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Common Medical Abbreviations - ASHA

I&O intake and output IPPB intermittent positive pressure breathing irreg. irregular IV intravenous(ly) J J joint jt. joint K K potassium, kidney L L left, liver, liter, lower, light, lumbar L2, L3 second, third lumbar vertebrae lab laboratory lac. laceration lat. lateral LBW low birth rate L.E. lower extremities liq. liquid L.O.C. loss of

Commonly Used OphthalmOlOgy abbreviatiOns

University of Texas at San Antonio, and Boston Medical Center, along with other prestigious academic and private practice groups. Our annual schedule of continuing medical education courses for practicing ophthalmologists focuses on the treatment of difficult and complex cases. Our annual Illinois Eye Review is a week-long, learner-centered program

Abbreviation List for Medical Record Documentation V20 (1)

D&C dilatation and curettage D.O.E. dyspnea on exertion D.O.S. Day of surgery D.R. Delivery Room D.T. delirium tremens D.W. distilled water d/c-dc discontinue D/RL dextrose and Ringer s Lactate D/W dextrose and water D5LR 5 percent dextrose Lactated Ringers D5W 5% dextrose in water DAT diet as tolerated

Code of Abbreviations

C.O.D. cash on delivery COD charterers pay dues C.O.F.C. container-on-flat-car (rail flatcar) COGSA carriage of goods by sea act COLT conference port liner term charges CONS consumption COOS call-of and order survey COP customs of port C.O.S. cash on shipment COS call-of-schedule COTIF convention concerning inter-

Cardiology Abbreviations and Diagnosis

Abbreviation Diagnosis Provider/Specialty Ablation EP Clinic Aortic Aneurysm AO Clinic Aortic Dissection AO Clinic AI Aortic Insufficiency ALCAPA Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery AR (AKA AI) Aortic Regurgitation (AKA Aortic Insufficiency) Aortic Root Dilation /Dilatation AS Aortic Stenosis

Ô D ß ¯D ¡W

à D %155 ² ÿ Ô Ð ¯ Á > î ¨ ç Ñ v ² Ò À = 5 ý @ ~ ç I S D À ² ( @ ~ à ¤ Ú è I a w × è 8 ¶ Ä a {7 I > w z Þ î m  $ D à X

Health and Nutrition Assessment Handbook Standard

I&O intake & output IUD intrauterine device IUGR intrauterine growth retardation IV intravenously K K potassium KCl potassium chloride Kg. kilogram L l liter Lab/lab laboratory lb. pound LBW low birth weight LE lower extremity lg. large LGA large for gestational age Lgt/a length for age Lgt/wt length for weight

Chapter 6 Glossary and Abbreviations and Acronyms

Ambulance Medical Officer: a person who is a registered medical practitioner with the Medical Board of Australia under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 (Qld) (National Law); credentialled by the Queensland Chief Health Officer as a specialist in retrieval medicine and pre-hospital care, or advanced trainee of a critical

A study on the use of abbreviations among doctors and nurses

abbreviation in clinical practice by doctors and nurses was highly prevalent. Significant variability in interpretation of abbreviations exists between doctors and nurses. KEY WORDS: Abbreviations, patient safety, medical practice, healthcare professionals INTRODUCTION Abbreviations are shortened or contracted forms of words or phrases.

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A/O Application of (physio) (in association with SESLHDPR/282 Clinical Abbreviations SESLHD Form F 211 Trim T13/ 27744 Page 3 of 43

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Aug 03, 2016 you will see an abbreviation that has more than one meaning, which will cause you to do some deductive reasoning. The list below contains abbreviations commonly used in any medical practice. The Joint Commission maintains a list of do not use abbreviations. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

Medical Abbreviations Glossary - GUMS

Medical Abbreviations Glossary 1 These medical abbreviations are commonly used in hospital, medical, and dental records. There are many others, rarely used, and some doctors and hospitals create their own. If you cannot locate an abbreviation in this glossary, contact us for assistance.

