What Is The Impact Of Sickle Cell Disease On The Family

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Psychosocial burden of sickle cell disease on the family, Nigeria

the impact of sickle cell disease on the caregivers and family of the affected children are few, and therefore, attention to the psychosocial problems of mothers and/or caregivers of


sickle cell disease has moderate and severe impact on financial status of the family (54.6% and 40.8% respectively), with a mean of 6.11± 1.57, and routine family activities (41.5% and 34.7%


SICKLE CELL DISEASE ON CAREGIVERS IN KENYA 5 family-related psychosocial burden of SCD, positing that the impact on family is worse in LMICs due to inadequate social welfare and healthcare services. Within a sample of 225 caregivers, they found that family members of children and adolescents with SCD experienced

The Impact of Sickle Cell Disease on the Family: An

THE IMPACT OF SICKLE CELL DISEASE ON THE FAMILY: AN EXAMINATION OF THE ILLNESS INTRUSIVENESS FRAMEWORK by JOSIE S. WELKOM Under the Direction of Dr. Lindsey Cohen ABSTRACT Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a genetic disorder that affects approximately 1 out of every 600 African-American newborns (NHLBI, 2006). SCD and its associated symptoms can have

Impact of Family Income and Sickle Cell Disease on the Health

impact of family income and sickle cell disease on the health-related quality of life (HRQL) of children. Methods This was a cross-sectional study of children with and without sickle cell disease. Participants completed the PedsQL™ generic core scales parent-proxy or child self-report questionnaire during a routine clinic visit.

The Needs of the Sickle Cell Population in Missouri Focus

assess the impact of sickle cell disease on communities in Missouri, examine existing services and resources addressing the needs of individuals with sickle cell disease, and develop recommendations to address the problems. Process and Methodology Understanding the needs and challenges of individuals living with sickle cell disease is