Optic Nerve Glioma Presenting As Anterior Palpable Mass In The Orbit

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by C Ko 1997 orbital schwannoma is also presented. Key words: Orbit anterior segment and intraocular pressure were normal. A between the mass and the optic nerve (Figure 2). Peripheral headache (7 cases, 1 I 7%), and palpable mass around the periorbital intrinsic optic nerve lesions like meningioma and glioma, orbital 

Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Orbital Diseases

10 Apr 2021 or ocular abnormalities such as anterior or posterior segment ocular malformations Microphthalmia with cyst typically presents at birth with a small, severely Summary of Common Pediatric Noninfectious Orbital Masses neurofibromatosis type 1 and bilateral optic nerve gliomas involving the chiasm.

Unilateral exophthalmos

by HS Zakharia 1972 Cited by 16 lateral ocular causes, such as axial high myopia or congenital glaucoma, were orbit, and special views of the optic foramina were performed whenit was Six ofour patients presented with a history of orbital trauma, unilateral proptosis of rapid dary to optic atrophy), external ophthalmoplegia, no palpable mass, and 

Orbital/Periorbital Plexiform Neurofibromas in Children with

by RA Avery 2017 Cited by 45 optic pathway gliomas, PNs of the orbit and face frequently cause vision loss before 5 years of age.7 The palpable mass of OPPN can be firm or soft 

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by N Mysore 2012 Cited by 6 Orbital masses form a heterogeneous group of lesions that and extraconal spaces, and the optic nerve sheath complex. the anterior optic pathway. may present with irregular margins and often bony erosion. globe displacement, limited ocular motility, or palpable mass. MRI is usually preferred to CT because most 

The Pattern of Orbital Tumors on B-scan in Suspected Cases

3 Jul 2011 evaluate intra-orbital tumors but also for anterior chamber evaluation, vitreous, retina, optic nerve and extraocular musculature can be 

Lacrimal Gland Tumors

Tumors of the lateral orbit may impair ciliary ganglion function to area should be palpated for fullness and tender- ness. lary hemangioma may present with anterior seg- ment findings. chondrosarcoma, optic nerve glioma, optic nerve.

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optic nerve glioma, whereas the reverse is true of other dibular lymph nodes should be palpated. presents with an anterior orbital mass, a fine-needle.

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by M Savoiardo 1983 Cited by 25 within the optic nerve at the apex of the orbit. of the orbit and of the anterior part of the homolateral cavernous sinus was mass lesions that usually present in middle age with exophthalmos are easily palpable, and usually envelop the lateral rectus muscle, Computed tomography of intraorbital optic nerve gliomas in.

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by MS Mustafa 1999 Cited by 1 Sudanese patients, also clinical presentation and CT Scan changes were studied. The number of with optic and hypothalamic glioma, intracranial meningiomas and mass lesions, such as brain abscess, fungal infection, parasitic invasion, orbital pain by compressing cranial nerves III, IV, VI and the first division of the 

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3 Apr 2017 glossal nerve palsies, clivus tumor presenting as abducens nerve pharyngeal nerve coursing into the anterior lateral aspect of the mass lesion. Examination was significant for medial deviation of the right eye. space, sphenoid sinuses, left pterygopalatine fossa, inferior orbital fissure, orbital apex, and.

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performed. Tumors of the lateral orbit may impair ciliary chondrosarcoma, optic nerve glioma, optic nerve presents as a mass, which if palpable, is typically.

Imaging Manifestations of Orbital Neurofibromatosis Type 1

The optic nerve glioma may involve the optic nerve, optic radiation, optic tracts, and/or optic chiasm.10 Children with chiasm tumors may present with premature or 

1 Orbital Tumors

ingiomas and optic nerve glioma. The most com# roblastoma and optic nerve tumors are some of the more common masses. Anteriorly, the orbit is defined by the globe and the eyelid complex, with ral show), upper eyelid retraction is present, and this is the most palpable only on posterior ballottement of the globe.

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A 15-year old girl presented with a slow growing mass in the orbit with normal visual acuity. Her anterior segment and posterior rhabdomyosarcoma, and optic nerve Glioma. On palpation, no mass was palpable and no thrill was 

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by TD Tailor 2013 Cited by 164 cause fusiform expansion of the optic nerve, in which the nerve itself cannot Patients typically present with a palpable mass, proptosis, and mildly There is erosion of the lateral orbital Optic nerve glioma in a 6-year-old girl with proptosis.

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25 Apr 2008 vessels, nerves, and muscles in this region. lesions involved approaches directed through the lateral the importance on surgical approaches of the orbital tumors. The presenting symptoms were exophthalmos (52.6%), visual Decreased visual acuity Intraconal, apex. Glioma. FOA. Biopsy. -. 18.

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19 Feb 2018 Orbital Cellulitis b. Orbital Abscess. Orbital Abscess presents with acute proptosis, ophthalmoplegia, palpable fluctuant mass and papilledema.

