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DIMENSIONS OF WELLNESS NAME: DATE: a line which represents your total score On the following four pages read each statement carefully and circle a response which best fits your lifestyle, using the scoring indicated in each chart: Never = 1 Rarely = 2 Sometimes = 3 Usually = 4

A study on creating a user-centered wellness design

Figure 2.4. Six Dimensions of Wellness model (Source: Modified from a website published by Hettler, 1976) 13 Figure 2.5. Relationship and range of meaning of

Wellness: Paradigm for Training and Practice

wellness models above, but literature warrants inclusion of these two additional dimensions for assessment and intervention within a counseling paradigm of wellness. Following is a more detailed discussion on these two dimensions. Financial Wellness Carney and Savitz (1980) conducted a study with 800 university students and 400

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Physical wellness refers to those aspects of health related directly to the body. Physical wellness means you can get through the day with enough energy for work and play. It is the aspect of wellness that often first comes to mind when people think of wellness. But as you will see, all aspects of wellness are important to our health.

Wellness Assessment: Emotional Wellness

The Wellness Asses sment survey was developed and distributed to all students on the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University in October 2014. The Wellness Assessment was designed to measure nine dimensions of wellness in order to give students a better understanding of their own wellness and provide them with resources that they can utilize to

Wellness Assessment: A Look at the Nine Dimensions of Wellness

The Wellness Assessment measures nine dimensions of wellness using items that assess a range of attitudes and behaviors. Average scores for each dimension of wellness were calculated by adding the values of each item within a given dimension, then dividing by the total number of items answered.

2018 Personal Wellness Assessment with 8 Dimensions of Wellness

2018 Personal Wellness Assessment with 8 Dimensions of Wellness Circle the number that applies to you for each statement. Then, total up the number for each of the 4 columns. Write the sum of all your totals for each column in the light gray box on the right of the chart. That number is your score for that dimension. PHYSICAL 1 Rarely, if Ever

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Each dimension of wellness can affect overall quality of life. Through its Wellness Initiative, SAMHSA encourages individuals, organizations, and communities to work toward longer, healthier, and happier lives, particularly among people living with behavioral health conditions. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness take into account not

Wellness Continuum Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Seven Dimensions of Wellness Physical wellness involves aspects of health related directly to the body. Social wellness involves interacting

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Personal Wellness Map: 1. Reflect upon your current state of wellness within each of the seven dimensions. 2. If you could start to enhance one dimension, which would it be and what you do? 11/9/2015 University of Wisconsin Madison 15

Princeton UMatter Wellness Self-Assessment

1. Answer all the questions for each of the seven wellness dimensions. 2. Tally your points for each section and use the guide to interpret the scores. 3. Complete an action plan via the UMatter Wellness Guide Explore more information about each dimension of wellness and on-campus resources available to help you by visiting

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that is being done to support employee wellness. (9) First impressions and orientation have a powerful influence. I like to have a member of the wellness committee to be among the first to greet a new employee. We often recommend that new employees engage in Wellness Mentoring. A first friendship could be formed around mutual support in achieving a

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Dimensions of Wellness The dimensions of wellness act and interact in ways that contribute to well-being. They are influenced by health and other factors and involve lifestyle behaviors and activities. It is important to note that the dimensions of wellness are interconnected and support each other. Examples of wellness behaviors include:

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The 9 dimensions Wellness is multifaceted and interconnected. Engaging in physical activity, eating healthy, and taking precau - tions not to get sick are obvious components to well - ness, but other areas also should be considered. For example, spiritual and financial wellness play a role in your health and well-being.

Personal Assessment: 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Personal Assessment: 8 Dimensions of Wellness Directions: Circle the number that applies to you for each statement. Then, total up the number for each of the 4 columns. Write the sum of all your totals in the light gray box to the right of the chart. This number is your score for that dimension (out of 40). EMOTIONAL Rarely, if ever Sometimes

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Differentiate between the six models of wellness. 9. Discuss the dimensions and sub-dimensions of the humanistic model of wellness. 58219 CH01 FINAL.qxd 9/11/09 12:52

8 Dimensions of Wellness: All About You!

INDIANA UNIVERSITY The dictionary says it this way Health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit Wellness: the quality or state of being in good health especially

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NWI Dimensions of Life nal Occupational Intellectual ysical al Social Write a number between 1 and 10 in each triangle above to indicate how satisfied you are in each dimension of your life. The higher the number you give a dimension, the happier you are in this dimension. When you have them all marked, draw a line across each triangle at

