Public Interest Group Participation In Congressional Hearings On Nuclear Power Development

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(Illinois) nuclear power plants. Commissioner Apostolakis recusal from Yucca Mountain issues. Other Public Affairs Items OPA coordinated media inquiries and supported Chairman Jaczko s recent visit to Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant (Vermont). OPA supported annual assessment public meetings for nuclear power plants throughout the regions.

The Policy Agendas Project: a Review

public opinion? By examining the character of agendas in various policy sectors, such as urban policy and nuclear power, the authors find that the policy process is indeed characterised both by stability and change. The art of the policy analyst is to understand the dynamics, in particular the interaction between forces for agenda change and

6. Comparing agenda-settings: the Comparative Agendas Project

a number of specific policy questions such as pesticides, smoking, alcohol, and nuclear power. Attention to these policy questions was tracked by keyword search using several sources: the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature and New York Times to measure the public agenda, and Congressional hearings to measure the political agenda.

Ohio Revised Code Section 3747.01 Midwest interstate compact

Apr 25, 1984 (3) Appear as an intervenor or party in interest before any court of law or any federal, state, or local agency, board, or commission in any matter related to waste management. In order to represent its views, the commission may arrange for any expert testimony, reports, evidence, or other participation.

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD

introduced at Congressional hearings and used to promote changes in regulations [4]. The resolutions demonstrate the variation and diversity of CRCPD activities, mirroring our council activities. The resolutions reflect the regulatory radiation issues of the day, be in radon, improper disposal of tritium exit signs or for medical CT regulations.

Report for Congress

Apr 11, 2003 management but also modify the project development process and reduce environmental impacts. Many of the bills included provisions for greater public access to project information, increased public participation and independent review, stricter benefit-cost criteria, stronger environmental mitigation requirements, and deauthorization of projects.

Emerging Patterns Service for Citizen Groups

visory group, is found increasingly at federal, state and local levels of government and often is required by statute.8 The citizen advisory group is designed to broaden participation of citizens in public policy decision- making. Often the citizen advisory group is composed of representatives from selected citizen groups.

Reading China: How Do America s China Scholars View U.S

public. They are often invited to share their expertise on China-related issues with their local community and through print and electronic media. In other words, these scholars are often the opin-ion leaders and shapers on China. Sec-ondly, some of these China scholars in the U.S. have been called upon to appear at Congressional hearings and

Nevada and High-Level Radioactive Waste: Background paper 83-3

impact statements, public hearings, licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and construction are completed, the first facility should be ready to accept waste in the mid-1990's. In addition, the USDOE must recommend five sites for a second repository by 1989.

Democratic Control of Atomic Power Development

entrenched and bitter opponents, public-power advocates and private-power advo-cates, fight with all the available political weapons. Furthermore, as the day dawns when private participation in atomic power begins and chances for private profit appear on the horizon, forces of self-interest are unleashed.

Michael E Kraft Environmental Policy And Politics 5th Edition Rar

advocacy advertising, and public education campaigns. Duffy also tracks emerging trends in interest group politics and provides an overview of activism through the early 1990s. He then documents the emergence of more aggressive action after 1994, such as providing campaign services to candidates and mounting voter registration drives.

Federal Agency Compensation of Intervenors

examined in detail. The examination focuses on the development of comprehensive legislation to guide federal agency compensation of See Administrative Hearings, supra note 3, at 271-73 (bibliography of congressional hearings on public participation in federal agency proceedings). Office of Communication of United Church of Christ v.

Jeffrey S. Merrifield

Congress requires that public be provided opportunity to contest the construction of a nuclear power plant through formal legal proceedings Concern about the safety of nuclear units increases during the late 1960s and early 1970s Public perceives conflict of interest in the AEC s


nuclear power plants, supersonic airplanes, and the artificial heart. TA was conceived as a way to identify the desirable first-order, intended effects of technologies as well as the higher-order, unintended social, economic and environmental effects (Brooks and Bowers 1970).

Sonia Renee Jarvis 2 - Marxe School of Public and

Baruch College, C.U.N.Y. Visiting Professor Public Affairs 9/04-present George Washington University Research Professor Communications 9/94-6/01 Rutgers, The State University of NJ Visiting Professor Public Policy Spring 1997 & Spring 1996 Georgetown University Law Center Visiting Scholar Politics, Law & Media 9/94-6/96

Putting More Public in Policy Analysis

of public input into relatively complex public policy decisions. It outlines two determinants of suc-cess in public participation efforts: the purpose for public involvement and the nature of the issue; furthermore, it applies the model to two issues in recent Utah history that have involved public participation.

Resist Newsletter, Nov. 2004

Energy Policies and Power More than 40% of our energy is pro­ duced by coal and an additional 20% is generated by nuclear power, making 60% of present energy created by two polluting industries. The Bush/Cheney energy plan has aggressively worked to increase the production of nuclear power (including relicensing of old reactors and siting of new

National Environmental Policy Act E LESSONS LEARNED

issues discussed at recent Congressional NEPA Task Force hearings (page 14) and being addressed through CEQ s NEPA Modernization Work Groups (page 2). Panels will address public participation and use of NEPA in decisionmaking. Training for both new and experienced DOE NEPA practitioners will be offered the morning of

Kristine L. Svinicki, Chairman Stephen G. Burns, Commissioner

Docket No. 72 1051 (Request for 180-day extension of scoping and public period and addition of 18 public hearings) Dear Members of the Commission: Don t Waste Michigan, Sierra Club, Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, Nuclear Information and Resource Services, Alliance For

