Greek Root Words Dictionary

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Prefix-Suffix-Root List by Grade Level

Greek phon voice/ sound telephone, symphony Greek therm heat thermometer, thermostat Greek tox poison toxic, toxicology Latin scope to watch/ see horoscope, microscope, telescope Greek 7th Grade (Please review affixes and roots from prior grades.) Prefix Suffix Root Definition Examples Origin Additional Information ante-in front of/ before

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Word Parts: Prefixes, Roots, & Suffixes

Word roots are the words from other languages that are the origin of many English words. About 60% of all English words have Latin or Greek origins. Roots give words their fixed meaning. Prefixes and suffixes can then be attached to the roots to form new words. Root Meaning Example bio life biology, biography chron time chronology, sychronize


of language. The most famous scholarly dictionary is The Oxford English Dictionary. An unabridged dictionary, the OED (as it s often called) contains more than 500,000 entries. Don t rush right out to buy one to stash in your bookcase, however, because the OED now contains about 60 million words in 20 volumes. If shelf space is an issue and

Fry Sight Words Listed by Groups

7th 100 WORDS act Africa age already although amount angle appear baby bear beat bed bottom bright broken build buy care case cat century consonant copy couldn t count cross dictionary died dress either everyone everything exactly factors fight fingers floor fraction free French gold hair hill hole hope ice instead iron jumped killed lake laughed

Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning

is correct because vocabulary does deal with words. Yet vocabulary is much more than just single words, as this book will demonstrate. Recent vocabulary studies draw on an understanding of lexis, the Greek for word, which in English refers to all the words in a language, the