Possible Way To Avoid Goldstone Neutrinos

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Planck scale symmetry breaking and majoron physics

only way to have Nambu Goldstone bosons appear in the spectrum is to ensure * It is also possible to get rapid decay if one chooses the global symmetry to be a linear combination of the lepton numbers (L~~r)as opposed to just L [22]. Rapid decay into three neutrinos is possible in

The Conformal Standard Model

taneously broken, giving rise to several Goldstone bosons. The latter are converted to pseudo-Goldstone bosons by the one-loop corrections induced by the Yukawa interaction coupling right-chiral neutrinos and the electroweak lepton doublets, which is the only term in the Lagrangian that breaks SU(3) N explicitly.

Lecture III Higgs Bosons in Supersymmetric Models

Neutrinos are not massless perhaps suggestive of a new high energy (see-saw) scale. Dark matter is not accounted for. There is no explanation for the baryon asymmetry of the universe. There is no explanation for the inflationary period of the very early universe. The gravitational interaction is omitted.

Triplet higgs bosons at e+e - colliders

One way to avoid this problem is to postulate that the vev of the neutral member of the triplet is small enough so that its contribution to p is within the experimental limits. The other option is to assume [4], [5], that there are in fact more than

JHEP 113P 1008

Jul 24, 2020 way it is in principle possible to generate neutrino masses through the mixing with the neutralinos without including right-handed neutrinos in the model. One mass is generated at tree level, and the other two at one loop. Analyses of mass matrices [12] in the BRpV, as

A Neutrinophilic 2HDM as a UV Completion for the Inverse

(EW) scale. To avoid tiny Yukawa couplings (of order 1011 or so) and still have neutrino masses in the sub-eV range, the right-handed neutrinos should be at a very high scale, O(1013) GeV, which makes the model generally inaccessible to experiments except perhaps to future neutrinoless double beta decay measurements.

Neutrino Masses in the Supersymmetric Standard Model with

Bilinear R-parity violation in the supersymmetric model is another possible way of ob-taining the neutrino masses [3]. This model is the extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model [4] adding small bilinear terms LiH2 to the superpotential. Originally the conservation of R-parity was introduced to avoid proton decay, so that lepton

P. Duka ,J.Gluza 2 1

R(2) groups, respectively in the way: Q= T3L +T3R + B−L 2: (2) iii) Charge quantization [11], If neutrinos are Majorana particles (Dirac neutrinos are not so natural) then the B-L number is violated and the requirement that the theory must be anomaly free (which is necessary for renormalizability) leads to charge quantization.

PHYSICAL REVIEW D 103514 (2005) Constraining invisible

a very characteristic way [9 11] and that the CMB obser-vations therefore imply that neutrinos must be freely streaming around the photon decoupling epoch at T 0:3eV[12,13]. While ordinary weak interactions freeze out at T 1MeV, neutrinos could have secret interac-tions [14] that are still in equilibrium at late times or that

Dark Matter constr aints on composite Higgs models

possible and may contain a higher number of pNGBs degrees-of-freedom. It is then an interesting question whether one of the additional pseudo Nambu-Goldstone bosons may explain the observed dark matter component of the universe. Since this requires at least five pNGBs (the Higgs doublet plus one DM state), one must consider extensions of the MCHM.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series PAPER OPEN ACCESS

such as LHC, neutrinos oscillations and lepton avour violating charged lepton decays [2, 3, 4] 2) They avoid hierarchy problems, and, in supersymmetric scenarios, the tension between the high temperatures required by standard leptogenesis (T & 108 GeV) and the low reheating temperature (T 105 108 GeV) needed not to overproduce gravitinos [5

Planck Scale Symmetry Breaking and Majoron Physics

Goldstone boson, i.e., the majoron. This allows for neutrinos with mass greater than 30 eV to escape the constraint from the closure density of the Universe [4], since they may decay into a lighter neutrino and a majoron. Besides allowing for neutrino mass and neutrino decay, majoron models

Cosmology and the Dark Matter Frontier

matter annihilation: neutrinos, gamma rays & other e.m. waves, antiprotons, antideuterons, positrons in ground- or space-based experiments. (J. Silk & M.Srednicki, 1984) For a convincing determination of the identity of dark matter, plausibly need detection by at least two different methods. For most methods, the background

A left right symmetric flavor symmetry model

To avoid Goldstone bosons and to unify at least two different generations one typically chooses discrete non-Abelian groups as flavor symmetry [1 4].

