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Design of hydraulic scissors lifting platform

The concept of a scissors lift with hydraulic power comes from Pascal s law ap-plied in car jacks and hydraulic rams which states that pressure exerted any-where in a conformed incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure ratio remains the same (Hydraulicsonline 2013).


hydraulic pump, and is located inside the reservoir. The suction filter should be replaced as part of a regular maintenance routine. WE OFFER UP TO 20 DIFFERENT OPTIONS, BELOW ARE OUR MOST POPULAR VERSIONS OPTION 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION 11 OPTION 12 OPTION 12+ Pressure and Tank ports, relief and check valve only Single acting with

Pipeline Pigging and Hydrostatic Test

5.2.3 Calculations of time, required pressure and flow for pigging and a typical pig position calculation in a format to be agreed upon with the Company. 5.2.4 Testing procedures for all main equipment and instruments. 5.2.5 Procedure for monitoring pressure and flow at both ends of the pipeline section(s).

Hydraulic Calculations: One Method for Adjusting Flows for

tion earlier that the formulas used in standard hydraulic calculations assume the fluid medium is water between 40°F and 100°F. The purpose of adjusting the sprinkler K factor is ultimately to achieve a higher starting pressure for the sprinkler. A higher starting pressure will result in higher flow rates.

OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL - Hydraulic Torque and Tensioners

High hydraulic pressure hazards, 10,000 psi (690 bar)! Use proper tools, hoses, fittings and protective equipment. Keep clear of leaking hydraulic fluid. Never exceed the maximum working pressure. Marking on the Wrench Head indicates maximum working pressure requirements. Wear safety glasses!

Chapter 3 Lubrication - Manitex

the hydraulic tank or gear boxes. An extra shot of grease, if too stiff or under too much pressure, can pop out a bearing seal. Service Tips Check oil levels before start-up so the oil has had a chance to run down from the hydraulic tank and gear box walls and all moving parts. Avoid introducing dirt into the hydraulic tank or gear boxes

Standard Size O-Ring Dimensions & Illustrations

Precision Associates, Inc. Phone: (612) 333-7464 3800 N. Washington Ave. Fax: (612) 342-2417 Minneapolis, MN 55412 Toll: (800) 394-6590. Standard Size


Cylinder Test Certificate for Rodside (including chart recording) j. Paint Inspection Report k. Correspondence Q1 r20480 AN R SPIRIT AL AND DING. G OF HYD CYLINDER L

Guideline for Flow and Pressure Testing of Hydrants

5.3 The flow and pressure test instrumentis attached to the standpipe using fittings in use by the Fire Service / Emergency Response Team. 5.4 A pressure gauge of bourdon type having maximum range of 10 bar and 0.2 bar graduations is suitable for typical town hydrants. A bourdon pressure gauge having a larger maximum range (typically 20 bar) will

Pipe Flow-Friction Factor Calculations with Excel

pressure drop for a given flow rate of a specified fluid through a pipe with known diameter, length and roughness. Be able to use the Darcy Weisbach equation and the Moody friction factor equations to calculate the required diameter for a given flow rate of a specified fluid through a pipe with known length and

Truck and Trailer Mount Loader - Serco Loaders

9Hydraulic fluid level. Add hydraulic fluid as required. 9Grease fittings. Pump grease at all fitting locations. bolts. loader 13. (all) CHECK

Standard Test Procedure for Hydraulic Cylinders 1) Function Test

This pressure will be 2500 psi or a pressure indicated on the assembly print. The cylinder will be rejected for external leakage or structural deformation. If the cylinder is double acting, it will be fully retracted and pressure held for a minimum of thirty (30) seconds. The pressure will be 2500 psi or a pressure indicated on the assembly print.

