Number Of Verbal Interrelationships As A Determinant Of Group Size

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pared with how well lie lias done in the past (22, p 410), More basically Lewin says that level of aspira-tion is a function of the positive valence of succeeding


ethnic group membership, social class background, and the levels and patterns of a set of mental ability test scores. Method Mental Abilities The levels and patterns of four mental abilities were examined: verbal, number, spatial, and reasoning. The abilities were operationalized by the scores on the S RA

The Interaction between Specific and General Information in

tics and the interrelationships necessary to classify them correctly. For example, a physician developing diagnostic skills after formal medical training accu-mulates a database of individual cases. From these he arrives at a number of signs used in differential diagnoses. This is accomplished through a cumu-

Chapter 12 Multiple Choice Questions (The answers are

32. When a researcher identifies so completely with the group being studied that he or she can no longer remain objective you have what is called a. Culture shock b. Going native c. Regression d. Cultural relativism Answers: 1. c 2. a 3. b 4. c 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. d 9. c 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. d 14. b 15. a 16. c 17. a 18. d 19. d