Charmonium Physics In The Belle Experiment

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Charmonium and Charmoniumlike States at the BESIII

by CZ Yuan 2021 1Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Although the BaBar [9] and Belle [10] experiments finished data taking 

Two-photon Physics at Belle - Indico

27 Aug 2019 KEKB Accelerator and Belle Detector. Asymmetric e- e+ collider Hadron experiments report a wide f. 0. (1370) and a narrow f.

Future Physics Programme of BESIII * - Diva Portal

26 May 2020 The physics of the XYZ hadrons and (heavier) charmed baryons has also become the focal point of the Belle II and LHCb experiments, and is an  113 pages

University of Groningen Verification of a novel calorimeter concept

[10] BELLE Experiment, [11] BES III [15] J. Ritman, Charmonium Physics with PANDA at FAIR, arXiv: 0702013v1 [hep-ex].

Associated Charmonium-Bottomonium Production in a - MDPI

by I Belov 2021 Despite its long history, heavy quark physics continues to attract the the BELLE-II experiment and the BES-III experiment is marked by a 

PoS(FPCP2017)036 - SISSA

by E Guido 2017 Cited by 1 The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB B-factory at KEK is expected to start Bottomonium and charmonium physics: it will be possible to further 

Charmonium Physics: RECENT RESULTS

Charmonium physics at the B-factories: $motivations. $status of the works BELLE. Branching fraction mass (MeV/c2) experiment. BABAR. (1.22±0.31+0.23.

Final Report for Research in High Energy Physics (University

by TE Browder 2013 The high energy physics (HEP) group at the University of Hawaii (UH) has been engaged in experiments with the Belle experiment expected to publish at a.

Hadron Spectroscopy at Belle II - Snowmass 2021

by BG Fulsom The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric e+e- collider is a An extensive quarkonium physics program is planned to study both conven-.5 pages

Quarkonium at Belle II - Department of Hadron Physics

17 May 2021 1- An overview of the Belle II experiment. 2- Status of the quarkonium physics program. 3- Plans for the near and far future 

Particle Physics

Collider experiments discovered the charm (1974), bottom (1977) and top quarks (1995) Charmonium ( c c ) and Bottomonium ( b b ).

Beauty Meson Decays to Charmonium - Laboratory for

by AV Ershov 2001 Cited by 7 Chapter 1 contains a brief introduction to the CLEO experiment. I did my best to draw on his impressive physics knowledge and intuition.

Light hadron, charmonium(-like) and bottomonium(-like) states

by HB Li 2020 Cited by 1 physics pp. 579 602. Light hadron, charmonium(-like) and bottomonium(-like) states. HAI-BO LI from B factory experiments BABAR and Belle.

Exotic particles and perhaps new physics? - JSTOR

by N Sinha 2004 Cited by 3 In addition, these A plethora of heavy quark-antiquark mes- the signal is 4.6 <7. experiments are capable of giving a glimpse ons like 0(5?J, charmonium(cc), 

Belle II

21 Apr 2017 Charmed hadron spectroscopy at Belle and Belle II. Y. Kato (KMI, Nagoya University) Search for pentaquark Θ+ at SPring-8/LEPS experiment.

Final Report for Studies in Elementary Particle Physics for the

by L Piilonen 2013 as the Belle 2 project of Task B and the neutrino experiments of Task N, for High Energy Physics in Beijing on the study of charmonium(-like) production 

Recent results in hadron spectroscopy at Belle and - Indico

Very successful physics programs with a total recorded sample over 1.5 ab-1 Belle-II experiment can make significant impacts in hadron spectroscopy.

Exotic and Conventional Quarkonium Physics at Belle II

by M Hoek 2020 aInstitute for Nuclear Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, D-55128 Mainz, Germany. Abstract. The Belle II experiment, now operating at the KEK  6 pages

Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier - Argonne

by JL Hewett 2012 Cited by 4 measurements of the CKM angles α and γ at BABAR and Belle were not in The LHC experiments may produce charmonium states directly or.

Muon identification in the Belle experiment at KEKB - CiteSeerX

by A Abashiana 2002 Cited by 203 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 491 (2002) 69 82. Muon identification in the Belle experiment at KEKB. A. Abashiana, K. Abeb, K. Abec, 

Hadron Physics at Belle

by T Iijima 2011 Keywords: Charmonium, Exotic meson. PACS: 14.40.Pq, 14.40.Rt. INTRODUCTION. Thanks to the great success of the B-factory experiments at KEK (KEKB/Belle) and.

Physics achievements from the Belle experiment - Oxford

by J Brodzicka 2012 Cited by 199 The Belle experiment, running at the KEKB e Two kinds of peaking background were considered: charmonium peaking background and.110 pages


by CZ Yuan Cited by 18 icant contribution to the study of charmonium and charmonium-like states, i.e., In the Belle experiments, the cross-section of e+e− → π+π−J/ψ was 

New results on charmonium like states at Belle - ResearchGate

by K Lalwani 2019 New results on charmonium-like states measured by the Belle experiment at tribution of Zc. The detail of physics analysis is described in [3].

2. Introduction to Particle Physics - Nara Women's University

24 Mar 2015 and search for a Narrow Resonance with the Belle Experiment. Author(s) In the charmonium spectrum, which is well understood.