Common Abbreviations and Acronyms

D&C DD D&E D5S D5W decub DENC dept d/f+A10 DIL DJD DM DME DNR DO DOB DOJ DON DOS DPT dsg DT DVT D/W dx EC E coli echo ED ED Notice EEG EENT EF EHR EKG EMR EMS EMT EN ENT EPI EOT ER ESRD ETOH emergency medical technician enteral nutrition ear, nose & throat epinephrine End of Therapy emergency room end stage renal disease alcohol Emergency Dept

ITP Symbol and Abbreviation List - NC

c/o in care of Co. County NC ITP Approved Symbol & Abbreviation List, Page 5 of 14 J K L L Left PMH Past Medical History p.o. by mouth

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C Centigrade, Celsius C compliance C concentration, content C & S culture & sensitivity † c with CA cancer CBC complete blood count cc cm3 CCU Coronary Care Unit Cdyn dynamic compliance cl clear cm centimeter cmH2O cm water pressure CNS central nervous system CO2 carbon dioxide COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease CPPD chest percussion


to be used in the medical record PROHIBITED ABBREVIATION CORRECT TERM MISINTERPRETATION U Unit Mistaken as zero, four or cc IU International Unit Mistaken as IV or 10 Q.D. (QD, qd, q.d.) Q.O.D. (QOD, qod, q.o.d.)

Commonly Used Medical Abbreviations - Augusta

CommonlyUsed Medical Abbreviations AA# Alcoholics Anonymous; AfricanAmerican A#a# Alveolar Arterial gradient AAA# Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


1 MEDICAL ABBREVIATION LIST BY ABBREVIATION Annual Visit A Before food or meals a.c.


- C - C1-C7- cervical vertebrae C&S- culture and sensitivity c with CA - cancer CABG- coronary artery bypass graft CAD- coronary artery disease Cal- calories CAT- computerized axial tomography Cath - catheterization CBC Complete Blood Count CBD- common bile duct cc- cubic centimeters CC- chief complaint CCU-coronary care unit

Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) - NC EMS

C a lium h n eb o k rs DNR ,MOST of L iv ng W l Pearls Recommended Exam: Mental Status Consider each possible cause listed in the differential: Survival is based on identifying and correcting the cause! Discussion with Medical Control can be a valuable tool in developing a differential diagnosis and identifying possible treatment options. M M


University of Texas at San Antonio, and Boston Medical Center, along with other prestigious academic and private practice groups. Our annual schedule of continuing medical education courses for practicing ophthalmologists focuses on the treatment of difficult and complex cases. Our annual Illinois Eye Review is a week-long, learner-centered program

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I.C.U Intensive Care Unit I.H.D Ischaemic Heart Disease L.O.C. Loss of Consciousness L.M.O Local Medical Officer L.M.P Last Menstrual Period NaHCO3 Sodium Bicarbonate N.A.D No Abnormality Detected N.O.F Neck of Femur O2 Oxygen O/D Overdose O/E On Examination P.A.C Premature Atrial Contraction P.V.C Premature Ventricular Contraction


Nov 20, 2003 Q.D., Q.O.D. (Latin abbreviation for once daily and every other day.) The period after the Q can be mistaken for an I and the O can be mistaken for an I. Write daily and every other day I: ICPM Pme - Patient Medical Record PME006 - Medical Abbreviation Policy AppA 0104.doc

Abreviations Commonly Used in Obstetrics and Gynecology

D&C dilation and curettage of the uterus Cx Bx cervical biopsy ECC endocervical curettage ENDO BX endometrial biopsy LPD luteal phase defect PMS premenstrual syndrome CIN cervical intraepithelial neoplasia PCO polycystic ovarian disease ERT estrogen replacement therapy STD sexual transmitted disease

Preferred Clinical Abbreviation List

hazard to the patient if the abbreviation is misinterpreted. Whilst writing information in full will always be preferred as the best way to avoid ambiguity, it is accepted that they are commonly used in medical communications.