Frank Baumgartner

Protest and Congressional Attention to Rights Issues 157 Clemens, Elisabeth S. 1997. The People's Lobby: Organizational Innovation and the Rise of Interest Group Politics in the United States, 1890-1925. University of Chicago Press. Cobb, Roger W and Charles D. Elder. 1983. Participation in American Politics. Johns Hopkins University Press.


mum participation by community members, musicians, dancers, drummers, etc. to bring their cultural heritage to the dance hall to share with all. No one will be paid; this won t be perfor-mance -based. The hope is to showcase the diversity of cultural heritages represented in SLO County and to have folks join together

A major purpose of the Techni- cal Information Center is to

A major purpose of the Techni-

Annual Report to the Congress by the Office of Technology

Public participation program. A key element of the New Jersey-Delaware coastal zone assessment is the examination of public attitudes and, to the extent possible, the broadening of public understanding of the technologies under study and of the ways governmental decisions can alter their impacts.

Nuclear Waster Management, 9/11/79 [Briefing Book] [1]

nuclear power plants. This linkage stems from the view that until adequate long term disposal of wastes is assured, licensing of additonal nuclear plants should be questioned. No single point was made more frequently in the IRG s public hearings. Because the nuclear waste management issues must be resolved regardless

The BG News December 4, 1970

An Independent Student Voice THe BG news Bowling Green Ohio Fridoy, Dtctmbtr 4, 1970 Volume 55/Number 61 Kidnapers surrender Cross MONTREAL (AP) - French-

Case Western Reserve Law Review

Public Particpation in FederalAgency Proceedings Act of 1977- Hearings on S. 270 Before the Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 95th Cong., 1st Sess., pt. 1, at 4 (1977) [hereinafter cited as Hearings 1]

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT UPDATE May 27, 2012 Energy and Climate

May 27, 2012 regulate coal ash from power plants. On May 24, the Environmental Protection Agency held a widely-attended public hearing in Chicago to address concerns about the proposed new source greenhouse gas rules published in April. Environmental and public health advocates pressed the Environmental Protection Agency for strong

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Responsible for in-take and initial case evaluation, conference and event planning, public education and outreach programs, legislative tracking, and supervising volunteers and interns. Special projects included studies of health care in women s prisons, judicial abuses of power, police brutality, and hate crimes in public schools.

Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact

3. Appear as an intervenor or party in interest before any court of law or any federal, state or local agency, board or commission in any matter related to waste management. In order to represent its views, the Commission may arrange for any expert testimony, reports, evidence or other participation. 4.

Promotion versus Precaution: The Evolution of Biotechnology

biotechnology policy. Put differently, executive and congressional jurisdictions over different biotechnology applications reproduced and reinforced a bifurcated policy domain. Within Congress, for example, the nature of committee jurisdictions shaped the opportunities for interest group participation and, with it, the attention to risks and

Forwards weekly info rept for week ending 781222.

Company for the Trojan Nuclear Plant. The exemption requires that a revised ECCS analysis be submitted to NRC no later than April 1,1979. Meeting with Congressional Staff Concerning Pu Ooerations in California NMSS and NRR provided a briefing for Neil Simons, a member of Repre-sentative Fortney Stark's staff on the issues surrounding GE-VNC

Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement

Self-interest b. Political socialization c. Public goods d. Civic interest e. Partisanship 22. The Amendment, ratified in 1804, changed the process so that candidates are elected for president and vice president separately. a. Ninth b. Eleventh c. Twelfth d. Sixteenth e. Nineteenth 23. is the intentional action by government to

North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal

North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation Congressional Research Service 1 Introduction North Korea s threatening behavior; development of proscribed nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons capabilities; and pursuit of a range of illicit activities, including proliferation, has posed

Works in Progress - Sustainable Coast

at public hearings about air quality concerns related to both permits. We are hopeful that our citizen petition will send a compelling message to EPD, convincing them to carefully review the applicable regulations in reaching a decision that protects the public by denying this permit, said the Center s executive director, David Kyler

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Virginia

The latest Teal Group report estimates and forecasts (in US dollars): The UAS global market is currently $6.6 billion Research and development (R&D) and procurement spending Over the next 10 years, the UAS global market will total $89 billion In other detailed estimates, the Teal Group reported out of the total

TO: SCAQMD Legislative Committee Larry McCallon, Shawn Nelson

coming months between Members of both political parties, the various Congressional committees, the federal agencies, outside interest groups and other stakeholders involved. Keeping that in mind, as well as that Congress has consistently restored clean air programs cut in past presidential budgets, here are a few of the relevant highlights of

The Federal Networking and Information Technology Research

Feb 02, 2010 it had an important interest in creating computers that would be capable of addressing the problems and issues the government needed to solve and study. One of the first such problems was planning the trajectories of artillery and bombs; more recently, such problems include simulations of nuclear testing, cryptanalysis, and weather modeling.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 302 473 SO 019 560 AUTHOR Ripley, Randall

Congressional attempt to control war-making powers. Scholarly research is needed concerning Congress's role in or relationship to: (1) fiscal budgeting; (2) public perceptions of Congressional responsibility; (3) constituency opinion; (4) interest group influence; and (5) structural, strategic, and crisis foreign and defense policies and programs.

Chapter 15- The Federal Bureaucracy

Because of this power, Subgovernments or iron triangles form around key policy areas (defense, agriculture, ) -They consist of 1. An interest group 2. A federal agency and 3. A legislative (Congressional) committee !


participation in policy decisions to public agency administrators, legislators and interest group representatives with shared programmatic concerns. Subsystems maintained a low degree of visibility within the media and the general public and a high degree of stability over time (Freeman, 1955; Cater, 1964).