Serratanes From Whole Plant Of Palhinhaea Cernua

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from whole plants of H. carinata (Desv. Ex. Poir.) reported the isolation of many serratane-type triter- unprecedented skeleton from Palhinhaea cernua.

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Serm., tên đồng danh là Lycopodium cernuum (L.), Palhinhaea cernua (L.) Franco. & Vasc. theo hình vòng xoắn như Lycopodium verticillatum và Lycopodiella cernua. bromide and huperzine A protects human whole blood cholinesterases from acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity in plants used in Thai traditional.

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by A Mansour 2017 Cited by 16 Neolignans and serratane triterpenoids with inhibitory effects on xanthine oxidase from. Palhinhaea cernua. Jing Lia,b, Ping-Sheng Xua, Lei-Hong Tanb, 

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Meiosis and fertility in apogamously produced diploid plants of serratane (XLIV​) group or its assumed precursor, o-onocerìn (XLV). L. cernuum L. The venation pattern can be observed precisely if whole (or carefully cut) pinnae are en el envés en Huperzia selago, Lycopodium clavatum y Lycopodiella inundata, 

New neolignans from Selaginella picta and their protective

by F Cheng 2018 Cited by 10 The whole herbs of S. picta were collected from Hainan Province, People's Republic of. 6. China, in May 2014. The plant was identified by Prof. [21] J. Li, P.S. Xu, L.H. Tan, Z.X. Zou, Y.K. Wang, Y.M. Weng, et al., Neolignans and serratane. 16 triterpenoids with inhibitory effects on xanthine oxidase from Palhinhaea cernua,.

Serratene-type triterpenoids from Lycopodium cernuum

by PH Dien 2018 Lycopodiella cernua (L.) Pic.-Serm. or Thông Vietnamese traditional medicine, the whole plant has been used for the Alzheimer's disease, so the plant faces to be hunted activity of serratane-type triterpenoids on two-stage mouse skin 

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the whole or part of the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, reuse of plants. She has been a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of this book series Neolignans from Palhinhaea cernua (2017) Neolignans and serratane triterpenoids with inhibitory effects on xanthine oxidase.

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by F Polynesia uses a mixture of plants, including green coconut juice, which is cooked for 1.5 hours, filtered, and Lycopodiella cernua, Dicranopteris linearis, and Angiopteris evecta. Blood/Whole A new serratane-type triterpene from Lycopodium.

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4 Apr 2010 accounts for 20% of China's total seed plant species.This resource phyletic evolution of the whole Gaultheria and Ericaceae, intercontinental Cytotoxic serratane triterpenes from Diphasiastrum complanatum with a hydroxy group at 2010. Palhinine A, a novel alkaloid from Palhinhaea cernua. Organic.

Cytotoxic polyhydroxy serratene triterpenoids from

by Q Dong 2019 Cited by 3 Plant material. The whole herbs of Lycopodium complanatum were collected in July G.S. Tan, Neolignans and serratane triterpenoids with inhibitory effects on xanthine Palhinhaea cernua var. sikkimensis, Chem. Pharm.

cernuane-type alkaloid from Palhinhaea cernua f. sikkimensis

by Y Tang 2016 Cited by 14 on this plant led to the isolation of a number of serratane-type triterpenoids whole plant of Palhinhaea cernua f. sikkimensis. The structure 

Huperzine A from Huperzia species An ethnopharmacolgical

by X Ma Cited by 261 Qian Ceng Ta, a traditional Chinese medicine produced from the whole plant of the club moss Huperzia serrata (Thunb. ex. Murray) Trev. (synonym Lycopodium​ 

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by A Borloz 2007 Cited by 1 (composé B) est un triterpène de la famille des serratanes, qui est caractérisée par la présence annotinum L., Lycopodium cernuum L., Lycopodium clavatum L., Huperzia selago (L.) Schrank Lycopodiella, Austrolycopodium, or Diphasiastrum. He also The whole plant generally measures up to 20 x 1.8 cm, and shows.