Experimental Studies Of Forced Discontinuous Oscillations Of A Liquid In A Conduit

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by K Morris 2012 Cited by 3 ABSTRACT. An experimental investigation on pulsating heat pipes with dual-​layer and single oscillation in the single layer pulsating heat-pipe (SLPHP). form a continuous circuit [5], whereas in an open-loop system the tube structure is diameter then tension forces tend to dominate and stable liquid slugs are formed.


Experiment of Thermal Performance of Oscillating Heat Pipe Under Various Conditions MASTER OF SCIENCE Demonstration of working fluid oscillating in the pipe. Bo- Bond Number (Ratio of Buoyancy force to surface tension force​) The equation basically characterizes a discontinuous phase transition between 


o-phase flow of liquid and gaseous media in a pipe. 5 references Analytical and experimental investigation of low oscillations in a closed loop Stability studies for boiling-water reactors. Final report no. Discontinuity equation for two​-phase fluids. Trans. Amer. Forced convection burnout and hydrodynamic instability.

Mathematical Modeling of Axial Oscillation Tools in High

by E Omojuwa 2019 Experimental and field studies continue to demonstrate that downhole vibrations induced by adding lubricants to the mud, using non-rotating drill pipe forces by generating axial displacement fluctuations. The equations of motion of a continuous cylindrical motor (PDM) powered by drilling fluid (or mud), creating an.

An Experimental Investigation Into the Feasibility of - DTIC

by LP Erm 2013 Cited by 5 water tunnel to see whether it is feasible to measure meaningful aircraft static and dynamic aerodynamic SDM was subjected to forced small (±0.5°) sinusoidal pitching oscillations and derivatives Pipe for water return. Screens subjected to pitching and yawing oscillations, as well as continuous rolling. For the pitching​ 

The flow dynamics of the garden-hose instability - Brown

by F Xie Cited by 8 is continuous generation of new vorticity due to the pipe wall in a series of publications combining experimental and theoretical studies. work, WT, done by fluid forces over one oscillation cycle of pipe, modelled through.

Pressure losses for fluid flow in curved pipes - Nvlpubs.​nist

by GH Keulegan 1937 Cited by 63 In this part of the investigation care was taken to assure parabolic axis of the pipe. Centrifugal force disturbance of the flow at the entrance to the experimental pipe, the Oapillary tubes were used to damp out the manometer oscillations to the point of the transition segment, has no discontinuities, no maxima and no.


by P Cheng 2008 vapor bubbles, oscillating heat pipe (OHP) was proposed by Akachi et al. [3]. His phase-change heat transfer combining with forced convection; simple With the continuous movement of vapor bubbles s and liquid plugs towards the [6], who conducted an experimental investigation using different working fluid, found.

Brownian Motion in Liquids: Theory and Experiment

by IM Gamba Cited by 1 exceptional PI, and working as part of his research group was an extremely rewarding Jianyong took over the Brownian motion experiment in 2014, and to execute a confused, continuous and violent motion 1 Robert Brown's indepen​- used to calculate the drag force on a particle oscillating in a viscous fluid medium.


by YL Khan 2018 This study of forced oscillation effects on phantom human aorta is a concept extended from induce oscillations in the aorta modelled as a fluid-conveying pipe. Mathematical modelling, software simulation and experimental work on The research output was that there is a continuous reduction of.

Fluid Flow Studies in Flexible Tubes with Internal Flexible

by NS Wijeratne 2008 Cited by 2 This study focuses on fluid flow studies in a flexible tube with internal flexi- during coughing and in the manoeuvre of forced expiration. Studies by energy to grow and to give rise to self-excited oscillations and wave propagation experimental studies on artificial heart valves by Corden [43] emphasize the signifi-.


experimental and theoretical study designed to exhibit some studies of the liquid film and velocity measurements in sphere, by forced oscillations, and by the initial impulsive motion of a Volumes of continuous phases translated in thewakes of dispersed flow (75s) and pressure losses in steady and transient pipe.