Health and Physical Education Standards

Health Education Core Idea: Wellness (W) Topic Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 1. Dimensions of Health Recognize meaning of healthy and unhealthy. H1.W1.K Understand what it means to be healthy. H1.W1.1 Describe what it means to be healthy. H1.W1.2 Recognize dimensions of health. H1.W1.3 Identify dimensions of health. H1.W1.4


The Five Dimensions of Wellness * Intellectual * Emotional * Social * Spiritual * Physical Wellness includes prevention and the practice of holism: a personal commitment to enhance health through the five dimensions. How do you take care of yourself in each dimension of wellness? Intellectual(Example: I learn a new vocabulary word every day)

How Do the Eight Dimensions of Wellness Affect Your Life?

because wellness directly relates to the quality and longevity of your life (1). The eight dimensions of wellness are emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. All are very important to someone's overall well-being.


c. interpersonal and social wellness d. spiritual wellness 5. Best describes emotional wellness? a. taking time to explore your thoughts b. getting regular medical checkups c. being open to new ideas d. finding principles by which to live your life True/False Questions 1. The wellness concept defines health as absence of disease. 2.

Wellness education: An integrated theoretical framework for

dimensions scales from both the Pre and Post surveysa 139 Table 6.14 Pretest and Posttest Pearson product-moment Correlation Coefficients and Spearman rank correlation coefficient

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Wellness, on the other hand, is much more complex than basic physical health. Wellness is the ability to fully integrate physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being into an effective lifestyle. Optimum wellness balances the following five basic dimensions:


Module 2: The Complex Simplicity of Wellness Eight dimensions of wellness For people with mental health and substance use conditions, wellness is not the absence of disease, illness or stress, but the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, joyful relationships, a healthy body and

Wellness Assessment and Questionnaire

wellness coach is not a psychologist or psychiatrist and they do not diagnose, prescribe, or in any other way take the place of a medical or mental health provider. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my


as meaning being healthy in many dimensions of our lives. That includes the emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual parts. These dimensions are interconnected, one dimension building on another. We also recognize that we live in a multicultural world, and wellness encompasses areas that

Wellness in 8 Dimensions Booklet with Daily Plan

Many people find helpful is to look at their own wellness in each of the eight dimensions. This wellness booklet can offer some insights to determine things you are doing well and things you may want to start or stop doing. For each of the eight dimensions that follow, record your strengths and your thoughts about areas you may want to

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9. What I am doing with work/school has purpose 10. I use money positively, e.g., little or no gambling or excessive massing of goods 11. I have a balance between work/school and the other areas of my life 12. I have financial plans for the future

The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model

Dimensions of Wellness L INTELLECTUAL L L OCCUPATIONAL L ©1976 Bill Hettler, MD, Co-Founder, National Wellness Institute The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model OCCUPATIONAL The occupational dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one s life through work. At the center of occupational wellness is the premise

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How is wellness addressed through the health plans? 3. Wellness outside of the health plan 4. What tools are available to promote wellness efforts? 5. Wellness in the workplace 6. How to run an effective wellness program 7. Sample success stories 8. How do we measure success? 9. How will the RFP address wellness?

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DIMENSIONS OF WELLNESS Physical Wellness The physical dimension of wellness is the most common aspect of wellness and the one most people think of when they consider themselves, or others, well or ill. Physical wellness incorporates all aspects of lifestyle choices and the physical self. Exercise, sleep, diet, personal hygiene, and the use of

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8 Dimensions of Wellness IU Resources Physical Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep Indoor/outdoor walking options on campus:

A Guide for Group Leaders

Wellness is the process of creating and adapting patterns of behavior that lead to improved health in all of the wellness dimensions. The Physical Wellness dimension includes six domains: diet and nutrition, exercise and physical activity, sleep and rest, relaxation and stress management, habits and routines, and medical care and screening.

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people improve their personal wellness, as they define it, is critical. Wellness incorporates all of the eight dimensions shown on the cover and back of this booklet. Each dimension of wellness can affect our overall quality of life, because wellness directly relates to how long we live (longevity) and how well we live (quality of life).

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Wellness is a positive approach to living the dynamic process of becoming aware of, taking responsibility for, and making choices that directly contribute to one's well being and that of

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well -being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organization). The Wheel of Wellness, with 8 interdependent dimensions reminds us that adult life is complex and comprised of multiple domains of simultaneous focus.

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Wellness is a multidimensional pursuit that encompasses many important areas of life. To find out how to better support the seven dimensions of wellness, listen to our podcast.

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The DIMENSIONS: Well Body Toolkit for Healthcare Providers was developed by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, School of Medicine, Behavioral Health and Wellness Program June 2013 Chad D. Morris, PhD, Director Cynthia W. Morris, PsyD, Clinical Director Laura F. Martin, MD, Medical Director Sarah P. A. Brannon, PhD