Hydraulics and Drainage Design - IN.gov

submergence to increase hydraulic capacity; The culvert to be selected should best integrate hydraulic policy and economic and political considerations. The selected culvert should be based on construction and maintenance costs, risk of failure or property damage, roadside safety, land-use requirements, and satisfaction of the

Pressure Test Procedures - Stanford University

cover pressure testing of new and existing pressure systems or components at a test pressure more than 0 psig. They apply to mechanics, supervisors, inspectors, custodians, and subcontractors responsible for pressure tests. 2 Procedures Pressure tests are performed to ensure the safety, reliability, and leak tightness of pressure systems. A

Pressure Test Record Form - Stanford University

sign. A copy of the completed form must be submitted to the pressure systems program manager. Copies of the completed form are kept by the custodian (for five years) and the pressure systems program manager (permanently) (see Pressure Systems: Pressure Test Procedures [SLAC-I-730-0A21C-033]). Pressure test record number:

Installation Instructions TH-700R4 (4L60) Transmission

hydraulic pressure signal from the TCC shift valve train or ECM control depending on the valve body configuration. When this control signal is present and the TCC solenoid is energized the TCC Apply valve (located in the Oil Pump Body) moves to engage the TCC. In most non-stock ap-plications the ECM signal is not available to signal TCC engagement.

Pressure Testing Safety Procedure - pogc.ir

For this reason, hydraulic pressure testing is the preferred method and should be used whenever practicable. CAUTION: Pressure testing using gas should only be carried out in circumstances where hydraulic testing is proven to be impracticable. CAUTION: pressure testing with flammable gasses or toxic liquid is prohibited unless

Torque Solutions - Hydraulic Torque and Tensioners

hydraulic torque wrenches based on a steel alloy, they are strong, reliable and designed with the user in mind. We design and manufacture all of our Hydraulic Wrenches in accordance with our documented and registered QA system, and maintain full control throughout the build process. We also offer a choice of interchangeable


7.5 Pressure Compensated 7.6 Electrical 7.6.1 Solenoid (Single Winding) 7.6.2 Reversing Motor 7.7 Pilot Pressure 7.7.1 Remote Supply Page 8 of 24 NON CUSHION CUSHION, ADVANCE AND RETRACT Hydraulic Pneumatic M

Hand Arm Vibration Guide - GAP Group

Do not apply excessive pressure to a tool. This can increase vibration significantly and there is also a chance that the tool will slip and cause injury. When using any tool the operator should ensure a comfortable and relaxed grip. Never grip a tool too tightly as this will increase blood pressure around the hands.

Sample Product Quality Plan/Inspection and Test Plan

1 Hr test with chart/ test water includes rust inhibitor VCI-377 QA Inspector W D D Blasting Supplier Procedure Supplier Procedure/GE Spec Inspection Reports 100% QA Inspector W D D Paint/ Preservation Supplier Procedure GE Spec Inspection Reports 100% Total DFT 7.0-9.0 mils QA Inspector D D D P&ID Compliance Supplier Procedure GE P&ID

Hydraulic losses in pipes - fluid.itcmp.pwr.wroc.pl

The hydraulic loss between two different cross section along the pipe is equal to the difference of total energy for this cross section: ∆hls =H1 −H2 (2) We must remember that always H1 >H2. In horizontal pipe when z1 =z2 and diameter of pipe is constant v1 =v2 hydraulic loss is equal to the head of pressure drop or head loss ∆hL = p1

Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation Design Manual

psi, multiply the feet by 433 One foot of water = 433 psi. For example, 200 ft of water height x 433 produces 86.6 psi at its base. (To convert meters of head to pressure in


Toll Free: 888-767-8000 www.swaploader.com HYDRAULIC OIL SPECIFICATION & INTERCHANGE CHART Select an ISO grade of Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil that is optimum for your location. HYDRAULIC OIL SELECTION CHART ISO Grade Ambient Temperature Range Viscosity F °C SUS @ 100 °F 32 -10 to 85 -23 to 29 150-170

Technical Features Functional Description - ARGO-HYTOS

This technical information serves as a basic summary for configuring and building hydraulic power packs designed from standardized sub-assemblies. Table 1 supports the selection of the required combination (tank capacity, pump type, flow rate, pressure, size of the electric motor, type of pressure control etc.).

Technical Handbook - Parker

Burst Pressure All hoses in this catalogue have a pressure design factor of 4:1, implying therefore that the burst pressure (hose destruction) is minimum 4 times the published working pressure. Published burst pressure ratings for hose are for manufacturing test purposes only burst pressure should never play a role in the selection of a hose.

