Visual And Linguistic Cues To Graspable Objects

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Promoting healthy food choice with a visual cue

visual cues can facilitate the choice of healthy food, but more research is needed on how these cues can also influence the taste experience itself. 1. Introduction Stimulating society to make healthier food choices is an essential issue as 15 percent of the women and 13 percent of the men, between the age of 30


purpose to category specific visual object-processing, (2) evidence of a taxonomic organisation of the visual world, and (3) the link between linguistic and non-linguistic concept acquisition. In each case, we will discuss how neuroimaging (especially electroencephalography) could bring additional valuable information to light.

Cortical Networks Representing Object Categories and High

visual objects, such as when viewing faces (Gauthier, Tarr, Anderson,Skudlarski,&Gore,1999),highlyfamiliar(visuo-) motor actions (Calvo-Merino, Glaser, Grezes, Passingham, & Haggard, 2005), and in response to cross-sensory asso-ciative learning of artificial audiovisual objects (Naumer et al., 2008). In contrast, other studies have

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dimensional graspable form. Thanks to the per spective system, moreover, the mutual relationship ofthe objects was exactly determined as was their respective size according to distance as opposed to the vague indications of before and behind, of nearness and distances by overlapping, depth cues and foreshortenings in the non-perspectiveview.4

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reaching to visual targets, Ferraina et al. (1997) discovered that some cells in premotor cortex have multiple roles. Some are directionally tuned to visual and manual spatial position, while many appeared to have firing characteristics influenced by the presence or absence of accompanying eye-movements to a target.

Andriy Myachykov, Rob Ellis, Angelo Cangelosi, and Martin. H

investigated how activation of objects manual affordances is triggered by visual and linguistic cues and whether graspable object parts play a special role in this process. First, analysis of participants motor and oculomotor behaviour confirmed that perceptual and linguistic cues potentiate activation of grasp affordances.

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objects. Rather, the capacity to recognize what a picture depicts emerges in tandem with the capacity to recognize the kind of object that serves as the model of the picture. The reciprocal relation between picture recognition and object recognition, of course, ex plains how it is possible for us, having acquired detailed visual

The Development of Infants Responses to People and a Doll

distraction, cameras and furniture were placed out of the visual field of the in- fant. Babies were seated in a specially constructed infant seat tilted upward at a 45 angle. This seat supported the head and the trunk and permitted free movement of arms and legs.

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discharge during both the execution of specific object-directed actions and during the visual presentation of graspable objects, even when a grasping movement is not required. In our work we also intend to explore whether information on consistence is used to distinguish between different kinds of concepts (artefacts and natural objects).

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Eye-tracking methodology, visual search, how eye movements change as a function of expertise, and how a person s eye gaze attracts and directs other people s visual, cognitive and social processing. Medical image perception is one of the primary visual expertise domains in which I investigate these issues, and this research is getting us

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Investigation of Linguistic Perspective in Italian and German. (2017). Cues of control modulate the ascription of object Graspable objects shape number


levels of linguistic processing (e.g., sentence verification) interesting patterns in the action trajectories become evident. We end by summarizing the core debates that have taken place in cognitive science, and motivate the pluralistic perspective. The Porous Cognition-Action Interface

The role of the motor system during language comprehension De

The Linguistic Focus Hypothesis The goal of comprehending a stretch of language is normally the construction of a mental representation of the referential situation, a situation model (van Dijk & Kintsch, 1983; Zwaan & Radvansky, 1998). Language constitutes a set of cues for forming such mental representations.

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man-made objects. An attempt was made to match graspable parts of these items, their general visual appearance or structural complexity, that is number of parts, and their size/ surface area. The examples of stimuli in 3 different orienta-tions are shown in Figure 2A, and all the remaining objects are presented in panel B and C.