Common Medical/Dental Abbreviations and Acronyms

Jun 04, 2015 COMMON MEDICAL/DENTAL ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS compliance; concentration; cylindric (lens); cytidine c [L.] cum, with C&S cultureandsensitivity C.C. chief complaint c/o complains of

Clinical practice manual Medical abbreviations

y/o year old Miscellaneous # fracture 1/60 one minute 1/24 one hour 1/7 one day 1/52 one week 1/12 one month < less than > greater than ≤ less than or equal to ≥ greater than or equal to Clinical practice manual Medical abbreviations e manual

Medicare Basics: Commonly Used Acronyms

C. Wn ore normon. Clck the hhlhted acronyms throuhout ths document to e more normaton. CLIA. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. CME. Continuing Medical Education. CMHC. Community Mental Health Center. CMN. Certificate of Medical Necessity. CMP. Civil Monetary Penalty. CMS. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. CMSCE. Centers for

Ophthalmic Abbreviations Reviewed 08/22/2017

O ONH optic nerve head Ortho-K ortho-keratolaogy Abbreviation For Write Instead (1998). Appendix M- Medical Abbreviations and Symbols List. Author:

Partial list of prescription abbreviations

o 2 both eyes, sometimes written as o 2 o.d. oculus dexter right eye o.s. oculus sinister left eye o.u. oculus uterque both eyes oz ounce per per by or through p.c. post cibum after meals p.m. Post Meridiem evening or afternoon prn pro re nata as needed p.o. per os by mouth or orally p.r. by rectum pulv. pulvis powder

Common Medical Abbreviations and Terminology: Modularized

Objective 1: MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS Study the contents of one of the following sources to familiarize yourself with abbreviations for medical terms: Dictionary of Abbreviations in Medicine and the Health Sciences by Harold K. Hughes. D,C. Heath and Company, Lexington Books, 1977. or McGraw-Hill Nursing Dictionary. New York: McGraw-Hill

Occupational Therapy Students Abbreviations

Paperwork. This is not a definitive list and for audit purposes any abbreviations used within a medical dictionary is an accepted abbreviation. A AAA Acute Aortic Aneurysm ACS Acute Coronary Syndrome ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder AF Atrial Fibrillation AFO Ankle, Foot Orthoses A/K Above Knee AKA Above Knee Amputation

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Main complaint S/w Dr Mike (Medical Officer) a/r/s: age-race-sex eg: 62 yo Malay male K/c/o : Disease Duration medication follow up Eg:1) HPT (2years), currently on T. Amlodipine 10mg OD, f/up KK Ampang 2) DM (2years), currently on T. Metformin 500mg BD, s/c Actrapid 6U tds, Insulatard 10U ON Dominance: Right Handed

Terminology, Abbreviations, and Symbols Avera Education

Terminology, Abbreviations, and Symbols Avera Education & Staffing Solutions Medication Aide Training Program

Medical Terminology: Abbreviations Worksheet

Medical Abbreviations Health Occupations PART 1 Instructions: Fill in the blank with the correct abbreviation for the definition provided. PART 2 Instructions: Give the meaning of the following statements by defining the underlined word(s) or symbols. 21. Janie Jones arrived in the ER c/o chest pain and was SOB.


medical terminology, the capitalization of letters bears significance as to the meaning of certain terms, and is often used to distinguish terms with similar acronyms. @ at A & P anatomy and physiology ab abortion abd abdominal ABG arterial blood gas a.c. before meals ac & cl acetest and clinitest ACLS advanced cardiac life support

Abbreviations used in orthopaedic department

c-spine cervical spine ct computed axial tomography (scan) ctev congenital talepes equino varus (club foot) ctr carpal tunnel release cts carpal tunnel syndrome cvp central venous pressure cxr chest x-ray d1-12 dorsal 1-12 (spine, root, segment, -t is preferable) dcp dynamic compression plate dcs dynamic condylar screw


that may be encountered in medical books, magazines, letters, research articles and advertisements, or patient records, prescriptions and reports. The interpretation of an abbreviation may vary in different contexts. The use of medical acronyms and abbreviations should be discouraged.

Abbreviations Commonly Used in Ophthalmology

K Keratometer reading (measures the curvature vit Vitreous of the cornea), or abbreviation for cornea VTX Vitrectomy KCS Keratoconjunctivitis sicca W4D Worth 4-dot test (in strabismus) KP Keratitic precipitate XT, X(T) Exotropia, intermittent exotropia L HoT, R HoT Left Hypotropia, right hypotropia X, X exophoria, exophoria at near