Stability and instability in nineteenth-century fluid - Numdam

by O Darrigol 2002 Cited by 20 Osborne Reynolds' precise experimental account (1883) of the transition between laminar and Helmholtz's surfaces of discontinuity and on Reynolds' study of pipe flow) Formation of a jet as a liquid is forced through a hole in a vessel A of the Navier-Stokes equation, he first studied the motions of a perfect liquid that 

Numerical and experimental investigation on - IOPscience

by ZL Fang 2014 Cited by 14 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science As a typical kind of self-resonant cavitating nozzle, organ pipe nozzle has High pressure water jet is a new technology developed in recent decades, which is widely by theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, erosion experiments, force experiments. Barden.

Experimental studies on the flow through soft tubes and

by V Kumaran 2020 Cited by 20 mean flow to the fluctuations due to the shear work done at the interface. the possibility of reduction in the drag force on air-borne and water- The first experimental studies on internal flows through conduits bounded by soft walls was at low Reynolds number, but there was a near-discontinuous decrease at the 

Fluid Mechanics - Weizmann Institute of Science

to rotate forever. Since tangential forces are absent at rest or for a uniform flow, it is That makes the motion continuous, i.e. trajectories of the fluid particles do records streamlines experimentally by seeding fluids with light-scattering particles; each of oscillations a is small comparatively to the velocity scale of change l.

Research on Critical Liquid-Carrying Model in - MDPI

by W Ke 2021 critical flowrates, theoretical research and laboratory experiments were In this model, the influences of the pipe angle on the liquid film The results showed that the interfacial shear force increases by increasing Geng et al. also pointed out that the discontinuity of gas is the fundamental cause of gas-.

Shock waves in flow of an incompressible liquid in collapsing

studied intensively of late [I], but the available studies are far from also to the study of discontinuous solutions such as shock waves which describe steep one-dimensional flow of a viscous incompressible liquid in a collapsing pipe These oscillations move together with the front of the shock wave; when U > c o they.

CFD modelling of oscillatory perturbed advection in viscous

by S TIAN 2015 Cited by 4 transverse oscillation; application of transverse oscillation in continuous food sterilisation; liquid film drainage with superimposition of the oscillation; settling of particle in oscillatory A CFD research with a validated model of multiphase flow was conducted on the Effect of vibration on the pipe flow without heat transfer

Fluid mechanics - GUNT Hamburg

aerofoil: lift, forces, torques, aerodynamic coefficients Specification. [1] experimental investigation of gas laws. [2] transparent of 10,3L/min; p pressure, s continuous pipe section from inlet to outlet case of fluid oscillations and water ham-.

A case study on bubble formation - University of Twente

by J Havlica 1999 by the lift force due to the velocity gradient of the water flow. After touching the continuous liquid phase. The use of DNS for erning the volume oscillations, axisymmetric translation, in a pipe with the corresponding experimental data. It is.

Phase inversion in a dispersed oil-water and oil-water-gas flow

2 Experimental investigation of phase inversion in an oil-water flow through a hori- Continuous, direct and discontinuous experiments were carried out. volume rate of injected liquid and the volume rate of the mixture in the pipe). Dynamic forces are considered to play a major role in the determination of the dispersion 

Conduction Heat Transfer Notes for MECH 7210 - Auburn

by DW Mackowski Cited by 25 6.2.2 Discontinuous and piecewise continuous forcing functions 177 conduction in the fluid and the bulk motion (mass transfer) of the fluid. This course and the heat transfer through the pipe (per unit length) will be q′ = T1 − T2 functions, in that they exhibit oscillatory behavior about zero. Indeed, when x 

A Researcher's Guide to Fluid Physics - NASA

***University Space Research Association, NASA's Glenn Research Center, guide is to help potential ISS fluid physics researchers plan experiments ongoing vitality is marked by the continuous emergence of new fields in both basic Gravity strongly affects fluid behavior by creating forces that drive motion, shape,.


by AL Oyewole 2013 Cited by 6 Experimental investigation was conducted in present study due to difference in fluid properties (density and viscosity), pipe orientation and other forces flow patterns into regions which are segregated flow, intermittent flow and when the turbulent oscillations are strong enough to overcome the buoyant force acting on​ 

Fundamentals of Multiphase Flows - Caltech Authors

by CE Brennen 2005 Cited by 1782 Fluid velocity and velocity vector in absence of particle. U∞. Velocity therefore flow properties such as the continuous phase velocity vary signifi- cantly from evaluate the interacting force between the phases within the control volume and this is called granular temperature) have been studied both experimentally and​.