Physics Accomplishments and Future Prospects of the BES

by RA Briere 2016 Cited by 8 Radiative Transitions Between Charmonium States The higher-energy B factory experiments BaBar and Belle, because of.

Experimental review of e+e− →ππhc - Chinese Physics C

by Q Ji 2016 Cited by 8 the previous work of the BESIII experiment. Keywords: charmonium, exotic state, isospin triplet and Belle experiments using the same technique. It car-.

New Charmonium-like States - Particle Data Group

by S Eidelman are observed by a single experiment only. 1. X(3872). The X(3872), discovered by Belle in B decays [1] and confirmed by BaBar [2] and in hadronic production 

Physics Program

14 Nov 2019 to B factory (BELLE II)[5] and hadron collider (LHCb)[6], which also can produce tau for the physics study including charmonium physics, 

Belle II Project

by K Miyabayashi 2019 1Department of Physics, Nara Women's University, Kita-Uoya-Nishi-machi, Belle II experiment is a new generation experiment with a luminosity frontier e.

Three body open flavor decays of higher charmonium and

by XZ Weng 2019 Cited by 7 1School of Physics and State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology, Peking University, close to Belle,s experiment.

X, Y, Z search at Belle II - EPJ Web of Conferences

by E Prencipe 2019 contribution of the Belle II experiment will help in better understanding QCD, Golden channels of the Charmonium in ISR physics program at Belle II.

Exotic and conventional quarkonium physics prospects at

by K Tanida 2019 many so-called XYZ exotic candidates were found by experiments, such as Belle, at e. + e. − colliders. The Belle II experiment,.

Recent Results from the Belle Experiment - IOPscience

by Z King 2016 Cited by 1 Journal of Physics: Conference Series. PAPER OPEN ACCESS. Recent Results from the Belle Experiment. To cite this article: Z King et al 2016 J. Phys.

Charmonium and exotics from Belle - INDICO-FNAL

The 7th International Workshop on Charm Physics (CHARM 2015) states including exotic candidates performed at Belle experiment are pre- sented. Besides 


4.4 Heavy Quarkonium Physics. 120. 4.5 Topics in Heavy Quark Physics and CP The Hawaii group is participating in the BELLE experiment at KEKB, the asym-.

The Belle II Experiment 54th International Winter - IJS F9

29 Jan 2016 Discovery of exotic hadrons including charged charmonium- and studies is larger than for the B physics studies (Belle ~ 1 ab-1,.

Charmonium Physics in the Belle Experiment - ebsco

Charmonium Physics in the Belle Experiment. R. V. Mizuk, G. V. Pakhlova, P. N. Pakhlov, and R. N. Chistov. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics,.

arXiv:1410.5201v2 [hep-ex] 5 Nov 2014 - JuSER

5 Nov 2014 Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 00 (2014) 1 7 Charm and Charmonium physics program of the ¯PANDA experiment will be highlighted 

Exotics at Belle and Perspectivesat Belle II - Acta Physica

3 Jul 2018 the hadron physics program at the Belle II experiment. evident that the charmonium-like states with more than 3 quarks exist, and.

A Lattice QCD Calculation of the Charmonium Spectrum

by C Ehmann 2010 Cited by 2 vance to the physics of charmonia is the PANDA experiment at the Facility SLAC and Belle at KEK, where most of the new charmonium resonances.

Redalyc.Indication of New Physics in B→ΦKs

by JS Lange 2004 The BELLE experiment at the asymmetric e+e−. (3.5 GeV and 8 GeV) accelerator KEK-B at Tsukuba, N=914 other B→charmonium+Kaon decays [1] [2] [3].

Analysis Tools for Next-Generation Hadron Spectroscopy

by M Battaglieri Cited by 48 15Jülich Center for Hadron Physics, Forschungszentrum Jülich, The Belle-II experiment (KEK, Japan) will build off the enormous success of the previous 

Exotic quarkonium physics prospects at Belle II

by JV Bennett The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric e+e− collider is a substantial upgrade of the B factory facility at KEK in 

Physics at a Super B-factory

by A Palano 2005 Cited by 10 BABAR & Belle on: ▫ B Physics;. ▫ Charm Physics;. ▫ Charmonium Physics;. ▫ γγ and τ Physics. ▫ Many new analyses and ideas in progress.


by BELLE COLLABORATION 2009 Cited by 2 The Belle experiment at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e− collider provides an excel- lent environment not only for B physics, 


by PN PAKHLOV years a new era of charmonium physics began thanks to numerous surprising results obtained mostly in the BaBar and Belle experiments at B-factories, 

Bilas Pal - Indico

table of the elements for particle physics. It can describe three of the four Belle II experiment Belle means beauty; the main purpose of the Belle.

Quarkonium physics at Belle II - CERN Indico

4 Feb 2020 The Belle II experiment operates at the e+e− collider SuperKEKB (the operation is mostly planned at the Υ(4S) resonance with B ¯B pair 

Charm and Charmonium At Belle II - CERN Indico

8 Jun 2020 Belle II Physics Book. [arXiv 1808.10567 ]. Extensive work by Belle II Collaboration & Theorists. Roadmap for physics with projections,