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mon, Puerto Rico. this repQrt chemical determinations of glycine and serine were carried out, in addition to the usual total aminoacid nitrogen determination, in plasma from normal subjects and patients with sprue. This procedure was undertaken because of the role of folic acid in the conversion of glycine to serine and because of presumptive

Malabsorption of Folate Polyglutamates in Tropical

than folate monoglutamate in patients with tropical sprue but that only in a minority of the patients is this absorptive defect associated with a subnormal jejunal mucosal folate conjugase level. Subjects Studied Patients with Tropical Sprue.-A total of 36 patients with tropical sprue were studied, 34 from Puerto Rico andtwofrom Haiti.

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Puerto Rico Journal of Public Health and Tropical MedicineTropical Sprue Studies of the U.S. Army's Sprue Team in Puerto RicoTropical Fish HobbyistTransactions of the American Society of Tropical Medicine Annual MeetingNineteenth and Twentieth

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Medical Laboratory in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to study tropical sprue, a disease responsible for one-sixth of all casualties sustained by the Allied forces in India and Southeast Asia during World War II. Sprue patients died from severe malnutrition but could be saved Dr. James. S. McLester Dr. Thomas D. Spies Dr. Charles E. Butterworth, Jr.

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TechnicalPapers DDTas a MarineAntifouling Agent' JOHN F. MARCHAND Laboratory of Physiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut In connection with the testing of dichlorodiphenyl-

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1480.29a NA Sprue Puerto Rico 1480.30 NA Stool Detroit, Mich. B66126 1991 Nail Belgium J920296 1992 Vagina Belgium J941226/2 1994 Tinea pedis Belgium J941818 1994 Surveillance The Netherlands J941824 1994 Surveillance The Netherlands J941830 1994 Surveillance The Netherlands J932072 1994 Nail Belgium J940043 1993 Nail Belgium J941074 1994 Oral

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Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Ciencias Médicas, Biblioteca Conrrado F. Asenjo, Colecciones Especiales Marzo 2009 Sprue Sección

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354 Celiac Disease Celiac Sprue, Gluten Enteropathy 355 Lactose Intolerance Inability to digest lactose 356 Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar 358 Eating Disorders Anorexia nervosa, bulimia 359 Any major surgery, trauma or burns within past 2 Recent Major Surgery, Trauma, Burns months

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ATCC 22019T Sprue, Puerto Rico 85.9 6 0.00 40.5 6 0.00 I NRRL Y-10022 Marine isolate 85.8 6 0.10 40.2 6 0.24 I CBS 8050 Epidermis of Porphyra tenera 85.8 6 0.00 40.2

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of tropical sprue, but its effect on the intestinal lesion is less certain: Gardner (1956) obtained a reasonably good response in United States Service men in Puerto Rico, but Sheehy and Floch (1964) concluded from experience in the same area that folic acid rapidly alleviated the haematopoietic but not the intestinal lesion, and although

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earmarked for the invasion of Puerto Rico. Tended to invasion force typhoid infected Soldiers prior to the landing in the U.S.S. Relief. Landed and joined Schwann s consolidated Brigade and participated in Puerto Rico s South West Campaign. Participated in the Silva Heights Firefight , taking of Mayaguez and the skirmish at Las Marias.

Response of tropical sprue to poorly absorbed sulfonamides

Puerto Rico School of Medicine. All patients were placed on a regular hospital diet containing 100 g fat, which is similar to the average Puerto Rican diet as reported by Santini (1 1). The

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tropical sprue in South Africa is unknown, but probably differs from that postulated for sprue in India, Puerto Rico, and the West Indies. The significance of the greater number of Haemophilus species isolated from sprue patients than controls, and the greater number of ,B-haemolyticstreptococci isolated from controls than sprue patients, is

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Brief General Data on Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is a tropical island, the smallest of the 4 Greater Antilles: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Including all the smaller islands under its jurisdiction, the area of Puerto Rico is approximately 3435 sq miles. It is rectangular, with an average width of4l miles