A Study Of Two-Phase Flow Regime And Pressure Drop In

by Y Wang 2018 Cited by 1 Master of Science. Grand Forks, North Dakota Drag force between tubing-fluid and sucker rod-fluid Figure 33 Slug flow pressure drop in the center line of the pipe Table 2 Previous experimental database for two phase flow analysis cause pressure oscillation and result in serious problem in the production.

Experimental observations of pressure oscillations and - Wiley

by SJ Lane 2001 Cited by 50 The oscillatory behavior of the experimental flows is compared to seismoacoustic Science, Lancaster University, by flow turbulence and are therefore most likely to occur in and resonance within the volcanic conduit during eruption basal velocity discontinuity and exhaustion of the source liquid.

Chapter 7 Spurious Numerical Oscillations in the - TSpace

by A Malekpour Cited by 6 Frequent pipe filling in intermittent and other pipe systems may result in Figure 1-2: Water column separation experimental test: (a) the local pipe though what is clear from previous studies is that analysis of the resulting circumstances, the air imposes little resistive force against the moving water column since the air.

Course Notes - MIT

effects of viscosity and thermal conductivity can be studied separately. and a force is exerted on the top card in the plane of this card thereby setting it in motion. however, experiment shows that these solutions are physically valid only for a of water in a pipe, the solid boundaries completely contain the flow, whereas in 

Computational Simulations of Direct Contact Condensation as

by SC Ceuca Cited by 5 at the bottom of the pipe at problem time 1.80s, TUHH experiment. Fr06T40 Contact Condensation (DCC) can independently act as the main driving force for by the intermittent flow of liquid masses which isolate gas pockets. The the gaseous phase leads to only a minimal pressure oscillation within this phase.

Subcritical versus supercritical transition to turbulence in

by J Kühnen 2015 Cited by 33 between laminar and turbulent flow in a straight pipe is clear cut, in principle. A compli- While intermittent turbulent spots are transient at low Reynolds numbers, turbulence becomes The flow in curved pipes is further complicated by centrifugal forces. Experimental setup and methods of investigation.

Friction Models for Oscillating Flow in a U-tube - CORE

by BO Thon Cited by 2 not provide sufficient damping compared to experimental data. This report concludes my Master studies of Applied Physics at the Norwegian University 2.5 The Equation of Motion for the Oscillation of a Liquid Column in a U-tube 38 The shear stress is the force that slows down the flow in a pipe, whether it is laminar,.

Two-phase flow instabilities: Experimental and numerical study

by LC Ruspini 2013 Cited by 21 oscillations are studied experimentally, with main focus on the interaction of these of subcooling on density wave oscillations in a heated pipe , 8th International forced convection loop for stability analysis , Experimental Fluid Mechanics types of instabilities are reported: an intermittent oscillation at higher channel in-.


Master of Engineering Science (Civil) University of Queensland. Member of the Institution of SHUY'S EXPERIMENTS IN UNSTEADY PIPE FLOW 101. 5. PIPE FLOW Re^^ Reynolds Number based on the amplitude of the oscillating velocity If the pressure gradient which is the driving force on the fluid is varying with.


fluid is forced to flow over a surface or in a conduit. Internal After exhaustive experiments in the 1880s, Osborne Reynolds In turbulent flow, the intense mixing during random fluctuations usually studies show that this is not the case​, and the shear stress is much larger due being reflected off discontinuities in density.


oscillator, the resulting motion is called a forced oscilla- tion. The amplitude is a 15.3 the wave that advances along the string is a continuous succes- 15.23b. Let's compare this behavior with the waves we studied in Sections 15.1 To check our guess, we'll derive the speed of sound waves in a fluid in a pipe. This is a 

Flow measurement in open channels and closed conduits

strengthen and advance the Nation's science and technology and facilitate their effective application for fluctuations in flowrate between measurements will be of noconsequence, So far experiments have been confined to liquid flows, although it force type meter were selected as representative instruments for testing.

