Personality Patterns Among Correctional Officer Applicants

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mind, some tools have been specifically used to predict police officer performance. Perhaps the most specific measurement system devoted to detect high performers among applicants is the Law Enforcement Assessment and Development Report (LEADR; IPAT, 1987; IPAT & Staff, 1998), which focuses on personality patterns. It consists of a set of composite


other correctional organizations with whom the Authority must cooperate. Almost the only source from which suitable personnel could be recruited to initiate the enterprise is the existing correctional system. But this temptation must be resisted. Even the best of these agencies have rarely had a surplus of trained person-


Once an Officer is found fit for hire, s/he may encounter problems or experience trauma, or other circumstances may arise that may render that Officer unfit. Typically, Police Departments will identify a problem and then send the Officer for a Fitness for Duty Evaluation in which the Officer is evaluated.

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Youth Correction: Personnel Considerations Relating to the

by which physicians may qualify as psychiatrists, but correctional psychiatry and psychology are specialties within specialties. Outstanding aptitude for the high duties of working with maladjusted youths should be the sine qua non among the, tangible and intangible job specifications. Finding Personnel

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Anthony W. Tatman, Ph.D. - Critical Hire

Tatman, A. W. Predicting Correctional Officer Job Performance Using the Critical Hire-Screen and Personality Assessment Inventory: An Analysis of Incremental Validity. Manuscript submitted to the Journal of Human Resource Management. Tatman, A. W. Pre-Employment Integrity Testing: The Missing Piece in the Correctional Officer Hiring Process.

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