Panorama of orbital space- occupying lesions. The 24-year

by S Seregard 1999 Cited by 63 of orbital lesions requiring incisional or excisional biopsy for diagnostic or therapeutic The majority of lesions were biopsied using the anterior transseptal or transcon- presented as a palpable mass in the ante- Optic nerve glioma. 3. 1.0.

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the central artery and vein of the retina enter the optic nerve, and zone 3 extends from zone visualization in three types of orbital tumors presenting similar signs. They feel this situated anteriorly in the orbit, and one half caused exophthalmos. The tumors in every instance either a palpable mass or proptosis. Tumors in 


mologists on the basis of an anterior exploration of the orbit, an approach was some increased resistance to palpation of the globe, no tumor mass was palpable. The presenting symptoms depend on the portion of the optic pathway that is first general, among orbital lesions, optic nerve gliomas are certainly much less.

Evaluation of Orbital Disorders and Cranial Nerve Innervation

gamut from orbital masses to intracranial lesions to systemic tial diagnosis. This article presents a review of orbital Abbreviations: AP, anterior to posterior; CC, cranial to caudal; L, left; R, right. a Optic nerve optic nerve. (B, C) A 3-year-old with NF-1 with a left optic nerve glioma. present as a painless, palpable mass.

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Anterior segment was normal and fundus showed mild oedema of the optic disc in the right eye. CT scan of and the child lost vision in the right eye due to compression of the optic nerve. The differential diagnosis of glioma of optic nerve, or a palpable mass. Ocular or orbital pain is less common presenting symptoms.

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lists follow in the presentation in the order shown in the index. Visible and Palpable Orbital Masses. Orbital Fundus - Vitreous, Retina and Optic Nerve CB effusion / edema → pushing lens-iris diaphragm anteriorly Facial Myokymia - pontine glioma, MS, Neurodegenerative diseases: e.g. ALS, Huntington's Chorea.

A multidisciplinary approach

SURGICAL APPROACHES TO THE ORBIT AND OPTIC NERVE. Chapter 4. Tumors of the lacrimal gland and lymphoproliferative disease from anterior to posterior, the frontal process of the maxillary bone in optic nerve meningioma or glioma cases) and signs It presents a reddish-livid and palpable tumor; the size.


14 Sep 2019 of the patients presented persistence of the epiphora with permeable ostium to 1Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery, significant vision impairment due to retinal and/or optic nerve disease. A rubbery mass was palpable with no overlying skin changes. In addition, gliomas,.

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by D Babovic-Vuksanovic 2012 Cited by 11 INTRODUCTION. Peripheral nerve sheath tumors, specifically neurofibromas and ing of closed left schizencephaly extending to the right anterior frontal horn and optic glioma, vestibular schwannoma, meningiomas, ependymomas, or of the Each had presented as a palpable, painful mass. At age 22 

Clinical, radiological and histological characteristics of orbital

by K Manousaridis Clinical presentation and treatment of disease on the basis of histology and Optic foramen: It constitutes the anterior boundary of the optic canal, through pathological conditions of the orbit (optic glioma and neuritis, spread of local of optic nerve compression and one patient had a palpable indolent orbital mass. >.

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30 Apr 2015 (e.g. retinoblastoma, optic glioma, rhabdomyosarcoma, leukemia In the present work we review four cases of proptosis muscles (total ophthalmoplegia) with no palpable pulsations and a well-defined intraconal soft tissue mass in the right orbit retro-orbital muscles and optic nerve (figure 3B).


another problem was presented in a female The author's first patient with glioma of the optic nerve, 15 years after operation. Comparisons between Benign Optic-Nerve. Tumours. Glioma. Meningioma. 1. Tumor of early age. a lachrymal-gland tumour palpable through not invaded but the lateral orbital wall was dis-.

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Clinico Radiological Profile of Orbital Lesions Presenting lesions (5, 16.7%) Lymphoproliferative lesions (4,13.3%), Optic nerve tumors (3,10%), Metastatic 

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by SP Meadows 1945 Cited by 8 TUMOURS originating in, or involving the orbit by indirect extension, are of considerable interest to the I have chosen as,representative cases: 1 glioma of the optic nerve; 3 meningiomas Meningioma of the optic nerve sheath: Mrs. B., aged 41, presented with There was, in addition, a- mass palpable in the old socket.

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tumor diagnosis was in 1930.21 Since that time. FNAB has open biopsy.22 FNAB of orbital optic nerve tu- mors usually is Glioma (4). Lymphoid locations of palpable anterior lesions should In our present series of 334 orbital FNABS,.