Ohio University

The Weak Neutral Current Jens Erler1 and Shufang Su2 1Departamento de F sica Te orica, Instituto de F sica, Universidad Nacional Aut onoma de M exico, 04510 M exico D.F., M exic


The popular way to save the Peccei-Quinn idea is to introduce a new scale f A˛v. Then the A0 coupling becomes weaker, thus one can easily avoid all the existing experimental limits; such models are called invisible axion models [11,12]. Two classes of models are discussed commonly in the literature. One introduces new heavy quarks which carry

arXiv:1802.01732v2 [hep-ph] 1 Jun 2018 signals of our model

to the new physics, one possible extension is to add extra scalars, e.g. extra Higgs doublets, to avoid the inconsistency with the anomaly-free conditions. Such a simple extension opens up rich phenomenology, so that a simple extended SM with an extra Higgs doublet has been actually discussed since about 40 years ago [3{10].

Vrije Universiteit Brussel Dark Matter Constraints on

Prepared for submission to JHEP MIT-CTP 4623 Dark Matter Constraints on Composite Higgs Models Nayara Fonseca,a;b Renata Zukanovich Funchal,a Andre Lessa,a Laura Lopez-Honorezc aI

The Super-little Higgs

The Super-little Higgs Csaba Csaki (Cornell) with Guido Marandella (UC Davis) Yuri Shirman (Los Alamos) Alessandro Strumia (Pisa) hep-ph/0510294, Phys.Rev.D73:035006,2006

Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas Thomas Neder Ye-Ling Zhou

scale to avoid experimental bounds, or consider a discrete subgroup ZF N with su ciently high N to avoid accidental terms up to a certain order, but in that case Nshould also not be too large to prevent an accidental global U(1) symmetry (in which case the Goldstone boson again arises). There are ve Kronecker products involving one triplet under S


Physics LettersB791 (2019) 210 214 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Physics Letters B. www.elsevier.com/locate/physletb. Neutrino masses and mixings

Radio Detection of Ultra-high energy cosmic rays & neutrinos

Goldstone Lunar Ultra-high energy neutrino Experiment (GLUE) A ZeV example Use NASA Deep Space Network antennas to search for Askaryan pulses from neutrinos interacting in lunar regolith Use coincidence to beat RF interference Askaryan suggested the moon; I. Zheleznykh ( 88) showed we don t have to go there with antennas

arXiv:0906.3681v2 [hep-ph] 22 Sep 2009 - Digital CSIC

values (VEVs), and also terms of the type ˆνcνˆcνˆc avoiding the existence of a Goldstone boson and contributing to generate effective Majorana masses for neutrinos at the electroweak scale. Actually, the explicit breaking of R-parity in this model by the above terms produces the mixing of neutralinos with left- and right-handed neutrinos,

Conformal symmetry and the Standard Model

possible way in the quantum theory. However, we stress that its preferred status with regard to a Planck scale theory of quantum gravity remains an assumption, see remarks at the end. In contrast to previous work on the effective potential, we incorporate the right-chiral neutrinos and the associated


These Goldstone bosons are generated by the under- 1 In the case of neutrinos, it is possible that the Higgs mech- and thereby avoid the so-called little

Review Article Lepton Number Violation and Neutrino Masses in

Review Article Lepton Number Violation and Neutrino Masses in 3-3-1 Models RichardH.Benavides, 1 LuisN.Epele, 2 HunerFanchiotti, 2 CarlosGarcíaCanal, 2 andWilliamA.Ponce 3 Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Aplicadas, Instituto Tecnol ogico Metropolitano, Medell ´ n, Colombia