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ity beyond the US to Puerto Rico, Mexico, South America, and Africa. In Puerto Rico, hookworm-related anemia was the lead-ing cause of death; in 1900, 30% of all deaths were attributed to the condition (see Crosby). In 1919, the Commissioner of Public Health of Puerto Rico extended an invitation to the International

sprue-like syndrome strongyloidiasis

Non-tropical sprue is rare in the WestIndies and tropical sprue has been reported only from the islands of Puerto Rico, Haiti and Cuba. Heavy infection with S. stercoralis has been reported from Jamaica (Bras et al., 1964), Puerto Rico (Rivera et al., 1970) and now, for the first time, Trinidad. Strongyloidiasis has a tropical prepon-

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of tropical sprue has declined in Puerto Rico and Cuba, but it is said to have remained widespread amongthe rural populationin Haiti. Anexplanation is certainly needed to account for the present restriction of sprue to the Spanish and French speakingCaribbean islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico, the DominicanRepublic,andHaiti) andits absencefrom

Malabsorption Of Folate Polyglutamates In Tropical Sprue

Tropical sprue affects the structure and function of the jejunal mucosa, the principal site of folate absorption. The most likely explanation for the severe folate deficiency found in this disease is malabsorption of dietary folate. In some patients with sprue and severe folate deficiency, however, normal absorption of folie

Tropical Sprue: A Review

Tropical sprue in Puerto Rico occurred mainly in a population subject to tropical enteropathy, and malabsorption of vitamin Bl2 has been demonstrated in over half of a sample of the asymptomatic rural population (Klipstein et al. 1972). A collaborative study provided an opportunity to compare the development of sprue in previously fit, young

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Case of sprue, Puerto Rico 4 1 0.25. C. neoformans. NR-41291 Obtained from human cerebrospinal fluid in China in July 2011. 4 1 0.5. C. neoformans. NR-41292 Obtained from human cerebrospinal fluid in China in February 2012. 0.5 1 0.5. C. neoformans. NR-41296 Obtained from human cerebrospinal fluid in China in February 2012. 1 2 0.5. C

Tropical sprue in travelers and expatriates living abroad

tropical sprue in 1880 after Manson anglicized the Dutch term Indische sprouw. Somewhat later, it be- came apparent that sprue occurs elsewhere in the tropics when it was recognized among Americans serving in the Phillippines and Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War.

Tropical sprue*

Gut, 1969, 10, 328-333 Tropical sprue* Tropical sprue is an enigmatic malabsorption syndrome which occurs amongpeople living in the tropics.1 Symptoms of chronic diarrhoea, malaise, fatigue, andweight loss associated with malabsorption offat,

Factors responsible for weight loss in tropical spru&3

large group of patients with sprue with that of a similar-sized group of healthy Puerto Ricans; second, by comparing weight loss in patients with sprue who had varying de-1 From the Tropical Malabsorption Unit of the Uni-versities of Rochester and Puerto Rico, Clinical Re-search Center, University of Puerto Rico Medical Cen-ter, San Juan

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CBS 604 Isolated from a case of sprue in Puerto Rico Candida glabrata ATCC MYA-2950 303542 None. Candida glabrata ATCC 66032 AmMS 231 None. Candida tropicalis ATCC 1369 CCY 29-7-7 None. Candida tropicalis ATCC 13803 FDA PCl M-59 None. Cryptococcus gattii NR-43208 R265 Isolated from a patient on Vancouver Island, Canada in late 1990s.