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional

Experimental modelling was performed in two phases: investigation into the field, namely that of free-surface oscillations and the radial flow field. In the absence of rotational external forces, a fluid that is initially irrotational remains Rankine vortex, it nonetheless suffers the problem of a discontinuity at the viscous core.

Effect of Forced Flow Oscillation on Churn and Annular Flow

by C Posada 2014 VERTICAL PIPE UNDER OSCILLATORY CONDITIONS. Table 3.3 Summary of the conditions and features of the experimental runs under A systematic investigation of the effects of periodic forced oscillations on gas-liquid Dispersed bubble flow: In this flow regime, the continuous liquid-phase transports small.

Numerical, Analytical, and Experimental Studies of

by OT Popoola 2017 Experimental Studies of Reciprocating Mechanism Driven Heat Loops for 2.1.3 Aerospace (Body forces, cavitation, and high heat flux application) with continuous flow Cooling and Oscillating Flow Cooling using working fluid within a channel, a pipe or a combination of channels and pipes where.

Spontaneously Oscillating Menisci: Maximizing Evaporative

by TTT Nguyen 2018 Cited by 3 Such condensation can be driven by intermolecular forces, capillary shape and interfacial temperature discontinuities on the heat transfer process of the spontaneous oscillation phenomena in a liquid meniscus were studied by (​CVB) heat pipe experiment, where we observed the condensation of liquid on the heat.

Study of convective heat transfer phenomena for turbulent

by M Simonetti 2017 EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION AND DATA ANALYSIS WITH AN ANALYTICAL 1D Figure 4: Tail pipe centerline temperature & wall heat flux oscillations of Internal Combustion Engines 'ICEs' on the environment, forcing engine is lost in the form of heat through oil, water coolant, exhaust gas, 

Experiment and simulation of laminar and turbulent ferrofluid

by KR Schumacher 2003 Cited by 46 A ferrofluid is a liquid with stable nanoscale magnetic Some experimental studies of Poiseuille flow are avail- the pipe flow rate and magnetic field strength at an oscillation fre- visual discontinuity in the spin profile by jumping from the flow rates are forced to be the same, but the laminar spin.

Liquid Oxygen Magnetohydrodynamics - DigitalCommons

by JC Boulware 2010 Cited by 1 produced oscillations in the slug of 6-8 Hz, generating up to 1.4 kPa but unfortunately, very few experiments have studied the influence of a magnetic magnetic fluid pumps, magnetoviscosity, and magnetic fluid pipe flow. Without a gradient of the magnetic field, no net force is generated, just as with a.

Experimental investigations of effect of sound - doiSerbia

by HB Jagtap 2017 Cited by 2 is used as working fluid and performance of the oscillating heat pipe is checked heat transfer rate of a CLOHP with check valves (CV) were studied formance of CLOHP through forced motion of bubbles through discontinuous with reduced amplitudes for 30° orientation of CLOHP in comparison to that.

Shallow Water Tuned Liquid Dampers Modeling - DTU Orbit

Moreover, the experiments are used to determine the effects of the forcing ratio A/​L Vibrations in connection with SLS studies are characterized by having a and it was found that for strong shocks, i.e. large discontinuities in the water depth, the Friction factor test on high density polyethylene pipe. hydraulics report no.

Experimental study on turbulent pipe flow Marco Ferro - DiVA

by M Ferro 2012 Cited by 16 Fully developed turbulent pipe flows have been studied experimentally for more observing the behaviour of a streak of coloured water inside pipes of different the data), and on the Reynolds number dependence of velocity fluctuations' the discontinuities at the beginning and end of the sample (of common use are.

A review of turbulent skin-friction drag reduction by near-wall

intimately linked to the turbulence physics in the fluid layer closest to the skin. 3.3 Experimental studies of pipe flows with circumferential wall oscillations 4.4​.2 Non-canonical flows subjected to oscillatory forcing apparatus used by Kiesow and Plesniak [1998, 2001, 2003] to study the effect of continuous spanwise.


by T Friesen Cited by 3 Schematic of the General Concept of the Experimental Fluid. Ce11 Design with 5.4.2 Forced Harmonic Oscillation As Predicted by Equation 5.4.1. 79. A. 1.