Addressing the LHC avour anomalies with horizontal gauge

0:0001 [13] by 2:6˙. A possible explanation comes again in the form of a non-zero new-physics contribution to C 9 { of the same magnitude as the one required by B !K + [6, 14] { as long as the analogous con-tribution to the corresponding operator with electrons, Cee 9, is small [15{18]. CMS recently presented the results of a search for a lepton-

The Standard Model to the Planck scale

right-handed neutrinos and their possible solutions. The rst issue is the tension between dark matter production in the MSM and constraints from the Lyman- forest data. To avoid this tension, the MSM is extended by a Higgs singlet ˚and neutrino dark matter is produced through the decays of ˚rather than through left-right neutrino mixing. It is

Lecture Notes on Supersymmetry - GitHub Pages

In the 1970 s, neutrinos were thought to be massless. In 1973, Volkov and Akulov proposed that neutrinos were Goldstone fermions, called Goldstinos, due to the spontaneous breaking of SUSY. In 1974, Wess and Zumino wrote down the rst example of an interacting four-dimensional quan-tum eld theory with linearly realized SUSY.

Theory Group, Physical Research Laboratory

One must avoid large contribution to 0νββ coming in this way from heavy masses. The sec-ond constraint comes from the neutrino contribution to the energy density of the universe [4]. In terms of masses, this requires the sum of the masses of the normal neutrinos to be ≤100 eV. Hence ν µ and ν τ have either to decay or

1. Introduction

ETC is the simplest possible way (i.e. the N decomposes to a 3 and N −3 color singlets) and that R 1, R 2, and R 3 are antisymmetric irreps. These assumptions ensure that the model will only contain 3 s and 3 s of color,7 that is, we eschew quixes, queights, etc. We also assume that R 1, R 2, and R 3 are not all identical, while requiring

Continuous and Discrete (Flavor) Symmetries

understanding their possible predictive power when applied to explain fermion mass and mixing patterns. I also put emphasis on the classification of discrete groups. 2.1. Introduction The existence of three generations of elementary particles is well-established. They can be distinguished according to their mass as well as their mixing.

Summary - University of Washington

weakly interacting than neutrinos, such as the axions dis-cussed here, can be produced in the inner SN core, leave unimpeded, and in this way drain energy more efficiently than neutrinos, which can escape only by diffusion. The SN 1987A neutrino burst duration precludes a dominant role for axions. Quantitatively, this argument depends on

CMS Physics Analysis Summary

other particles. Another way to constrain g t, which does not depend on the Higgs coupling to other particles, was presented in the search for four top quark production in Ref. [10], yielding a 95% confidence limit of Y t < 1.7. However, it is also possible to constrain g t indirectly using

1. Prologue

higher current densities are possible by eliminating the conventional beam-beam interaction. These points are discussed in succeeding sections and illustrated with several examples of different incident channels: 1) e-7,2) 7-7, and 3) e-A and 7-A scattering and reactions.

Sandhya Choubey arXiv:0911.2030v2 [hep-ph] 13 May 2010

Goldstone called the Majoron [23,33 35,39]. All models which predict presence of Ma-joron are severely constrained, unless the Majoron is mostly singlet. The phenomenology of these latter types of models has been studied in detail in [34,35]. A possible way of avoiding

An Extended Technicolor Model

Also, to avoid a plethora of massless, non-Abelian, Nambu-Goldstone bosons, a realistic ETC model should not have any exact, spontaneously broken, non-Abelian global symmetries. Thus there should not be repeated representations of the ETC gauge group. An ETC model must also explain why neutrinos are special. The fact that

Effective alignments as building blocks of flavor models

a massless Goldstone boson, in conflict with phenomenol-ogy. To avoid this, one can either gauge the continuous symmetry and have it broken at a sufficiently high scale to avoid experimental bounds or consider a discrete subgroup ZF N withsufficientlyhighN toavoidaccidentaltermsuptoa certainorder,butinthatcaseN shouldalsonotbetoolargeto