Hydraulics Brochure Hydraulic Hose, Fittings & Equipment

When the job requires tight bends, flexibility and abrasion resistance, this high-pressure hydraulic hose steps up to the task. Using a nitrile inner tube, two high-tensile steel wire braids of reinforcement and the Extended LifeTM extra abrasion-resistant cover, it can handle a system working pressure up to 5,800 psi (31 MPa).

How to Identify Fluid Ports and Connectors

HYDRAULIC HOSE.com ® Page 6 North American Connections SAE Straight Thread O-Ring (ORB) SAE J1926-1 and ISO 11296-1 Conforms to MS16142, UN/UNF Threads This port connection (sometimes called O-Ring Boss) is recommended for optimum leakage control in medium and high pressure hydraulic systems. The male connector has a straight thread and an O-ring.

Hydraulic Pump Selection Guide - riverbendind.com

High hydraulic motor back pressure can rob performance from your Hypro pump. As you can see in the chart below, for the same spray pressure, there is a 40 gallon per minute loss in performance due to excessively high hydraulic back pressure in the return line of the spray pump s hydraulic hose.Those 40 gallons could be used to

Driver/Operator 1B Cheat Sheet - Journey To Firefighter

Nozzle Pressure 50 PSI 7.07 80 PSI 8.94 100 PSI 10 Frequently Squared #s 1.252 = 1.56 1.52 = 2.25 1.752 = 3.06 2.52 = 6.25 GPM from Hydrants Red: 0 - 499 Orange: 500 - 999 Green: 1000 - 1499 Blue: 1500 + Square roots for Nozzle Pressure 50 PSI 7.07 80 PSI 8.94 100 PSI 10

Parts Needed for Building a Log / Wood Splitter

Pressure Line out of the pump: Again match it to your pump. Use a hydraulic pressure line rated at least 3,000 psi. (This is the maximum pressure for most of the hydraulic pumps). Hydraulic oil reservoir: You can buy or make your own. - Size: Rule of thumb -: A gallon of oil per gpm, example: 16 gpm pump, 16 gallon tank. This is to have a

College of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering

1. Design and construct a Fire Sprinklers to show flow rate and pressure distributing for fire detected in school or hospital or chemical industry using specific type of sprinkles 2. Study the change in different types of the Fire Sprinklers and how they can be more efficient for their designated area and field. 3.

Eaton Revised March, 1993 Parts Information

2 Model 25500 Gear Pumps L2 Series Pump Drawing Item No. 3 Item No. 13 Item No. 14 Displacement Body Cap Cap cm3/r in3/r Assembly Screw Screw 21.3 [1.30] 25500 -263 16119 -630 16119 -626


Extra hydraulic fluid and a pressure head for the' system is maintained by the reservoir (or rerervalve). The reservoir stores approximately two quarts Of one hydraulic a fluid (the rerervalve Stores quart) under pressure of 20 psi. This prevents air from entering the system. located on the reservoir (or reservalve) is an air

MCAA Guide to Pressure Testing Safety

Pressure testing is a very small part of each of these standards. For example, ASME B31.1 2012 Power Piping covers the testing procedures for hydrostatic and pneumatic tests in only two pages. The emphasis is on the process of pressure testing, rather than on pressure testing safety. To bridge the gap, this publication focuses on safe work

T) - Gregg Drilling

The measured pore pressure less the in-situ equilibrium pore pressure. u = u2 u0 Pore pressure The pore pressure generated during cone penetration and measured by a pore pressure sensor: u1 when measured on the cone face u2 when measured just behind the cone. Pore pressure ratio, Bq The net pore pressure normalized with respect to the net cone


If Hydraulic - Indicate Maximum Rated Pressure : Phone (586) 775 -7211 Toll Free (800) 5267968 Fax (586) 775-4545 www.peninsularcylinders.com email: [email protected]

Automatic Sprinkler System Calculations

hydraulic calculations to what had become a cookbook-type method of designing sprinkler systems. It allowed system designers to take advantage of strong water sup-plies to produce more economical systems. It also permit-ted the determination of specific flows and pressures available at various points of the system, opening the

Hydraulic Calculations - Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer

Hydraulic Calculations Target Hydraulics make a list here for you learn and check when you design your hydraulic system/hydraulic power pack unit or hydraulic components. Target hydraulics assumes no liability for errors in data nor in safe and/or satisfactory operation of equipment designed from this information. Hydraulic Test Bench.jpg 1.