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oeste de Puerto Rico a fines del siglo XIX. Se dedicaban los comerciantes alemanes de la época, a la exportación de productos como el azúcar, el tabaco, el café o el coco (cuyas fibras fueron utilizadas durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial para la manufactura de máscaras de gas). Para 1860 la casa comercial de Eduard Koppisch (el abuelo


Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico. The author has no conflicts of interest to disclose. Address correspondence to: Raúl Mayo-Santana, PhD, 450 Ave de la Constitución, Apt. 8-E, San Juan, PR 00901-2307. Email: [email protected]


the health care system improved under US administration of Puerto Rico. This information is used here to contextualize the malaria initiative. Data from Public Health Reports, the journal of the Marine Hospital Service: illuminate health status trends. Briefly summarized in table 1.1 are the trends for selected diseases, for

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Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico [1,3,16,17]. TS is rarely seen in Eastern Africa, Jamaica, North America and Europe. Over the years TS has been thought to be declining in incidence [16,18,19]. Some have speculated that this decline may be the result

Jejunal mucosal morphology in healthy Indian subjects

compared with those of Puerto Rico, whose diet is far superior and the mucosal abnormalities mil-der.'5-'6 Protein deficiency byitself, however,is not associated with histological abnormalities.2'-23 Moreover,the presenceofmucosalabnormalities in American peace corp workers in Pakistan, despite excellent protein intake,24 and in Europeans and

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Tropical sprue is endemic to a unique sprue belt, including Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, and the Middle East. The etiology of tropical sprue remains unknown, although it is suspected to be an infectious disorder. The chronic form of tropical sprue requires

Tropical Sprue in North Americans

The incidence of tropical sprue among North Americans living temporarily in Puerto Rico was found to be approx-imately 8% annually. Preliminary surveys of returnees from certain parts of Southeast Asia suggest that the incidence may be even higher in that part of the world. Mostphysicians in the United States consider tropical sprue an exotic

Jejunal Perfusion of Simple and Conjugated in Tropical Sprue

folates in tropical sprue. In tropical sprue, folate malab-sorption is the reflection of impaired folate transport andnotofimpairedhydrolysis. INTRODUCTION Folate deficiency is almost always present in Puerto Rican patients with tropical sprue (1) and is probably a reflection of the generalized intestinal malabsorption

Bailey K. Ashford,Más allá de sus memorias

contra la anemia en Puerto Rico y la investigacion en medicina tropical. hasta 1913; 3. Trabajo en Brasil, 1916; 4. Participacion en la guerra eu ropea. 1917-18; 5. Investigaciones sobre sprue y la funda cionde la Escuela de Medicina Tropical en San Juan. hasta 1934. Estes memories, reimpresas por la Universidad de Puerto Rico, permitcn

Intraepithelial Lymphocytes in the Disclosures

Sprue is an Anglicized form of the Dutch word sprouw, a term applied in 1669 to a chronic diarrheal disease of unknown etiology accompanied by aphthous ulcers that was prevalent in Belgium www.TheAwkwardYeti.com


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Intestinal Perfusion Studies in Tropical Sprue

Tropical Malabsorption Unit of the Universities of Rochester and Puerto Rico, University (District) Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico Segmental jejunal perfusion studies were performed to assess water, sodium, chloride, and d-xylose transport in 10 carefully selected patients with untreated tropical sprue who had diarrhea at the time of

The Changing Clinical Picture of Tropical Sprue

Tropical sprue is an endemic condition in Puerto Rico, some Caribbean islands and Southeast Asia. It is characterized by diarrhea, poor appetite, weight loss and anemia. In recent years the incidence of tropical sprue has declined and the clinical picture is different. The

Bile salt metabolism in tropical sprue

were found to be significantly lower in six Puerto Rican patients with untreated tropical sprue, all ofwhomhad steatorrhoea, than in six asymptomatic subjects whohad normal fat absorption.

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Rhoads had traveled to Puerto Rico early in his career as part of the Commission for the Study of Anemia funded by the Rocke-feller Foundation. He and his colleagues saw more than 250 patients for hookworm-caused anemia and a form of anemia known as tropical sprue. But he chafed at the tropi-cal conditions and relations with the locals,