What Does Usda Approved Data

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USDA Working Examples of Personally Identifiable Information

May 22, 2007 USDA Examples of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) WHAT IS GENERALLY PII AT USDA: PII is information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual. The following are some examples of data which when combined with an individual s name constitute PII. For a decision on other data elements not


determined not to be rural or a rural area as a result of data received from or after the 1990, 2000, 2010, or 2020 decennial census, and any area deemed to be a rural area at any time during the period beginning January 1, 2000, and ending December

Cardholder Transaction Approval Process QUICK GUIDE - USDA

Approved. After a cardholder reallocates once, approves the transactions and forwards it to his or her supervisor for approval, the transaction is locked in Access Online. Please note that if a cardholder clicks the Save Allocations button in Access Online, the system will assume that the cardholder changed the accounting, even

Hemp Sampling Guidelines Issued January 15, 2021

program does not have data from a prior growing season to determine the i value, the sampling charts below may be utilized. State and Tribal hemp programs are free to include more rigorous sampling requirements, or to develop performance based requirements.

Conditional Commitment For Single Family Housing Loan - USDA

USDA-RD FORM APPROVED Form RD 1980-18 OMB NO. 0575-0078 (Rev. 12-97) CONDITIONAL COMMITMENT FOR SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING LOAN GUARANTEE TO: Lender's Name and Address Borrower Principal Amount of Loan $ From an examination of information supplied by the Lender on the above proposed loan, and other relevant information deemed

U.S. Bank Access Online User Guide - USDA ARS

approver) has not approved, rejected, or modified the transaction (e.g., reallocated, added comments, changed user line items). Manage a rejected transaction if your approval manager sends it back to you View the approval history to see the current approval status of the transaction, along

Voluntary - USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Feb 21, 2020 Hempseed 1207.9999 Planting/Crush Hempseed does not have a specific H.S. code. 1207.9999 is for all unlisted oilseeds. Hemp flower/plant material 1211.9039.30 Of a kind used primarily in Chinese herbs Hemp Oil 1515.9090.90 Vegetable Oil Hemp oil does not have a specific H.S. code. 1515.9090.90 is for all unlisted vegetable oil. Hempseed

Report Name: Stone Fruit Annual - Home USDA Foreign

Aug 15, 2020 Table 4. Production, Supply and Demand Data Statistics: Market Begin Year Nov 2018 Nov 2019 Nov 2020 Chile USDA Official New Post USDA Official New Post USDA Official New Post Area Planted 7,000 7,428 0 7,449 0 7,420 Area Harvested 6,700 6,900 0 7,000 0 7,000 Bearing Trees 5,300 5,550 0 5,600 0 5,600 Non-Bearing Trees 600 650 0 680 0 680

FSIS 7234-1 Application for Approval of Labels, Marking or Device

The time required to complete this information collection is estimated to average 75 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. This form had been approved by OMB for web distribution.


https://usdalinc.sc.egov.usda.gov/. GUS considers mortgage loan application data entered by the approved lender, credit repository data, and income and property information to evaluate a potential borrower s ability to meet a proposed mortgage obligation. GUS evaluates select components in a mortgage


Eartags with the AIN are USDA official tags and are: Designed for one-time use (tamper evident) Imprinted with - AIN (15-digit number starting with 840) - Official Eartag Shield - Unlawful to Remove - Manufacturer s Logo or Trademark (printed or impression of)

USDA FY 2021 Budget Summary

USDA will also better utilize its internal data by developing administrative dashboards and tracking systems to better understand where efficiencies can be gained in the technology, human resources, fleet, procurement, and real property spaces.

Application Source: File Type: Delimited File Group

Number Field Name Data Type Max Length Format BUS Key Req? Rules P11 Release Date: File Type: Reinsurance Year: Acreage Version: AIP Yield Keys must match when reporting Cotton Lint and Cottonseed records. AIP Yield Key is Required when a corresponding Yield, P15 record is required for this Insurance Plan and Commodity Code and when the Non

Overview of the USDA FSIS Approval Process for New Processing

United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service Risk, Innovations, and Management Staff Patriots Plaza III, Cubicle 8-163A 1400 Independence Ave., SW.: STOP 3782 Washington, DC 20250-3700 or Email: [email protected]

Development of USDA Data Center Strategy

Jun 21, 2007 Attached to this memorandum are the USDA Enterprise Data Center Definition and the minimum standards required to be approved as an enterprise data center (Attachment 1). The required application to request certification of existing centers as enterprise data centers is also attached (Attachment 2).

The first DNA-based canine cancer vaccine, now fully licensed

The challenge with many cancers is that the host does not recognize the tumor as foreign, so the immune system is not elicited to defend the body against the tumor-producing cells. ONCEPT is produced with xenogeneic plasmid DNA containing canine DNA for human tyrosinase (huTyr). This results in the production of a human antigen that is

USDA Conference Management System (AgCMS) User Guide

routing. OCFO Routing will apply to all USDA conference requests that are above 450k. 2. All Agency Annual plans will be routed through OCFO Level approvers, only after the Agency has approved their agency s plan. 3. If, an Agency does not exist, OCFO can create a New Agency by logging in to AgCMS and selecting the Agencies tab on their

COVID-19 Spending: Known Data Limitations

Apr 07, 2021 Statement from Department of Agriculture (USDA) USDA has identified a reporting issue with outlays which has impacted our USAspending data. The outlay data is properly reported in Files A and B, but for File C was unreported. USDA projects that our outlay data will be resolved before July Period 10 reporting begins. USDA is also investigating a


on the 2-20 charts. (It does not matter if these children are weighed on the infant or the adult scale.) Preparation 1. Disinfect the headboard surface. Wash your hands. 2. Children should have thick socks, shoes, and jackets or any bulky clothing removed. Adults should remove coats, jackets, and shoes. Remove any hair ornaments or braids on

Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program - USDA

Inaccessible data fields Some data fields may not be accessible based on underwriting or eligibility criteria. Such a field will be grayed-out unless and until other information is entered enabling the field. For example, if the loan is a new construction loan, the fields that require data concerning the

Application Source: File Type: Delimited - rma.usda.gov

Type Code must be equal to the Type Code from the corresponding Insurance in Force, P14 record, if submitted for all commodities except Spring Commodities changing from Fall

Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program - USDA

The approved lender s underwriter must determine if the payment arrangement and history are acceptable. Loan funds guaranteed by RD may not be used to satisfy a debt. √ √ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Progress A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in progress does not disqualify an applicant from obtaining a guaranteed loan.

Application Source: File Type: Reinsurance Year: Version

Application Source: Delimited File Group: 2021 Record Name: Production Loss Detail Version: Approved Record Code: 7/1/2020 Record Number Output Field Number Field Name Data Type Max

Guidance on Ingredients and Sources of - fsis.usda.gov

chill application) and does not want to declare the acid in the ingredients statement on the label of the meat food product, they must provide data to LCPS that show that the use complies with FDA s definition of a processing aid. The data must show that the acid is not having a continuing effect on the meat food product.

NASS Products and Services - USDA

unauthorized disclosure, can access NASS data and only for approved statistical purposes. NASS does not conduct surveys or provide data for private, proprietary purposes. When NASS collects data for others in a NASS-approved statistical study, farmers and ranchers will always be informed about the

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard ReferenceRelease 28

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28 October 19, 2015 21:49 EDT Page 4 of 231 NDB No Description Weight(g) Measure Calcium, Ca(mg) Per Measure 21338 McDONALD'S, McFLURRY with M&M'S CANDIES 348.0 1.0 regular (12 fl oz) 470 11794 Lambsquarters, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt 180.0 1.0 cup, chopped 464

USDA National Fluoride Database of Selected Beverages and

Analytical data approved by the NFDIAS QC panel, unpublished data generated by the University of Iowa, and data gathered from the published literature by NCC and NDL were entered into the USDA National Nutrient Databank System (NDBS) for further

Documentation, Certification, and Spot Checking - USDA

407.10 Supporting Data A. A conservation practice is recorded in an NRCS-approved conservation plan that addresses identified natural resource concerns and accomplishes the producer s conservation objective. Supporting data are to include a record of planning, design, installation, certification (see below,

APHIS Cost Management System Privacy Impact Assessment - USDA

the data residing in the system, generate a Status of Funds report, and create a data file of the information required to be reported to FFATA. 2.3 If the system uses commercial or publicly available

The USDA Enterprise Architecture Program

Does investment fit the USDA target architecture? Does the investment duplicate other USDA/Agency functions or processes? Select (Business Alignment) Are data design, hardware and software selections, security planning, and telecommunications design in alignment with existing standards and the target architecture? If not, has the ECCB approved

CMA, DMA, and LSA Common Loan and LDP Procedures

UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Farm Service Agency Washington, DC 20250 CMA, DMA, and LSA Common Loan and LDP Procedures 1-CMA (Revision 2) Amendment 1 Approved by: Acting Deputy Administrator, Farm Programs Amendment Transmittal A Reason for Revision This handbook has been revised to: remove all automation procedures

USDA Organic 101

The USDA NOP does not certify organic operations directly but instead, accredits third-party certifying agents to review, inspect, and approve organic producers and handlers Certifying agents may be private entities, states, or foreign governments All certifying agents are monitored by the USDA Certifying agents verify

Conservation Reserve Program - USDA Farm Service Agency Home Page

within an approved water quality zone to receive 30 points. Local USDA Service Centers have detailed maps of the approved water quality zones. N2b - Groundwater quality (0 to 25 points) This subfactor is an evaluation of the predominant soils, the potential leaching of pesticides and nutrients into

Guidelines for Preparing USDA Annual Reports and Assigning

A summary of any ACUC-approved exceptions to the regulations or standards of the AWARs must be submitted to USDA as part of the annual report. At a minimum, this summary must include the following: Identification of the ACUC-approved exception(s) to the regulations or standards, including

Interim Tag Data Standard for UHF Animal Identification - USDA

Sep 02, 2016 a standard is available, USDA will work with approved manufacturers of official UHF identification devices to establish a timeline to transition to the recognized global standard. Interim Tag Data Standard (TDS) for UHF Animal Identification

2009 - Food and Drug Administration

Dec 09, 2010 report sales totals reflecting combined data for all species listed on the approved label; therefore, this summary report does not include summaries of sales by individual animal species.


If USDA or NIST standards are unavailable, industry best practices shall be used until NIST standards are issued. b. All USDA owned and managed mobile computing devices and associated data are subject to electronic discovery (eDiscovery) for business purposes. In some cases, the devices may be physically collected to retrieve data and returned at a

Allowed Detergents and Sanitizers for Food Contact Surfaces

Chlorine is listed on the National List of Approved and Prohibited Substances as an allowed sanitizing substance (7 CFR 205.605). Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in what s commonly known as bleach or chlorine bleach. Chlorine-based sanitizing solutions are effective and allowed sanitizers under the organic standards, provided

Approved Survey Methodology for Negative Data

Apr 10, 2020 Approved Methods for Negative Data 2 etc.) to [email protected] with the subject line suggested approved method for Pest name This must be done in advance of using these survey methods in surveys. You may not enter data from survey methods that have not yet been approved. Ordering traps and lures