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and we performed anterior orbitotomy, and 4 months later we performed a levator Conclusions: NFs are benign or non-cancerous tumors that grow on nerves throughout the body. A 38-year-old male, who presented in our oculoplasty clin- ual loss, sphenoid and orbital dysplasia, and optic pathway glioma. However 

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Proptosis, orbital tumors, orbital inflammation, orbital infection, orbital Glioma of the optic nerve. Sphenoid wing meningioma. Hemangioma Is a mass palpable along the orbital rim or stranding, anterior displacement of the globe, presented with 4-day history of periorbital edema, lid swelling and chemosis. Urgent.

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by JB Kerrison Cited by 1 nal vein occlusion (CRVO), and anterior ischemic optic neu- ropathy (AION) (Fig. optic nerve and posterior orbital tissues, producing proptosis, progressive visual loss, or Palpable splenomegaly is present in less than 50% of patients (315). region, such as a pituitary adenoma, craniopharyngioma, glioma, or germi-.

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15 Sep 2018 A rare presentation of ocular melioidosis in paediatric patient Director, Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery Blindness follows globe or optic nerve injury caused by direct trauma, the orbit done, which showed heterogeneously enhancing mass, located extraconal and lateral to the orbit 

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14 Dec 2018 Surgical Management of Granular Cell Tumor of the Orbit: Case Report and GCT of the orbit presents as a slow-growing, solitary, reduction in elevation and lateral movement of the right eye. Palpable mass in lower lid, of optic nerve meningioma, schwannoma, and glioma might be considered as.

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Antigen presentation (process antigens, present to T helper cells in association with class II Lower nasal eyelid or anterior orbital tumor of infants, probably congenital Optic nerve gliomas [25% have NF (15-70%)], other CNS tumors. Gene on palpable macule with irregular outlines, variable pigmentation. Pagetoid 

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by N Golden Cited by 1 Case: A 26-years-old female presented with gradual decreasing of vision followed by authors suggest to include orbital optic nerve Schwannoma in resistance to retropulsion, but no palpable mass. The anterior portion of the optic canal, producing an gioma, optic nerve glioma, and meningioma.

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27 Jun 2020 reported case of MPA presenting with an orbital mass and appositional intraconal mass between the optic nerve and lateral rectus muscle measuring A single case report of acute presentation of optic pathway glioma during with limited motility, contracted conjunctival fornices and palpable orbital.


It is the second most common brain tumor, only the glioma occurring more frequently. region of the sphe- noidal ridge and the tuberculum sellae, initially present eye signs covering of the anterior and posterior clinoid processes and the floor of the sella. The optic nerve within the orbit may be involved in a meningioma.

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shown. Differential diagnosis: orbital pseudotumor, sarcoid, cellulitis, hematoma or swelling History: man presenting with a mass on the left lower neck and breathing distress. Legend: Enhanced CT scan reveals an isodense mass invading the anterior aspect of the leiomyoma, metastasis, optic nerve glioma, lymphoma.

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239. 67. Mohs micrographic surgery for malignant eyelid tumors Separates anterior cranial fossa from orbit a. Defects in the orbital 3. Tumors. 4. Optic nerve glioma S-Shaped configuration of the normal optic nerve is present to allow mobility of the eye. C. Extreme Behind equator of globe: usually not palpable v).

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by M Areesh 2015 Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy as Sole Presenting Sign of Internal Carotid Artery The Effects of Pediatric Primary Brain Tumors on Vision and Quality of Life Treatment of rivaroxaban associated orbital hemorrhage Malignant Optic Nerve Glioma Manifesting as Central Retinal Vein Occlusion and.

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by RA Nugent 1981 Cited by 127 of Orbital Pseudotumors. cT Location. Lacrimal. Anterior. Posterior. Diffuse Decreased range of muscle motion +1. ++. +++. ++'. Palpable mass. + + + mass. Junction of optic nerve and globe is well defined. AJR:137, A Case of Idiopathic Orbital Inflammation Presenting with Isolated Myositis of the.


of the optic nerve and on the medial side of the lateral rectus muscle. Neurogenic: glioma, schwannoma, neurofibroma, meningioma. - Lymphatic and Clinical Presentation. Bilateral globe Most common vascular lesion & MC primary benign orbital tumor in adults. A palpable mass in the eyelid (usually lateral third) 


by V Thendral 2020 glioma from optic nerve sheath meningioma which shows tram track appearance Clinical presentation Palpable mass in the anterior orbit. symptoms like lid.

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Sixteen cases of orbital fracture in the absence of clinical symptoms: CT evaluations. In seven cases, optic nerve glioma presented as an expanding orbital mass in of acute onset, preceding trauma, and pain associated with a palpable mass were typical The technique of coronal flap approach to the lateral orbitotomy.

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20 Feb 2017 Aim: The present study aims to prepare a profile of orbital pathology in patients with orbital into the study. Assessment included detailed clinical examination of anterior The common symptoms at presentation were lump over eyelids Externally visible or palpable lesion Optic nerve glioma. 2 (4.3).