and translational studies using 

A Multi-Modal Method for Determining the Postmortem Interval

Taphonomic Changes- Bone Mineral Density section below). The surface juvenile remains showed a significant seasonal pattern in days for decomposition.

Fractures in patients with CKD-diagnosis, treatment, and

by A Pimentel 2017 Cited by 87 CKD-induced changes in bone and mineral metabolism and. Fracture. Hormones Bone histomorphometry is the gold standard with which to.

Seasonal variations in vitamin D status and calcium - Nature

by A Zittermann 1998 Cited by 110 Serum. PICP levels are associated with histomorphometric param- eters of bone formation (Parfitt et al, 1987; Ericksen et al,. 1993). Dpd is mainly present in 

Exploration of the role of serum factors in maintaining bone

by RM Bradford 2010 Cited by 4 black bears collected in the fall and spring demonstrate no seasonal differences in trabecular bone mineral content, trabecular thickness, or trabecular 

Hemiplegia as a model of disuse bone loss - Cambridge

by K Poole 2006 Coefficients of Variation for Histomorphometry (Intra and Inter-Observer) D in acute stroke with appropriate seasonal adjustment is 

Seasonal Variation in Ovine Compact Bone Time-dependent

used in research are seasonal breeders (experiencing a winter anestrus). Some seasonal variation in ovine cancellous bone histomorphometry has.

bypass operation for obesity - Gut

by H Rickers 1983 Cited by 9 Vitamin D and bone mineral content after intestinal bypass operation for obesity shows considerable seasonal variation, and, further-.

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Seasonal variation in vitamin D levels in blish clearly changes in bone mineral density associated with gestation4. And markers for bone.

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by P Evenepoel 2020 Cited by 1 Biochemical BTMs reflect changes in bone turnover more rapidly than changes in other clinical tests such as bone mineral density and bone histomorphometry.

Factors affecting newborn bone mineral content - Cambridge

by R Namgung 2000 Cited by 105 Fetal bone mineralization is affected by season of birth Seasonal variations in maternal vitamin D status and their.

Bone deep: variation in stable isotope ratios and

by GE Fahy Cited by 69 Bone deep: variation in stable isotope ratios and histomorphometric Deciphering seasonal variations in the diet and drinking water of modern.

Cortical bone adaptation and mineral mobilization in - PeerJ

11 Jun 2018 A total of three static histomorphometric approaches were conducted to determine ontogenetic and sexual differences: (i) diaphyseal 

Effect of moderate alcohol consumption on biochemical

by J Marrone 2009 medications, food intake, and seasonal variation can affect bone on older men with cirrhosis and osteoporosis, histomorphometric.